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Corinne Deacon and the Blue Women: 9 shocking statements that explain the divorce


Since the end of the World Cup in 2019, the French women's team has been going through some turbulent times. The gap between the coach, Corinne D

Since the appointment of Corinne Deacon, 46, at the head of the French women's team, nothing has ever been easy.

Starting August 30, 2017 for a four-year contract, the native of Croix (North) has often experienced strained relations with her players.

Episode 1: Eugenie Le Sommer

On July 7, 2019, after a disappointing World Cup in France and an elimination from the quarterfinals against the future winners, the United States, Corinne Deacon turns on Eugenie Le Sommer.

She explains that the Lyonnaise had not respected the instructions by playing too much on the left side when she had asked her to play in the axis.

The top scorer in history has only very moderately appreciated the coach's exit: “I think I would have fallen off my couch if I was watching live.

I am not someone who does not follow the instructions.

Seeing my name out in the press was not easy for me and my relatives.


Episode 2: Wendie Renard

The troubles continue with Wendie Renard.

The former captain of the Bleues, fallen on the arrival of Deacon, writes in his autobiography “My star” published in December 2019: “The coach starts talking to me:

We wanted to see you in relation to the captain's armband because I find that you are at 40% of your capacities in the France team.

In Lyon, you walk, the level is easy, in the European Cup too, but the international level, you have not yet crossed it


I am stunned.

Four years of captaincy swept away in less than five minutes.


Episode 3: Wendie Renard bis

Still in his book, Renard drives home the point: “During the first meeting of 2018, I arrived in Montpellier pumped up.

To say hello, I extend my hand to the coach.

I immediately see a change in his face.

She lets go:

You'll have to get back in line quickly if you don't want to stay at home


After having made him repeat his sentence, I replied simply:

I did not know that it was necessary to kiss the coach to come to the France team.

I said hello to you, I haven't disrespected you, but I'm not giving you my face anymore


This decision was not easy to take, I hesitated until the last minute.

But I suffered a lot from his disavowal and his brutality, and at the start of the new season, I had to find myself.


Episode 4: Gaëtane Thiney


@GaetaneThiney confided with frankness and sincerity to @MathouxHerve during an interview broadcast in #SamediSport on @canalplus 🗣️

She talks about the France Team and the last World Cup in particular ...

- Canal Football Club (@CanalFootClub) February 15, 2020

Two months later, in February 2020, Gaëtane Thiney invited Corinne Deacon to draw inspiration from Deschamps: “Didier Deschamps is above all a leader of men who knows how to manage personalities and develop leadership.

We must be inspired by its communication, its management.

What is certain is that he protects his players, he loves them, he takes them along, he brings them together.

Corinne Deacon or others should be inspired by this.


Episode 5: Sarah Bouhaddi

At the end of July, Sarah Bouhaddi decides to take an international break.

“Deep down, I want to continue with the France team, because I love this jersey, the pleasure of playing for my country.

Quite simply, I feel the need to take a break, ”explains the 33-year-old player at the site.

A choice motivated by the bad relations between the two women.

Corinne Deacon indicates: "She expressed that obviously I was the cause

(Editor's note: of her choice)

to no longer come to the France team.

Now, the France team does not belong to anyone, neither to the players nor to the coach.


Episode 6: Amel Majri

🗨️ "It is not understandable, Amandine Henry remains the captain of the French team"

Scorer tonight and back from injury, Amel Majri reacts to the non-selection of Amandine Henry in the French team 🗣

▶ ️ https: //

- Canal Football Club (@CanalFootClub) October 16, 2020

The non-summons of Amandine Henry, the current captain of the Bleues, to the October rally is considered incomprehensible by many players of the France team, including Amel Majri: “Amandine remains the captain of the France team , and bad benefits, we all do.

It is not consistent.


Episode 7: Sarah Bouhaddi bis

Sarah Bouhaddi is revealed a little more at the end of October: “The post-World Cup was very difficult with her

(Editor's note: Corinne Deacon)


I lived very badly the internships.

After that, when I see the matches on TV, of course that makes me want to, but I don't regret because winning a title with this coach seems impossible to me.

These are strong words, but we live in a very negative climate.

Lots of players think so too but don't say it.

I could put my two hands to cut that the France team will not win the Euro (in 2022) if Corinne Deacon remains in office.


Episode 8: Sarah Bouhaddi ter

With Lyon's victory in the Champions League, Bouhaddi says: “With four of my teammates, we went to Angoulême for the launch of the film on women's OL.

Corinne Deacon was also invited.

By the time she arrived she did not greet or congratulate us.

However, there were three players from the France team.

They might not have been players he liked, but they were internationals nonetheless.

It's sad, but with that person, we are in a daily struggle.


Episode 9: Amandine Henry

🗨️ Amandine Henry: "Now is the time to solve the problems, not in three years (...)"

- Canal Football Club (@CanalFootClub) November 15, 2020

Amandine Henry finally came out of silence this Sunday, a month after her non-selection.

“She's the coach, she makes choices.

But when she called me to let me know, the call lasted 14 or 15 seconds, I'll remember it all my life.

Frankly, this phone call shocked me.

She said to me:

Amandine, you know that the list comes out tomorrow and you will not be there compared to your current performances.

I told him:

OK, good game, bye.

That's all.

If it's a sporting choice, you try to re-engage your player, but this discussion hurt me.

In addition, sportingly, I feel great.


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