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FC Bayern wins the Supercup after a mega thriller - ER, of all people, becomes a hero


FC Bayern secured the Supercup against FC Sevilla. The crazy game was only decided in extra time. The ticker for reading.

FC Bayern secured the Supercup against FC Sevilla.

The crazy game was only decided in extra time.

The ticker for reading.

  • FC Bayern - FC Sevilla 2: 1 nV (1: 1/1: 1)

  • The

    FC Bayern *

    asserts itself in the


    against Europa League winners

    FC Sevilla


  • David Alaba

    makes two blunders,

    Javi Martinez

    becomes the match winner - the game in the

    ticker for reading


FC Bayern - FC Sevilla 2: 1 nV (1: 1/1: 1)

Lineup FC Bayern: Neuer - Pavard, Süle, Alaba (112th Boateng), Hernández (99th Martinez) - Kimmich, Goretzka (99th Davies) - Müller - Gnabry, Lewandowski, Sané (70th Tolisso)

Line-up Sevilla FC: Bounou - Jesús Navas, Koundé, Diego Carlos, Escudero - Fernando, Jordán (94th Vazquez), Rakitic (56th Oliver), Ocampos, Suso (73rd Gudelj) - De Jong (56th En-Nesyri)

Goals: 0: 1 Ocampos (13th / foul penalty), 1: 1 Goretzka (34th), 2: 1 Martinez (104th)

Referee: Anthony Taylor (England)

+++ Update ticker here +++

Update of 25 September, 01:15:


Supercup win of Bayern

provides emotional stories - a blunder of contract Pokerer

David Alaba

and the gate of

Javi Martinez

in probably the last game.

What do the people of Munich say about it?



the votes for the game from



Update from September 25, 12:20 a.m.:

We took a

very close look at



against Sevilla

- and rated it.


scores for FC Bayern's Supercup victory


Update, 11:58 p.m .:


FC Bayern versus Sevilla


- who was the best Munich professional in the Supercup?

Supercup: FC Bayern prevail against FC Sevilla

120th minute + 2: The game is over!

After the triple and a very exciting game against Sevilla FC, Bayern also won the Supercup.

118th Minute: Davies ignites the turbo, is only slowed down (fair) by the third man in the penalty area of ​​the Andalusians.

The Spaniards are running out of time ...

115 minutes: Lewandowski finishes well.

But the shot goes a good meter over the bar.

Is something coming from Seville again?

🔁 Next change at #FCBayern.

⬅️ @David_Alaba

➡️ @JeromeBoateng

Thanks David!

#Packmas, Jérôme!

💪🔥 # SuperCup I 2: 1 I 112 '

- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) September 24, 2020

112th Minute: Change at Bayern:

Boateng defends now instead of Alaba.

110th Minute: Bayern are now trying everything to keep their opponents out of their own box.

Müller throws a few more coals into the boiler.

The contested game should replace several fitness units.

FC Bayern - Sevilla FC in the live ticker: Football fairy tale about Javi Martinez

107th Minute: Müller acrobatic after Tolisso-Chippball.

Not much is missing.

On the other side, Esudero grabs a flank ball, but joins the ball in front of Neuer in the stands.

The game remains high-class and mega exciting.

A strong, worthy opponent of the FCB machinery from Säbener Strasse.

Felicitaciones, Seville!

106th Minute: The last 15 minutes are running in Budapest.

😱 Javi Martínez puts Bayern ahead for the first time ...

🤔 What will happen next? #SuperCup

- UEFA #SuperCup (@ChampionsLeague) September 24, 2020

105th minute: Pause in extra time.

104th Minute:


FC Bayern - FC Sevilla 2: 1, goal scorer: Martinez.


As in 2013 against Chelsea, the Spanish veteran may make the decisive goal.

He's only on the field for a few minutes.


From FCB coach Hansi Flick.

After a corner, Alaba, who has been playing a rough game this far, volley the ball.

Bounou does what C-teenagers are taught - never, NEVER, bounce the ball forward.

Martinez stands golg right with a headband and heads the ball, no, he strokes it with his forehead behind the line.

What a story!

102nd minute.

Treacherous cross from Pavard to the second post.

Bounou sails under the ball - either he has a very good eye or he likes it risky.

FC Bayern - FC Sevilla in the live ticker: Flick brings Martinez and Davies

99th minute: Double change at Bayern:

Flick sends veteran Martinez and youngster Davies onto the green lawn.

Goretzka and Hernández are replaced.

97th Minute: Bayern are taking some speed out of the game, presumably to get it under control again.

Seville has a decent tea break, you can already record that much.

The Spaniards are running like young fawns again.

94th Minute: Change at Sevilla:

Vazquez can run for the completely exhausted Jordán.

92nd minute: POST!


En-Nesyri prevails against Alaba, who seems slightly disoriented in this scene.

The full low shot flutters from Neuer's gloves against the post.

A huge opportunity!

As I said, the defense wavers against an attack-like opponent.

Take a deep breath.

Not all heroes wear capes.

🐐 #GOATkeeper #NeuerTheWall #SuperCup #MiaSanMia @Manuel_Neuer

- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) September 24, 2020

91st Minute: huge chance for Seville!

This time, Süle doesn't mind, but Jordán doesn't care, he can run back on the baseline.

The defense of the Munich team wobbles now and then ...

FC Bayern - FC Sevilla in the live ticker: Supercup final goes into overtime

91st Minute: The extension in Budapest continues.

90th minute + 4: End of regular time!

It goes into overtime.

Take a deep breath.

What a game.

There is a 30 minute look-up - at least!

90th minute: Yellow card against Hernández (Bavaria):

Rüdes boarding from the Spaniard against the Spaniards - there are no two opinions.

87th Minute: Giant carver by David Alaba *!

The Austrian blows an air hole (again) when the Spanish express train counterattacks it from the Mediterranean coast.

Navas plays on Gudelj, but the Serb fails in one-on-one on the outstanding newcomer.

83rd Minute: Bayern plays power play again.

Conductor Müller with the announcement, and then the pressing noose closes again.

If the Sevilla players were paid by the kilometer money, the manager would pull his hair out.

The Andalusians just run after them, time and time again.

FC Bayern - FC Sevilla in the live ticker: Munich play Powerplay

79th Minute: The Seville fans sing lively in a tour.

Nice to listen to, especially so emotional.

But it remains a treat, to say it in the local language of Kimmich and Gnabry, the Swabian.

Because of Corona.

What else? Back to football.

76th Minute: And there it rolls again, the Upper Bavaria Express from Munich with destination Spanish Gate.

Tolisso chips on Gnabry to the baseline, the Swabian steers the ball directly on - but Lewandowski is decisively disturbed.

End of the line advertising tape!

73rd Minute: Goretzka clears with his chest to the corner.

That the air doesn't whistle out of the ball with this stature is half a miracle.

The most important finding: The Andalusians are fighting back after the Upper Bavarian Sturm und Drang.

70th minute: Change at Bayern:

Tolisso replaces the exhausted Sané, who made a good, because very active game.


Contested Supercup: Leroy Sané in an air duel with Jesus Navas.

© picture alliance / Laszlo Balogh / AP Pool / dpa

70th Minute: Yellow card against Fernando (Sevilla):

Clear jersey against Sané.

66th Minute: Alaba flicks a free kick over the crossbar.

Powerplay now of the BOB-Express around Schaffner Müller.

FC Bayern - FC Sevilla in the live ticker: Sané scores - but again no goal for Munich

63rd Minute: Toooooorrrrr ... not again!

That is impossible!!

Lewandowski asserts himself on the baseline and Sané nets the rebound.

But the German international is called back by Taylor.

The TV pictures clearly show: a blatantly wrong decision!

Lewandowski fouls Escudero, but the FCB striker has laid his arm.

There was nothing at all, NOTHING!

My dear ...

62nd Minute: deflected rocket from Gnabry.

It only takes one hit.

These two teams work with whatever they have - this is football!


58th Minute: huge chance for Bavaria!

Gnabry checks Keeper Bounou with a treacherous bump.

The goalkeeper lets the outside clap.

Sané holds out the inside, but Fernando clears just before the line.

There's really steam in here!

56th Minute: Double change at Sevilla:

Oliver for Rakitic, En-Nesyri for de Jong.

And with it two offensive people, courageous attitude from coach Lopetegui.

54th Minute: Yellow card against Koundé (Sevilla).

Hard entry against Lewandowski.

The Pole remains lying on the ground with pain, holds his shins and knees.

At first it doesn't look good, but the veteran can continue playing.

FC Bayern - FC Sevilla in the live ticker: Vortex after Lewandowski's offside goal

51st Minute:


But not !!

Uhhhhh ... this is a tricky box now.

Played out wonderfully.

Sané chips the ball inside.

Lewandowski lays on Müller, who goes back and the Pole puts the ball in.

The VAR kicks in - and it's right.

The striker is offside with one foot.

That was close!

49th Minute: Corner for Sevilla.

But the Andalusians don't make anything of it.

There was more to it.

Strongly defended previously by Hernández.

46th Minute: Great chance for Seville!

Pavard cannot hold his own in the back right.

Sharp ball on the first post, Süle grabs in between, but involuntarily checks new.

Almost in the style of a striker.

46th Minute: It continues with the Supercup final of Bavaria in the Hungarian capital!

Half-time conclusion:

It's an extremely intense game in Budapest.

The challenger FC Sevilla starts strong and with a lot of steam.

Contract poker player Alaba makes a big blunder when he brings down Rakitic on his own five-meter space.

Ocampos transforms the 911 safely - it's the wake-up call for previously unusually timid Bavarians.

From then on, they win big chance after big chance and finally come to an equalization through the no-frills Goretzka.

Shortly before the break, the German record champions are on the trigger - but the game remains completely open.

It will go on soon!


⚽️ Goretzka, Ocampos

🤔 Who's impressed you?


- UEFA #SuperCup (@ChampionsLeague) September 24, 2020

45th minute + 2: break in Budapest!

A very exciting football game that is completely open.

45th minute + 1: Yellow card against Jordán (Sevilla).

Because he stood in front of the ball with Kimmich's free kick.

That wasn't exactly clever now ...

45th Minute: Sevilla play forward again.

Süle hits the ball after a cross.

Ocampos and de Jong lurked behind it.

Watch out!


Lucas Ocampos (left) scored 1-0 for Sevilla.

Alaba caused the penalty.

© picture alliance / Attila Kisbenedek / Pool AFP / AP / dpa

42nd Minute: Edge Süle runs from de Jong.

That looks good from the national player, who is obviously going to be the same again.

38th Minute: Uhhhhhhhh ... Sané shoots Dego Carlos in the penalty area.

Then it does "ruuuummmmsss".

Throw in Bavaria.

35th minute: Toooorrrr ... not!

De Jong chipped the ball past Neuer, but the Dutchman was offside.

What's going on here??

Tired of football!

34th Minute:


FC Bayern - FC Sevilla 1: 1, goal scorer: Goretzka.

Very strong move by Bayern.

High ball, Lewandowski puts on Goretzka, who comes from the back of the defense and closes dry.


32nd minute: Gnabry's next foul against Ocampos.

Bayern haven't got it under control yet.

Then he kicks him properly from behind.

Mega intense game in Budapest.

30th minute: Lewandowskiiiiiiiii ... then he goes to Bounou, but is flanked and pressed so that only a Lupferchecn comes out.

29th Minute: The game is a little quieter.

After the wild initial phase, everyone involved obviously treats themselves to a little creative break.

FC Bayern - FC Sevilla in the live ticker: great opportunities through Müller and Pavard

26. Minute: Next good opportunity for Bayern.

Müller sneaks along the edge of the sixteen.

At the crucial moment he picks through for Pavard, who chooses the inside - and misses the gable.

It would have been better if he had pulled full tension.

25th minute: Pavard loses the duel against winger Ocampos on the edge of the penalty area - significant!

The Spaniards run and plow like crazy.


#NextAlwaysNext 💪 @ LeroySane19 @LucasHernandez #SuperCup #MiaSanMia

- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) September 24, 2020

21st Minute: huge chance for Bavaria!

Lewandowski is just not offside, puts sharply across for Müller.

The Upper Bavaria stumbling block is deflected so that the ball goes centimeters from the second post.

That almost equalized the German record champions.

18th Minute: Sané takes the ball again and again.

The 24-year-old wants to take on responsibility.

The people of Munich gather.

15th Minute: Uhhhhhhh ... Keeper Bounou tripped the ball on his own penalty area.

Sané can almost intervene.

There's a lot going on here.

13th minute: Goal!

FC Bayern - FC Sevilla 0: 1, goalscorer: Ocampos.

Made sure of it.

The shooter loads Neuer who jumps to the right.

The ball hits the bottom left.

Confidently transformed, the Champions League winner is behind.

Alaba was two or three steps late against Rakitic.

The Austrian, who is currently haggling so relentlessly about a new contract, doesn't look good at all.

My dear!

📸 @ Locampos15 🇦🇷 @ FCBayern 🆚 #SevillaFC 0-1 (15´) #SuperCup #WeareSevilla #NuncaTeRindas

- Sevilla Fútbol Club (@SevillaFC) September 24, 2020

FC Bayern - Sevilla FC in the live ticker: Alaba causes penalty against Rakitic

11.Minute: Penalty for Sevilla.

Alaba knocks Rakitic over in the box.

One can give.

Alaba of all people ...

9. Minute: Three men against Sané - for the German international is the end of the line.

Brutally intense start of the Andalusians.

7. Minute: Seville plays lively and briskly forward.

Bayern have to defend powerfully in the opening minutes.

5th minute: Gnabry works uncompromisingly behind and puts Jordán.

That gives free kick in a promising position for the Spaniards.

2nd minute: Bayern's first attack: Goretzka sticks through for Gnabry, who stumbles.

His pass to Lewandowski ends up in the gloves of Bounou.

1. Minute: It starts with the final of the Supercup!

Update, 8:55 p.m.:

Thousands of fans are in




estimates 12,000 to 13,000 spectators,

including around 500 to 600 supporters from


and 1,300 fans from

FC Bayern


Corona is omnipresent, unfortunately also at this game.


- Bayern & Germany (@iMiaSanMia) September 24, 2020

Update, 8:50 p.m.: Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic





how useful he


it is to be played in front of thousands of fans.

“We're here because UEFA has decided that we will play the Supercup here.

In the next few days we can say whether that's right or wrong, "says the Bosnian:" We all hope that this madness will soon be over.

Because we and the team miss our fans. "

FC Bayern - Sevilla FC in the live ticker: Flick justifies the choice for Hernández instead of Davies

Update, 8.45 p.m.:


explains why

Hernández is playing

instead of


: “He played well against Schalke and is in the rhythm because he was also with the French national team.

Alphonso Davies

is at one hundred percent, but with him we can do something again. "

#PACKMAS 👊⚽ # SuperCup #MiaSanMIa #FCBayern

- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) September 24, 2020

Update, 8.42 p.m.: FCB coach Hansi Flick





whether he

would have


to the

Corona hotspot Budapest

as a Bayern fan

or not.

“I think I wouldn't have driven.

But the question does not arise for me, I am an employee of Bayern Munich and we are here to play the Supercup, ”said the man from Baden diplomatically.

FC Bayern - FC Sevilla in the live ticker: Munich prevailed against PSG, the Spaniards against Inter

Update, 8.40 p.m.:

The opponent from Spain is obviously hot for the sporting duel.

“We are very excited.

It's about a title against a big opponent, "said

Julen Lopetegui, coach of Sevilla FC

, at the press conference:" The way Bayern perform, no team has appeared for a long time. "

Update, 8.30 p.m.: Sky expert Markus Babbel

criticizes the admission to viewers for the

Supercup in Budapest

: “Uefa doesn't make the best picture.

The game that it takes place: Yes.

But in camera.

I find that irresponsible. "

Update, 8:20 p.m.:

And that was the path of both opponents in this

Supercup final




Final opponent:


FC Bayern Munich

Winner of the Champions league

Paris Saint-Germain


Sevilla FC

Europa League winner

Inter Milan

3: 2

Update, 8 p.m.:

And here is

the Bayern line-up: Flick




on the bench,


starts in defense instead.

In addition, top newcomer

Sané is

in the starting line-up of his new employer.

Otherwise it means once more - brutal offensive.

Hansi # Flick's 1️⃣1️⃣ for the #SuperCup!

🙌 #packmas

- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) September 24, 2020

Update, 7:55 p.m.:


line-up of FC Sevilla

is there: In the starting line-up is

ex-Schalke Ivan Rakitic


The goal is guarded by substitute


, not the regular number one Tomas Vaclik.

Left-back Sergio Escudero was once under contract with FC Schalke.

The Dutchman Luuk de Jong storms in the front line.

🚨 XI del #SevillaFC para la #SuperCup 🆚 @FCBayernES:

Bono - Jesús Navas, Koundé, Diego Carlos, Escudero - Fernando, Jordán, Rakitic, Ocampos, Suso - De Jong. # WeareSevilla #NuncaTeRindas

- Sevilla Fútbol Club (@SevillaFC) September 24, 2020

Update, 7.40 p.m.:

The respect for

FC Bayern Munich



before this game tonight in the



“This is the best team in the world.

I saw the game against Schalke, "said

BVB keeper Roman Bürki



:" Even in the 6-0 win, they started up front and wanted to score goals.

Really impressive."

FC Bayern - FC Sevilla in the live ticker: Cold start for the Spaniards against the Munich team

Update, 7.15 p.m.:

In addition to the kickers,

the focus is

always on the player women at

FC Bayern

: Nina Neuer,

Manuel Neuer




, shares a passion with Lisa Müller,

Thomas Müller's



Now also clearly visible on Instagram.

Everything ready!

👕🔴 #SuperCup #packmas

- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) September 24, 2020

Update, 6.30 p.m.:

Two and a half hours until the



in Budapest.

It was a long time since there was such a controversial game.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the Hungarian capital is a corona risk area.

Munich, home of

FC Bayern

, is also classified as a Covid 19 risk area, and there is no need to talk about Spain in the second wave of the corona pandemic.


FC Sevilla

is the opponent.

Today's game is a real cold start for the club from Andalusia, since the Europa League winner has only played a friendly against Levante (3-2) since winning the title and the short summer break.

Update from September 24th, 4.45 p.m.:

Before the

Supercup game of FC Bayern against FC Sevilla

in Hungary there is a lot of noise about the admission of fans.

FC Bayern - FC Sevilla in the live ticker: Dispute over fans at the Supercup in Budapest

Up to 20,000 spectators can be there on this Thursday evening in the

Budapest Puskás-Aréna

- despite the

corona pandemic


This causes a lot of incomprehension and head shaking in many places - for example in the city of Budapest itself.

The politically liberal mayor of the Hungarian capital, Gergely Karácsony, told the opposition daily


: "If I had the legal means to decide that, I would let the match take place behind closed gates."

The #SuperCup has to take place in Budapest in front of spectators ???

That's just a laughing dove!

Football and its officials are doing everything again to be really liked!

Can someone please explain this madness to me?

- Frank Buschmann (@FrankBuschmann) September 22, 2020

“The responsibility rests with those who have the power to make decisions,” he continued, referring to the right-wing national government of Prime Minister

Viktor Orbán


According to


* information,

1,300 FC Bayern



went to Budapest to watch their “Reds” match against the Europa League winner from Spain live in the stadium.

The Bavarian Prime Minister

Markus Söder

had sharply criticized this.

FC Bayern - FC Sevilla in the live ticker: Fiete Arp is no longer in the professional squad of Munich

Update from September 24th, 2:53 p.m.:


FC Bayern is

fighting for the quard ruple in the evening, an FCB youngster is going a very special way.

Fiete Arp

, who once moved to Säbener Straße as a great storm hope *, will mainly be used in the second team this season.

The 20-year-old is no longer in the professional squad of the record champions.

Even for the

Supercup squad

, coach

Hansi Flick found

no space for the ex-HSV attacker.

FC Bayern against Sevilla in the live ticker: Coman is missing in any case - Lewandowski is fit

Update from September 24th, 11.15 a.m.:




will not be there against Sevilla:

Kingsley Coman

did not travel to Budapest.

In the game against Schalke, he was missing in his private sphere due to a corona case.

That's why he's still lagging behind in training.

On the other hand, striker

Robert Lewandowski

is fit and ready for action again


Hansi Flick

confirmed this

at the

press conference


FC Bayern against Sevilla in the live ticker: Flick gives press conference before the game

Update from September 23, 7:50 p.m .:

The European Supercup rises on Thursday evening in Budapest and

FC Bayern

is hot for the

fourth title

under Hansi Flick.

At the press conference before the final training session on Wednesday, the coach gave a final statement on the

staff of

his Bavarians.

In view of his statements, a possible

starting line-up

can be derived

for the game against Sevilla FC


FC Bayern against Sevilla in the live ticker: Javi Martínez surprisingly in the squad

Update from September 23, 11:36 a.m .:

Ok, that comes as a surprise.

If the last

assumption was that Javi Martinez would

say goodbye


, there is now a spectacular turnaround.

On Tuesday, the Spaniard was even absent from the obligatory Paulaner photo shoot, which is why it was actually assumed that he would be leaving.

But now

Martinez is a

bit surprisingly in the

FC Bayern


for the Supercup game against

FC Sevilla



Hansi Flick

could give the Spaniard a

farewell gift

by letting him run again in the Supercup before he finally leaves the club.

Flick travels to Budapest with the entire company.

The last ailing

Robert Lewandowski

is also in the squad.

Team #SuperCup!

💪 #packmas

- FC Bayern Munich (@FCBayern) September 23, 2020

FC Bayern against Sevilla in the live ticker: TV hammer before Supercup!

It's not just fans who back down

Update from September 23, 7.22 a.m.:

After many Munich fans have already withdrawn and not travel to Budapest, there is now the next noteworthy news: The broadcasters




* will not travel to the Hungarian capital to broadcast the game.

They announced that on Wednesday morning.

The team of commentators from Sky will accompany the game from the Unterföhringen headquarters.

"With regard to the safety and health of our employees, we decided to report with Wolff Fuss and Sebastian Hellmann from our studio in Unterföhring."

It is similar with


: "We had planned the trip, but canceled it due to the Corona situation and are now reporting from Ismaning," the streaming service announced.

FC Bayern - Sevilla in the live ticker: FCB wants the next Supercup after 2013

First report from September 22nd:

Budapest -

FC Bayern

stormed to the


in the

Champions League

with some outstanding games.

In the


, the

Champions League winner will

now meet the

Europa League winner

FC Sevilla


A few Bayern fans are also traveling to Budapest. *

After a break of less than four weeks after the triumph in the



FC Bayern

presented themselves

in top form again

for the Bundesliga * start against


and rolled over the guests 8-0.

In the second game of the new season against


, the team of coach

Hansi Flick

wants to make

clear the first title of the still young season and for the second time after 2013 to put the Supercup in the club's showcase.

FC Bayern celebrated their

22nd victory

in a row

against Schalke

, this year there was no defeat at all.

Who should stop this Bavarian?

Seville has been unbeaten in 21 games and is considered a tournament team.

For the Andalusians, the Supercup, which they won once in 2006, is the first game of the season.


record champion of the Europa League got


on the first two match days of the Primera Division


FC Bayern - Sevilla in the live ticker: Hansi Flick with staff concerns before the Supercup

The record champions from Munich are plagued by


worries before the duel with Sevilla


Against Schalke, Flick had to do without his defensive players

Alphonso Davies


David Alaba

due to muscular problems.

Kingsley Coman

was not allowed to show up due to corona contact and had to go into quarantine at home.



, a triple hero has said goodbye to Liverpool.

On Monday, goalscorer

Robert Lewandowski

was also missing

from training on Säbener Strasse. * On Tuesday, however, the Pole could be seen again warming up with the team.

As with Davies, Lewandowski is said to have been a precautionary measure.

Hansi Flick will probably discuss further details at the press conference.

FC Bayern - Sevilla in the live ticker: Bayern prevailed against Sevilla

Bayern and Seville first met in the quarter-finals of the 2017/18 Champions League.

Bayern won the first leg in Seville thanks to an own goal by Jeses Navas and a goal Thiago 2-1 and contented themselves with a 0-0 in the second leg.

Seville coach

Julen Lopetegui

has great respect for the Reds: “They know exactly how to play, how to attack and how to defend.

Without a doubt

, we are

playing against the

best team in the world

right now

, but we will defend ourselves with all the means available to us. ”

(Ck / pm) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network

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