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End of the season in the national leagues: That's what FC Seeshaupt says about it


The corona pandemic is slowing down sport: The bowling season in the national leagues was canceled. A restart will only take place in autumn. The women's team at FC Seeshaupt is also affected.

The corona pandemic is slowing down sport: The bowling season in the national leagues was canceled.

A restart will only take place in autumn.

The women's team at FC Seeshaupt is also affected.

Seeshaupt - A decent noise level on the track, cheers and cheers from the fans - that's exactly what makes a real bowling competition for Manuela Seitz.

In such an atmosphere, the FC Seeshaupt player can still pack a few extra percent of performance.

“I'm a little fighting pig,” says Seitz with a smile.

But exactly the atmosphere that makes bowling so special was missing this time.

In the hygiene concepts that had to be drawn up before the start of game operations in autumn, cheering by shouting was prohibited.

The best way to spread the coronavirus is through the air.

Spectators were also not allowed to be on the system.

Clapping was still allowed, but the teams stopped doing that at some point.

Because when bowling there are always several members of the teams on the track.

In the end, you “didn't even know who was clapping for whom,” says Seitz.

According to her, Corona has "completely changed the sport".

And now the high numbers of infections have even ensured that the 2020/2021 season is completely canceled at the federal level.

The DKBC (Deutscher Keglerbund Classic) has announced the cessation of game operations for all national leagues.

FC Seeshaupt is also affected by this: The women's team belongs to the 2nd League South.

Six game days were played before the lockdown.

As far as the end of the season is concerned, it is to be expected that the BSKV (Bavarian Skittles and Bowling Association) will follow suit.

Season in the bowling leagues is canceled

Similar to the spring, when it was still about the previous season, after the lockdown at the beginning of November, the bowlers have again drawn up a three-step plan for the “re-entry into regular game operations” for the national leagues.

However, since neither plan A (training operations from December 1) nor plan B (training operations from January 1) came into effect, plan C now came into force.

It stipulates that, should nationwide training operations not be possible in January, “the 2020/2021 season will be terminated without evaluation and will be played again in September 2021”.

The division into leagues remains.

The women of FC Seeshaupt will play in the second division again this autumn.

As a reminder: Even in spring there was nothing with a resumption of league operations;

at that time the season was canceled, it was the table standings after the 16th match day.

The decision of the DKBC was of course discussed within the Seeshaupter Verein and the women's team.

For her personally, the end of the season is “the better solution,” says Manuela Seitz.

"We can hopefully start fresh again in September and play the way it should be." So with spectators, cheers and chants that are also designed differently from area to area.

She is a player, says Seitz (best performance: 617 wood) about herself, who needs the support of team members and fans.

What happened in autumn "was a strange bowling game".

At the beginning it was impossible to foresee how such a competition without spectators and cheering would affect the players.

But it soon became clear that the character of an encounter would change completely.

Battle chants “make a big difference,” says Seitz.

The character of sports bowling has changed completely

In mid-September, the Seeshaupterinnen started the season, which was absolutely special for them even without Corona.

Because after the fourth promotion in a row, the team had made the leap into a Bundesliga for the first time.

It was a historic success for the small club on the south bank of Lake Starnberg.

Soon after the start, however, the first difficulties arose due to Corona.

“There was no clear line, everything was always uncertain,” says Seitz.

Can the game take place on the weekend?

Is there a last-minute cancellation?

Which hygiene rules have to be observed on the opposing track?

These were all questions that were always hanging in the room.

The teams of the southern season come from Bavaria and the regional associations of Baden and Württemberg.

And there were sometimes different requirements - sometimes spectators were allowed, sometimes not.

When the number of corona cases rose in autumn and more and more districts fell into the “red” category, the players began to have doubts.

People have already asked "whether all the effort is still worth it, because bowling is a hobby for us," says Seitz.

Due to the recent lockdown and the extension that has now taken place, the proper course of the season was in any case badly shaken.

The games on the bowling alleys are precisely timed - even during the week.

The whole thing is similar to the hustle and bustle in ice rinks.

Scheduling a catch-up game during the week is not possible on a schedule.

Several Penzberg teams are currently active on the FC Seeshaupt tracks because their facility is being renovated.

Another fact applies to the second division, says Seitz: trips to away games take several hours;

a game in the evening during the week would simply not be feasible for the majority of the players.

The lockdown has brought club life at FC Seeshaupt to a standstill. Everyone is hoping to relax, alone, so that they can meet again within the club and play sports together. Due to the closure of the indoor play areas, training has no longer been possible since November; In a sport like bowling, which requires precise movement sequences, a huge shortcoming. Manuela Seitz is particularly hit at the moment: To compensate, she likes going to the gym - that is currently not possible either. Another passion is cycling. "For that", Seitz frankly admits, "it's too cold for me at the moment."

Source: merkur

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