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FC Bayern against SC Freiburg in the ticker: Dusel victory! Müller and the latte save the FCB


FC Bayern meet SC Freiburg in the Bundesliga. FCB struggled to win against SCF. The ticker.

FC Bayern meet SC Freiburg in the Bundesliga.

FCB struggled to win against SCF.

The ticker.

  • FC Bayern Munich *

    - Sport-Club Freiburg * 2: 1 (1: 0)

  • After the cup bankruptcy in Kiel, FC Bayern was under pressure in the Bundesliga - and withstood it. In the end there was a 2-1 win.

  • Lewandowski and Müller meet for Bayern, Petersen for SCF.




FC Bayern Munich - SC Freiburg 2: 1 (1: 0)

FC Bayern:

Neuer - Pavard, Boateng, Alaba, Davies - Kimmich (75th Tolisso), Goretzka (87th Martinez) - Gnabry (27th Sané), Müller (87th Choupo-Moting), Coman (75th Musiala) - Lewandowski

Sc freiburg:

Müller - Lienhart, Schlotterbeck, Gulde - Kübler (61st Tempelmann), Santamaria (3rd Abrashi, 55th Haberer), Höfler, Günter - Sallai (61st Höler), Grifo - Demirovic (61st Petersen)


1: 0 Lewandowski (7th), 1: 1 Petersen (62nd), 2: 1 Müller (75th)

+++ UPDATE +++

6.46 p.m.:

Read the reactions to the game here.

17:37: The

match winner is clearly

Thomas Müller

with an assist and the winning goal.

5:32 p.m.:

Overall, however, a well-deserved victory for


, who had more opportunities.

5:28 p.m.:

Freiburg have shown a strong performance - Bayern are lucky to leave the field here as a winner.

Now Munich has

four points ahead of Leipzig


90 + 5 minutes: final whistle!

Bayern wins 2: 1!

90 + 4 minutes:

Another corner.

90 + 3 minutes:

Petersen head - Neuer grabs.

That's it?

Bavaria trembles: Petersen only hits the bar

90 + 2 minutes: Höfler to the external network!

The Bavarians are swimming!

90th + 1 minute: Petersen completely free - and he nails the ball to the crossbar!

90th Minute:

Choupo-Moting sees yellow after a foul against Tempelmann.

The Freiburg free kick does not bring anything - there are four minutes of stoppage time!

89th Minute:

Sané plays two Freiburgers in the penalty area, wonderfully done - but Müller says in goal again: No!

Corner FCB.

87th Minute:

Bayern are now determined not to give this victory out of hand.

Good tackle attitude now.

Nevertheless, there is still a corner for Freiburg.

Flick brings Martinez for the ailing Goretzka and Choupo-Moting for Müller.

83rd Minute:

Tolisso withdraws - right wing net!

Florian Müller was still there too.

81st Minute:

Freiburg has definitely not given up yet.

Can the people of Munich save that over time?

78th Minute:

Lewandowski with the chance of the decision!

From an acute angle he appears alone in front of Müller - the keeper shows another mad parade and keeps his colors in the game!

75th Minute:

Kimmich and Coman go down - Musiala and Tolisso are now in the game.

FC Bayern with the answer - Müller does magic for Munich

75th minute: Desperation at Bayern - but they still have the miller!

Thomas Müller with a magic hit.

Coman crosses, Sané puts in the penalty area for Müller, who artistically pulls off directly and sinks the thing untenable in the lower right corner of the net!

Difficult to do, but perfectly executed!

74th Minute:

Tolisso and Musiala get ready for action.

72nd minute:

Again the SCF.

Grifo with your head - Neuer grabs again.

On the other hand, a cross from Davies fails.

70th minute:

Space for Freiburg.

This time they frivolous, Neuer can clear a harmless header in the end.

Freiburg shocks Bayern - Petersen hits with his head

68th minute:

Does Flick react now?

So far he has only brought Sané for the injured Gnabry.

Kimmich's shot from the second row is blocked.

64th minute:

The changes at Freiburg were by the way Petersen for Demirovic, Tempelmann for Kübler and Höler for the warned Sallai.

62nd Minute: Goal for Freiburg!

Freiburg makes three changes - one of them is Nils Petersen, who hits with his first touch!

The corner is lengthened with a head from Höfler, then Petersen shows a diving header just over the sward from an acute angle - what a story!

The ex-Bavarian shocked Munich.

Neuer can clear the ball just behind the line, but referee Dingert's wrist vibrated - it was in!

FC Bayern: huge chance of 2-0 - the bar trembles

59th Minute: huge double chance to make it 2-0!

Lewandowski comes up to the five and pulls directly - Gulde fakes, the ball hits the snow-covered bar!

Goretzka pulls tight at the margin - Müller flies and shows a brilliant parade!

The next corner doesn't bring anything.

58th Minute:

Sané takes the next corner out with a deflected shot, takes it himself - without any danger to the Freiburg box.

57th Minute:

Bayern countered.

Sané takes the ball directly despite space and the cross fails him completely.

Flick is angry: "Leroy !!"

53rd Minute: And bad luck with injuries again!

This time at the SCF again:


, who came for the injured Santamaria himself, limps off the pitch.

It got stuck in the lawn and crashed into Thomas Müller.

Haberer is coming for him.

52nd Minute:

Freiburg continues to put Bayern under pressure early on.

They are far from running out of strength.

49th Minute:

That would almost have become a classic Müller template again.

Half sitting, half kneeling, the original Bavarian passes the ball on in the penalty area.

A Freiburg resident clarifies in dire need.

48th minute:

Many fouls at the beginning of the second half.

Abrashi puts Müller in midfield.

47th Minute:

Sallai comes too late in midfield against Davies and sees yellow.

His second this season.

46th Minute: No changes - we go on!

45th + 3 minutes: break!

Bayern's leadership is deserved, but Freiburg have shown in many situations that they can keep up here.

That will be a tough job for the Flick-Elf.

More than 20 goals in the first half of the season is also a new Bundesliga record for Robert Lewandowski - not even Gerd Müller managed that.

45th + 2 minutes:

There is still a corner for Bayern after a counterattack.

Goretzka comes up, but fires over it.

45th + 1 minute:

There are two minutes on top.

45th minute:

Pavard's flank goes into nirvana.

Now should be half time.

Demirovic with the next chance for Freiburg

43rd Minute:

Freiburg is poisonous again.

With four men you are in the Bayern penalty area, which causes some shaky moments for Manuel Neuer's back team.

42nd Minute:

Again a long ball possession phase for the guests.

You can tell: They can really kick, Bayern have a hard time getting the ball.

Ultimately, the ball lands at

Demirovic - he fires just over it from six meters!

38 minutes:

On the other hand, Sallai's header lands in the arms of Neuer.

Too little pressure behind it.

Bayern are pushing for 2-0 against Freiburg

37th Minute:

Bayern again.

This time Müller crosses, Pavard just missed the second post.

35th Minute:

Goretzka crosses towards Sané - Lienhart clears the corner.

After this, Coman and Lewandowski try from the second row, but are blocked twice.

32nd minute:

Boateng hammers on it from almost 30 meters - Lewandowski slides in, but can no longer reach.

Bavaria is now developing a significant increase in opportunities.

30th minute: Sané!

Good chance!

The substitute national player is allowed to pull off quite freely in the event of a counterattack from 22 meters - just to the right!

29. Minute:

Goretzka pulls from 20 meters - towards the stadium roof.

28th minute:

And that's how it is:

Gnabry has to go down, Sané is in the game.

FC Bayern: Gnabry with an amazing shot - and then injured

27.Minute: Gnabry needs treatment

- Leroy Sané gets ready immediately.

25th minute: Gnabry!

What a torch!

The national player works on the Kreuzeck - Müller shows a brilliant parade and fishes the ball out of the corner!

Strong scene from both.

23rd Minute:

Bayern can calm the game down and collect something after this Freiburg pressure phase.

21st minute:

It's hard to believe, but currently only the guest is playing!

Freiburg are not letting Bayern get the ball at the moment.

20th minute:

Nice played again by the Freiburgers, this time on the right.

Coman pushes Kübler off at the last moment.

19th Minute:

The SCF attacks Bayern early, shows presence in the opposing half, conquers balls.

The FCB is running behind!

Flick can't like that.

Great opportunity for Freiburg!

SCF annoys Bayern

17. Minute:

Freiburg is in this game!

After a few strong situations now the

first really big chance


Sallai jumps the ball at the edge of the penalty area in front of his feet.

Sallai targets the lower right corner - centimeters are missing!

17th minute:

The last criticized volume is back today at Bayern - people talk to each other again.

16. Minute:

Gnabry pulls in from the right and nails the ball to the outside net.

15. Minute:

From time to time small snow avalanches go off the roof of the Allianz Arena.

Life is dangerous in the coaching zone.

14th minute:

Cologne has apparently decided differently.

Meanwhile, Freiburg is showing its first attempts at attack - that doesn't look bad at all.


This time no review by the VAR

12th minute: hand penalty?

Comans Ball jumps to the hand of a Freiburg resident.

Will Christian Dingert watch it again?

11th minute:

From the point of view of the SCF, the game starts badly.

Streich put his hands over his face when Santamaría was injured.

10th minute:

Bayern are clearly master of the house and show the reaction desired by those responsible.

9. Minute:

Höfler wrestles Gnabry and sees yellow - he is blocked in the upcoming game against Frankfurt.


21st goal of the season: Robert Lewandowski scores 1-0 against Freiburg.

© Sven Hoppe / dpa

FC Bayern versus Freiburg: early lead for FCB - Lewandowski strikes

7th minute: Goal for Bayern!

Pavard sends Gnabry to the right, then Müller pushes through, Lewandowski does not hesitate and puts the ball from close range into the right corner of the goal!

1: 0 for Munich!

21. Goal of the season for the world footballer.

6. Minute:

The VAR is in action - was there a handball after the corner?

The referee says no!

3rd minute:

Kimmich checks Müller with a low shot - no problem for the keeper.

At SCF comes for the injured Santamaria Abrashi.

2nd minute:

The first moments belong to the FCB.

Gnabry takes the first corner with a deflected long shot.

Meanwhile, Santamaria has been injured and is being treated.

1. Minute:

First free kick for Bayern in midfield.

1st minute: kick-off!

Freiburg toast.

It starts in the drifting snow of Munich.

3:29 p.m.:

The teams

step onto

the lawn.

3:28 p.m.:

Christian Streich seems relaxed like seldom - no wonder, with five wins in the back.

3:26 p.m.:

Bayern are playing with the formation from Lisbon today - with the only exception Pavard for Thiago.

The FCB really with the top team.

3:16 p.m .:

Kahn on

winter transfers

: "We are absolutely convinced of the current squad and will not deal with winter transfers."

FC Bayern versus Freiburg - Kahn: "Kiel was a low point"

3:14 pm: Oliver Kahn

: “That was a

low point

, a big


in Kiel.

Without wanting to offend the Kielers, but against a second division team that cannot be our claim.

We don't play our pressing the same way as we did last season, plus positional errors and individual errors.

When that piles up, it'll be hard to win.

The defense must be the basis. "

3:11 pm:

Flick: "The table is not of interest.

Today's game will show whether we are a top eleven

. "

3.10 p.m.:

Flick on the many goals conceded: "If there is no pressure on the ball, I have to fall and secure, we have to work on that."

3:07 p.m .:

Hansi Flick: "

Every now

and then a bit of meters, presence, and alertness are missing.

There is no longer any excuse, that was a brutal wake-up call in Kiel.

Now it's up to us. ”The coach speaks of a lack of mental freshness.

2:58 p.m .:

Freiburg trainer

Christian Streich

: “I think it's good that it's exciting.

Bavaria plays with the crème de la crème today.

We have to do well that we have a chance.

Kiel did well too.

Today's lineup is different again.

We want to play well here today, we have no pressure. "

2.40 p.m.:

The Freiburg line-up is now also known - coach Christian Streich sees no reason to change anything in his starting XI after the shooting match (5-0) against 1. FC Köln.

Lineup of FC Bayern against Freiburg: Sané has to go to the bench

2.29 p.m.:


FC Bayern


is here!

Leroy Sané

has to go to the bench.

Otherwise Flick brings the "first" eleven -

Robert Lewandowski also

returns compared to the

cup failure

in Kiel, as does

Leon Goretzka, Benjamin Pavard, Kinglsey Coman and Jerome Boateng


For Tolisso, Süle, Hernandez and Musiala, who started in Kiel, only the bank remains - Sarr is no longer even in the squad, and neither is Douglas Costa.

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$ {caption}

$ {footer} $ {time}

1:36 p.m.: It snows and snows and snows!

Munich lies under a thick blanket of snow and it should continue to snow in the afternoon, currently at minus 3 degrees Celsius.


weather conditions

could play the outsider from Freiburg in the cards - in slippery conditions it should be harder for the Munich to play their passing game and a little easier for the SCF to defend the record champions.

12.30 p.m.:

SC Freiburg travels to Bayern with a very broad chest.

Five wins in a row

- the Breisgauer are the team of the hour.

There is also euphoric anticipation on the SCF Twitter channel: The fans are in the mood with videos of past goals against Bayern.

Update from January 17, 10.15 a.m.:

The competition has messed up: Neither

RB Leipzig




won on Saturday.

There was only one draw for both teams -



therefore has the chance to pull away in the table today.

With a win against

SC Freiburg

, the lead in second place would increase to four points.

Bayern conqueror

Borussia Mönchengladbach also

experienced a disappointment on Saturday evening.

At the last minute,

Marco Rose's

team conceded

the equalizer with a controversial penalty.



admitted a mistake.

FC Bayern versus SC Freiburg in the live ticker: Breisgauer want to take something away

Update from January 16, 2021, 3:11 p.m.:

Ex-Bayern player Niels Petersen

hopes to take

points from



SC Freiburg


In an interview with


, he explains: “It would be a dream for me and also for Christian Streich to score again in Munich - preferably three times.

But when you go to Munich, you just can't have a big mouth.

They are too big, too strong for that.

As a football fan, I really enjoy watching

Bayern games

. ”However, he is aware of Bayern’s current problems:“ Sure, they are currently not in the best shape.

I wish we could provide a surprise, but I would never be too full. "

“We have had good performances there in the past.

Once through Lucas Höler, it was enough to get one point in the last second.

That also gives you a boost, ”




“I also believe that


will treat us with respect.

The pressure is on the Munich side.

For us it's actually a relaxed show, but we don't want to just give up the series. "

FC Bayern against SC Freiburg in the live ticker: is the next bankruptcy threatened?

- Flick issues a warning

First report from January 15, 2021:

Munich -

FC Bayern

* is back in the



after the bitter end in the DFB Cup in Kiel




, the next slip is prohibited.

FC Bayern - SC Freiburg in the live ticker: Kahn announcement - Flick is also losing patience

Bayern lost the famous momentum in the new year.

In Mönchengladbach, the 2020 everything winner lost a 2-0 and lost 2: 3.

In the DFB Cup during the week there was the next bankruptcy in Kiel.

In the last second of the regular playing time, FCB received the equalizer and later lost sensationally on penalties against the second division side.

The first title is gone



championship title

is now an

absolute must


On Sunday afternoon,

SC Freiburg will

be guests in the Allianz Arena *.


Hansi Flick

* wants to see a reaction from his players *.

“We are under contract with Bayern Munich.

We have to start getting back on track as soon as possible, ”he certainly demanded at the PK on Friday *.

That is a quality that


top teams


The sound gets rougher on Säbener Straße *.

Sports director

Oliver Kahn also

made the team responsible *: "We have to get to the New Year as soon as possible!" 

FC Bayern - SC Freiburg in the live ticker: trouble threatens - the team of the hour is visiting

In the Bundesliga it is now a matter of defending the championship lead.


strongest team in

the league

comes with SC Freiburg



Christian Streich's


recently set a new club record with five Bundesliga victories in a row, scoring 16 goals.

“It will be an

intense game

, they score a lot of goals.

It will depend on our


, we have to defend collectively and read the game, ”warned Flick.

His Bayern conceded two goals in all three games this year.


coach did not want to

attach the persistent


problems to the high defensive line.

Rather, it is crucial that "we get more pressure on the ball," said Flick, who also called for more


on the pitch.

He is not considering changes to his game idea, "we always adapt it to the opponent, including the height, we do not stubbornly proceed according to plan." After all, there is also positive news.


Kingsley Coman, Leon Goretzka


Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting

, recently ailing players are probably available again.

(ck) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network

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