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Handball World Cup 2021: drama about the DHB team! Germany with a "feeling of sh ***" after missing group victory


The German handball players meet their first strong opponent at the World Cup in Egypt. It's about winning the group and important points for the main round. The live ticker.

The German handball players meet their first strong opponent at the World Cup in Egypt.

It's about winning the group and important points for the main round.

The live ticker.

  • The handball

    world championship *

     will take place in Egypt from January 13th to 31st.

  • Germany*

    is already qualified for the main round after the cancellation against Cape Verde.

  • The

    DHB team


    for important points and


    victory in the last game of the preliminary round against



  • The team of

    Alfred Gislason

    but lost the physically robust Magyars narrowest of margins.

Germany - Hungary 28:29 (14:15)


Johannes Bitter, Andreas Wolff - Uwe Gensheimer (1), Johannes Golla (1), Juri Knorr, Sebastian Firnhaber, Philipp Weber (5), Patrick Groetzki (1), Kai Häfner (3), Marcel Schiller (7/4), Julius Kühn (3), Fabian Böhm (2), Timo Kastenig (2), David Schmidt, Paul Drux (3), Antonio Metzner


Mikler, Szekely - Banhidi (8), Mathe (8/2), Lekai (3), Szita (3), Bodo (2), Ancsin (2), Rosta (1), Balogh (1/1)

Time penalties:

7: 7

Update from January 19, 10:47 p.m.:

Due to the defeat, the Gislason boys miss the group win.

The German team will start the main round on Thursday with 2: 2 points against European champions Spain.

The other opponents in the next tournament phase are also top-class: The DHB team will also meet Brazil (Saturday) and Poland (Monday).

Coach Alfred Gislason knows what to work on then.

"We have to get a much better inside block in the main round," said the Icelander.

Update from January 19, 10:08 p.m .:

"We have shown that we can keep up with the best," explains Philipp Weber directly after the game on



However, the bitter defeat is "already a shitty feeling".

Handball World Cup 2021: drama about the DHB team!

Germany is defeated by Hungary - goodbye to group victory

60th minute:


The Hungarians actually hit!

The DHB team loses the game very close with 28:29!

59th minute:


The veteran is wonderfully unlocked on the right and equalizes.


Just a few more seconds.

Hungary is also taking the break.

Come on guys!

Keep the box clean!

59th Minute:

One minute left in Giza!

Germany have the ball, are behind with one goal and are taking a break.

Is that exciting ...

55th minute:

Just under five minutes are left - a draw between the DHB team and Hungary.

Who can make a decisive difference here shortly before the end?

51st Minute:

Very strong and above all important parade from Bitter, who fishes a concealed forearm throw from the corner.

Johannes Golla gets the whistle whistled and so the DHB team missed to pull away on two goals.


50th minute:



The DHB team takes the lead after a goal from the backcourt player of Füchse Berlin.

48th minute:

Crunchtime has started and the DHB team is in the game!

Schiller converts the fourth seven meter.

Now there are two minutes against Kai Häfner.

45th minute:

Back from the penalty box, Drux scores an important goal after a strong one-on-one situation.

Shortly afterwards there is a ball win and Gensheimer safely converts the counter-attack - equalizer!

43rd Minute:

Two minutes for Paul Drux.

That doesn't make it easier now ...

Handball World Cup 2021: Germany vs. Hungary - DHB team with problems!

Goodbye group victory?  

42nd minute:


Boxy fails twice completely free, especially in the counter-attack at the end the hit has to come from.

It really, really hurts now.

38th Minute:

On the offensive, things are now going better for Gislason's team.

However, on the defensive you cannot cope with the variable game of the Hungarians.

There is still too much coming through.

31st minute:

Curious start of the second half.

First, Schiller equalizes in a flash, then there are two quick goals for the DHB team - 15:17.

Half-time conclusion:

The DHB team does not really come into play here.

There are no variations on the offensive, on the defensive the Germans have problems with the physical superiority of the Hungarians.

But everything is still possible - after all, it's about winning the group!

29th minute:

Bitter fends off a counter-attack with his head and is terribly upset about the Hungarian thrower.

On the other side, Julius Kühn meets and seconds before the half-time siren the DHB team shortens to 14:15!

You can build on that.

26. Minute:

The DHB team cannot get through here in the first half against the physically outstanding Hungarians.

In addition, the Gislason boys have no means on the defensive, which is why the Magyars stay ahead with three goals.

Handball World Cup 2021: Germany vs. Hungary - time penalty festival and offensive chaos to kick off

21st minute:

The next two minutes for Firnhaber.

Now it's time to watch out, another time penalty and that's it for him.

Meanwhile, the Hungarians do not convert the seven meter.

19th minute:

The DHB team simply does not get the Hungarians defended.

It's way too easy - 8:12.

17th minute:

Time out at Germany because they gave away two attacks in a row far too easily - 6:10!

15th Minute:

The Hungarians are now pulling away with two goals for the first time.

Above all, the game in the circle is currently going very well with the Magyars, while the DHB team does not.

11. Minute:

Now the first two minutes for the DHB team, Sebastian Firnhaber collects them.

The Germans then block a litter spectacularly before Germany has the next two minutes.

Handball World Cup 2021: Germany vs. Hungary - balanced initial phase

9th minute:


Clear thing from Schiller, but he can't use it.

From the circle, the Hungarians play it really well and expand to 5: 4.

In return, there is the next time penalty for the Magyars.

5th minute:

Uwe Gensheimer stays outside in the initial phase, Marcel Schiller is allowed to hit the record for him.

But it works for the DHB team, a punch from Weber hits.

On the other hand, Wolff holds strong - 4: 3.

2. Minute:

First two-

minute penalty

for the Hungarians.

The DHB team can convert the seven meter straight - 1: 1

1st minute:


The game is on!

Update from January 19, 2025:

We're about to start in Giza!

How far is the German team under the new coach Alfred Gislason?

The game against Hungary is an absolute indicator.

We are excited and looking forward to it.

Update from January 19, 7:52 p.m.:

The squad for the game of the

DHB team against Hungary

is now officially out.

As expected,

Andreas Wolff

returns, but

Silvio Heinevetter is

not in the 16-strong squad.

Also new:

Patrick Groetzki

, who replaces the injured Tobias Reichmann.

Update from January 19, 6:14 p.m.:

Meanwhile, ex-national coach Dagur Sigurdsson is with


in the main round of the World Cup.

The Olympic hosts won the decisive game against


very narrowly with 30:29 (16:12).

Handball World Cup 2021: Germany - Hungary - DHB boys with prominent support from FCB star

Update from January 19, 5.47 p.m.:

Coach Alfred Gislason's DHB team receives prominent support from home in Germany.

Triple winner Thomas Müller from

FC Bayern

* wishes the handball boys good luck in the final group game against Hungary.

“Get the group win, guys!” Wrote the FCB star on Twitter.

Will the soccer world champion's fingers crossed?

We'll know from 8.30 p.m.

Then the game is started.

Get the group win, guys 💪🤾‍♂️ #HandballWM #DHB

- Thomas Müller (@esmuellert_) January 19, 2021

Update from January 19, 5:03 p.m.:

The game against


only has an important meaning at second glance.

Because with a victory over the Magyars, the

DHB team

would have

four points, which they take with him in the main round.

Physically, today's opponent will demand a lot from the Germans.

In the half positions and in the inner block, the Hungarians already have good edges at the start.

Julius Kühn, Paul Drux and Co. will be really challenged.

Update from January 19, 1:24 p.m.:

Today is getting serious for German handball



In the evening, the DHB selection meets Hungary, it's about the group victory.

We are already excited.

Germany - Hungary in the live ticker: Preliminary round at the Handball World Cup 2021

First report from January 18, 6:11 p.m .:

Gizeh - For the

German handball




world championship



on Tuesday evening (January 19th).

At the end of the preliminary round,


the strongest group opponent,

is waiting


The loose gallop into the World Cup tournament with the 43:14 against the exotic Uruguay was followed by the

corona shock


Actually, the DHB team should meet Cape Verde on Sunday and get another opportunity to play against an outsider.

But the islanders ran out of players due to numerous corona infections.

The game had




and was


10-0 for Germany


Cape Verde has now completely withdrawn from the tournament.

Handball World Cup 2021: Germany - Hungary in the live ticker - Gislason warns

Thus, the German team already has the

ticket for the next round

before the


final on Tuesday (8.30 p.m.).

Against Hungary, it's not just about winning the


, but above all about

important points for the main round


The game against Hungary is actually of great importance because of the World Cup mode.

All teams take the points earned in the preliminary round against the other main round participants into the next tournament phase.

If the German team


to fight for the

quarter-final ticket

with the

maximum yield

, another victory must be achieved.

"It would be very important to get these points," said national coach

Alfred Gislason *


Like Germany, Hungary is already qualified after two victories.

"They are a very good team that have hardly any weaknesses," warned Gislason.

"We have to improve further."

Handball World Cup 2021: Germany - Hungary in the live ticker - Wolff is guarding the goal again

Against the Magyars, Gislason will again bet on his 1a in goal

Andreas Wolff


Wolff is hot like no other to "take the step in the right direction".

He is also "very excited to

finally intervene in the tournament


Gislason had renounced his number one at the start of the tournament against Uruguay, now he lets Wolff off the leash.

"Andi will be

in the goal


Jogi Bitter

," announced the Icelander.

In addition,

Patrick Groetzki

, who was nominated for the injured right winger

Tobias Reichmann

, will

"almost certainly" be in the 16-man squad against Hungary.

"In my opinion, this is the

most important game of the entire tournament

because it forms the basis for a possible quarter-final," said Wolff.

“Of course there is great hunger and motivation.

Now the tournament is really

getting underway. ”With the Hungarians, many players earn their living with internationally known clubs such as KC Veszprem and Pick Szeged and have a lot of Champions League experience.

"Hungary has a team that plays at our level," warned the 29-year-old and spoke of a "very powerful backcourt and a very intelligent playmaker".

However, the statistics speak for the German team: The DHB selection has won all of the last four duels against the Magyars.

“Our means to success is”, said Wolff, “that we defend aggressively against the shooters and force them to throw as far away as possible”.

And then there is also a German goalkeeper.

And his name is Wolff on Tuesday.

(ck / sid / dpa) * is part of the Ippen-Digital network

Source: merkur

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