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Biathlon in Oberhof: Lesser shoots against German "national coach" - Preuss drama in the last round


Biathlon in Oberhof: The Germans celebrate a conciliatory end. Erik Lesser made an announcement to the fans.

Biathlon in Oberhof: The Germans celebrate a conciliatory end.

Erik Lesser made an announcement to the fans.

  • From January 8th to 17th, the 

    Biathlon World Cup will

     stop in 



  • Erik Lesser

    clashed with a Frenchman during the men's mass start (see 12.50 p.m.)

  • In the last race the women go to the mass start.

    What's going on for the

    DSV *



Update from January 18, 10:05 a.m .:

What an exciting winter sports weekend it was!

And from the perspective of the German biathletes, there was finally reason to be happy.

On Sunday, Franziska Preuss ran in second place in the mass start, but only narrowly missed the victory.

The day before, she got the same from the German women's relay.

The men, on the other hand, were deeply frustrated - especially with Erik Lesser.

His season colleague Philipp Horn had been heavily criticized on the social networks.

Lesser didn't like that at all, he said on the ARD microphone: “To the national coaches at home on TV: You can really save yourself that.

What I had to read about Philipp is insane.

He did not deserve that.

A year ago he made Martin Fourcade look old and was celebrated for it. "

Biathlon in Oberhof: mass start of women in the live ticker - final score

1. Julia Simon (France)

2. Franziska Preuß (Germany)

+ 4 ''

3. Hanna Öberg (Sweden)

+ 11 ''

15. Denise Herrmann (Germany)

+ 45 ''

18. Janina Hettich (Germany)

+ 1'14

29. Maren Hammerschmidt (Germany)

+ 3'16

3:42 p.m .: Off!

Franziska Preuss runs in second place

and only has to admit defeat to strong Simon in the end.

Great success and conciliatory conclusion for the DSV in Oberhof.

Hanna Öberg finished third, Denise Herrmann ended up in 15th place with four mistakes. Janina Hettich remained standing twice without mistakes and still fought her way to 18th place.

Maren Hammerschmidt finished the race in 29th place.

3:40 p.m .:

It's decided!

Simon pulls away, Preuss has to let it tear down.

She still has second place for sure - and thus a huge result!

3.38 p.m.:

The Austrian Lisa Hauser falls on the descent!

The victory will be decided between Julia Simon and Franziska Preuss.

What a finish!

3:34 p.m.:

The last lap will now be particularly tough.

Because: Six runners cavort at the top and are now fighting for victory among themselves.

Franziska Preuss is right in the middle and makes a fresh impression!

The German takes the lead and even attacks.

3:31 p.m.:



be exciting again!

Wierer made two mistakes in the last shooting!

Preuss clears outstandingly, where does she get out of?

3:31 p.m.:

Wierer can even make a mistake.

Now it's getting exciting.

Can Preuss attack again in front?

3:28 p.m.:

Preuss is 41 seconds behind Wierer in first place, but only 19 seconds in second.

There's still a podium in there!

But she can't afford to make a mistake in the last shooting.

Wierer is currently in a league of its own.

3:25 p.m.:

Standing all have problems and have to go to the penalty loop - except for one: Dorothea Wierer stays clear for the third time!

With one mistake, Preuss is still in business.

Herrmann also makes a mistake, Hammerschmidt and Hettich clear away.

3:24 p.m.:

The third shooting starts - for the first time standing.

3:22 p.m.:

Herrmann is struggling to run up to its backlog.

It doesn't seem so fresh after the many races either.

Can she get up again?

Preuss is only 15 seconds behind the leader Dorothea Wierer.

3:17 p.m.:

Preuss clears all the panes!

Unfortunately Herrmann does not manage to stay flawless again.

Like Hammerschmidt and Hettich, she makes a mistake.

Preuss has now shot up to eighth place.

3.15 p.m.:

Hammerschmidt, Herrmann and Preuss are around 20 seconds behind the leaders.

Now it's the second time in the prone position.

3:08 p.m.:

Herrmann and Preuss both have to go into the penalty



Not a good start, but everything is still possible.

Hettich also makes a mistake.

Only Maren Hammerschmidt remains flawless.

3:06 p.m.:

Denise Herrmann is one of the strongest runners in the field.

Accordingly, it is also right at the front.

If she shoots well today, she's a candidate for the very top.

It's the first time at the shooting range.

3:01 p.m.: It

starts on time!

The last race after two weeks in Oberhof begins.

2:57 p.m .:

The following German athletes are at the start: Franziska Preuß, Denise Herrmann, Maren Hammerschmidt and Janina Hettich.

The starting signal is given at any moment.

2:51 p.m.:

Now it's the turn of the women!

After the relay victory on Saturday, the hopes for the mass start are of course high.

The hottest irons in the German furnace are Franziska Preuss and Denise Herrmann.

Janina Hettich was also quite solid in the last few races.

What will the women achieve in the last Oberhof race?

The starting gun will be fired soon.

Biathlon mass start in Oberhof: result of the men

1. Tarjei Boe (Norway)

2. Clemens Leitner (Austria)

3. Benjamin Weger (Switzerland)

8. Erik Lesser (Germany)

11. Arnd Peiffer (Germany)

17. Benedikt Doll (Germany)

1:17 p.m.:

The German still has a concern with the ARD micro, the harsh criticism of Philipp Horn after the failed season on Friday is a thorn in his side.

“To the national coaches at home on TV: You can really save yourself that.

What I had to read about Philipp is insane.

He did not deserve that.

A year ago he made Martin Fourcade look old and was celebrated for it. "

1:14 p.m .: Erik Lesser on the incident on the track:

“Jacquelin is a great athlete, but sometimes he gets involved in games.

He stumbled, then Weger swung him onto his skis.

Then he complained and I had to reprimand him a little. "

1:11 p.m.:

It's not the big hit for the German men again, but the result is quite solid.

Maybe the women can top that - the mass start will follow at 3 p.m.

1:07 p.m.:

And it will be enough for Boe!

What a finish for the Norwegian.

Surprisingly, Clemens Leitner from Austria and Benjamin Weger from Switzerland came in second and third.

Erik Lesser crosses the finish line eighth, Arnd Peiffer is eleventh, Benedikt Doll has caught up again and is 17th.

1:06 p.m.:

Leitner and Weger stay tuned to Boe.

Eder has to be demolished.

1:04 p.m.:

And something is happening up front!

Tarjei Boe has already caught up and overtakes the Austrians Leitner and Eder.

This is going to be a heartbeat finale!

1:03 p.m.:

For the first three, it will no longer be enough for Erik Lesser.

Still, it will be a good result for the German.

1:01 p.m.:


Lesser and Boe make a mistake, but Leitner, Eder and Weger make no mistakes!

An absolute surprise podium is looming.

1 p.m .:

The last shooting is on.

12:59 p.m.:

Tarjei Boe takes the lead and tears a gap to the rest. He is now the favorite to win.

12:57 p.m.:

At the top, a group of five is now making



It all depends on the last shooting stage and Lesser has a good chance of a podium.

Man, is that exciting!

12:54 p.m.:

Erik Lesser shoots zero again!

He is unimpressed by the incident on the track.

Jacquelin, on the other hand, has to go into the penalty loop once, just like Arnd Peiffer.

Lesser leads the field together with Tarjei Boe.

12.50 p.m.: Suddenly there is trouble on the track!

The French Jacquelin gets into the enclosure with the Swiss Benjamin Weger and gives him a few sayings right away.

Shortly afterwards, Lesser also interferes and rebukes Jacquelin: "You don't need to play bad boy here now," he calls out to him in English.

The third shooting is already on, a lot of fire in here.

12.46 p.m.:

The Germans with a strong performance in the second shooting!

Lesser and Peiffer clear all the windows, Doll with a mistake.

It is now difficult for the Black Forest to intervene again with the front.

But the DSV has two hot irons in the running!

12.43 p.m.:

The field is moving closer together again.

The shooters with a mistake are now almost all back in front.

12:41 p.m.:

Peiffer is now in 21st place and tries to stick with Boe, who also made a mistake.

Lesser is in the Spitz group, Doll now has to roll up the field from behind.

12.38 p.m.:

Strong start by Erik Lesser!

He stays prone without mistakes.

Arnd Peiffer, on the other hand, has to go into the penalty loop once, and Benedikt Doll even twice.

12.35 p.m.:

The Germans are still holding back a little with leadership work.

With Johannes Thingnes Boe, the strongest runs first on the trail.

The first shooting is on.

12.31 p.m.:

The athletes are on their way!

30 runners storm up the Birgsteig - the crowd is big.

12.30 p.m.:

Mass starts are always something special.

Crowd, volume and fans - at least the latter has been canceled this year.

Arnd Peiffer wears the red jersey because he is the world cup leader in the discipline.

The starting gun will sound at any moment, we keep our fingers crossed.

Update from January 17th, 12:19 p.m.:

So far, things have not gone particularly well for the biathlon men in Oberhof.

Today is the last chance for a good result -




Arnd Peiffer


Benedikt Doll

have qualified for the mass start.

You want to attack the podium on the 15-kilometer lap, there are four shots.

Can you finish well in the Arena am Rennsteig?

It starts in ten minutes.

Biathlon in Oberhof: DSV athletes challenged at the mass starts

Update from January 17, 11:48 a.m.:

On Saturday there was finally the first major German success - the German women's relay won.

Today the competitions in Oberhof are drawing to a close with a grand finale.

The men's mass start begins at 12.30 p.m., followed by the women at 3 p.m.

We are in the live ticker.

Biathlon in Oberhof: women's relay

German season:

1st Vanessa Hinz, 2nd Janina Hettich, 3rd Denise Herrmann, 4th Franziska Preuss

Bottom line

1. Germany

2. Belarus


3. Sweden


3:59 p.m.: Franziska Preuss even extends the lead.

Nothing burns anymore.

The 26-year-old flies towards victory in the home game in Oberhof.

What a triumph.

The German women's relay celebrates its first victory this season.

3:53 p.m.:

The Belarusian delivers two errors directly.

Preuss stays cool and is now running towards victory.

Who would have thought that!

3:51 p.m.:

Damn it!

The Belarusian has passed the German.

But Preuss stays tuned and doesn't let an inch tear off.

3:47 p.m .:

Prone shooting.

Germany and Belarus arrive at the same time and remain error-free.

But Preuss was a bit faster and takes the lead.

Can the Belarusian keep up with the pace on the trail?

3.44 p.m.:

Preuss sucks on the Belarusian skis as she climbs.

It will be really exciting.

Who has the better nerves at the shooting range?

3.40 p.m.: What a race to catch up!

Herrmann has almost completely eaten up the deficit on Belarus.

Now it is handing over to Germany's final runner, Franziska Preuß.

Biathlon in Oberhof in the live ticker: German women's relay aiming for the podium - even victory is possible

3:36 p.m.:

Denise Herrmann needs a reload again.

But it does not matter.

The Saxon goes into the next round on rank 2, the gap to the now leading Belarusians is only 23.7 seconds.

And when it comes to running, the 32-year-old doesn't show up so quickly.

3:34 p.m.:

The French


comes first to the standing shooting - and there are three mistakes.

And one more, that's two penalties.


3:32 p.m.:

Denise Herrmann overtakes the Swede Vera Öberg and pushes the German relay to third place.

Keep it up, Denise!

3:29 p.m.:

What a shame!

Herrmann makes a mistake.

Nevertheless, the Saxon can catch up with it.

The French at the top has hurried for the time being.

3:28 p.m.:

Belarus and Sweden with two misses each, but the French woman comes through.

What is Herrmann doing?

3:26 p.m.:

Herrmann keeps the residue constant.

At the shooting range she can't afford to make any mistakes.

3:24 p.m.:

Janina Hettich gave everything.

Now the German hopes are on Denise Herrmann, she has to nibble off the deficit second by second.

3.20 p.m.:

Hettich's deficit on the top trio has grown to just under 30 seconds.

Stay tuned Janina!

3:16 p.m.:

The top trio goes to the standing stop at the same time.


Hettich fires twice and has to reload, the third shot also misses.

But nothing is lost yet, the gap of 23 seconds is bearable and can be made up again.

3:14 p.m.:

The Frenchwoman has taken the lead again with a strong mileage.

Germany and Sweden stay tuned.

3:09 p.m.:

The six leading women arrive at the shooting range almost at the same time.

Hettich and the Swede are the only ones to clear all five targets while lying down and go back to the trail at the same time.

3:07 p.m.:

Hettich keeps up well and stays within striking distance with the tip.

3:03 p.m.:

Hinz hands over the baton to Janina Hettich.

The German women are on rank 3, 11 seconds behind, with good prospects in the race.

3:01 p.m.:

Hinz gives everything, but Sweden, France and Austria are lurking right behind.

2:57 p.m.:

The second shooting, this time standing.

Hinz remains flawless!

The German starter takes all the time and stays very focused - 2nd place.

2:55 p.m .:

The first difficult climb.

Hinz clings to the top trio around Russia, Italy and Switzerland.

2:51 p.m.:

The first shooting is due - in the lying position.

Very strong!

Hinz clears all the discs and can continue without a reload.

2:50 p.m.:

The pace is not really high yet, the runners watch each other before the first shooting.

Vanessa Hinz is in the front part of the field, but that must also be the claim.

2.45 p.m .: start!

The athletes are on the trail.

Now it's getting serious.

Update from January 16, 2:43 p.m.:

It’s about to start.

Vanessa Hinz is already in the starting blocks as a starting runner.

The podium should be in today.

The favorites are clearly the Norwegians.

Update from January 16, 2:15 p.m.:

In half an hour, the women's relay will be on the trail.

The German biathlon quartet today consists of 

Vanessa Hinz *

, Janina Hettich, Denise Herrmann


Franziska Preuß.

Will the German women get their first podium this year over 4x 6km?

First report

: The second


weekend in


* continues on Saturday with the

women's relay

over 4x 6km.

Vanessa Hinz *

, Janina Hettich, Denise Herrmann


Franziska Preuß are

fighting for the first podium this year.

Will not be there

Maren Hammerschmidt

, which in the last two


was -race still one of the party.

This season the DSV * quartet has already made it onto the podium once.

At the beginning of December, it reached

third place behind Sweden and France





A week later it was

only fourth



behind Norway, France and Sweden.

And this time too, the Scandinavians are the favorites, above all the Norwegians around serial winner

Tiril Eckhoff


Biathlon in Oberhof in the live ticker: women's relay aiming for podium

Just under a month before the World Cup in Pokljuka starts, it is also important to get in good shape.

In the


race on Friday,

four German athletes -








- made it into the top 20. The prerequisites for the


run are good.

How not to do it, the

men's relay showed

on Friday.

Erik Lesser, Benedikt Doll


Arnd Peiffer

ran a formidable race and sent the final runner

Philipp Horn

into the cross-country ski run.

But the Thuringian failed completely when shooting prone.

Biathlon in Oberhof: Philipp Horn completely at a loss after the season drama

Instead of the first German


victory in almost four years, the result was an ungrateful fifth place.

“During the shooting, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing wrong.

I tried to shoot in the middle, it didn't work, ”said


after the race.

The second


* World Cup weekend



will be concluded on Sunday with the mass start races.

(mt) * is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network.

Biathlon in Oberhof: the program at a glance

Thursday, January 14th, 2:30 p.m.

Sprint women (7.5 km)

Friday, January 15, 2:30 p.m.

Relay men (4 x 7.5 km)

Saturday, January 16, 2:45 p.m.

Relay women (4 x 6 km)

Sunday 17th January at 12.30 p.m.

Mass start men (15 km)

Sunday 17th January, 3 p.m.

Mass start women (12.5 km)

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