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SV Werder Bremen becomes invincible - and fights against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim to the next point


Werder Bremen played 1-1 against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim on the fifth matchday of the Bundesliga - winning a point, but losing Niclas Füllkrug and Yuya Osako injured. The game report of the DeichStube *.

Werder Bremen played 1-1 against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim on the fifth matchday of the Bundesliga - winning a point, but losing Niclas Füllkrug and Yuya Osako injured.

The game report of the DeichStube *.

Bremen - The series sounds almost unbelievable: almost relegated

SV Werder Bremen

has not lost for the fourth time in a row and after the 1-1 (1: 1) in the home game against

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim



eight points after five games sixth place in the Bundesliga table.

Who would have thought that after the preseason and the disappointments in the transfer market?

The team from Bremen also dealt with the excitement after the first Corona case during the week, offering a stable performance, especially on the defensive.

On the other hand, there wasn't much going forward except for the early lead by

Maximilian Eggestein



the hosts did not allow

much more than the equalization by

Dennis Geiger

(22nd) and thus earned the point against the Europa League participant.

Werder Bremen with a lightning start against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim: Maximilian Eggestein with an early goal

Werder coach

Florian Kohfeldt

had surprised again with his line-up - this time with Christian Groß.

The 31-year-old was allowed to run for the first time this season, as the second sixth alongside Maximilian Eggestein.

Just as surprising was the position of Jean-Manuel Mbom, who played on the left as a very attacking full-back in front of a back three.

Captain Niklas Moisander was allowed to start again for the first time after three games, he was supposed to direct the defense.

That worked quite well.

Werder Bremen

was safe - and the first attack led to the 1-0 (5th).

Eggestein brought Theodor Gebre Selassie into play on the right flank, the Czech passed cleverly in the middle, where Eggestein left Hoffenheim's substitute keeper Philipp Pentke (Oliver Baumann sick) no chance with a left-footed shot.

A great



That gave a lot of confidence.

Bremen defended very confidently, barely allowed the guests to develop, but forgot their own offensive game.

Bitter then the history to 1: 1 (22nd).

Moisander faked a flat Skov cross unfortunate and made it dangerous.

Sebastian Rudy served Dennis Geiger, who drove the bullet untenable under the bar.

There was nothing left to defend.

Werder Bremen: Niclas Füllkrug injured against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim replaced

Werder became even more passive and also lost

Niclas Füllkrug


The striker hobbled into the locker room in the 37th minute.

First diagnosis: calf injury.

Yuya Osako came for him.

The guests now sensed their chance to turn the game without top scorer Andrej Krmaric (corona infection).

Munas Dabbur had a great opportunity to take the lead shortly before the break, but Werder keeper Jiri Pavlenka defused the shot with his shoulder.

Hoffenheim continued so courageously after the change, putting Werder under a lot of pressure.

That didn't look good at all for the hosts.

But Moisander and Co. freed themselves from this grip with a lot of effort.

It became more of a fighting game.

For football aesthetes that was of course nothing, in the penalty areas there was almost something like a ban on accommodation for offensive players.

After all:

Leonardo Bittencourt

hit the post after a counterattack, but had previously been just offside (59th).

At least a hint of goal danger in a game with almost no highlights.

Werder Bremen draws against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim over time

Kohfeldt reacted and brought in Kevin Möhwald for Groß in the 71st minute.

Hardly anything changed in the game.

In such games, it is often the standards that make the decision.

Lo and behold: Skov's free kick hit the crossbar (80th).

Luck for Werder!

But bad luck for

Yuya Osako

, the Japanese substitute had to go down again with a knee injury (87th), while winger Tahith Chong came for him, who was allowed to leave his corona quarantine on Saturday.

Teammate Felix Agu was found to have been infected only after the game in Freiburg.

It no longer mattered that Chong and Agu had shared a room in Freiburg.

The loan from Manchester United, like his colleagues, cared more about the defensive than the offensive, so that the points were no longer in danger.

With success!

Werder Bremen made

it 1-1 over time, but perhaps missed the opportunity to get even more.

Because the guests put the Europa League game on Thursday against Red Star Belgrade (2-0) in the bones.

Werder can still be satisfied with the start of the season and confidently travel to the next game on Saturday in Frankfurt.


Werder Bremen versus TSG Hoffenheim: The live ticker for reading

>>> UPDATE <<<

SV Werder Bremen against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim in the live ticker of the DeichStube *: All goals, all news, all live about the game today, on the 5th matchday of the Bundesliga.

Result: 1: 1.

7:53 p.m.:

No winner on the Weser.

Werder Bremen has earned a point against Hoffenheim advisably.

The result is perfectly fine.

In the second half, no team could recommend themselves for a win.

The green-whites always tried hard, but could hardly set any offensive accents.

Hoffenheim showed the more mature game system, but rarely knew how to convince on the offensive.

Logically, the score is 1: 1 after 90 minutes.

7:53 p.m.:

Final whistle!

Werder Bremen and Hoffenheim share the points.

90 + 3 min:

Eggestein also sees yellow for a tactical foul.

90 + 2 min:

Gebre Selassie sees yellow for a foul in the half field.

90. + 1 min:

There is a follow-up for three minutes.

Can another team set the lucky punch?

90th Min:

The last minute of the official game time is running.

How much is there on top?


Osako can't go any further.

After a blow to the right knee by Gacinovic, the Japanese had to leave the field for Chong.


Hoeneß brings Sessegnon for Skov.


Skov dances on the wing through the Bremen team and pulls from the wing into the penalty area.

The Hoffenheim attacker lifts his head and wants to put Klauss in the limelight, but the mixture of shot and cross is too imprecise.



Samassekou heads the sharp cross into the goal - corner!


On the other side, the Bremen team is now awarded a free kick.

Bittencourt is ready.



Skov is allowed to try his hand at the ball at rest and circles the ball to the crossbar - Pavlenka would have flown for free.

79th Min:

Yellow for Friedl.

The Austrian can only help himself against Adamyan with a jersey swipe - free kick on the wing for TSG.

77th Min:

Double change at TSG.

Gacinovic and Adamyan come for Baumgartner and Dabbur.


Hoffenheim tries a lot, but Werder holds against it in terms of running.

The clear gate scenes are still missing.



The former crosses the resting ball into the goal.

73rd Min:

Free kick from the half field for Hoffenheim.

Geiger and Skov are ready.


Kohfeldt changes: Möhwald comes for the final phase for large.


Again a conclusion of the green-whites.

At the penalty area, Bittencourt pulls in and tries to slip the ball into the long corner - in vain.

The ball sails into the goal.


Hoffenheim tries offensively, but they can't find any solutions against the well-stocked back team of the home side.

66th Min:

You can tell from the Hoffenheim team that they had their last game on Thursday.

Werder, on the other hand, should still be lively and be able to shift up a gear.

63.Min: It is

really imperative that none of the teams play forward here.

The much-cited last pass is not with the guests.

60th min:

Hoffenheim changes: Klauss comes for Bruun Larsen.


Posch sees yellow for a tactical foul against Sargent.

The Hoffenheim player wanted to prevent a quick counterattack, which Bittencourt set free standing in front of Pentke on the post - but it was offside anyway.


The green-whites catch up in the last few minutes.

Hoffenheim is no longer so compelling to move forward.


Werder manages to hold the ball over several stations in their own ranks for the first time in the second round - but there is no real gain in space in the dangerous zone.


At the moment it gives the impression that the guests are just laying down the green-whites.

49th Min:

Hoffenheim puts pressure!

From one side to the other, the play equipment flies through the Bremen penalty area.

Geiger takes heart in the sixteenth and just sticks to it.

His attempt is deflected and ends up on the goal net - Pavlenka would not have gotten there.

47th Min:

Information from the Werder Bank!

According to those responsible in Bremen, Füllkrug has problems with the calf.

Werder Bremen against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim in the live ticker: It continues in halftime two

46th Min:

Kick-off for round number two.

This time the guests are allowed to begin.

6.48 p.m.:

What does the first round tell us?

Werder got into the match well and thanks to Maxi Eggestein they were able to celebrate the 1-0 lead (5th min) early on.

However, the home side could not really add more and had to surrender more and more of the game to coach Sebastian Hoeneß's team in the course of the game - so it wasn't long before the Hoffenheim team came to the deserved equalizer.

Geiger scored in minute 22 to equalize.

As if it hadn't been enough for the green-whites, things got even worse for the home side.

In the 36th minute, goalkeeper Niclas Füllkrug had to leave the field injured.

By the half-time whistle, the Hoffenheim increased the number of strokes, but could not add the next hit.

A lot more has to come from Bremen for the second run.

45 + 1 min:

class parade from Pavlenka.

Moisander cannot clear a cross with his head and so the ball lands in the feet of Geiger, who sends Dabbur deep.

The attacker from Hoffenheim tries his luck from the acute angle, but Pavlenka makes himself big and prevents the residue.

44th Min:

Hoffenheim increases the pressure!

Next good opportunity for TSG.

Friedl plays a bad pass into the feet of Samassekou, who plays quickly forward.

The ball goes via Bruun Larsen to Geiger, who chases the ball towards the stands.

42nd Min:

For which team is there anything else going on before the break?

40th min:

The fouled kicks himself and circles the ball just over the box.

39th Min:

Bittencourt pulls a free kick in a promising position.

The ball is a good 25 meters in front of the box.



Osako replaces the injured filling jug.

When he was substituted, the Bremen striker points to his heel - at least not the knee.

Werder Bremen against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim in the live ticker: Niclas Füllkrug has to leave the field injured

36th Min: Bitter for Bremen!

It doesn't go any further for Füllkrug.

32nd min:

Rudy tries from the second row, but his shot lands precisely in the arms of Pavlenka - no danger for the Bremen box.


Hoffenheim knows how to put Bremen under pressure early on.

The guests can rarely convert the resulting ball losses into dangerous penalty area scenes.



Bruun Larsen's unfortunate boarding.

The Hoffenheimer prevailed against two Bremen players, but lays the ball too far and unhappily slips into the legs during the Eggestein rescue operation.

Lucky for Bruun Larse that he sees no warning for this.

25th Min:

It was already hinted at in the last five or six minutes.

Hoffenheim took more and more the initiative and pushed for a balance.

Now it is Bremen who have to show a reaction.


Moisander forged a pass from Skov.

And it is precisely that deflected ball that lands on Rudy's right wing.

Rudy has the calm and the overview to put Geiger in the limelight.

The latter is then also the one who pounds the playground equipment into the mesh - no chance for Pavlenka!

22.Min: Goal for Hoffenheim!

Violinist with luck to 1: 1!


Good idea from Hoffenheim: Bruun Larsen puts the ball in the back of the penalty area, where Samassekou is already waiting, who chases the ball into the night sky.


If it gets offensive with Green-White, it goes over Gebre Selassie.

The Czech keeps Akpoguma and Skov on their toes.


Currently, both teams are neutralizing each other in midfield.

Werder Bremen nor TSG manage to play the ball dangerously deep.

Werder Bremen against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim in the live ticker: Werder with a dream start



Annoying for Bremen: Bittencourt is sent steeply on the left wing.

Actually, the man from Bremen secures the play equipment before the end and can dance Vogt directly in the next scene - but before it comes to play, Schlager whistles.

The referee decides on out.


Bittencourt picks up the pace, but not much comes around.

The Hoffenheim are defensive too well.


Hoffenheim doesn't seem to care much about the deficit.

The guests try to increase the pressure immediately.

5. Min:

Nice attack by the green-whites.

Maxi Eggestein initiates his hit himself.

First he puts the ball on the wing to Gebre Selassie, who plays directly back into the penalty area, where Eggestein runs in perfectly and hits with a dropkick - strong scene!

5. Min: Tooooooooooor for Werder Bremen!

And that's when it happened.

Maxi Eggestein hits the 1-0 lead.


Hoffenheim tries to take over the game directly.

However, Werder does it skillfully and runs a counterattack over Mbom.

The Bremen man eats Rudy, but sticks to the next line of defense.

Werder Bremen against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim in the live ticker: kick-off - it starts!

1. Min:

Already the first seconds betrayed: Mbom is the left-back today.


And now the ball is finally rolling - Werder begins!

5:58 p.m.:

The teams are ready in the tunnel, and it's about to go out.

5:55 p.m.:

Bad omen?

The 35-year-old Pentke is only in his fifth Bundesliga game on the pitch, but already twice against Bremen.

At the first meeting, it was a 3-0 defeat for the green-whites.

5.47 p.m .:

“We want to

pick up

where we left off on Thursday”, guest coach Sebastian Hoeneß sets the route for today's match.

Against Red Star, TSG presented themselves very aggressively against the ball and quickly switched to offensive.

5.42 p.m.:

The Füllkrug is very important for the success of the Bremen team, Florian Kohfeldt knows that too.

The Werder coach praised the decision-making of his striker, but also reveals how important Sargent or Bittencourt are for the offensive efforts.

5:39 p.m .:

"We are working on finding our style again," said Florian Kohfeldt, explaining the current processes within the team at the colleagues from Sky.

What automatisms the green-whites have built up in the last three years must of course be found again in the current season.

After Kohfeldt, the young team still has to find each other.

5:35 p.m.: A

quick look at the referee team.

Daniel Schlager is the boss in the field.

His assistants are Sven Waschitzki and Sascha Thielert.

Jan Seidel is the fourth official, while Bibiana Steinhaus takes a seat in the VAR basement.

5:32 p.m.:

If, on the other hand, Bremen should score three points, they can jump to fourth place and very carefully settle in the front third.

5:29 p.m.:

How well are the Hoffenheim batteries now recharged?

Should the guests leave the field as winners today, they would overtake the green-whites.

Currently only one point separates the two teams.

Werder is 9th with seven points, while Hoffenheim is 11th with six points.

5.24 p.m.:

While the Bremen team had to cope with a corona shock around Agu and Chong during the week, coach Sebastian Hoeneß's team was in the Europa League.

On Thursday TSG prevailed 2-0 against Red Star Belgrade.

5:21 p.m.:

Anyone wondering why Baumann is not standing between the posts at TSG - the actual goalkeeper has to pass due to stomach problems.

5.18 p.m.:

Nevertheless: Werder shouldn't take Hoffenheim lightly.

After all, TSG has always been able to score a goal in their last 10 outings against Grün-Weiß.

So it's no wonder that Florian Kohfeldt is a little more defensive in the match today.

5.13 p.m.:

What can we expect in today's game?

If we are to believe the statistics, there are a few things that point to a good outcome for Bremen.

The green-whites have met TSG 24 times and have been able to leave the field 10 times as winners.

The points were shared 9 times and today's hosts were only 5 times without points.

5:08 p.m.:

Werder coach Florian Kohfeldt surprises again - this time with Christian Groß.

The 31-year-old had only been on the pitch for 21 minutes in the previous four Bundesliga games, now he can play from the start - probably as a pendulum player between the defensive chain and midfield.

Defensively, Werder should probably rely on a five-man chain (Gebre Selassie, Veljkovic, Groß, Moisander, Friedl).

Back in the team is captain Moisander, who benefits from the failures of Ludwig Augustinsson and Felix Agu.

That is why Friedl is needed on the left.

Maximilian Eggestein, Jean-Manuel Mbom and Leonardo Bittencourt should form the midfield.

Josh Sargent and Niclas Füllkrug are supposed to fix it up front.

Overall, the line-up looks a bit defensive, which is not unusual against the openly strong Hoffenheim team.

Werder Bremen against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim in the live ticker: The lineups are there!

5:03 p.m.:

Even the guests are not long in coming today.

Sebastian Hoeneß trusts the following team: Pentke - Vogt, Akpoguma, Posch - Skov, Geiger, Samassékou, Rudy - Bruun Larsen, Dabbur, Baumgartner.

Ready for use during the game: Philipp, Brenet, Sessegnon, Bogarde, Gacinovic, Bebou, Belfodil, Adamyan and Klauss.


This team sends Sebastian Hoeneß onto the lawn ⤵️ # SVWTSG

- TSG Hoffenheim (@tsghoffenheim) October 25, 2020

5 p.m.:

As promised: This is how Werder coach Florian Kohfeldt lets play today!

Pavlenka - Friedl, Veljkovic, Moisander, Groß, Gebre Selassie - Mbom, Eggestein, Bittencourt - Füllkrug, Sargent.

Take a seat on the bench: Kapino, Möhwald, Rashica, Osako, Schmid, Toprak, Chong, Gruev and Woltemade.

The # Werder starting eleven for # svwtsg.🔥

⏳ #Kapino, # Möhwald, #Rashica, #Osako, #Schmid, #Toprak, #Chong, #Gruev, #Woltemade

⏰ 6:00 p.m.

📺 / oBFw7h1YdQ



- SV Werder Bremen (@werderbremen) October 25, 2020

4:55 p.m.:

How does Florian Kohfeldt play today?

We'll be smarter in a moment.

We have to be patient for just under five minutes.

4.49 p.m.:

Friends, welcome to the Sunday evening game between Werder Bremen and TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

At this point arises



live ticker

for Bundesliga match of

SV Werder Bremen


TSG 1899 Hoffenheim


The kick-off is on Sunday at 6 p.m. in the Weser Stadium.

The lineups start here at 5 p.m.!

On the preliminary report of October 24, 2020:

Corona shock overcome: Werder Bremen with Schmackes against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

Werder Bremen will host TSG 1899 Hoffenheim on the fifth match day in the Bundesliga, but had other construction sites in advance with the corona vortex.

The preliminary report of the DeichStube *.

Bremen - This week, the opponent was at

SV Werder Bremen

Corona over

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

, it was almost more tested for the virus, as for the home game on Sunday (18 pm

Live Scores

trained the dike room).

But despite all the concern about his own health and that of his players, which Florian Kohfeldt absolutely admitted, the Werder coach did not want the peculiarities of the past days after Felix Agu's corona infection and the voluntary quarantine of the entire team to be overrated in terms of sport: " Yes, we lost a day of training.

But I won't complain, and that won't be an excuse on Sunday either. "

Werder Bremen: First coronavirus case overshadows preparation for the game against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

However, it was not just the first positive Corona case at

Werder Bremen

that made preparation difficult.

There are finally more failures.

Ludwig Augustinsson, Patrick Erras (both thigh strains) and Davie Selke (groin problems) are absent due to injuries.

After all, Tahith Chong was allowed to end his actually 14-day quarantine because, from the point of view of the Bremen health department, he is no longer considered contact person 1 in the Agu case.

The Dutchman will be part of the


but will hardly be able to solve the problem on the left-back side.

Agu would definitely have replaced Augustinsson as left-back and celebrated his Bundesliga premiere, according to Kohfeldt, but now the coach has to tinker a little.

It is quite possible that Marco Friedl will move from the inside out, where he played very often in the past.

Captain Niklas Moisander could then return to the team.


Kohfeldt did not allow

insights into his thoughts on a possible



On the subject of


he was open about it.

"We all got a bit of a shock when we received the positive result from Felix on Wednesday evening", reported the coach and immediately thought of his player Agu: "It's not so mentally easy for Felix, even if he has been completely so far easy to handle. ”He talked a lot with him on the phone, but also with the other players and many employees.

"That cost me one or two cell phone batteries," reported Kohfeldt with a smile.

From the outside, what might seem a bit flippant and not appropriate to the seriousness of the situation was rather the attempt not to appear too depressed in the video press conference.

Werder Bremen: The goal against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim?

Trainer Florian Kohfeldt responds with a lot of sarcasm

Before that, the 38-year-old had impressively described what a story like that does to you.

For example the moment when the results of the first

corona test

after the positive case Agu were announced

on Friday afternoon


“Of course you could feel a certain relief from the team that nobody else was positive.

For me - to be honest - too.

You start to wonder what if.

Even if the topic of Corona is very present in the media: If it then affects you very directly, it is something completely different. "

Now the focus should be on

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim

, the good start to the season with seven points from four games to be refined.

When asked what he would like after

SV Werder Bremen's

1: 1 win

at SC Freiburg,

which was successful but not so impressive

, Kohfeldt replied with plenty of sarcasm: "80 percent possession, total dominance, 4: 0!" annoys him that his team was sometimes written very badly.

“I watched the Freiburg game twice,” reported the coach.

Of course, the hosts would have had more of the game, but their defenders would not have allowed so many dangerous things - apart from the goal, actually only Jonathan Schmid's big chance.

Werder Bremen against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim: Florian Kohfeldt is looking for the right recipe


Werder Bremen

do not want to be made too small despite personal problems in midfield due to the departure of Davy Klaassen.

Florian Kohfeldt

does not want to let the good atmosphere in the team and his fun at work spoil

through all other difficulties such as the further failures, Corona or the financially tense situation


And so he simply told of a positive side effect of the self-imposed quarantine on Thursday: “I was able to make lunch for the family.

That is rather unusual on a day like this. "

Apart from that, Kohfeldt does take up a wooden spoon and therefore had no problem answering a question from a curious journalist in a culinary way: “There was a Siegerland specialty from my youth: farmer's breakfast.

This includes pasta and potatoes.

Vegetables have to go in, then a coarse sausage and an egg on top - excellent. ”Sounds tasty.

Now Werder just has to find the right recipe to score against Hoffenheim.


* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

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