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More grenade, less grenade, what does it matter: so the norms in football have deteriorated - Walla! sport


For a moment one can understand why Moshe Hogg feels discriminated against: if news of a grenade in the yard of Eli Tabib's house no longer surprises anyone, why did the association decide to dress up as Ben Khalifa? Not used to it yet?

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More grenade, less grenade, what does it matter: this is how football norms have deteriorated

For a moment one can understand why Moshe Hogg feels discriminated against: if news of a grenade in the yard of Eli Tabib's house no longer surprises anyone, why did the association decide to dress up as Ben Khalifa?

Not used to it yet?


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Paz Hasdai

Saturday, January 16, 2021, 10:00 p.m.

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In the video: A stun grenade was thrown at the home of businessman Eli Tabib in Kfar Shmaryahu (Walla! NEWS system)

A normal person reading the information line "a stun grenade was thrown into the yard of a businessman's house in Kfar Shmaryahu" may be shocked and shaken and fear where this country is deteriorating for God's sake, but the sports fan just smiles to himself quietly.



Kfar Shmaryahu?


Leave, it's ours.

Not related to you, it's football.

This is probably Eli Tabib, this is not new.

Once in a while they put a grenade near the door or try to eliminate it, not a Big Deal.

He will say he has no idea who it is, he has no enemies, someone is harassing him, and that's it, we'll move on.

Tomorrow he will be interviewed again.

Will go down on some owner, on a team manager, visit professionally, everything's fine.

He's a cult.

Yes, we got used to it.

After a few times it is no longer exciting.

In fact, following the exploits of Tabib we are already beginning to live the codes of this world.

Checking in the report whether it was a spray grenade or a shock, whether it was placed or thrown, near the door or in the yard, whether the woman and children were at home, whether they added graffiti ("probably children, brats"), and it is clear to all that as long as the grenade did not open and explode Only intimidation. "

That's how it works there, as usual.

Arrive police, detectives, blue lights flashing in the neighborhood, and that's it, move on.

It's probably not exciting to the cops either, "Call us when the grenade explodes."

After all, this is far from the time Ashkara was shot in the hand, when they really tried to eliminate him.

Since then every grenade has seemed to us like a prank.

What is it, throwing a closed grenade and running away?


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A stun grenade was thrown at Eli Tabib's house in Kfar Shmaryahu

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Just an intimidation attempt, he has no enemies.

Football fans already know the jargon (Photo: Yossi Tzipkis)

And of course the grenade near Tabib's house was not the only grenade placed on the doorstep of Israeli football this week.

Noble Omar also suffered threats, he and his wife and his parents' house, and this time too the police are investigating and everyone is wearing a serious and worried face and shrinking the Eli Ildis-style cheeses.

And it is already known that every sports system must have a regular police reporter, a criminal expert, in order to review the affair in the industry, the various investigations and the allusions and leaks from the lawyers.

These are our lives lately, no one is surprised anymore.

That is exactly why Moshe is celebrating freaking out these days, he does not understand the harassment, the unfair treatment of his partner and friend Sheikh Ben Khalifa, who has not yet been approved by the Rights Transfer Committee.

As is well known, we have already passed the stage where Betar claims that he is a clean-shaven man, the group no longer defends his name or reputation and insists that the publications are evil. At this stage he is celebrating and Betar is already attacking the hypocrisy.

As Ofir Saar wrote here - "Betar has not fought for a long time to make it clear that Ben Khalifa is a legitimate businessman, an honest and decent man who only wants the good of the club;

It is more important for Moshe Hughes to emphasize that just as people with a criminal background have moved in the past, then there is no need to check Ben Khalifa with tassels.

What’s more, the owner’s statement that ‘I don’t check my investors’ criminal past ’said it all.

And let's just say: Ben Khalifa does not invest, he is a partner in 50% of the club. "

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Hemed Latzon: Betar Jerusalem endangers the name of the club for Ben Khalifa

To the full article

His first big deal was with Tabib.

Celebrating (Photo: Danny Maron)

That is, Celebrates does not understand why in a world where stun grenades are part of the routine, he is dressed up as a partner who has been involved in several dubious partnerships and businesses.

He sees it as pettiness.




He's actually scolding us - are you not used to it yet?

Are you still surprised?

What are you playing her beautiful soul?

Get out of the movie.

Wake up.

He remembers how groups have been taken over here in the past.

And left other groups - only Betar Jerusalem has a tradition of controversial investors. "Businessmen" with problematic backgrounds. Arms dealers and casino owners. From Gaydamak to Goma Agiar. None of them are material for a match with the rabbi's daughter.

Nor should one go too far. In the past, it is enough to look to the sides today: the offenses of Jackie Ben Zaken, the behavior of the Luzonim and Abramov, will not Ben Khalifa find a warm home and a common language with his friends around the table in the principal meetings? Not to mention celebrating himself, who only recently borrowed NIS 50 million from a criminal Convicted and in return pledged that if he could not return the money he would sell Betar players.

And to think that he made his first football deal with Eli Tabib, when he bought Betar Jerusalem from him. A deal that was mostly done in the media, but you can still imagine the dialogue between the parties behind the scenes, the bargaining, the threats, the conditions, the amounts thrown into the air. Of celebrating, this was the reception: Negotiations with Eli Tabib. No wonder he does not understand why the hell they dress on Ben Khalifa? Besides, as Tabib did not believe at the time how from heaven fell on him this enthusiastic boy who is willing to put millions on Betar, This is how Mukir celebrates Ben Khalifa.

So why check on him in tassels?

What, Tabib checked on him?

The feeling is that he will be able to find a common language with his football colleagues.

Ben Khalifa (Photo: Official Website, Official Website of Sheikh Hemed Ben Khalifa Al Nahian)

The problem is that Tabib is still here. I mean, it's not only that his spirit is still in control of Israeli football, it's not that the norms he introduced have become legitimate, it's not just the memory and the taboo being - it's him, me, himself, who is still with us, physically, present, here, all the time. Permanent interviewee, invited to panels, functions as a commentator, analyzes events. His voice is present. His face in the headlines. Is a natural part of the happenings. He explains, criticizes, advises. Occasionally he appears in the headline with commentary, occasionally a grenade is thrown into his backyard. Not a Big Deal. It may be related to football, perhaps to his private business. Not critical, we will not test him with tassels.

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