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Chelsea - Liverpool in the live ticker: Debut for Thiago in LFC victory - Ex-Munich caused a penalty


In the Premier League there is a big duel between Jürgen Klopps FC Liverpool and FC Chelsea with Kai Havertz and Timo Werner. The live ticker.

In the Premier League there is a big duel between Jürgen Klopps FC Liverpool and FC Chelsea with Kai Havertz and Timo Werner.

The live ticker.

  • Premier League

    *: The second game day has a real hit in store.

  • The


    has been transformed to


    - put the young Blues to

    Kai Havertz


    Timo Werner

    Jürgen Klopp

    one leg?

  • We will accompany the mega-duel this



    5.30 p.m.

    in the

    live ticker


Chelsea FC - Liverpool FC 0: 2 (0: 0) Sunday, 5.30 p.m.

Line-up of Chelsea FC:

Kepa - James, Christensen (red card, 45th min), Kouma, Alonso - Kovacic (78th Barkley), Jorginho (78th Abraham), Kanté - Havertz (46th Tomori), Werner, Mount

List of Liverpool FC:

Alisson - Alexander-Arnold, Fabinho, van Dijk, Robertson - Keita (64th Milner), Henderson (46th Thiago), Wijnaldum - Salah, Firmino (86th Minamino), Mané


Mané (50th, 54th)


Paul Tierney

The top game in the Premier League was not very even, but Chelsea could have achieved a much better result against the champions.


Londoners beat themselves

with three

individual mistakes



only got

the red card after an unnecessary emergency brake against Mané and left his team outnumbered for 45 minutes.

Then Chelsea goalkeeper




the 2-0 goal when Mané ran him perfectly, intercepted his pass perfectly and finally to the 2-0 goal.

The final point in the London chain of errors was set by


, who

missed a

penalty caused by Thiago


The player of the game was

Sadio Mané

, who scored twice and invested a lot overall.

Final whistle

It's all over at the bridge.

Liverpool take the points.

🔵 0-2 🔴 #CHELIV

- Chelsea FC (@ChelseaFC) September 20, 2020

90 + 3 minutes:

Wijnaldum has another huge chance after a rebound attempt from Salah, but the Dutchman forgives because he was probably too surprised in this situation.

Shortly afterwards Tierney whistled, Liverpool won 2-0 in London, Lampard's team had to shake after this game and attack again on Wednesday in the League Cup against Barnsley.

90 + 2 minutes:

And Mané almost with his third goal that evening!

With a long-range shot, he checks Kepa, who has to stretch out but can ultimately control the ball.

90th minute:

There are three minutes on top!

88th Minute:

Jürgen Klopp smiles, the coach seems to be satisfied with today's performance of his team.

Liverpool made it difficult for Chelsea to get into the game for much of the game.

Even in the last moves of the game, the Reds let the ball run confidently.

85th Minute:

Liverpool is now a little too careless, Chelsea can try it through the substitute Abraham, who is served by Werner.

But Alisson holds great against the youngster!

82nd minute:

The corner


ends up in a detour at Thiago, who pulls out of the back area and misses the box of the unlucky Kepa by about one and a half meters.

Almost the first goal by the Spaniard.

80th Minute:

The agile Mané sends Milner with a nice pass in the penalty area, but the beefy all-rounder does not get the ball. A little later Alexander-Arnold is looking for his offensive teammates, Chelsea can clear the corner.

78th Minute:

Again there is a very good free-kick chance for Liverpool.

Alexander-Arnold misses the shot after a free-kick variant with Salah, however, the ball goes well.

74th minute:

And indeed, there are penalties for Chelsea!

Jorginho takes on as on the first matchday - and Alisson suspects the corner!

The Brazilian saves the not badly kicked penalty because he jumps into the left corner!

Great action by the LFC goalkeeper.

73rd Minute:

Chelsea only runs after - and gets a penalty out of nowhere!

Timo Werner moves into the penalty area and is placed by Thiago of all people.

As he did against Brighton on matchday one, the German took a penalty.

Will the penalty turn the tide?

Referee Tierney makes sure on the VAR apparatus ...

Boss, @Alissonbecker 👊 # CHELIV

- Liverpool FC (@LFC) September 20, 2020

68th Minute:

After a half-chance by Wijnaldum, Liverpool is again determining the game and lets the home side run at will.

It doesn't look like Chelsea will score the next goal.

Does Lampard now dare to make a bold move in view of the bad starting position?

Tammy Abraham is still on the bench ...

66th Minute:

Liverpool have secured their safe lead within a few minutes, now it is Chelsea who owe it.

But the Blues still can't think of an effective way to crack the LFC defense.

63rd Minute:

James Milner is now in the game at Liverpool.

The veteran immediately puts on the captain's pictures, and Keita left for him.

Milner should probably bring more stability into the game.

59th Minute:

And again Mané tries to disturb early.

This time, however, Kepa is more than warned and throws the ball out.

However, he comes back directly as a Boomerang - corner kick for Liverpool.

57th Minute:

How does Chelsea react to the early double strike in the second half?

54th Minute:

Liverpool is still in forward gear and Kepa brings the second goat in the game.

The 25-year-old Spaniard is distressed by the goalscorer Mané and lets the Senegalese poke the ball off his foot.

This just has to be locked, Kepa has no chance.

2-0 for the Reds after a Mané double strike!

50th minute:

And the lead for Liverpool after a remarkable combination.

After a great one-two between Firmino and Salah, the Reds combine in the penalty area.

There the Brazilian crosses right on the head of Sadio Mané, who heads to 1-0 for the guests!

49th Minute:

After a foul by James there is a free kick from the edge of the box for Liverpool, but the Klopp boys want to solve the situation playfully and ultimately lose the ball.

46th Minute:

Thiago is now on the field!

The Spaniard, who is undisputedly a difference player, replaces Henderson at Liverpool.

Will the champions now manage to win the game in the second half?

Half-time break

Premier League: Chelsea FC - Liverpool FC in the live ticker - Red card for Chelsea tilts the game

45th minute:

And Tierney withdraws the yellow card - to draw red!

He saw here a hundred percent chance to score, which Christensen prevented.

Bitter for the ex-Gladbacher who does his team a disservice.

The subsequent free kick flies next to the housing, whereupon the referee asks the teams into the cabins.

break in london!

🔴 After consulting VAR and reviewing the incident, the referee shows Andreas Christensen a red card for a foul Mane.

🔵 0-0 🔴 [44 '] #CHELIV

- Chelsea FC (@ChelseaFC) September 20, 2020

43rd Minute:

Christensen puts the run-up Mané in front of Kepa and receives yellow!

Now the referee has to call in the video assistant ...

40th minute:

After a foul, Chelsea is awarded a free kick from around 25 meters, but Kai Havertz crosses past all his teammates and opponents.

There could have been more.

37th Minute:

Big chance for Chelsea!

First Havertz gets the ball played perfectly into the barrel and serves the completely free Werner, who does not put the ball in the goal from a few meters.

But the former Leipzig may have guessed it: Havertz started a little too early, his goal would not have counted.

34th minute:

Timo Werner with the first good opportunity of the game for Chelsea!

First the 24-year-old dribbles in front of the goal and then closes with his right foot - the ball goes just a few centimeters from Alisson's case in the LFC box!

On the other hand, Mo Salah has his first big chance, but when he crosses, Roter is ready, the game is now closer, as the two offensives dare more.

35 '- A floated ball into the box finds Salah at the back, he controls brilliantly and drills the ball across the face of the goal.

No-one manages to get a touch and it runs out.

[0-0] #CHELIV

- Liverpool FC (@LFC) September 20, 2020

32nd minute:

After a good half an hour it can be summarized that both teams are not up to date.

Although Chelsea defend just as restlessly as Liverpool attack the opponent, but the great opportunities are missing.

29th Minute:

Liverpool let the ball run through their own ranks again, Jorginho stops the flow of play with a foul, the Reds remain in possession of the ball.

Both teams are still looking for the gaps in the opposing game.

26th minute:

Havertz loses the ball against Salah, Liverpool are back in possession.

But Jürgen Klopp's team also doesn't spray creativity forward in the game.

So, apart from Kepa's mistake, there were mostly no big chances.

Both teams seem to save the big chances.

Premier League: Chelsea FC - Liverpool FC in the live ticker - Jürgen Klopp against Havertz and Werner

24th minute:

And Mount almost runs away from the LFC defense with one of these wide balls.

Only a few centimeters are missing when he receives the ball.

Just a few seconds later, however, Liverpool are back on the trigger and press the Blues in front of their penalty area.

22nd Minute:

Chelsea continues to struggle with the consistent pressing of the champions and seems to be able to free themselves only with high balls.



And the shot opportunity for Salah, which is blocked by Jürgen Klopp, Chelsea immediately starts a counter-attack over the lightning-fast Werner, but the German dribbles again!


There is still nothing to be seen of the home side, the Klopp-Elf continues to press and wants to force Chelsea to make mistakes in their own half.

13th minute:

What a buck from Kepa!

The goalkeeper of the Londoners runs far out of his box with a ball on Salah, but does not get the ball in front of the Egyptian, who quickly plays into the middle, where Firmino is prevented from scoring at the last moment!

That should have been 1-0 for Liverpool.

Lucky for Kepa in this situation!

The first big chance falls to Liverpool, but Christensen does well to get across to deny Firmino at the front post. 👏

🔵 0-0 🔴 [14 '] #CHELIV

- Chelsea FC (@ChelseaFC) September 20, 2020

10th minute:

Chelsea appear quite uninspired in the first ten minutes, Liverpool bothers in every situation and is more toxic.

The Lampard-Elf is continuously defending and has only been able to set a pinprick with a counter run by Timo Werner.

8th Minute:

The guests slowly make themselves comfortable in the Chelsea half and come over Robertson to a cross, which is intercepted.

A subsequent corner is promptly defended from the Blues penalty area.

The Reds have to come up with a little more.

5th minute:

Liverpool tries to attack the Londoners early and is quite high.

So the guys from Klopp have been getting the balls so far.

but they still don't know what to do with their possession actions.

3rd minute:

Chelsea immediately tries to free themselves after early efforts on the part of the guests and comes through Werner into the penalty area on the left, but the ex-Leipzig gets stuck on the Brazilian Fabinho, who slipped into the central defense for Matip today.

1st minute:

And let's go!

Liverpool kick off, the top game in what is arguably the best league in the world can begin.


Update 5:27 p.m.:

The two top teams will soon start the second game day.

Jürgen Klopp emphasized before the game that he “didn't think for a second” of Thiago's starting line-up.

After "one and a half training units", however, the Spaniard sits on the bench and can hope for a few minutes before the debut.

Update from September 20, 5:20 p.m.:

In a few minutes the two teams will enter the field, both London and Liverpool started with a win and now want to confirm their form.

So far, Everton, Arsenal and Crystal Palace have won their first two games, but the second game day is not yet over.

Update from September 20, 5 p.m.:

In half an hour Paul Tierney will


the top game between

Chelsea FC


Liverpool FC


The duel between the current champions and the expensive

star ensemble of

the south-west Londoners promises high-class football and pure excitement.

Liverpool newcomer


, who emotionally said goodbye to Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, is already in the Reds' squad and could make his debut in the Premier League.

All smiles from the new Red 😄 # CHELIV

- Liverpool FC (@LFC) September 20, 2020

Premier League top game: Nagelsmann tells anecdote about Werner's farewell near Leipzig

Update from September 20, 2020:

And again Werner!

Before today's

duel against Liverpool

, another anecdote about him leaked to the public, or rather, his former trainer at

RB Leipzig

chatted it out.

Julian Nagelsmann told the

sports buzzer

that when he left Leipzig, Werner had "given all his close employees a

farewell present


An absolutely strong action - Nagelsmann also sees it this way: "Now you can say that he has enough money, but he still doesn't have to do it."

Of course, the question now arises as to what gift Nagelsmann had received from Werner.

The RB trainer was given "a

black and red motorcycle helmet with a dedication"

and raves about Werner as an extraordinary player and person.

Werner before the duel against Liverpool: Loew advised me to switch to Chelsea

Update from September 20, 2020:

It is the first showdown in the still young Premier League season.

On the second day of the match,


and Germany's newcomers Timo Werner and Kai Havertz will face champions

Liverpool and coach Jürgen Klopp


As is well known, Antonio Rüdiger had a hand in the game and persuaded him when he moved from Werner to London.

But not only the German international was there to advise, but apparently also the national coach

Jogi Löw


"The national coach finds the project that Chelsea is currently building very interesting and therefore


me to take this


" Werner explains to "Bild am Sonntag".

Klopp and Liverpool are also said to have been interested in Werner's offensive services, but in the end the 24-year-old gave Chelsea the contract.

“At Chelsea I saw that I can



away and be a regular.

I can grow with this project ”, he explains his decision.

"Chelsea may not be

at eye level

with clubs like Liverpool and Manchester City

at the moment

, but when you see the young players here, you can see that things are absolutely possible in the coming years," says Werner.

Today at

5.30 p.m.

you will be able to see how far the two English top clubs are still qualitatively apart.

Premier League in the live ticker: Chelsea with Havertz and Werner blows to attack Liverpool

Liverpool - The football world looked astonished to London this summer when

Chelsea FC

bagged one top transfer after another.

Saving because of Corona?

Not with club owner

Roman Abramowitsch


He also made use of himself in the Bundesliga - and how: With

Kai Havertz


Timo Werner

, Chelsea brought two of the greatest German talents.

The team around coach

Frank Lampard

is young, talented and hungry - and is now blowing the attack on champions



Premier League: Chelsea FC - Liverpool FC in the live ticker - Jürgen Klopp praises Havertz and Werner

Liverpool coach

Jürgen Klopp

is aware of the impending danger, he has long felt the hot breath of the new German dream duo on his neck.

"Kai Havertz and Timo Werner are exceptional players who are one step above all other good young German players," praised the German.

Liverpool have also





'We have the quality to beat them.

It will be an interesting game. '

- @TimoWerner 👊

- Chelsea FC (@ChelseaFC) September 17, 2020

His team started the season quite bumpy.

The Reds won

4: 3

against newly promoted

Leeds United

, but they still revealed some weaknesses, especially on the defensive.

Chelsea also won their opening game against



Werner and Havertz were both already on the pitch, but Havertz in particular still had difficulties adapting to the English game.

Premier League: Chelsea FC - Liverpool FC in the live ticker - "German Connection" wants to close the gap to Liverpool

The Londoners finished fourth last season and want to “close the gap”, says Lampard, pointing the way.

The two Germans should play a key role in this, the coach predicts: "They will be great players for this club".

The ex-Leverkusen resident Havertz is convinced that he, Werner and

Antonio Rüdiger

will "form

a good

German connection


Havertz & Lampard #CFC

- Faisal HQ (@ iF2is) September 17, 2020

Premier League: Chelsea FC - Liverpool FC in the live ticker: Klopp denies Zoff with Lampard

In the run-up to the game, the English media in particular had repeatedly

conjured up

trouble between

Lampard and Klopp


The two had poisoned each other some time ago at a game on the pitch.

Klopp firmly denied that.

"You have to stop reading the newspaper," said the trainer.

When I heard what all the journalists did with the number, I really didn't understand. "

While the second game day is already running in England, the Bundesliga * will start the new season on the weekend.

The opening game will be played by FC Bayern, with the derby in the Saturday conference.


* is part of the Ippen editorial network.

Source: merkur

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