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Sagi Muki does not want a silver medal in Tokyo, and let the Corona be careful - Walla! sport


The Hunger, the Peacocks and the Iranian Friend: The Israeli who was a favorite for gold at the Olympics looks 2020 in the eye and refuses to talk about a miss. A year for Corona, a special project

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My lost year

Sagi Muki does not want a silver medal in Tokyo, and that the corona be careful

The Hunger, the Peacocks and the Iranian Friend: The Israeli who was a favorite for gold at the Olympics looks 2020 in the eye and refuses to talk about a miss.

A year for Corona, a special project


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Yaniv Tuchman

Saturday, December 19, 2020, 10:00 p.m.

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Watch Sagi Muki speak after winning the world weightlifting championship up to 81 kg (Walla! NEWS system)

"An athlete is measured by his ability to stay stable and I was very stable up at the start of 2020," Sagi Muki shoots and takes a deep breath.

If there is one athlete who has been marked as a gold medal favorite at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, it was Sagi Muki.

He was a world champion in the summer of 2019 in a competition that was actually a pilot for the Olympics because it was held in the same hall in Tokyo where it should have been and maybe in the end will be in the summer of the 2021 Olympics.

Muki was not only a world champion.

He was also ranked first in his competition weight up to 81 pounds and in almost every Grand Prix or Grand Slam, he stood on the podium with the gold medal.

"I was able to produce hunger in every competition," he recalled in a special interview with Walla!

Sports "Rivals taught me. Sit and watch my fights and yet I came to fights and showed new things every time to win."

Then we entered the year 2020 and started first signs of Corona and fear of canceling the Olympics.

"I entered this year as prepared as possible. I felt the best and then really started talking about the Corona and the possibility of postponing the Olympics. I trained as usual at that time and believed there would be games. Even when we entered the first closure here in the country and still had no final decision, I made sure At home to train and get the best out of every day. I have a yard and I brought judo mats, a training doll, weights. Then they announced the postponement of the Olympics and it was a bass.

"Unfortunately what I went through at the Rio Olympics with the disc herniation, taught me that in sports Face reality.

So really there were a few days of Bassa, but I did not let Bassa run me.

I told myself straight away that I was still Sagi Muki and that nothing would change.

I told myself I would take the time to regain my hunger and that was fine.

I will take all the positive sides towards 2021. I will fly to Tokyo with the help of the name this summer and I will do my best. "

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Moshe Ponti: "Judo would bring 3-2 medals from Tokyo. Now it will be much harder"

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To live the reality, to enter into proportions.

Sagi Muki (Photo: Reuven Castro)

The tension was great for several months until it was finally decided that there would be no Olympics.

"I was in good momentum and I was a world champion, but in sports you have to live reality very quickly and get into proportions. I was able to separate the training from what was around until it was really finally decided that it was postponed."

If there was an Olympics in the summer, would you come back with the gold medal?

"I do not care what would have happened if there had been an Olympics. I deal with what there is. Many have asked me what would have happened if I had not been injured at the Rio Olympics. I came to Rio as a European champion and was third in the world and could have taken a medal there if not injured, but not "I do not deal with what would have happened if. I know how to handle this situation and that is the wisdom."

You did not aim for an Olympic medal in Tokyo, but for gold.

"In every competition I fly to, I do not compromise. I want to stand on the highest podium. I am a two-time European champion in two different weights. I am the first Israeli man in Israel to be a world champion. Great faith in myself helps me overcome all crises. I prove to myself that I I don't even give up on injuries and that's what helps me believe in myself more and more. Before the Olympics in Rio, no one believed I would be on the mat at all because of the back injury. For a whole month I did not train but I believed I would be on the podium. In many competitions I was injured. I have proven to myself several times that I can beat anyone. "

The 2019 World Cup was even harder than the Olympics so you had every reason to believe you would win gold in Tokyo 2020 as well.

"If you go to any athlete and ask him which competition is tougher, he will tell you a world championship because in a world championship there are two representatives per country and in the Olympics only one representative "It made that competition tougher. It's true that the Olympics are more prestigious and there is greater fame because more people are exposed to it, but the Tokyo World Championships last summer was a huge thing. I proved myself and had the stamp that I am the best in the world."

"I could barely walk."

Sagi Mukyo in Rio 2016 (Photo: Assaf Kliger)

How hard is it now when you do not know if and how the Tokyo 2021 Olympics will be?

"There is no such situation in the world. I am sure that even if they had waited a bit it would have been possible to hold the Olympics now and not wait until next summer. Today there are protocols and the fact that competitions are held all over the world including the recent European Judo Championships. "For the Olympics with them. This is the victory of the Olympic symbol."

The year 2020, the year of the corona is a wasted or streaky year for you?

"I do not have these words. I take the best from everything. We have had a difficult year, it is true. But I will not say striped and wasted. A lot of things have happened this year. It could be that hunger will now be greater thanks to this year we did not compete. I Choose how to see things and how to take them. If I go like a peacock and say I'm a world champion, I will not succeed. On the contrary, I have to train right, eat right, sleep right but what sets the best apart is only if you really want it more. From the others and I want it. An athlete is not measured in a specific competition but in the long run. If you stay hungry for a long time, you are a quality athlete. It is very easy to get used to being a world champion so this year you will renew your batteries. "It's great to go back to the judo mat to devour everything. I haven't trained or competed in the European Championships for two months now, but I took the big hunger from it."

Is the back injury like in Rio?

"In Rio I had two shots before and another seven shots after. Now I have only had one shot and I feel much better. In Rio I could hardly walk. Now I have been able to move myself much better. I feel good now."

There are those who will come from below.

Sagi Muki (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Peter Plachik returned from the last European Championship with the gold medal and Tal Flicker with the silver medal.

What is special about your judo team that every time someone comes and gives a performance that turns Israel into a judo empire?

"We already have a tradition and there is no doubt that there are the right people here, led by Moshe Ponti and the coaches. There is a huge and committed team of athletes who really want to. Every time there is progress of one athlete or another. We dream high and make our dreams come true."

My feeling is that one also attracts the other.

You train all the time together at all weights.

"True. We definitely help each other when we are together and when one wins a medal, the others see and also achieve it."

There is a sense that you are a team even though everyone is at their own weight with their opponents.

"There is no doubt. There is a sense of togetherness. We talk to each other, encourage each other. Fly together to competitions. It's great."

Will we soon see new names in the various weights?

"We have a good young team and I am waiting to see the younger generation already manage to compete in the seniors. There is a guy named Yoni Elbaz who is very advanced. It is a process and there are those who will come from below."

"Usually I do not maintain such contact with athletes of my weight but here there are special companies."

Said Moulay (Photo: GettyImages)

If I give you a silver medal in Tokyo now, will you take it?

"What do you think?".

Hello, this is a silver medal.

We did not have a silver medal in men.

"I know where I'm heading and I'm able to bring gold. That's my goal.

Finally, what about the Iranian Said Moulay.

Are you in touch?

"You did not miss him. We are in touch. It is important for me to see that everything is fine with him. I do not usually maintain such contact with athletes of my weight but here there are special companies. He competes on behalf of Mongolia even though he lives in Germany and we may meet in Japan."

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