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Test match against Braunschweig: Augustinsson and Klaassen provide Werder with a tailor-made start


First test match, first win: Werder Bremen deservedly won 2-0 (2-0) against Eintracht Braunschweig on Sunday afternoon.

First test match, first win: Werder Bremen deservedly won 2-0 (2-0) against Eintracht Braunschweig on Sunday afternoon .

Bremen - In the duel with the second division promoted Eintracht Braunschweig, Werder Bremen showed good approaches, especially before the break, and was rewarded with goals from Ludwig Augustinsson (15th) and Davy Klaassen (21st).

Florian Kohfeldt had three newcomers in the starting line-up before the game: Felix Agu , Patrick Erras and Romano Schmid . While Agu made solid appearances as a right-back and Erras in the defensive midfield, Schmid's attacking power was in good shape. He prepared Augustinsson's opening goal from a corner kick, and the 20-year-old Austrian also had his feet in the game in Klaassen's 2-0 win.

Werder Bremen sovereign in their first test match against Eintracht Braunschweig

In the second half, Kohfeldt then sent a completely new team onto the pitch. "Werder II" did not score a goal, but also appeared dangerously in front of the goal - Davie Selke (56th) and Theodor Gebre Selassie (70th) missed good chances. At Werder Bremen nothing burned at the back - also because not much came from the guests.

SV Werder Bremen (first half): Pavlenka - Agu, Rieckmann, Friedl, Augustinsson - Erras, Schmid, Klaassen, Osako - Füllkrug, Sargent

SV Werder Bremen (second half): Dos Santos Haesler - Gebre Selassie, Toprak, Groß, Straudi - Mbom, M. Eggestein, J. Eggestein, Bittencourt - Selke, Woltemade

Read the detailed report on the test match between Werder Bremen and Eintracht Braunschweig with votes from Florian Kohfeldt and Co.

Werder Bremen against Eintracht Braunschweig: The live ticker from the test match to read

2.49 p.m.:  And with that we say goodbye to the DeichStube ticker for this time and lie back in the refrigerator. Bye!

90th minute: End. Out. Past. The German champion 2004 is called ... Oh, sorry. The test match against Braunschweig ends 2-0. That's what I wanted to say.

89th minute: So. This second half didn’t deliver any football highlights, but still, of course, the short summary: Werder stable at the back, forward with ideas that rarely spark. Striking: Simon Straudi as a very decent left-back.

87th minute: Now bite again here, get everything out, down to the last drop. Can't be that the colleague always dusts the last coffee from the pot ... 

84th Minute: What can really not be, is that Werder is seriously making efforts to stay clean. Without conceding a goal. Werder. Do you notice it yourself, right? The corporate identity of an entire club is at stake ...

82nd Minute: I don't want to spoil and can't even know, but I'll put it this way: All too much shouldn't happen here in the final phase. Feels just like the last day of school before the holidays, sixth hour. Only the math teacher (Kohfeldt) yells at everyone. He must know himself.

80th minute: In the meantime, because you've probably already asked yourself that, by the way, you've reached the sweat status here, where you like to slip your fingers off the keyboard. Sorry for that, but we too are pushing the envelope here.

74th Minute: That was now unnecessary: ​​Toprak kicks Ademi rustic from behind. Hey, we all have to go back to work tomorrow!

73rd Minute: And again Mbom. Maybe you missed the slightly earlier conclusion, but what you notice: the man wants to show himself.

70th minute: Chance Werder! And that's how it came about: Bittencourt free-kick, Mbom header, Toprak header - and then Gebre Selassie sticks to Braunschweig's keeper Fejzic.  

Werder Bremen - test match in the live ticker: Goal for Eintracht Braunschweig. No, not really.

68th Minute: Goal for Braunschweig - everyone thought at first. Felix Burmeister was offside with his header.

67th minute: Yes, and otherwise? In any case, not much is happening here anymore, which apparently annoys Toprak: He heads the ball to the corner with absolutely no pressure.  

64th minute: Strong action from Mbom. Pick up speed with the ball at your foot, it looks massive, then has an eye for Woltemade, for whom the ball jumps far. Too bad. 

63rd Minute: Braunschweig, which also changed diligently during the break, no longer has the big ideas here. Game is just splashing something. 

59th Minute: Another drinking break.

56th Minute: Maxi Eggestein now with a surgically accurate pass somewhere between Braunschweig's abdominal wall and spleen right on Davie Selke. Who, in turn, is too unselfish in front of the gate: Lay across instead of locking yourself. 

55th minute: Not bad! Nick Woltemade suddenly does the Quaresma, flanks with the outer instep - okay, into nothing, but to criticize that would be small-minded. Art is art. 

54th minute: Just at half time, sports director Frank Baumann spoke to the journalists on site. His conclusion of the first half: "That was pretty good. After just a few training sessions, we were able to see what we wanted to see." Gates? Templates? That too, of course. Baumann was interested in something else: "The gradations."

51st Minute: After the working day for Agu, Erras and Schmid is ready, another newcomer or returner can now present himself: Jean-Manuel Mbom, a clearer and powerhouse. Has sorted himself in front of the defense.

48th minute: On the right defensive side again the man who Werder hired back then, shortly after the invention of the steam engine in 1690: Gebre Selassie. After Bargfrede has left, the Czech is finally Mister Methuselah, the eternal Bremer who runs and runs and runs. 

46th Minute: It goes on - and Werder is completely new. Coach Kohfeldt sends a completely different team into the race. It looks like this: Dos Santos Haesler - Gebre Selassie, Toprak, Groß, Straudi - Mbom, M. Eggestein, Bittencourt - Selke, J. Eggestein, Woltemade 

Werder Bremen against Eintracht Braunschweig - test match in the live ticker: half-time - Werder swaps through

1.55 p.m.: Braunschweig's new coach Meyer apparently wants to show his players directly who is in charge from now on, lets the reservists complete run-ups, while the sprinkler circles lonely in the Bremen half.

1:53 p.m.: It is said that heat expands things, but this first half - it was quite entertaining. So there is no danger of dying away in the stifling air in the DeichStube. 

45th minute: Half-time break!

44th minute: So, here is a break and time to cool off. Werder with an absolutely decent first half. Not everything works out yet, of course, but still enough to lead comfortably.

42nd Minute: Suddenly a chance Braunschweig: When falling, Kobylanski lifts the ball over Pavlenka, but then the ball spins past the far post.

41st Minute: Short newcomer check: Schmid is really present in midfield, demands and receives many balls. Erras defensively as a solid clerk, no risk, hardly any mistakes. And Agu? He is definitely looking for the way forward on the right wing, but has so far only been little challenged at the back. 

38th minute: Not on the pitch, but in good places: Möhwald, Veljkovic, Moisander, Gruev and Rashica are sitting in the front row, watching the game - and are probably wondering when the man with the ice cream will come by. 

36th Minute: Werder's strikers Sargent and Füllkrug have the coolest job in the heat - because they are closely shadowed by Braunschweig's defense. Enjoyable.

33rd minute: Bremen still has everything under control. Leave Braunschweig the ball in their own half and wait for the right moments. Werder's efforts to switch quickly after conquering the ball can be clearly seen.

31st minute: The first drinking break for the players in "11th place" is now over, and we too quickly took a bold sip from the warm water bottle. Go on!

26th Minute: Anything but a safe and clear Werder victory would be a cheek today - after all, it's ER's birthday: coach legend Otto Rehhagel is 82 years old! I can currently sit on his terrace in Essen with butter cake and a cup of coffee, read live tickers and whistle "Lifelong green and white" on the little finger.

23rd Minute: Oh, how carefree, how beautiful can football be. 2-0 after a little over 20 minutes, everything under control, the mood good, now almost the third goal. Already clear, it's just a test game. But since the last impression of Werder were the two relegation games against Heidenheim, it feels like summer vacation right now. 

21st Minute: And again Werder Bremen, and again goal: 2-0 by Davy Klaassen, who lifts the ball over Engelhardt into the net. Incidentally, the preliminary work - as with the 1-0 - by Romano Schmid, who acts very conspicuously. 

18th minute: So. Small formal change here: By popular request (a colleague), the minute and no longer the time is now in front of the entries - as it should be for a ticker. I have to come out of the summer break myself first ...

Werder Bremen against Eintracht Braunschweig - test match in the live ticker: Werder takes the lead!

1:15 p.m.:  Wummmms! That is the goal, Werder take a 1-0 lead. Ludwig Augustinsson thrashes the ball into the mesh after a nice corner kick from an acute angle. Freezing. And thus not at all suitable for the weather. 

1:13 p.m.: Werder have been waiting so far. Just a free kick from newcomer Schmid, but Engelhardt easily snatched it out of the air. Otherwise there wasn't much. 

1:09 p.m.: Suddenly it gets loud over the stadium - a helicopter rattles past. At least that's the official version. It is also possible that the newly signed Werder analysts Quittkat and Pawlowski have unpacked their new drone.

1:07 p.m.: Braunschweig is very committed here, looking directly for the way forward. Just free kick, now corner - great! So Werder can work directly on the standard weakness. 

1:04 p.m.: New arrival Erras, which is nice to see, gives the commuter between defensive midfield and defensive line, as Kevin Vogt often did last season.

1:03 p.m.: Well that starts well: Flanke Agu, Füllkrug comes, but no problem for Braunschweig's number one Marcel Engelhardt 

1:01 p.m.: Kick-off!

12:58 p.m.: Here comes Werder! All in white, classic, innocent, because nothing has gone wrong in the new game year, everything to zero.

12.55 p.m.: Also great: the new Bundesliga match ball in close-up. A bit of neon purple in it, a bit of neon mint green too, in between white and the league logo. Who comes up with that? Visually reminiscent of the good old balloon silk tracksuits from the 1980s. Okay, I'm a fan.  

12.53 p.m.: Ahh, Werder has activated the stream. The first live images of "Platz 11" are wired to the editorial office - and they are wonderful: three large lawn sprinklers water the square, tztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztztzt - a sound as refreshing as jumping into the cool water. That is, almost.

12.52 p.m.: Small personal addendum: Milos Veljkovic (rehab after a torn muscle) and Ilia Gruev (ankle injury) also have to pass. So now is good too. Not yet played a minute in the new season, and the injury reports are as smooth as warm vanilla ice cream again. Stay cool. 

12.46 p.m.: Milot Rashica is also missing today. Why? Well, because soon he will always be missing. Kohfeldt: "We have jointly decided not to use Milot in this game due to the open situation of a possible change. I would also like to test other players in his position today."

12.44 p.m.: Shortly before kick-off, again news from Werder, directly on the cell phone. This is service, this is the new technology - and the content is not very pleasant: Niklas Moisander missed the game because he injured his calf during training. Okay, take it easy. But one question is allowed: YES, THAT'S GOING ON AGAIN !? Wait.  

12.40 p.m.: Both men once completed the football teacher training course (heavy word!) Together and are considered the faces of the new, young generation of coaches. Whereby Kohfeldt is, of course, one (or more) steps further: from nobody to high-flyer to almost relegated to new builder - some mountaineers do not get that many ups and downs.

12:38 p.m.: And speaking of the opponents ... Braunschweig has had a strong season in the third division, finished third, celebrated promotion and did what a club does in such situations - kicked the coach out . Uh Well In any case, Marco Antwerp had to leave, the new man - Daniel Meyer - is making his debut on the bench today. You can read what connects the 40-year-old with Werder trainer Florian Kohfeldt in the next entry in the live ticker you trust.

12.35 p.m.: The Braunschweig lineup has now also flown in here and should of course not be suppressed. Interesting: The captain of the second division promoted team is Martin Kobylanksi, who was under contract with Werder from 2012 to 2016, but did not make the permanent leap into the Bundesliga squad.

12.26 p.m.: By the way, the temperatures are not only a big challenge for the football professionals today: the air is in the air, the air conditioning makes the weekend (of course!) - welcome to the hot room. Motto: Are you still sweating or are you already sticking? 

Today is the first test game for the blue and yellow.

Coach Daniel #Meyer sends the following starting eleven to the game against @werderbremen #Engelhardt, #Nikolaou, #Kessel, #Wydra, #Kobylanski (C), #Putaro, #YOtto, #Kijewski, #Schultz, #Proschwitz, #Kammerbauer #SVWEBS

- Eintracht BS (@EintrachtBSNews) August 9, 2020

12.23 p.m.: Three years later, in January 2017, there was the most recent duel to date, a test match in Braunschweig: snow flurries, 1: 2 defeat. For Werder back then on the pitch: Kruse, Gnabry, Pizarro. Names from another time. 

12.20 p.m.: The last time Werder and Braunschweig met in a competitive match was on January 26, 2014, but who do I tell you? All fans should remember the cracking, thrilling, spectacular 0-0 in the Weserstadion to this day. Not.

12.17 p.m.: By the way, Werder is being led onto the pitch today by Davy Klaassen as captain - by the man who has already clearly committed to a future at the club.

12.13 p.m.: Bremen against Braunschweig, earlier, decades ago, it was a classic in the Bundesliga. In the meantime, the two clubs only meet sporadically. Just like today, in the glowing furnace "11th place". A crisp 30 degrees Celsius are expected in Bremen at noon ...  

12.10: Felix Agu, Patrick Erras and Romano Schmid - Werder coach Florian Kohfeldt sends three newcomers onto the field from the start. 

Werder Bremen against Eintracht Braunschweig - test match in the live ticker: Werder starting eleven with three newcomers

12.06 p.m.: The Bremen starting line-up: Pavlenka - Augustinsson, Rieckmann, Friedl, Agu - Erras, Klaassen, Schmid, Osako - Füllkrug, Sargent

12 noon: Right on time, the line-ups are there - and so welcome to the DeichStube live ticker. Werder against Braunschweig, Nordduell - football heart, what more do you want !? But now to the point, this is how Werder will tackle it ...   

It starts! Werder Bremen live! The first test match in preparation for the new Bundesliga season can be found here in the live ticker . All goals, news and emotions live ! The kick-off is at 1 p.m., the live ticker starts at around 12 p.m. with the lineups of both teams.

The preliminary report:

Back to competition mode: Werder play their first test match against Eintracht Braunschweig

After just four days on the training ground, Werder Bremen will be back in competition mode on Sunday: The second division newcomer Eintracht Braunschweig will be visiting the "11th place" stadium for the first test match in preparation from 1:00 pm. The preliminary report of the DeichStube *.

Werder sports director Frank Baumann has a clear idea of ​​what he would like to see from the SV Werder Bremen professionals . "The coach discussed certain basic principles with the players in the analysis, but also on the pitch, which we now want to test against Braunschweig," says the 44-year-old.

Despite the expected hot temperatures - announced up to 33 degrees Celsius - Baumann is hoping for an intensive game with full commitment from the Bremen team: "This is necessary for the way we want to play football."

Werder Bremen versus Eintracht Braunschweig: Daniel Meyer celebrates its premiere in the coaching bench

Eintracht Braunschweig was promoted to third in the 3rd division last season. “You will still bring a good portion of euphoria with you, so that we will be challenged. But that's also important, ”says Baumann. Curious: Despite the promotion, coach Marco Antwerp had to leave. For his successor Daniel Meyer it will be the premiere on the dugout.

Werder Bremen will travel to their summer training camp in the Zillertal on Friday, August 14th, five days after the match against Braunschweig. The team of coach Florian Kohfeldt will stay there until Tuesday, August 25th. In between there are test matches against Linz ASK (Wednesday, August 19, 5 p.m.) and SC Austria Lustenau (Monday, August 24, 1 p.m.) on the program.

Werder Bremen: Last game against Hannover 96

After their return, Werder Bremen will test against FC Groningen (3:00 pm) and FC St. Pauli (5:15 pm) in Lohne on Saturday, August 29 , before taking “11th” on Saturday, September 5, from 3:30 pm the last test match of the preparation against Hannover 96 is due (dco)

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

Source: merkur

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