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Tuchel's anger: "You can ask this question in the locker room if you have the c ..."


The Parisian coach was annoyed Tuesday evening, at a press conference after the victory of his players over Leipzig (1-0) in the Champions League.

At the Parc des Princes

Lucky victory 

: “We were unlucky in Leipzig (2-1 defeat three weeks ago, editor's note).

Today we had a little.

We played with a big heart, we defended, we gave everything, we played with a lot of solidarity and we defended with a big heart, always together.

For that, we won.

I'm not going to say sorry for that. ”

PSG's very low positioning

: "It was the match, what the match demanded and we responded to what the match demanded."



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The technical level, the game

: “Was it due to fatigue, a lack of cohesion?

(ironic) A little quality also on the other side, they were in the Champions League semi-finals (beaten 3-0 by Paris Saint-Germain) and they have not lost any players (since the end of the season past)… We can ask for things if we have rhythm and training together.

We have played 11 matches in Ligue 1 and four in the Champions League since the start of the season, almost 100 players injured during this period.

Before Monaco, I had seen a statistic according to which we were without seven players per game on average ... If you expect the best PSG with this statistic, it's your right.

A lot is expected of us too.

But in some matches, you have to know how to do what is necessary to get results.

Today it was necessary to answer all the questions.

It was not possible to get out of the pressure with the ball, we have to accept it, I can accept it. ”

Marquinhos in defense, Danilo in the middle 

: “Shall we continue like this?

I can't think of the future.

Marqui played with an injection, he is normally injured.

Danilo is still playing.

We left Marqui with Abdou Diallo (central hinge) to give confidence to Abdou (who remained on more than average performances, editor's note).

In the end, the three of them played in defense.

Marqui was exceptional, a real leader, a real captain today.

With the injury of Thilo Kehrer and the suspension of Presnel Kimpembe, we do not have much choice. "

"We have another final in Manchester next week"

Relief and starting point for the

future: “You know we have another final in Manchester next week (next Wednesday, 9pm, editor's note).

I hope we can recover a bit but we can never do training because we are still playing on Saturday, against Bordeaux… Marco Verratti was on the pitch, it was exceptional but he is playing without training.

Ney plays without rhythm, almost without training.

It's incredible.

And there are a lot of guys like that, who lack rhythm.

Kylian Mbappé lacks rhythm.

We can wait until we are not as struggling as we are now if we have the rhythm.

You may think that these are always excuses, but it is the reality.

I once again saw a team with great solidarity.

We were unlucky in Leipzig, today we had it to win a match like that, with a lot of pressure on us.

And it's not going to stop, it will be the same next Wednesday at Old Trafford. "

Manchester United 

: “If PSG will also be defensive at Old Trafford?

I do not know.

Maybe… I don't know, honestly.

The hardest part is finding 11 players capable of giving the necessary impact physically.

We play Bordeaux before.

After that, it will be important to prepare Manchester and put a plan in place.

If the players feel better, if it's easier then, we'll have a better game.

We will do what is necessary and I have confidence.

If it's necessary to defend low again, we will. "

What is missing in Paris

: "If the players lack confidence, benchmarks?

(cuts) Only rhythm.

You know well with which defenders we played in Lisbon during the Final 8 (Thiago Silva - left for Chelsea -, Thilo Kehrer, Juan Bernat - injured - and Presnel Kimpembe - suspended -, editor's note).

Did you find any of these players today?

I have the impression that you always ask the same thing, it is always the same questions ... You can ask this question in the locker room.

If you have the balls to do this ... Because there are players, they are dead!

They gave everything!

All given!

Their heart, all physically.

I'm tired of always meeting your expectations ... Tired ... If you have the courage, ask this question in the locker room.

You find there guys who are finished, who gave their all! ”


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The quality of play developed by PSG

 : “I can accept, perhaps you should also accept that it is like that.

We can have a better game, yes.

We want to attack, we want everything… You know it well, we have already done it.

But maybe that's only possible at times.

Maybe it's possible and it's only me who can't do it, OK, that's how it is. "

Mitchel Bakker rather than Layvin Kurzawa

: “I had the impression that he felt a little more free mentally to play this game.

He's a bit more physical and faster than Layvin. ”

"I like the 4-4-2 a lot, we thought about it this week, but…"

Option 4-4-2

: “We thought about it a lot this week.

I really like the 4-4-2 in a game like this.

We have already done this in decisive matches, against Liverpool (2-1 in 2019) and Dortmund (2-0 in 2020).

But we played with all the capacity physically.

And in 4-4-2, you have to work a lot for the offensive players.

We talked about it with the players.

They didn't feel (sure) enough in 4-4-2.

It was necessary to have a lot of recoveries, to defend on a lot of centers and it was easier then, today, in 4-3-3.

We played 4-3-3 in Portugal because we were the only team (along with Lyon) to have played in this Final 8 after three months without training, against teams that were able to finish their championship.

That's why we didn't play in 4-4-2 in Lisbon.

And there it is a bit the same situation.

We started the championship just before the Champions League.

We played 11 times in L1.

We may have had 92 injuries during those 15 matches.

For that, it was unfortunately not the moment to play in 4-4-2.

I can't say if it would have been a better game, with more chances.

But I have to make the decision before, not after.

I will always decide with my players.

I will always make my decisions with reality in mind, and that is reality.

If I made a mistake, OK.

But before the game, I have to decide.

We won and we can continue. ”

Abdou Diallo

: “Very, very satisfied.

Because it is not normal.

He had a tough game against MU, a decisive mistake against Monaco.

It is reality.

It was a good response from him.

It's not normal to play a game like that against a team that attacks hard like Leipzig.

He played without a big mistake, without a decisive mistake, and it was a big step forward.

It was necessary too.

He was on Mitch's side.

They took their responsibilities and I am very happy with him.

There are things to improve, we can do better, but maybe not today. ”

Interview at a press conference

Tuchel was also tense on RMC: "Sorry, sorry ..."

If he let his anger burst at a press conference, Thomas Tuchel had already been particularly tense a few minutes earlier, at the microphone of



Electricity exchange with Mohamed Bouhafsi: “You said it: we needed a victory, and we have a victory.

A match with a big heart.

It was a very difficult match, I knew that beforehand, and we won.

Not a good PSG?

(ironic) Sorry, sorry… We tried, but sorry, sorry.

PSG weaker than last season?

This is a question you can discuss.

That's an excellent question for your experts, we can talk about it all week. ”

When asked what he will remember from this meeting, the German technician spoke of “the heart, solidarity, hunger to stay together.

We are in a difficult situation.

But we can always count on our solidarity, our heart.

I know very well that we expect more from PSG.

But if we take a serious look at our situation… It's up to you to comment.

We needed a victory and we have a victory. ”

The end of the interview was still tense.

"If we had had a great performance and not the victory?

What were you waiting for, with the injuries?

I have the same opinion (on the quality of the game), but we won, ”he squeaked.

And to add: "If you said that the most important thing is to play well, not to win, OK that's your opinion, not mine."

Finally asked about the situation in the group, the fact that Paris has its destiny in its hands, he blurted out: "Yes, the most important thing was to win and to win the direct confrontation, we did it."

PSG is indeed guaranteed to be qualified by winning its last two matches.


"We won ... But what are you waiting for?"

Tuchel's tense reaction to RMC Sport's microphone after PSG's narrow victory against Leipzig (1-0) on Tuesday evening.

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- RMC Sport (@RMCsport) November 24, 2020

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