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Does he extend at Bayern? Neuer jokes on Instagram and makes a clear statement


Manuel Neuer and FC Bayern Munich - will he stay or will he leave? The national keeper spoke on Instagram about the status of the negotiations.

Manuel Neuer and FC Bayern Munich - will he stay or will he leave? The national keeper spoke on Instagram about the status of the negotiations.

  • The Bayern Munich * and Manuel Neuer are working on a contract extension. 
  • The longtime keeper of the series master is supposed to  demand an extremely high salary .
  • The keeper now spoke on Instagram about the status of the negotiations.

Update from May 13:  On Sunday, the Bundesliga day returns for Bayern . 70 days after the last Bundesliga game (2-0 against FC Augsburg), the Munich team are visiting Union Berlin . Bayern goalkeeper Manuel Neuer seems to be prepared for it. The national keeper spoke to Sky commentator Wolff Fuss in an Instagram live chat * and seemed relaxed and focused.

Neuer could understand the discussions about restarting the league, as he explained: "We are trying to concentrate on our job, but of course we understand the criticism of it." financial consequences of the crisis *.  

Neuer, who has already played a ghost game in Moscow with FC Bayern in his career , expects an unusual mood for Sunday and made it clear. "Of course we are happy that we can play, but we would like the circumstances to be different."

Due to the lack of scenery, almost every word will be heard in the stadium - not necessarily a disadvantage for the Gelsenkirchen native: “You can hear what the opponent is saying. That can perhaps be used as an advantage. ”At the same time, of course, you will also be able to hear the words of the Bayern professionals . According to Neuer, one of the Red players will be particularly audible - Thomas Müller.   "He speaks with the whole body."


Manuel Neuer and Wolff Fuss on Instagram Live 

© Screenshot Instagram

Bayern: Manuel Neuer extends in Munich? Keeper speaks on Instagram

The multiple goalkeeper also spoke about Salomon Kalou's scandal video, which caused great damage to the Bundesliga : “That was rather less than optimal for us and of course very annoyed us professional footballers. I also had certain concerns that it could go on like this. Shortly afterwards the decisions for the restart were made. " 

Ultimately, however, the DFL and politics * gave the  green light , so that the title race is starting again. In this respect, the captain also had a  declaration of war in the direction of the Bundesliga  : "We are well prepared and have used the time."

During the live video, Neuer also wanted to elicit news about a possible contract extension , but the veteran quickly waved away and gave a smile with a smile: "Nothing will happen until Sunday."

Bayern: Manuel Neuer before saying goodbye? Boss announcement now creates clarity

Update from May 4th:  What about the future of Bayern captain Manuel Neuer ? A signature under a new contract is still pending, negotiations are still underway with David Alaba and Thiago. However, the latter now gave a positive signal - and it doesn't seem to be long for Neuer and Alaba either. 

Bayern President Herbert Hainer said to the kicker : "I am confident that we can extend with all three in the foreseeable future." There is no pressure, "but of course we want clarity for the club and the players as early as possible". The trio's contracts expire in the summer of next year.

The question of whether one of them could already be handed in this year to get a transfer, FC Bayern did not ask , emphasized Hainer. " Why should you go? You play in one of the best teams in the world and in one of the best, if not the best, clubs in the world. ”

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Selbigem themselves want Timo Werner apparently not connect - or are there for Bayern still hope? Hainer had clearly positioned himself with Neuer, Thiago and Alaba - and possibly indicated a farewell to four players at the same time. While the Bundesliga continues to hope for a fresh start, FCB legend Jupp Heynckes has surprisingly made a clear statement about Leroy Sané.

Can the Bundesliga play again so quickly? According to the scandal video by Hertha professional Salomon Kalou, the chances do not seem to have increased. On * you will find a comment on the current situation - with a drastic demand.

Manuel Neuer: President Herbert Hainer talks about salary demands

Update from May 3rd:  After predecessor Uli Hoeneß , the new president of FC Bayern , Herbert Hainer , has now commented on the Manuel Neuer personnel .

The 34-year-old world champion had come under criticism for allegedly exorbitant salary demands. 

Newer , the Roman tooth? "I don't see that with Manuel, I've never seen him like this. And I don't think it is presumptuous for someone to present their idea, "said Hainer in conversation with the kicker .


President of FC Bayern: Herbert Hainer.

© dpa / Sven Hoppe

The former Adidas boss also sees no damage to the image of his goalkeeper: “If Manuel had this feeling, I can only emphasize that no one from the club management intended to damage him. We want to keep tying him to us. "

Bayern: Hoeneß praises Nübel transfer as "brilliant act of Salihamidzic"

Update of April 27: Honorary President Uli Hoeneß has spoken out in favor of extending the contract with captain Manuel Neuer and praised the transfer from Alexander Nübel to FC Bayern Munich. 

"I would very much appreciate it and would be very happy if Manuel Neuer would stay at Bayern for the next few years because he is still the best goalkeeper in the world ," said Hoeneß the kicker . This is interesting in that a British specialist magazine Neuer recently doesn't even rate the best goalkeeper in the Bundesliga (see below).

The predecessor of the current incumbent Herbert Hainer also comments on the transfer of the potential rival from the crisis-ridden FC Schalke 04 *: "I also believe that Alexander Nübel's commitment is 100 percent correct and a brilliant feat of (sports director) Hasan Salihamidzic * was. "


Uli Hoeneß reports from retirement - and talks about the goalkeeper question.

© dpa / Marius Becker

Marc-André ter Stegen at FC Barcelona is currently experiencing a situation similar to Neuer at FCB. Numerous top clubs are closely monitoring the situation.

Manuel Neuer extends Bayern Munich? Salihamidzic gives a clear assessment: "Manuel knows that ..."

Update of April 26, 10.55 a.m .:  Bayern Munich's sports director Hasan Salihamidzic is expecting a contract extension with goalkeeper Manuel Neuer . "I'm an optimist, so I hope that we can extend the contract with Manuel," said Salihamidzic of the "Welt am Sonntag". The recent disagreements between Neuer and the German record champions have been "clarified internally", said Salihamidzic.

“Manuel knows that we really appreciate him. I played with Oliver Kahn . I know how well a world class goalkeeper does to a team. Manuel is a world class goalkeeper. He is highly valued in our club, ”said Salihamidzic. 

Manuel Neuer: Trainer legend Hitzfeld for extra time

Update from April 24th, 10:18 pm: Ottmar Hitzfeld is in favor of extending the contract with Manuel Neuer . At Sky Sport , the former Bayern coach said: “For me, Manuel Neuer is still the best goalkeeper in the world. I hope that a solution can be found that suits everyone and that it stays in the Bayern gate for longer. He's a good guy too , captain, leader . ”

Does Manuel Neuer stay at Bayern? Keeper hopes to run until 2024

Update from April 24th, 10.45 a.m .: Does Manuel Neuer * really demand 20 million euros a year from Bayern Munich ? There is probably no longer a topic polarizing soccer Germany in the soccer-free time.

According to reports by Bild and Sport Bild , the world champion is said to have requested a contract extension for five years - at 34. 

As Sport1 now reports, Neuer should actually wish to run until 2024. And Bayern offer him twelve million euros a year for this three-year contract. 

Do both parties come together? Negotiations on a new contract had recently stalled. There were also misunderstandings because internals became public. 

Does Manuel Neuer stay at Bayern? Mutual praise with Hansi Flick

Update from April 24, 10 a.m .: Manuel Neuer and coach Hansi Flick have impressively demonstrated in the midst of the Corona crisis at Bayern how mutual respect works.

"Manuel Neuer is clearly our number 1, nothing will change in the coming season," said the Bayern coach to the kicker (Thursday edition).


Understand at Bayern: Manuel Neuer (left) and Hansi Flick.

© dpa / Sven Hoppe

Neuer in turn described in the leadership talk of the DFB Academy that Flick was  "very direct, open and honest". “He is a very personable guy who can be told anything and who also says everything openly. He can also say something from time to time. He is a friendly, nice and at the same time authoritarian personality, ”said the 34-year-old national goalkeeper.

The Bayern captain particularly praised the style of play under Niko Kovac's successor: “He played with us very bravely and aggressively from the start. Of course that suits us. We are a very dominant team that would like to take the reins. We were pleased with that from the start. "

FC Bayern: Manuel Neuer's professional future still unclear

Update from April 22: The future of Manuel Neuer has not yet been clarified. The fact is that his contract with FC Bayern expires in 2021. Does the captain leave the club in summer? "The calculation is correct, but it also says: Both parties still have more than a year to come closer and agree," says Thomas Müller in Sport Bild about the mixed situation.

The 30-year-old had extended his contract on Säbener Strasse a few weeks ago . Does that maybe make Neuer feel pressured? "Is he doing this?" Asks Müller and admits that he recently talked to Neuer about their future: "We talked about it in the run-up to our negotiations, and I didn't have the feeling that Manuel was going to be extended feels pressured. "

When it comes to Müller, Neuer should stay with Bayern . "It would be my wish that this extension would succeed in the end," said the offensive player: "Manu ( new; red. ) Is very welcome to remain my captain until the end of my career."

Hansi Flick has now also spoken to the goalkeepers for the first time and has spoken about a topic that is “even more extreme than elsewhere” at Bayern.

FC Bayern: Zoff um Neuer - Matthäus hands out: "Wasn't clever"


Manuel Neuer.

© dpa / Guido Kirchner

Update of April 21: The contract Zoff at FC Bayern continues to make waves and provokes the next reactions. Now FCB legend and Sky columnist Lothar Matthäus has also commented on Neuer and taken a position. 

Newer step into the public was not good - he can say that from his own experience: “In my eyes, it was not clever to make the topic bigger than it already is by public statements. They could have saved that and instead addressed and clarified it internally - as they would like it to be. So only more oil was poured into the fire. "

Manuel Neuer: According to Matthäus, salary claims are legitimate

Matthäus, too, would have felt treated unfairly as a player and then chose the path to the media. "In retrospect, that was rarely the right way to go." It is understandable that the Neuer side is disappointed with FCB , but according to Matthäus it is simply part of the business. 

In addition, it was legitimate for the 59-year-old that newcomers demand so much money. Negotiations had started before the Corona crisis and Neuer was showing world-class achievements. Therefore, like Robert Lewandowski, he had to be paid accordingly. “One hits the front as he wants, the other holds just about everything in the back. It is his right to be paid as well as possible for his great work. ”

Lothar Matthäus: "The new one should feel valued"

Only the subject of " lack of appreciation " should not open the keeper. “There were also a few months in the past when he put one or two redundant balls on the net and woe, someone criticized him publicly. The bosses' answer wasn't long in coming. ” 

FC Bayern act very fair and sporty off the field. Players who are in need due to injuries or similar incidents are always helped. 

Despite all the circumstances, the German record player believes and hopes that the contract extension will still come about. After all, it would be a win-win situation. “He is Bavaria's and Germany's captain . And if the contract should be extended for three years and it deserves the best, it should be fine for everyone. ”

"Mole-Zoff" around Manuel Neuer: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge reacts to the accusations of the keepers

Update of April 20:  Board boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge also commented on the criticism of Manuel Neuer. The 64-year-old, however, remains covered. "He only gave the interview yesterday, we couldn't react to it so quickly," he told Bild. 

Instead, he uses the opportunity to praise the national team: "We have the world's best goalkeeper in goal, with whom we won everything." 

Negotiations are tough, but Rummenigge is confident. "I am convinced that with a player like Manuel Neuer we will find a mutually happy solution at the end of the day," said Rummenigge. Does Alexander Nübel love to hear that? 

Mega-Zoff for new ones? Matthew reacts with a lack of understanding and has a solution

Update of April 20: Lothar Matthäus sees the dissonances in the contract negotiations between Manuel Neuer and FC Bayern Munichnot a big problem. Sky Sport News HD said the former international and Bayern professional: “You have built trust in these nine or ten years where Manuel Neuer is now at Bayern. It's a matter of ten minutes that can be removed from the world, I don't understand it. "

He used to shake hands with Franz Beckenbauer, the 59-year-old recalled when he was at Bayern. "We actually had no contract negotiations and a two-year contract, basically with a handshake, was signed again," emphasized Matthäus. “Everything has gotten complicated. Of course, Manuel thinks of his last contract, everything is fine. But whether Manuel now deserves a million more or less, I don't think that will make his life any worse. ”

New things become clear when it comes to extra time: "I don't know that at Bayern"

Update from April 18: Manuel Neuer has been a topic of conversation in the recent past. The possible contract extension of the Bayern captain is a hot topic in Munich. Because the 34-year-old is currently criticized for his supposed contract ideas *, he is now speaking publicly with his advisor, Thomas Kroth.

In an interview with Bild am Sonntag , the two talk about how to deal with new people in the current situation. Kroth pushes ahead of the conversation: "We usually never say anything about ongoing contract negotiations (...), but we currently have the impression that a picture of Manuel is publicly emerging that is simply wrong ."

According to this image, Neuer would "confront the club with demands in the Corona crisis." Kroth justified the timing of the negotiations with the now clarified coaching question, which would have been of great importance to the captain. The contract extension with Hansi Flick * sees Neuer as a clear signal that he also wants to stay with FCB. 

The German record champion would like to extend with the former Schalke, an agreement has so far been reached only because of the contract term. Both are at odds over these. According to reports , the new side requires five years , while the FCB should only be ready for a contract over three years. In this regard, the consultant emphasizes that "in the conversations I had with Hasan Salihamidzic and Oliver Kahn * , we were always flexible with regard to the duration."

FC Bayern: Neuer is clear: "That annoys me. I don't know that at FCB

Either way, in five years, Neuer would be 39 years old. He does not know his future state of health, but emphasizes: “I want to play as long as I am fit. But above all, I want to feel trust, that's the most important thing for me . ”Trust that has now cracked?

Neuer is currently being criticized for his salary demands, which are probably too great. In the current situation, the Gelsenkirchen native is primarily about " appreciation " and "not about becoming number 1 on the payroll", as Kroth emphasizes.

Neuer feels this appreciation in principle, but criticizes the fact that internal talks are now increasingly escaping: “ That annoys me. I don't know that at FC Bayern . ”If“ things are apparently targeted, it is something that affects the area of ​​appreciation. ”

How do you rate the whole situation regarding the possible contract extension of the 2014 World Champion. Vote.

While some fans criticize Manuel Neuer, Jens Lehmann causes a larger and more justified outcry. What the ex-keeper had to say in the Sport1 double pass came dangerously close to a conspiracy theory.

Bayern: new future? Hamann talks about another goalkeeper transfer

Update from April 17th:  The staff of Manuel Neuer continues to keep the fans of FC Bayern Munich busy . Does he stay? If so, for how long? And for what salary? Or is he still leaving the record champions?

Sky expert Dietmar Hamann has now positioned himself clearly and advised FC Bayern not to renew Neuer's contract by four years - as requested . Neuer is one of the best goalkeepers in the world, if not the best, and now the club has to see if they want to do that. I would also be careful to extend by four years now, even if a goalkeeper can play longer, ”said the 59-time DFB player in the Sky interview about the 34-year-old.

Manuel Neuer: Pension contract with Bayern? Dietmar Hamann has a clear opinion

On the other hand, he would “never blame a player for asking too much money. But that takes on a different meaning and value in the situation we are in at the moment, ”admitted Hamann , who played for Bayern between 1992 and 1998 . Meanwhile, a specialist portal no longer considers the former Schalke to be the best goalkeeper in the Bundesliga.

"Because they may have signed Alexander Nübel too hastily," Bayern would have put themselves in this position. “You hear that he was even promised games. If Neuer should now say: 'If we don't extend, I'll go in the summer', which is unlikely, but then Bayern could face the problem that they still have to get a goalkeeper, ”said Hamann . That's why Neuer is now in a very strong position, and he's trying to take advantage of it, Hamann emphasized .

Are Bayern also in a strong position with potential newcomers? There are rumors of a Bundesliga star who is apparently on FCB's wish list. Meanwhile, FC Bayern would like to extend with David Alaba, but the talks are currently on hold - because of Lewandowski adviser Zahavi.

Does Manuel Neuer leave Bayern? FCB legend railed: "Don't think they're stupid ..."

Update from April 15:  The contract poker and the salary question between Manuel Neuer and FC Bayern * - also among FCB fans and Twitter users polarized this topic. And the world champion does not get away very well with some expressions of opinion.

FC Bayern: Sepp Maier firmly believes in Manuel Neuer's whereabouts

Update from April 15: It could be the big topic in the summer on Säbener Straße. The contract negotiations between  FC Bayern with captain and keeper Manuel Neuer . The fronts currently seem pretty hardened, an agreement far from in sight.

Should the national keeper leave Munich in the summer, that would be a big mistake, as an FCB legend now notes. The record champion would regret Neuer's departure "in the next few years," says Sepp Maier in an interview with the evening newspaper: " I don't think they're so stupid and let the newcomer go."

For ex-Bayern keeper Maier there are "currently no better than New in the world, and it is also in the next five years be no," said the 76-year-old, the now 34-year-old New in the future still some trust: "Why should n't Neuer play at top level for five years? The boy is fit. "

Bayern: Manuel Neuer before saying goodbye? Contract negotiations stall

Update from April 14: There are further details on the allegedly growing discrepancy between Manuel Neuer and FC Bayern Munich . As the kicker reports, the Neuer side is annoyed that the annual salary claim of 20 million euros has gotten into the media. The basis of trust was shaken. 


Does Manuel Neuer stay at Bayern Munich?

© dpa / Sven Hoppe

An agreement is not expected in the next few days. The proposed contract extension could take weeks, even months. 

In addition to Neuer's enormous salary requirement, it is the contract term that prevents an agreement. The keeper would like to sign until 2025, when he would be 39 years old and could end his career with the record champions . However, the association imagines a contract until only 2023. 

However, if you believe the latest reports, this could be the smallest construction site for poker. 

FC Bayern: Manuel Neuer probably demands astronomical content - Reif doubts negotiating skills

Update from April 13: Manuel Neuer gambles. The goalkeeper of FC Bayern should make two extraordinary demands in the contract poker. According to Bild, Neuer insists on a pension contract that he wants to be gilded with an annual salary of 20 million euros . This would be 100 million euros in five years . An exorbitantly high sum even for the possibly best of his guild.

In Munich they appreciate the winning mentality of the keepers, but the self-confident demands meet little benevolence. The negotiations are said to have ended quickly. The 34-year-old takes full risk. Will Neuer continue flashing with his all-in strategy? "If you play poker, you also have to have an ace up your sleeve, " Marcel Reif writes in his Sport1 column, adding: "Which club would currently pay newcomers 20 million euros. So where's his ace? " 

Manuel Neuer plays poker: is the keeper completely gambled?

A legitimate question, after all, the market is currently glowing strongly. Crazy salary demands don't fit into the picture. Not even in England, where bathing in one's own money was until recently the club owners' favorite activity. But even the Scrooge McDucks of the football world are not throwing around with their money at the moment. " These are obscene numbers , especially in times like these," explains Reif. Nevertheless, he assumes that the record champion will even discuss such sums internally. Because the goalkeeper's biggest asset remains Bayern's dependence on performance.

 “In the end, Bavaria has big goals. Goals for which Neuer is actually needed, ”comments Reif, who does not yet see Alexander Nübel as a possible alternative. The giant Neuer's footsteps are still too big. He even doubts whether Nübel can ever inherit. "With Alexander Nübel you don't know whether he will confirm his talent and become more than a great talent, " he writes.   

At Borussia Dortmund there could be a return of a loan player. The Borussia wants to get rid of him.

Bayern: remains Manuel Neuer? Apparently he makes two crazy demands - fuss over contract

Update from April 10:  The contractual talks between Manuel Neuer * and FC Bayern * continue. According to  Bild , the 34-year-old national keeper and his adviser  Thomas Kroth are said to have requested  a contract until 2025

The record champion therefore offered his keeper only two years less. First negotiations with sports director Hasan Salihamidzic and board member Oliver Kahn are said to have ended quickly. During the Corona crisis *, the club has to expect losses anyway.

Manuel Neuer: Will he stay at Bayern? Keeper demands lavish salary

The problem seems not only to be the term of the contract, but also the goalkeeper's salary . According to the picture report, Neuer's consultant Kroth claimed more than 20 million euros a year, which only caused FC Bayern to shake his head. 

The Bavarians are said to have repeatedly tried to come to a common denominator with Kroth. The compromise will probably be an offer until 2023 - including a year as an option, high premiums and stake regulations.

According to the picture report, resentment in the Bayern cabin is the reason for the huge salary claim . The newcomers Lucas Hernández and Philippe Coutinho in particular are expected to earn more than 20 million euros a year. In the team, Neuer is said not to have commented on his future yet, but coach Hansi Flick * , who has already extended his working paper , is said to be one of his supporters.

According to @BILD_Bayern, #Neuer is demanding 20 million annual salaries for its contract extension, partly because #Hernandez may be collecting so much. My Opinion: If that's true, sports director #Salihamidzic scored a clean own goal with the Frenchman's commitment.

- Jonas Austermann (@ JonasBA90) April 10, 2020

The newest biggest problem is the competition next year as talent Alexander Nübel moves to the Isar. He is said to have been promised bets on his transfer-free transfer , which Neuer could deprive of his bets and possibly also of his one-year option.

A Bavarian legend told how instead of Boateng almost a current star from Real Madrid would have switched to the Isar.

Manuel Neuer: Will he stay at Bayern? Keeper demands long-term contract

First announcement of April 2: FC Bayern Munich * and Manuel Neuer: A marriage that has now existed for almost nine years - and which, if it is up to both parties, should be extended soon. However, there are still discrepancies. 

As the picture reports, Neuer should demand a long-term contract, while FC Bayern insists on a rather shorter term of the new working paper. The new overall package required is still too big for the German record champions * . The current contract of the world champion from 2014 runs until 2021. For the coming season, the squad * will also be strengthened with Alexander Nübel from FC Schalke. 

In the middle of a live switch to Bayern stars in the 'double pass', Marcel made a full swing.

Manuel Neuer: Alternatives to FC Bayern? Most of the top clubs are well staffed

If it becomes clear by summer that both sides can no longer find each other, the coming transfer period from July 1 would be the last opportunity for FCB to sell new ones for a transfer fee - the winter transfer period 2020/2021 , in which such changes are rather unusual , except sometimes. Otherwise, the keeper could say goodbye in 2021. 

Captain, master dribbler, goat keeper!

Ois Guade, @Manuel_Neuer! #FCBayern #MiaSanMia

- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) March 27, 2020

It should go without saying that the 34-year-old goalkeeper would be a coveted staff on the transfer market - but there are not many interested parties in the raffle. A change within the Bundesliga * is probably out of the question and the top European clubs are almost always in top positions at the goal. 

At FC Barcelona, ​​for example, they are happy about the backing of new competitor Marc-André ter Stegen. But club icon Xavi raves about a FCB wing racer and would like to see him in Catalonia. 

Transfer rumor at Bayern Munich: shows Chelsea interested in Manuel Neuer? 

Only Chelsea FC is brought up by the picture . Coach and club legend Frank Lampard should not be satisfied with his 80 million man Kepa Arrizabalaga , has increasingly relied on 38-year-old Willy Caballero in the last games . Even if it is difficult to sell Kepa due to its price tag - there should be a basic interest in new ones. 

The future will show whether the trail to London remains really hot. The fact is that Neuer has never played abroad and that could irritate him again at the end of his career. Even if a switch to the "blues" were out of the question for him, English interest would be an excellent leverage in the contract negotiations with Bayern.


* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

More news about FC Bayern:  Neuer is also part of a crazy transfer rumor from Spain. As a result, he could be replaced by Marc-Andre ter Stegen at FCB. A transfer from David Alaba to Real Madrid is still under discussion. Board boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has already spoken plain text * on the personnel. A Bayern star was very pleased with Flick's extension and described the special thing about his coach.

Meanwhile, an England legend Philippe Coutinho advises to switch to the Premier League *. What's next in the Bundesliga? The Ultras have now massively positioned themselves against ghost games.

FC Bayern want to cause a sensation with top transfers and upgrade their squad for the top European level. Sports director Hasan Salihamidizic revealed in an interview.

The Bundesliga soccer team VfL Wolfsburg is in mourning: youth coach Steffen Brauer is dead. He also coached a 2014 world champion.

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