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In Barcelona there was concern after the third bite, but the Uruguayan has become the best central striker in its history and a role model at the Camp Nou, almost like Xavi and Iniesta. He also deserved to say goodbye like them, and the fans will continue to admire him even after the move to Atletico Madrid

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Luis I: Luis Suarez's legacy in Barcelona is eternal

In Barcelona there was concern after the third bite, but the Uruguayan has become the best central striker in its history and a role model at the Camp Nou, almost like Xavi and Iniesta.

He also deserved to say goodbye like them, and the fans will continue to admire him even after the move to Atletico Madrid


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Michael Yochin

Sunday, September 27, 2020, 12:00 p.m.

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Luis Suarez trains for the first time with Atletico Madrid (from Atletico Madrid's Twitter)

"You did not deserve to be thrown out like that," Leo Messi wrote to Luis Suarez.

Since the flea stopped hiding his feelings and chose to express them honestly, he has been good at describing the situation in Barcelona.

Maybe on Yom Kippur, Joseph Maria Bartomeu and his team will be able to apologize - not only to the Uruguayan striker himself, but also to the fans.

They, too, go into depression while watching an idol break out in heartbreaking cries as he bids them farewell at a forced press conference.

Breaking up from the stars is usually not easy, even when it is the right move for all involved, and rebuilding is required.

It can be painful and jarring anyway, and many managements have not been error-free in these situations.

Suffice it to recall how Fernando Hierro was thrown out of Real Madrid, along with coach Vicente del Bosque, immediately after winning the championship in 2003.

Suffice it to recall the ugly departure saga of Iker Casillas by Florentino Perez in 2015.

The controversial circumstances, which have not yet been fully clarified, of Ronaldinho's departure from Barcelona in 2008 can be noted.

There are countless versions of the real reason behind this drama.

And this is not limited, of course, to the two greats of Spain.

For example, David Beckham and Roy Keane have left Manchester United in jarring tones, and this list is long.

In fact, even Johan Cruyff was ousted from Ajax in 1983, and so outraged that he immediately signed with the most sworn rival Feyenoord.

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Sergei Roberto: "Maybe if we play well and win titles, we will convince Messi to stay"

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A post shared by Leo Messi (@leomessi) on Sep 25, 2020 at 1:59 am PDT

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Most involved from goal per game on average

What sets Suarez's story apart is the lack of a preliminary background to the disgraceful conduct on the part of the club, and the fact that the blame clearly falls on only one side.

It is possible to have an in-depth discussion about the conflict between Iker Casillas and some Real Madrid fans, but its very existence cannot be ignored.

Ronaldinho's lifestyle needs to be expanded.

Beckham and Cain did their part to end the relationship at Old Trafford.

Cruyff ... well, he was Cruyff.

And so on.

In the vast majority of cases, there is some plot that ultimately leads to a rupture - and the motives are not purely professional.

Suarez's case is different.

Assuming that the decision to end his career at Barcelona may be appropriate, then it is a net professional.

The Uruguayan is already 33 years old, he is clearly beyond his peak (warning), and there is a desire to inject new blood into the system after a dismal season - these arguments may, at least in theory, form the basis of an argument.

But even given these considerations, if they are really relevant, the attitude towards the player should be 180 degrees different.

A living legend, the man who scored 197 goals in 283 games in all competitions (third place in Blaugrana history after Leo Messi and Cesar), cooked 95 more, was the most prolific player in the Clásico during the six years he spent at the club - and in all that time did not provide a single negative title .

A legend that really was.

Luis Suarez (Photo: GettyImages)

Perfect image for 6 years

This is, in fact, the most important point.

Suarez was revered not only for his spectacular performance on the pitch, but also for being a 100 percent committed player, loyal, professional, unselfish, who saw the common good before his personal good.

Not a Blaine like Ronaldinho, not a huge ego like Samuel Eto'o, not an egoist like Neymar.

Suarez's conduct was exemplary, without exaggeration.

He conquered, cooked, made a supreme effort at any given moment, fulfilled the instructions of all his coaches, did not ask for preferential treatment, did not quarrel with anyone in the locker room, did not argue about contracts, did not bother to improve his financial terms, did not dispel rumors of a possible departure ... He was just a Barcelona star who loved to play at the club and enjoyed every minute.

He felt lucky, and did not forget it even when he proved himself.

His feet remained on the ground, and the urine never rose to his head.

His image at Camp Nou is comparable to that of Xavi and Andres Iniesta.

And that's pretty amazing given the image with which Suarez arrived in the Catalan capital, right after the third bite of his career.

Giorgio Chiellini was the victim of his teeth at the World Cup in Brazil, but the main loser was the Uruguayan himself.

It has not only become a kind of joke - because how much can you already bite ?!

- but also suffered a suspension from any activity for four months.

Some have speculated that this punishment would eliminate the deal struck between Liverpool and Barça, but the president did not hesitate to gamble.

Credit should also be given to Bartomeu when it comes to him.

He personally called the troubled scorer and promised: "Do not worry. We still want you."


They said he was not normal.

He was normal

Javier de Leon, a senior Uruguayan journalist who met Bartomeu during the World Cup, asked to speak to him.

"I know Lewis. Be careful if you want to try to change him. Biting is his main weapon. It's the source of his genius in the open. Do not limit him, do not reduce his aggression. He is different from others. He is not normal. Let him continue to be abnormal if You want him to score a lot of goals. "

This was the opinion of those who wanted the best for the striker.

They feared that Barça would adversely affect the Uruguayan asset through a positive impact.

So de Leon may have thought he knew Source's soul, but he was wrong.

Because the star did not need help from any direction - he found the right balance on his own, and effortlessly.

The passion and aggressiveness remained as they were.

Suarez pushed, teased, pinched, impersonated, argued - and in general simply took the opponent's players off balance.

He's the refined Uruguayan, and that's the essence of his game.

However, while in his tenure at Ajax and especially at Liverpool he has often exceeded the limits of good taste (and it is not necessarily the taste of Bernislav Ivanovic's shoulder, whose culinary qualities are questionable), in Barcelona this has not happened at all.

Suarez did not pretend to maintain the sporty spirit towards the brakes that kept him going, but he was committed to his team and his teammates.

Fans feared when signed, but those suspicions dissipated within days.

Everyone soon realized what a tremendous player they were getting.


Paste in the MSN Trio

His first game in the new uniform, after the end of the suspension, was at the Clasico at the Santiago Bernabeu - and Suarez cooked artfully for Neymar as early as the fourth minute.

Thus began a great streak of assists, during which many journalists criticized him for not conquering enough.

Even in real time these remarks seemed miserable and angular - the actor was accused of being "too team-like".

They turned out to be even more absurd in retrospect, when the Uruguayan began tearing nets at a dizzying pace - and this without giving up cooking.

“At first I always preferred to give so they wouldn’t think I was selfish,” Suarez said.

In doing so, he achieved many goals - also restored his self-confidence that was not at its peak after the World Cup incident, also quickly acclimatized to the star-studded squad, and also built the foundation for the collaboration in the MSN trio.

From the first moment, Suarez was the glue that connected the historic trio.

In the season leading up to his arrival, the collaboration between Messi and Neymar was imperfect to say the least.

The Uruguayan allowed the Argentine and Brazilian to find a common language on the grass, and also in the locker room.

Suarez's contribution is enormous when looking at dry statistics, but it is even greater.

much more.

Connected between Messi and Neymar.

Suarez with his two best friends (Photo: GettyImages)

The only one who approached Messi and Ronaldo

And so, already in his first season, Suarez became a critical player in a team that galloped to win the treble.

He was honored to score the winning goal against Juventus in the Champions League final in Berlin, then went on to a historic season with 59 goals in all competitions in the 2015/16 season - 40 of them in the league.

He is the only one, apart from Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, to be crowned Spain's top scorer in the last decade.

He was the only one who approached them, the only one who really was at their level.

In Barcelona he was trusted with his eyes closed.

He did not have a real replacement in the squad, and Suarez was always in the squad.

He did not complain, of course, that he liked being on the grass, but four 90-minute games in 11 days, as happened in March 2019 is no mean feat.

Excessive use has caused some erosion, and in the last season Suarez has been as sharp as ever.

Age also did its thing.

Still, he did a lot, with 21 conquests in all settings.

Last season he scored the incredible goal in the heel against Mallorca.

Last season he celebrated in the Champions League, with a critical double against Inter, a goal against Dortmund, and also in that defeat against Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals he briefly regained hope when he shrank to 4: 2.

It ended with eight, but Suarez's fighting spirit was there - in contrast, for example, to Messi's problematic body language.

Was always there.

Suarez (Photo: Reuters)

A short phone call with Koeman

He did not want it to be his last game in the Blaugrana uniform.

The goal was to get reinforcements and help the new central striker fit in.

As the most team player there is, Suarez wanted to contribute to the change of generations as well.

All the players in the locker room, led by Messi, wanted him to stay.

The management decided otherwise - and sent Ronald Koeman, the coach who was until recently busy with the Dutch national team, to inform one of the greatest players in the history of the club about the end of his journey in a phone call that lasted a few seconds.

At Barça they would not dare to do so towards Xavi or Iniesta.

These symbols themselves chose the timing of departure.

Why, then, was it so important to humiliate Uruguay so blatantly and openly?

Was there a sophisticated conspiracy here, designed to get Messi to leave with a slam of a door to get paid in return?

As the Flea himself said, nothing would surprise with this management, but if that was really the desired scenario for Bartomeu, then he failed twice.

Messi remained, while Suarez was left without compensation to the ranks of the rival who will now fight Barça for the crown.

Natural connection.

Suarez at Atletico (Photo: Reuters)

Perfect for a cello

Because the Suarez Mountains are exactly the missing part of Diego Simeone's puzzle at Atletico Madrid.

They fit together perfectly.

If you will, Suarez was a kind of "Atletico component" inside the Barcelona machine, and every team needs a player of that kind.

He is now wearing red and white, and everyone knows very well what happened when Barcelona sent a great striker almost for free into Cello's arms in 2013.

With David Villa, Atletico won the championship - after parting from it was much less jarring.

No matter how you look at it, business is going to be fascinating, and "revenge" may be sweet - even if Suarez himself does not see it as revenge.

He always dreamed of playing for Barça, and fulfilled that dream.

His name is written in gold letters in the club's history books, and no Bartomeu will erase it from there.

The tears flow, but he leaves with his head held high, with all the players and fans cheering for him.

No need to worry about it - it will recover, the wound will heal, and the spark will soon return to the eyes.

Atletico will enjoy it.

And Barcelona fans will be happy with him, even if he scores a hat-trick against their team.

Because this love story can not be stopped.

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