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Citizens' Law: "Discrimination in Her Name" Israel today


The controversial law has entered the last line • The players are outraged and most of the teams oppose it because of the Corona | Israeli basketball

The controversial Citizens' Law has entered the final line, and in the coming days hearings will open in the union's Supreme Court with a view to reaching a speedy decision • The players themselves resent, and most teams oppose due to corona constraints • Assessment:

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1. The debate on the law of those naturalized enters its final phase. Yesterday, the deadline for submitting the parties 'lawyers' responses to the Supreme Court of the Basketball Association passed, and in the coming days, the hearings are expected to open with the aim of reaching a decision as soon as possible.

First, the head of the tribunal, retired judge Oded Modrik, will have to decide whether to hear the case alone or attach two judges to an extended panel. It is estimated that Modrik will want to assist his friends in such an important and far-reaching issue.

2. The law granted citizenship as published following the meeting of Committee Sharabi, in which it was determined that an Israeli team will not be able to register more than two naturalized "new" - they have no experience of at least four years in Israel - the first one will result in a fine of 200 thousand shekels, while another will lead to a fine of 300 A thousand shekels. In contrast, there will be no restriction on senior citizens.

The players' organization is the one that pushed for this legislation and even signed an agreement with the league administration, which pledged to respect it. But recently there have been voices within the administration calling for a change in the law or at least a postponement of it for a year to make it a little easier financially for the groups, which still have difficulty setting a budget in the Corona era, but decided to abide by the agreement and not change it. The petitioner is Adv. Roi Rosen on behalf of many citizens.  

The growing assessment among individuals involved in recent weeks is that the union tribunal will not repeal the law, but may minimize the harm to citizens, as it is still unclear what steps will be taken. so.

In response to the question "Israel today" on the subject two weeks ago, advises that: "there is a clash between those naturalized Law and the Law of Return. Because he is a citizen, he is entitled to every right and duty that a citizen has. "However, the head of the tribunal added," We need to think about how to create a situation in which citizenship will not be abused, that it will be real and not imaginary. How to enable the development of basketball in Israel and not infringe on the rights of those who have received citizenship legally, but at the same time without harming the boys and young people born here. "

3. One of the main claims of national basketball players is discrimination, not only between players born in Israel, but also naturalized in other sports.

Israeli football has several players Ihodim-amriknim received citizenship, enjoy tax benefits and are considered Israelis, and nobody thinks to impose penalties. "think Shah of Maccabi Haifa goalkeeper Josh Cohen wants to come here and play basketball. "It is normal that his brother can play football in Israel without any fines and levies, and he will have to stay in the United States just because he is a basketball player?" This is discrimination in her name, "says a source close to the citizens.

4.  All parties are pressuring the tribunal to rule quickly as the current situation is impossible for the players and teams. 

The groups are waiting for the tribunal's decision to know if and how many citizens they can sign, and there are cases where the groups have inserted clauses in the citizens' contracts under which the contract will be revoked if the law remains in place. Therefore, everyone's goal is to reach a quick decision.

Even after the decision of the union's tribunal, it will be possible for the losing party to go to court and file an appeal, although there is a good chance that the court will not interfere in the decision of the union's internal institutions. This is because he is the one who passed the discussion to them and announced that he trusts their judgment and decision.

Source: israelhayom

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