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Handball World Cup: Germany strikes back spectacularly against Spain - in the final phase it will be dramatic


For the German handball players, the World Cup against Spain was about everything. In the first main round duel, the DHB team gave up victory after a great race to catch up. The game in the ticker for reading.

For the German handball players, the World Cup against Spain was about everything.

In the first main round duel, the DHB team gave up victory after a great race to catch up.

The game in the ticker for reading.

  • Showdown at the

    Handball World Cup *





  • The

    DHB *


    faced a big task against the experienced Spaniards and needed a win.

  • After a

    furious race to catch up

    , Germany

    had to admit defeat





    for reading.

Germany - Spain 28:32 (13:16)


Johannes Bitter, Andreas Wolff - Kai Häfner (6), Fabian Böhm, Paul Drux (2), Julius Kühn, Juri Knorr (1), Philipp Weber (2), David Schmidt, Marcel Schiller (3/3), Uwe Gensheimer ( 3), Patrick Groetzki, Timo Kastening (7), Sebastian Firnhaber, Moritz Preuss, Johannes Golla (4)


Rodrigo Corrales, Gonzalo Perez de Vargas - Daniel Dujshebaev (3), Viran Morros, Raul Entrerrios (4), Daniel Sarmiento (2), Alex Dujshebaev (5), Jorge Maqueda (2), Aitor Arino, Angel Fernandez (6), Aleix Gomez (1), Ferran Sole (5/3), Adria Figueras (2), Gedeon Guardiola, Ruben Marchan, Joan Canellas (2)

Time penalties:

5: 3

Update from January 21, 10:22 p.m.: National


Alfred Gislason

delivered the explanation for the defeat against Spain immediately after the end of the game.

“We started playing with way too much risk after we played great.

Then there were too many counter-attacks.

We ruined the

game ourselves

with our missed throws,

”said Gislason.

The national coach especially struggled with the bad result in front of the goal: "We had chances to decide the game, but the

evaluation of


chances broke our necks

." For the quarter-finals we need "a lot of luck now."

Uwe Gensheimer

was completely served after the game.

“We have to digest it now because there was more in it like two days ago.

We were in the lead, but we left too many balls,

it just hurts,

”said the DHB captain.

Update from January 21, 10:19 p.m.:


Johannes Bitter

, who kept the

DHB team

in the game for a long time with his parades, praised his team despite the defeat.

“We played a great game.

We put the Spaniards under a lot of pressure and held against it all the time.

Then we made a couple of mistakes that break our necks.

We don't have to go out here with a bad feeling, ”said Bitter.

Handball World Cup in the live ticker: DHB team turns "final" against Spain - and loses in the end

Final whistle

: Germany loses 28:32 against Spain.

After a furious race to catch up at the beginning of the second round, the DHB team thought they were almost on the road to victory.

But the Spaniards were not deterred, stayed ice cold and hit back.

In the end, a disaffected German team and a thoughtful national coach Alfred Gislason are left behind.

59th Minute:

That is probably the decision.

The Spaniards meet completely free on the circle to 32:28 and then pull the striker foul.

58th Minute:

Gensheimer brings the DHB team back with two hits and hits the empty goal.

57th Minute:

Almost everything works out for the Spaniards.

The DHB team must now really accelerate.

After all, the southern Europeans also receive a time penalty.

54th minute:

Aluminum again!

Böhm nails the thing from the right from an acute angle to the long post.

On the other side, Firnhaber also receives his third time penalty and is out.

The seven meter the Spaniard sits.

Now it will be very difficult for the DHB men.

52nd Minute:

The Spaniard's goal is nailed up!

Schiller slams the seven meter against the crossbar.

On the other hand, Bitter only holds the ball just behind the line.

50th minute:


Gensheimer is up and away and fails, the Spaniards remain ice cold on the other side.

Kastening also gets stuck in his tunnel attempt.

It's suddenly bewitched.

47th minute:

The Spaniards actually turn the game around, catching up three goals behind.

Germany cannot simply swallow the counterattack, only then can it work.

46th minute:

Damn it!

The DHB men lose the ball twice and let Spain get there again, this time Bitter can't do anything either.

Gislason is taking the break.

44th minute:

Bitter again!

The DHB keeper holds almost every second ball. Now the Spaniards suddenly seem nervous and hectic.

43rd Minute:

Bitter jumps into the breach and holds the next thing.

Häfner is expanding its leadership.

Great guys!

42nd minute:


Reliability ”is on again.

Schiller transforms the seven-meter with confidence as usual.

Germany holds the two-goal lead, who would have thought!

39th minute:


Bitter holds a seven meter with his fingertips, in return, Juri Knorr extends the lead.

Handball World Cup in the live ticker: DHB team with furious comeback against Spain - game turned

38th Minute:

Germany turns the game and takes the lead.

Bitter holds and Kastening sets the counter - 20:19.

The Spaniards are taking the break.

38th Minute:

Häfner pulls through beautifully and Golla nets - the renewed equalization at 19:19.

Germany stays tuned.

35th Minute:

The Germans move much better around the circle in the defense and are freezing in front of the goal.

Kastening equalized with his third goal after the break.

31st minute:

That's how it works!

Bitter stays in goal and can directly hold a ball, in return Häfner shortens to 14:16.

Half-time conclusion:

Germany stays against strong Spaniards - 13:16 at break.

You can still catch up three goals in 30 minutes.

The DHB team has to be more effective in defense and be careful with the fast counterattacks.

The exploitation of chances must also be better, but the Spanish keeper also held up sensationally.

If that succeeds, there will still be a lot in here.

In any case, the fighting spirit is right!

30. Minute:

The Spaniards are in possession of the ball a minute before the break and take the time-out.

In Germany, Johannes Bitter is now in goal for Wolff.

The Spaniards hit, but Golla shortened to 13:16 with the last action of the first half.


Shortly before the half-time break, Böhm takes two minutes.

The Spaniards take advantage of this directly.

The gap must not get too big until the break.

Fight guys!

26th minute:

After a striker foul by the Spaniards, the DHB men quickly switch and shorten it to 11:13 through Kastening.

Handball World Cup in the live ticker: DHB team bites its teeth at the Spanish keeper

23rd Minute:

Spain plays the way the Germans wanted to do it and succeeds after goalkeeper parades and quick counterattacks.

After all, the DHB team is now outnumbered.

19th minute:

Wolff can stand out again.

The DHB keeper throws up his arms at lightning speed, but the attack cannot gold his parade in return.


17th minute:

Nice combination of the DHB men over Häfner and Kastening.

The right winger tunnels the keeper and shortens it to 7: 9.

15th minute:

That's bitter!

Germany can hardly get through against the physically strong Spaniards.

Nevertheless, Drux has the equalizer in hand, but then the DHB team conceded two fast counter goals.

It was way too easy.

13th minute:

National coach Alfred Gislason takes the first break and calls for more movement on the defensive.


Germany conceded the seven-meter outnumbered, the Spaniards go with two goals in front.

Handball World Cup in the live ticker: Drux saves spectacularly for the DHB team - Firnhaber with two time penalties

10th minute:

Paul Drux saves in goalkeeper fashion!

The Germans leave the goal orphaned, but the backcourt player saves in front of the circle for his goalkeeper.

The Spaniards take the lead for the first time and Firnhaber receives his second time penalty - annoying!

9th minute:

The first time penalties.

Firnhaber takes it.

The Spaniards convert the seven meter.

But the southern Europeans also get the penalty and the seven meter penalty on the other side.

6th minute:

Both teams seem to be aware of the importance of the game and act prone to errors in the initial phase.

Spain equalized, but the early substitute Paul Drux brings the DHB team back into the lead.

3rd minute:

Germany's first attack via Kühn is held, but our goalkeeper Andreas Wolff shows two strong saves on the other side and the DHB team takes the lead with a seven-meter through Marcel Schiller.

1st minute:


Germany starts against Spain, a victory is needed!

Update from January 21, 8:25 p.m .:

The captain is on board!

Uwe Gensheimer

is on the plate from the start and should lead the DHB selection.

Julius Kühn, Philipp Weber and Kai Häfner are seated in the back room.

Timo Kastening starts as right winger.

Johannes Golla is in demand at the circle.

Handball World Cup in the live ticker: Germany meets European champions Spain

Update from January 21, 8:20 p.m .: Germany

, European champion from 2016, meets


, European champion from 2018 and 2020. Today the two top nations meet at the

World Cup


The Spaniards are considered favorites.

But the

“golden generation”

is now getting on in years.

The chance for the DHB men?

It should be decisive to take courageous action in defense and to score with quick counter attacks.

"We have to get a much better defense," said national coach

Alfred Gislason

shortly before the game on ZDF.

Update from January 21, 8:10 p.m.:

Do not lose!

The duel between




could also be a knockout game, the first main round game is about everything.

"We know that with two defeats you don't have a great chance of progressing," said goalkeeper oldie

Johannes Bitter


“That's why it's about a lot.” And backcourt player

Paul Drux

predicted: “This is a do-or-die game for us, but also for the Spaniards.

So there will be a lot of fire in there. "

Handball World Cup in the live ticker: DHB national coach Gislason cancels back space players against Spain

Update January 21, 20 h:




DHB selection

is there.

National coach

Alfred Gislason

puts in the first World Cup main round match of the German handball players against European champions Spain with only one exception to the same squad as in the defeat against Hungary.

Only circle runner Moritz Preuss from SC Magdeburg is new in the line-up.

The 25-year-old replaces backcourt player Antonio Metzner from HC Erlangen.

Handball World Cup in the live ticker: Germany celebrated the last title against Spain

Update from January 21, 7:55 p.m.:


DHB team

still fondly remembers the duels with


at the EM 2016.

In the opening game, outsiders Germany lost to the Spaniards with 29:32.

But both teams saw each other again - in the



The DHB selection, magnificently set by Dagur Sigurdsson, with an outstanding Andreas Wolff in goal, played itself into a frenzy.

At the end of the day it was 24:17 - the

sensational title

for the

Bad Boys

was perfect.

A defeat today could destroy all dreams, then a reunion would be almost impossible.

Handball World Cup in the live ticker: DHB team against Spain - the starting point is becoming more and more tricky

Update from January 21, 7:33 p.m.:


German national handball team


under extreme pressure

before the duel against



Before the kick-off in less than an hour, the other group opponents have already played their first games in the main round.




with 30:16

, as expected



just won

29:23 against



Hungary already has six points on the account.


DHB men

do not need to wait for

the competition to slip up


You have to do your own homework, only one win counts against Spain.

Handball World Cup in the live ticker: DHB team believes in victory against Spain

Update from January 21, 6:40 p.m.:

Especially in


, the

DHB selection

must increase significantly

today against

Spain in

order not to go under like at the EM last year.

At that time, it was a bitter 26:33 defeat in the preliminary round against the later title holder.

Also at the EM 2018, the German team had no chance at 27:31 in the decisive main round game.

“We have to do a lot better if we want to win the game.

We need an optimal day to beat Spain, ”said national coach

Alfred Gislason


Like at 24:17 in the European Championship final five years ago.

The memory of it and the knowledge of one's own strengths should inspire the team.

“The tournament continues and we still have every chance.

We have to remember that now, ”said

Paul Drux


And captain

Uwe Gensheimer

added: "What speaks for us is that we can do a lot better."

Handball World Cup in the live ticker: Germany versus Spain - no loss

Update from January 21, 5:35 p.m.:

For the German handball


tonight against Spain is almost everything.

Today only one win counts to have progress to the quarter-finals in your own hands.

A defeat would almost be equated with a premature knockout.

Handball World Cup in the live ticker: DHB star Drux calls for "rip off" against Spain

Update from January 21st, 1:08 pm:


Play quietly

and ripped off, have a strong goalkeeping performance and


the defense - I think you'll get it then," said DHB star

Paul Drux

in the


interview about the German chances against




Simply put - but will it work that easily?

One thing is certain: It will be hard work for the team of coach

Alfred Gislason


We are already excited and will be in the

live ticker



Handball World Cup in the live ticker: Germany has to play against Spain

Cairo - With a win against


, the

German national handball team could have created

a good starting position for the main round.

But the only real test of the previous

World Cup was

lost with a wafer-thin 27:28 - that's why the team of national coach


Gislason *

now under great pressure.

Handball World Cup: Germany - Spain in the live ticker - DHB team doomed to victory


DHB team

* fights in the main round against






for the quarter-finals.

Because of the group constellation, you will need three wins to advance.

The first of the three duels is probably the hardest.

The Spanish team is packed with stars and has an incredible amount of experience.

However, the team no longer exudes the dominance of earlier days, the average age is now 31.3 years.

The German team has to improve significantly compared to the Hungary game if it wants to be dangerous for the Spaniards.

"We are aware that we will probably have to win the next three games in order to progress," said captain

Uwe Gensheimer

, "and we want to start against Spain with that."

Handball World Cup: Germany - Spain in the live ticker - bad and good memories of the Iberians


Johannes Bitter

is aware of the difficulty of the task.

“You make few mistakes, almost everything has to fit.

We must have a very good day.

Each of them has played and won such a battle before. ”The last time was only a year ago - at the EM 2020 it was a bitter preliminary bankruptcy for Germany.

"We still have one bill open," said

Paul Drux


Even the Spaniards have not yet fully convinced in the preliminary round, against Brazil it was only enough to draw.

A nostalgic look into the past also inspires hope.

At the

EM 2016

, the German team won their last big title after a sensational final victory against Spain.

(epp with sid) * is part of the Ippen editorial network.

Source: merkur

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