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The chances of survival of the SC Riessersee


For SC Riessersee, this season of the ice hockey Oberliga Süd is not about sporting success, but about economic survival. But what are the chances that this goal will be achieved? SCR managing director Pana Christakakis and Andreas Wieland, commercial director of the GmbH, provide an insight into the finances of the traditional club.

For SC Riessersee, this season of the ice hockey Oberliga Süd is not about sporting success, but about economic survival.

But what are the chances that this goal will be achieved?

SCR managing director Pana Christakakis and Andreas Wieland, commercial director of the GmbH, provide an insight into the finances of the traditional club.

  • SCR receives first payment from the Corona aid package for professional teams

  • Sponsorship losses amount to a six-figure amount

  • Budget is almost completely exhausted

Garmisch-Partenkirchen -

The SC Riessersee and the finances.

In the past, they haven't always got on well.

Keyword bankruptcies.

Too often people lived over the limit.

There's a new threat this season: Corona.

Therefore, the club is playing it safe this year and has shown itself cautious on the transfer market.

But is that enough?

Can the SCR achieve the intended goal in this way?

What are the chances of survival?

There are many questions surrounding this season in the top ice hockey league.

The Tagblatt sat down with managing director Pana Christakakis and Andreas Wieland, commercial director of the GmbH, and gathered answers.

The top division clubs are now integrated into professional sports and are therefore entitled to their piece of cake from the 200 million euro Corona aid package.

That amounts to the reimbursement of 80 percent of the missing viewer income.

What is the state of affairs on this point?


We have received an initial payment, calculated for the period from the end of the season in March to December.

It all happened quickly and easily.

When we applied on October 7th, we didn't know what would happen in November.

We calculated on the basis that we would lose 35 percent of audience income.

Corona has thwarted this calculation again.

But Sporthilfe reacted immediately and sent a supplement form.

Now we have applied for the help again and are in good spirits that the additional losses for October, November and December will be reimbursed.

How is this aid calculated?


Everything is calculated for every single game from 2019 in the period from mid-March to December.

On the other hand, the season tickets sold this year must be calculated proportionally.

Unfortunately, we are unlucky that we were out of the race in mid-March 2019 and had to play the relegation round.

Others are lucky who were playing the playoffs at the time and had a correspondingly large number of spectators in their stadiums.

So what amount did the SCR receive?


We have received a grant of 84,000 euros so far.

With the request for improvement, the total amount is 110,000 euros.

And I assume that the aid will be extended beyond December.

Is there a possibility of having the costs incurred - 20,000 to 25,000 euros - reimbursed through the hygiene concept?


I don't know which program it should go with.

We have to pay for that ourselves.

20,000 euros would be realistic if everything had been done externally.

But Pana and Sebastian Ziener (hygiene officers at SCR, editor's note) did everything themselves.

As a result, we have saved a lot and now come to around 10,000 euros.

How are the sponsors doing?

It was last said that there were 25 percent losses.


It stayed that way.

A couple of small sponsors and our second largest broke away.

We are happy about everyone who stayed on board.

What does this 25 percent mean in euros?


Almost 100,000 euros.

Has the agency Sport Sponsoring Müller already been able to attract new sponsors?


Yes, they brought in a five-figure amount.

But the second lockdown stopped their work again.

What are the prospects for the next season on this point?


The bigger challenge will almost be next season when the relief measures are gone.

If sponsors then fall away, it becomes very critical.

We think about how we can market ourselves better.

I have already contacted a marketing company.

Maybe professional advice is good for us, maybe we can find supra-regional sponsors.

It must be our goal to build up a large pool of strong sponsors in the long term.

The local economy does an incredible amount for the club.

Can the SCR survive this season?


If everything goes as it is currently, we can get away with a black eye - without slipping brutally into the red.

This is based on the current relief measures, players who came to meet us and who only signed on October 1st.

And then here and there bridging aids.

The sponsors have also all paid so far.

One or the other had concerns when it was said that no spectators would be admitted.

But Pana reassured everyone because the sponsors are now present on Sprade TV.

Some said it would be better advertising than in the stadium.

We also played through the scenario: What happens without ice hockey in 2020/2021?

The development association, which holds 90 percent of the shares in the GmbH, would cover the costs.

We could shut down in one fell swoop, get everything out of the stadium - except for the Pana's office.

He also has very good contacts with the landlords of the players' apartments.

Even if the season ends: the SCR will survive.

We can respond to all individualities.

It is fascinating how other clubs have signed players.

Like having the most normal time in the world.

We were very cautious about that.

What is the state of affairs on debt?


At the moment we are above zero.

But still so much can happen that one has not taken into account and can take into account.

Did the players lose money on their new contracts?


We set up a budget and distributed it so that everyone is reasonably satisfied with it.

The costs for the entire staff amount to 369,000 euros gross - team including supervisor, physio, doctors and so on, plus trainer, plus other temporary workers, plus me.

270,000 euros gross of which for the team.


Yes, everyone has torn a belt.

Everyone wants more money with every new season.

But nobody said I wouldn't play anymore.

We always found solutions.

On average, the players get 1200 euros net per month.

In general, there was a waiver, just with the signature on October 1st.

They know what they are getting into.

You can be sure that we will pay the salaries.

Then someone needs two floor lamps, one needs that, the other that. That's the SCR family, that's what makes it all.

We also have a lot of volunteers with us who put their heart and soul into it.

Are there any bonuses for the players this season?


They haven't been around since the 2017/2018 season.

If we are successful and operate successfully, we are the last ones who do not involve the players.

The goal this year is the economic survival so that the boys can develop.

It's nice when a Christopher Chyzowski scores a goal, when a Sebastian Pfeuffer can develop in the goal - the best example last season was Daniel Allavena.

That's why we're playing this season.

Which of the players actually makes a living from ice hockey?


Basically everyone lives from ice hockey.

Some study on the side, some improve their trainee salary, for some it is a big second pillar.

Is the player budget currently exhausted?


Yes, pretty much as we budgeted it for.

Source: merkur

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