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Favre discussion - BVB boss Zorc reacts annoyed and reveals: "Jürgen Klopp called"


BVB coach Lucien Favre is in focus again. Michael Zorc gets rid of the discussions. The sports director also spoke about a call from Jürgen Klopp.

BVB coach Lucien Favre is in focus again. Michael Zorc gets rid of the discussions. The sports director also spoke about a call from Jürgen Klopp.

  • Borussia Dortmund loses the Bundesliga * summit against FC Bayern Munich *.
  • After the defeat, BVB coach Lucien Favre indicates his imminent farewell and Sky expert Lothar Matthäus names  ex-Bayern coach * Niko Kovac as a possible successor.
  • According to the bosses, Lucien Favre is not up for discussion at BVB - Michael Zorc has now also commented on a Klopp call. 

Update of May 29, 1:33 p.m .:  Lucien Favre made a statement with his statements after the Bayern bankruptcy. He then rowed back, claimed responsibility for BVB and attacked sky expert Lothar Matthäus , who immediately brought Niko Kovac into play as the new Dortmund coach after Favre's interview

Now the Borussen press conference was ahead of the Bundesliga game against SC Paderborn . Paderborn? There was something! In the first half of the season there was first the swatter against Bayern, then the 3: 3 against East Westphalia . Then there was intense debate about Favre.

Lucien Favre: BVB coach against SC Paderborn in particular focus?

Now the Swiss responded to the current discussion. “I concentrate on the essentials and prepare the game. And done, I can't say more. "

Sports director Michael Zorc added : “This is a coaching discussion that has been started again from the outside. I have already made clear statements in various media, our club boss Aki Watzke has found very clear words and made it clear: we are not having a coach discussion. Of course, we cannot prevent reports, which is probably the case in today's landscape. Only: In the club we are very calm. "

Borussia Dortmund: Jürgen Klopp called Michael Zorc - it was about the league restart

Zorc then revealed: " Jürgen Klopp called." The Liverpool coach wanted to find out what there was to be considered from an organizational point of view before the restart. The Premier League is also back in the game, on June 17, it should continue. It was also announced on the PK that Mahmoud Dahoud will be out for the rest of the season.

F #Favre: "Unfortunately, we learned on Wednesday after #BVBFCB that Mo #Dahoud will be canceled for the rest of the season."

E @ErlingHaaland will also not be available for #SCPBVB.

- Borussia Dortmund (@BVB) May 29, 2020

BVB has already left the Champions League - now there are new plans for the continuation that do not necessarily bring advantages to the Bundesliga team.

BVB coach Favre with a crazy turn - and attack on Matthäus: "Sorry, but Lothar can ..."

Update from May 28th, 1:48 pm: The subject of Lucien Favre and his end at BVB continues to simmer despite the words of Boss Aki Watzke * and the countermeasures by Favre himself. But who could follow the Swiss at BVB? There are some spectacular names. 

On the other hand, it will be important for BVB to get back on track. On Sunday you are a guest in Paderborn, at * there is the live ticker for the game.

BVB coach Favre with a crazy turn - and attack on Matthäus: "Sorry, but Lothar can ..."

Update of May 27, 10:39 p.m .:  Lucien Favre is on everyone's lips after the BVB bankruptcy against FC Bayern Munich . Did he let it be known right after the game that he would soon no longer be a Borussia coach ? His statements could be interpreted in this way - and for Sky expert Lothar Matthäus it was immediately clear: there is something in the bush. Therefore, he brought Niko Kovac directly into the game as his successor.

The day after, Favre then backpedaled, declaring that he would not give up and that he would fulfill his contract with BVB . Like Favre , Hans-Joachim Watzke also tried to quickly resume the discussion about the future of the Swiss. "There is currently no need for a coaching discussion," the BVB managing director told the newspapers of the Funke media group.

Lucien Favre: Farewell to Borussia Dortmund? Trainer shoots against Lothar Matthäus

Favre didn't like the fact that Matthäus was thinking of a BVB successor . For the coach, these assumptions are "really incredible and not acceptable for me," he explained the picture . He is happy in Dortmund, feels good - and after the Bayern game he just wanted to say that an analysis is due after the season. Now, right after the 28th matchday, it was too early for that. 

Looking forward. Borussia! ✊

- Borussia Dortmund (@BVB) May 27, 2020

"What came out of this sentence is completely crazy," emphasized Favre - and leather again against Matthäus , who also criticized him for the fact that Emre Can and Jadon Sancho were initially on the bench. "Sorry, but Lothar cannot know everything that happens internally with us. I am the coach, I see my players every day. He does his job, I mean. Both had hardly any training practice, and Axel Witsel had the same. And after several weeks of injury breaks, ”he made it clear.

Meanwhile, the coach of Dortmund's arch rival Schalke is also in focus. What's next for David Wagner?

Borussia Dortmund: crazy Favre turn? New statements attract attention

Update of May 27, 4:55 p.m .: The relativization of statements by BVB coach Lucien Favre after the 0-1 defeat against Bayern continues. The Swiss commented again on Sky and emphasized that he wanted to stay with BVB . "I will continue. I have a contract. I will fulfill this contract. I like it here." 

Lucien Favre: BVB coach before Aus? Now he rows back

He wants to start a new attack with the Dortmunders next year. His statements after the game were "not interpreted well at all". 

Back to work

- Borussia Dortmund (@BlackYellow) May 27, 2020

Favre and BVB could lose second place in the table today - if RB Leipzig plays at least a draw against Hertha BSC . All games of the first and second Bundesliga are available today in the live ticker. 

Lucien Favre: Dortmund coach confused with statements - Niko Kovac as successor in conversation

Update from May 27, 1:16 p.m .: Lucien Favre spoke again after yesterday's interview. He now denies the interpretations. “I don't think about giving up at all. Yesterday we were all disappointed, but my words in the interview immediately after the game seem to have been misunderstood in many cases ”, Favre is now quoted by the dpa

And why was his statement misunderstood, in which he said: "I'll talk about it in a few weeks"? The BVB coach says: "What I only wanted to answer to the relevant questions was: Now is not the time to take stock of the season. Why too? Already on Sunday in Paderborn we have to achieve a top performance again. We have to focus on that, nothing else. ”


Borussia Dortmund coach: Lucien Favre.

© picture alliance / dpa / Alexandre Simoes

BVB boss Watzke told the Funke media group : “There is currently no need for a coaching discussion. We play a very, very good second half of the season, got 27 out of 30 points before the game and were praised everywhere. Lucien Favre was no further than starting a discussion now. "

Lucien Favre before BVB exit? Watzke's statement from before the season makes one sit up and take notice

Update May 27, 12:39 pm:  Lucien  Favre , the Swiss, is of course also observed in his home country. After the game, the newspaper  "Blick" wrote about the coach: "Will (BVB coach Lucien) Favre go on a BVB farewell tour in the next few weeks? It remains to be seen. But it all looks like it. 

Before the season, BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke said: "It will show in the second and third year whether we can win titles". He meant Favre's second and third years as a coach. And the master ambitions that Dortmund publicly claimed are probably gone. 

Whether Favre is now a third year may be something to show? To put it in the words "Blick": "It remains to be seen". 

Favre before BVB-Aus: international press with criticism of Dortmund coach

Update May 27, 11:03 am: Not only Lucien Favre has questioned himself, the international press * was also not satisfied with his decisions. The BVB coach replaced his midfielder Julian Brandt at half-time, who was definitely an asset. 

For example, the Spanish AS wrote: “Then something happened that few understood. Favre took out Brandt and Delaney, two players who had given Borussia firmness, to take on Can and Sancho. And delivered the leather to Bayern [...]. “. 

Dortmund is neither in the Champions League nor the DFB Cup - is the air completely out with seven points?

Lucien Favre: Trainer talent (32) remains an absolute candidate as successor at BVB

Update May 27, 6:15 am: Lothar Matthäus brought him into the game immediately after the BVB defeat in the Bundesliga cracker as successor to Lucien Favre : will Niko Kovac soon be on the command bridge of Westphalia? According to the picture , there has already been contact with the former FC Bayern coach in recent months.

It does not seem entirely clear whether Kovac's game philosophy actually fits Borussia's current squad. Another hot candidate on the German coach market apparently remains the ideal candidate. The BVB makers had tried in vain in the past for Julian Nagelsmann. The 32-year-old's commitment to the new season seems unrealistic. Nagelsmann's contract in Leipzig runs until 2023.

Lucien Favre: Out at BVB by saying goodbye in front of a sky camera? Matthew has his successor in his sights

Message of origin from May 27:  Munich / Dortmund - There are sentences in professional football that always indicate a clear trend.

Because they are said so often in connection with a decision that they can already be seen as a clear indication.

BVB coach Lucien Favre said such sentences after the defeat of Borussia Dortmund (0: 1) in the Bundesliga summit against Bayern Munich *. A dream goal by Joshua Kimmich * had sealed the bankruptcy. This is not the only reason why the 25-year-old is the Bayern captain of the future.

Sky reporter Patrick Wasserziehr wanted toknowfrom Favre if he wouldn't have done better. Specifically: whether his line-up against the record champions was perhaps the wrong one.

Lucien Favre: BVB coach after defeat against Bayern with hint

"This has been said here for months," he said to any doubts about his work in Dortmund and emphasized the "here" very clearly: "I know how to do it. I'll talk about it in a few weeks. " 

Wow, that sounded like goodbye. #Favre #BVBFCB

- Bgess86 (@ Bgess86) May 26, 2020

He said it with a smug smile, you could also sarcasm it. Did Favre indicate his departure as BVB coach (at the latest) after this Bundesliga season?

The 62-year-old Swiss had neither aggressive leader Emre Can * against the English superstar Jadon Sancho nor the Belgian veteran Axel Witsel, who only returned to training during the week , against Bayern .

Lucien Favre: Does he throw away at Borussia Dortmund?

"It's easy to say after the game. Can takes a few days, did only one training session with the team, then played in Wolfsburg. Jadon was not ready now. He can play more than half time, but 90 minutes will be difficult, ”said Favre , arguing eagerly. Can obviously saw the whole thing a little differently.

 "I hoped it," said the German international at Sky on a starting line-up: "The coach decided so, you have to accept that. If we win, everything is correct. Now you can discuss it. " 

Are Favre 's doubts about his work too much? Will he throw up soon?

Lucien Favre: BVB coach already threw at Hertha and in Gladbach

The coach, who was regarded as idiosyncratic, had chosen this path both at Hertha BSC (2009) and in Gladbach (2015).


Before Borussia Dortmund also trained Gladbach and Hertha BSC: Lucien Favre.

© dpa / Federico Gambarini

In Berlin he suddenly invited the media to a press conference of his own in a hotel and reasoned his resignation in a less than charming manner; in Mönchengladbach , he caused the grudge of sports director Max Eberl because he allegedly had brought the club out of the blue with a fait accompli.

"I remain calm and trust myself," he said on Tuesday evening after the bankruptcy against Bayern . He had already cheered on the speculations. 

Lucien Favre: Lothar Matthäus brings Niko Kovac into play as successor at BVB

"I looked at you right away and thought: 'Favre away and Niko Kovac is coming'. I'm talking in a few weeks means: There is a clear statement, ”said TV expert and record national player Lothar Matthäus in the Sky studio to moderator Sebastian Hellmann.

The journalist asked Matthäus why he brought ex-Bayern coach Kovac into play. " Niko Kovac is on the market and Borussia Dortmund is probably looking for a new coach after this season, " replied the 58-year-old: "I would not have expected such a clear statement from Lucien Favre, not even after the defeat."

Lucien Favre: Borussia Dortmund will have to look for a new coach

The question, the Franke explained, “is Lucien Favre's bite still there? Or does he do what he did at other clubs? He's leaving his contract behind? ”

At the moment there are arguments for it. And for BVB to look for a new coach after the season.


* is part of the Germany-wide Ippen-Digital editors network

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