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Sebastian Vettel: is Mercedes planning a mega change in Formula 1? Valtteri Bottas suddenly unpacks


Sebastian Vettel: is the Formula 1 world champion drawn to Mercedes after his Ferrari retirement? Valtteri Bottas is under contract there - the Finn now unpacked. 

Sebastian Vettel: is the Formula 1 world champion drawn to Mercedes after his Ferrari retirement? Valtteri Bottas is under contract there - the Finn now unpacked. 

  • Sebastian Vettel * will leave Ferrari after the 2020 season.
  • What will happen to the four-time Formula 1 world champion ?
  • There is a lot of speculation about the German and Formula 1 *.

Update from June 11th, 8.55 a.m .: What's next  for Sebastian Vettel ? He may soon be talking about his future himself (see update from June 10, 6:15 p.m.). Until that happens, other protagonists of Formula 1 gradually join in . Now Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas has registered - and unpacked a possible Vettel engagement with the Silver Arrows !

The Finn does not have to worry about being replaced by Sebastian Vettel next year . "We were very honest with each other all the time about the contract situation, and I received clear information: No, they are not concerned with Seb," said the 30-year-old Finn from the British broadcaster Sky Sports

Could Sebastian Vettel end up at Mercedes?

- Sky Sports (@SkySports) June 11, 2020

Sebastian Vettel: Formula 1 hammer at Mercedes? Valtteri Bottas is now unpacking

"It's the same for me every year," Bottas said of rumors about his replacement at Mercedes . He found it "funny" that there was speculation about his future again, although no race had been run this year because of the corona pandemic. "There is no pressure from this side. I have clear goals for this season. Things will then sort themselves out in one way or another, ” Bottas said . The Vice World Champion has been driving for Mercedes since 2017 .

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff had recently not completely ruled out Vettel's involvement in the Silver Arrows . "In terms of talent and personality, he is someone to whom I would never immediately say no", the Austrian had said and described Vettel (32) as "outsider candidate" to a cockpit at the industry leader (see first report on June 4).

Formula 1: According to Ferrari team boss Binotto - does Vettel answer at Red Bull?

Update of June 10, 6:15 p.m .: According to Mattia Binotto's statements that the separation from Sebastian Vettel would only have come about through the Corona crisis and "internal evaluations" would have produced this result, a response from the Heppenheimer is expected.

Finally, the Ferrari team boss let it be known that the Vettel-Aus was a financial decision, although the German had originally emphasized that he never cared about the money.

"From the rules to the budget limit, the postponement of the new car to 2022", Binotto now brings up different points than originally stated.

Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel counters at Red Bull?

Until we get a fresh statement from Vettel , we will have to be patient. As the Express reports, the former world champion only wants to speak publicly after the F1 restart in Spielberg . Namely in the "Talk in Hangar7" on Servus TV . The Red Bull station of all places !

It is up to you whether you want to connect Vettel's alleged appearance with a commitment to the shower manufacturer's Formula 1 team . Ferrari shouldn't like to see it, however, if the 32-year-old unpacks details in the home of the sporty competitor, as Binotto did.

Vettel and the Ferrari off in Formula 1: intimate details revealed - new racing team in discussion

Update from June 9, 2:40 p.m .:  Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari go their separate ways after the season that has not yet started. What does the future of the four-time world champion look like? That is still not clear. Some racing teams such as Mercedes , Renault or Aston Martin have already been traded as Vettel's new employers - but nothing is certain yet.

A break would also be an option for the German racing driver. In addition to the future, the focus is on the Vettel past. How did it go exactly with the separation from Ferrari ? Team boss Mattia Binotto made it clear in various interviews that the racing team had taken the initiative and made the first step. Ferrari had opted for transparency towards Vettel . The contract negotiations then became more complicated because of the Corona crisis, which "changed many things", as Binotto explained to the Marca

Sebastian Vettel: After Ferrari Aus - Team Principal Mattia Binotto talks about separation

So did Binotto put Vettel outside the door? Or didn't Vettel literally want to get out of Ferrari ? According to information from Sport1 , the second option is more likely to be true. "In a confidential, long background discussion", last year on the fringes of the Spielberg Grand Prix , it was learned that " Vettel was tired of renewing his contract with Ferrari ".


Ferrari team boss Binotto.

© dpa / Fabian Sommer

The reasons for this? The lack of Ferrari trust in the champion and the fact that the new Vettel colleague Charles Leclerc is number one. That is why Vettel is said to have decided not to extend his expiring contract - so he separated from Ferrari and not the other way around. 

The Ferrari Vettel era will not be nearly as important in Formula 1 history as the Schumacher era. Ex-Formula 1 team owner Eddie Jordan has now revealed that Michael has helped his younger brother Ralf make a significant breakthrough in the past - thanks to an expensive investment. 

Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel after Ferrari-Aus on the market - which team does he end up with?

Update from June 6, 11:41 am:  Sebastian Vettel and his future in Formula 1 is still not clear. What does the four-time world champion * do after leaving Ferrari ? Does he switch to Mercedes ? Is he taking a break? Does he stop completely? Many options are currently under discussion.

Maybe lands Vettel yes to a team that is yet not so much on the radar. Aston Martin also plans to start with a works team in Formula 1 in 2021 . The project is led by Canadian entrepreneur Lawrence Stroll

Formula 1: does Sebastian Vettel switch to Aston Martin?

With a group of investors, he pumped more than 600 million euros into the battered car manufacturer from Great Britain. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff had also secured shares because he believes in the " Aston Martin brand ". In 2021, Stroll's current Team Racing Point , for which his son Lance also drives, will then become Aston Martin's racing team - with Vettel

His boss would then be Otmar Szafnauer . The American with Romanian and German roots is currently Team Principal at Racing Point and in future at Aston Martin . He now said: "For us, the new team name is what will make the headlines in the coming season, not the drivers in the cockpits." 

Sebastian Vettel: future at Aston Martin? Otmar Szafnauer stays covered

Szafnauer  wants to stifle all speculation in the bud with this sentence - but doesn't he really stir up dust? Weeks ago, Formula 1 legend David Coulthard Vettel had brought Aston Martin into play. The current Racing Point drivers Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll have contracts for 2021. But if you can have a Vettel, you can be certain to ponder.

From getting back to work to new regulations and the driver market merry-go-round, Otmar gives us his take on the topics making @ F1 headlines ⬇️https: // # F1

- BWT Racing Point F1 Team (@ RacingPointF1) June 5, 2020

Szafnauer registered the movements on the driver's market and described them as "interesting". With the entry of Aston Martin, however , he was recently fully occupied and therefore could not have worried about the speculation. "We are looking ahead and are looking forward to a new era that should live up to the name Aston Martin ," added Szafnauer. A four-time champion like Vettel in the cockpit would certainly not be a disadvantage. 

Sebastian Vettel: Formula 1 companion hands out against Ferrari - and talks about switching to Mercedes

Update of June 4, 9:00 p.m .:  Formula 1 * driver Sebastian Vettel * announced the separation from his designer Ferrari at the end of the season more than three weeks ago *. Since then, the career path of the four-time world championspeculates. A companion of Vettels for many years now spoke openly about Vettel and his future.

Sebastian Vettel: Red Bull engine chief teases Ferrari - He says that for a Mercedes change

Helmut Marko , Head of Motorsport at Red Bull, now spoke to RTL about his former protégé Vettel, who started for Red Bull Racing  from 2009 to 2014 . Marko was not particularly pleasant about the internal processes within the Italian racing team . Regarding Vettel, Helmut Marko says, "Sebastian won't be able to say anything" and refers to " great rivalry " within the team.


Helmut Marko and Sebastian Vettel in 2014.

© picture alliance / Jens Büttner / / Jens Büttner

Marko said further against Ferrari out and said, "that Sebastian his contract was not renewed, probably due to the fact that he, the not seen technical potential does that helps him to another title." He would be happy personally, Sebastian Vettel * to be seen at Mercedes. “That would be great for motorsport . Vettel against Hamilton in a Mercedes, what could be better? Two years ago, they would always have made first and second place. I hope that we are now so close to preventing this. ”

Check out this post on Instagram

, Its not over

A post shared by Sebastian Vettel (@vettelofficial) on Sep 29, 2019 at 9:36 am PDT

But what happens if there is no cockpit for Vettel at the German designer? “If he doesn't get the Mercedes seat, a year off makes sense. Watch what happens for a year, ”says Marko. The Red Bull Motorsport boss refers to the new regulations including the budget limit from 2022, which is why he sees a realignment as an opportunity for Vettel to "join a winning team."

Sebastian Vettel: speculation about Vettel future after Ferrari Aus

First report from June 4, 2020:  Heppenheim - On May 12, the bomb exploded: Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari * announced that they would go their separate ways in the future. One hammer after the other followed in Formula 1 *: Vettel's cockpit, which will then be free after the end of the 2020 season, is taken over by Carlos Sainz . His place at McLaren * is then taken by Daniel Ricciardo , who will leave Renault after two years.

Since that day in May, there has been intense speculation about the future of Sebastian Vettel *. Of course, a number of experts have since commented on the topic, but it is still not clear what will happen for the four-time Formula 1 world champion .

Sebastian Vettel: after Ferrari out in Formula 1 - will he end up at Mercedes?

Of course, many fans want Sebastian Vettel to switch to Mercedes . A German driver in a German car - Michael Schumacher's fans were delighted. Together with Lewis Hamilton , the reigning champion, the Silver Arrows would then have a mega duo behind the wheel.

Team boss Toto Wolff knows these mind games of course. He has been confronted with it several times in the past few weeks, and now the Austrian has spoken again. "Sebastian is of course a great personality, with four world championship titles a really outstanding racing driver of his generation," said Wolff at a video press conference. 

Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel at Mercedes? Team boss Toto Wolff with announcement

Does Wolff already list reasons for a possible obligation? Immediately afterwards, he restricts: Vettel is "an outsider candidate for a cockpit at Mercedes because we look first and foremost at our Mercedes squad ". The contracts of Hamilton and the second driver *, Valtteri Bottas , expire at the end of the season. Will it soon be extended with this duo? 

#Mercedes non molla la pista #Vettel via @Notizieditalia

- Note Italiano (@Notizieditalia) June 4, 2020

Wolff emphasized: "I don't necessarily want to create a tight corset for the timing." One wanted to let Hamilton and Bottas drive first and also wait and see how George Russell developed. The 22-year-old from the Mercedes generation is currently on loan to Williams in the second year - the team is currently in a crisis and may be sold. 

So many questions that are still unanswered. Vettel is definitely an option at Mercedes - but is it likely? With a statement, Wolff continues to fuel the hopes of the fans: "In terms of talent and personality, he is someone to whom I would never immediately say no."

The season * starts on July 5th, and during the summer * you want to make a decision at Mercedes

* is part of the Germany-wide Ippen-Digital editors network


List of rubric lists: © AFP / PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU

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