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Kimmich accident with referee! Bayern star goes down - then he gets really angry


With luck, FC Bayern Munich wins at FC Augsburg. Many fans will remember a scene by Joshua Kimmich.

With luck, FC Bayern Munich wins at FC Augsburg.

Many fans will remember a scene by Joshua Kimmich.

  • FC Augsburg - FC Bayern Munich 0: 1 (0: 1), Wednesday, 8.30 p.m.

  • The FCB has recovered from the cup shock in Kiel and won against Freiburg, now the

    next three followed


  • The

    live ticker

    with the curious Kimmich scene to read.

FC Augsburg - FC Bayern Munich 0: 1 (0: 1)

Lineup FC Augsburg:

Gikiewicz - Uduokhai, Gouweleeuw, Oxford - Iago, Gruezo, Khedira (46th Strobl), Caliguiri - Hahn (71st Jensen), Richter (71st Niederlechner), Vargas (71st Finbogasson)

Lineup FC Bayern Munich:

Neuer - Pavard, Boateng, Alaba, Hernandez - Kimmich, Goretzka - Gnabry (67th Sané), Müller (89th Martinez), Coman (79th Musiala) - Lewandowski (67th Tolisso)


Lewandowski (13th / foul penalty)

Update January 21, 6:48:


Bayern Munich

has come up with a lot of luck against

FC Augsburg


The Swabians could have equalized with a penalty in the closing stages, but

Alfred Finnbogasson

failed on the post.

Curious: five minutes before the end Bayern star

Joshua Kimmich had

a clash with referee

Matthias Jöllenbeck


The national player went down, got up again and hurried after the lost ball - at the same time he grabbed the referee by the arm and yelled at him.

There were of course quick reactions in the social networks.

“Kimmich runs straight towards the referee, who can't see him at all.

It is of course completely understandable that he then yells at him, "wrote one user.

Experienced football fans were of course immediately reminded of

Michael Ballack


The then Chelsea star wanted to have seen a penalty-ready handball by a Barcelona opponent in stoppage time of the 2009 Champions League semi-finals.


Tom Henning Övrebö

was of a different opinion - which


the "Capitano".

His subsequent rage run, in which he yelled at the referee, is legendary.

FC Bayern wins against Augsburg with luck

Update from January 20, 11:01 p.m

.: What an exciting second round, but in the end only the




Hansi Flick's team showed a strong performance in the first 45 minutes and took a

1-0 lead

after a penalty from

Robert Lewandowski


After many missed chances and 15-0 shots on goal for the record champions went into the break.

After the restart, the hosts took part in the game and got a chance to equalize with a hand penalty, but

Alfred Finnbogasson

failed his nerves and the ball only hit the post.

In the end, Bayern successfully defended the last Augsburg offensive efforts and headed back to Munich with three points in their luggage.


90th + 5 minutes:

And Jöllenbeck whistles offensive foul from Augsburg!

Shortly afterwards the referee whistled, Bayern just win in Augsburg!

90th + 4th minute:

The Augsburgers do not come out at the back, Bavaria defends passionately.

But Caligiuri takes another corner out ...

90 + 2 minutes:

First, the Augsburgers are awarded a corner, which brings nothing.

But the Herrlich-Elf stays tuned.

After a Jensen cross, Uduokhai comes to the header, but it goes well over it.

90th minute:

Musiala and Sané hold the ball on the right side, but the two cannot think of anything.

Augsburg get a free kick after an offside position.

There are four minutes on top.

89th Minute:

Thomas Müller goes out, Javi Martinez comes for him.

88th Minute:

Jensen serves Niederlechner with a great pass, the Upper Bavarian does not come offside, but the ball slips over his slipper.

Lucky for Bavaria.

86th Minute:

Musiala starts a class solo and dances the Augsburg defense, his pass is used to a goal, but before the ball was out.

85th Minute:

Kimmich sticks to the referee, Augsburg can switch a counterattack, but Bayern clarify into the side.

83rd Minute:

Although the hosts set the tone in the last few minutes, Bayern are back in the final phase and take the initiative.

The penalty kick was probably the wake-up call for the Flick-Elf.

The Bavarians nest again in the opposing half.

81st Minute:

Bayern get some relief from a corner kick, but Augsburg clarify the action.

Hernandez is hit before the sixteenth and lies down.

78th Minute:

Augsburg wants to take something away despite the missed penalty, Jensen comes to the conclusion, but he is too unplaced.

At Bayern, Musiala comes for Coman.

76 minutes:

Finbogasson grabs the ball - and hits the left post!

The Augsburgers will bite their asses, that was the chance to equalize.

75th Minute:

And there is the hand


for Augsburg!

After a Finbogasson pass into the backcourt, Iago gets the ball, which jumps to Pavard's hand.

The action is still being reviewed, but the penalty will be awarded!

73rd Minute:

Augsburg has changed the entire offensive, Thomas Müller calls on his teammates to fight.

“Accept every duel,” says the offensive player.

71st Minute:

Bayern are still not sovereign in the second round, Augsburg get a free kick in the Munich half.

Before that, however, there is still a change.

70th Minute:

Herrlich goes all-in and brings Jensen and the two strikers Finbogasson and Niederlechner.

68th Minute:

Daniel Caligiuri comes to the end with his strong right foot and just misses Manuel Neuer, an exclamation point for the experienced Augsburg professional.

66 minutes:

After a mistake by Uduokhai, Gnabry has a flash of inspiration and sends Lewandowski steep.

The ball bounces in front of the goal, the Pole is annoyed.

Shortly afterwards, both Bayern players are surprised by a shot, with Sané and Tolisso coming.

63rd Minute:

Hernandez and Coman are disturbed time and again early in the combination, the defensive performance of the hosts is much better in the second round, but more must come from the FCA for something countable.

61st Minute:

Augsburg make a detour in the Bayern half again, after Richter's blocked shot, Uduokhai straddles Gnabry and sees the yellow card.

59th Minute:

Augsburg loses the ball again in the forward movement because Goretzka is paying attention.

But Oxford can prevent a possible attack via Lewandowski.

Bayern stay on the ball ...

57th Minute:

Bayern let up a bit in the second round, there was still no real chance for Munich.

54th Minute:

Breathe easy with the hosts, Vargas will probably continue.

The Swabians stay in forward gear and give the ball lightly, Lewandowski initiates the next Bavarian ball relay.

52nd minute:

Vargas lies on the ground with the guests and holds the ankle!

The Swiss got stuck in the lawn.

51st Minute:

The game is a little more balanced in the second round, Heiko Herrlich probably gave his team the right words during the break.

48th Minute:

Two Augsburg corners do not bring any income, Bayern seem to have their today's goal of three points firmly in mind.



The Augsburgers come after a Caligiuri free kick by Uduokhai to a half chance, the ex-1860 professional bounces the ball in the penalty area when accepting, so he does not hit the ball properly.

46th Minute:

Bayern go into the second half unchanged, Rani Khedira leaves Augsburg, Tobias Strobl comes into play for him.

Kick-off in the 2nd half

With a 1-0 lead, Bayern goes into the half-time break, the Munich team could not use their many chances from the game and came with a penalty kick to the first and so far only goal of the game.

Not much came from Augsburg, but Heiko Herrlich's team defended what they can do today.


45th minute:

Again the very active Gnabry draws attention to himself with a degree, you don't notice the Swabian his injury from the last game.

43rd Minute:

Gnabry makes a strong game, he prevails on the right and crosses exactly to Lewandowski, who is waiting at the second post.

But the striker doesn't hit the ball correctly - post!

Coman missed the FCA box with a corner kick.

41st Minute:

Alaba thrashes the ball over the gate from a long distance, the Augsburgers then start an attack attempt.

At the long Oxford ball, Neuer has to come out and clarify, the FCA is probably not up to this strong Bayern today.

38th minute:

First Gnabry Gikiewicz checks with a shot from 15 meters, then Thomas Müller is awake and brings the defended ball back into play.

Robert Lewandowski finds his flank, who asserts himself and heads Gikiewicz, but is said to have committed an offensive foul.

In the Bayen game there is a lot going on, the Augsburgers only defend.

FC Augsburg - FC Bayern in the live ticker: endless opportunities for Munich -

36th minute:

Augsburg's defender Oxford heads the ball right in front of Kimmich's feet, who closes from the edge of the penalty area and just misses the goal.

35th Minute:

Gouweleeuw prevails in midfield and gives out to Iago.

What looks like a looming Augsburg chance is in the end just a flank in the arms of Manuel Neuer.

At least something to do for the Bayern keeper.

33rd Minute:

Hahn and Caligiuri try to push forward, but the ball ends up in touch.

So far, the hosts don't seem to have any ideas for the future, but Bayern are also making it difficult for them.

31st Minute:

The ball quickly lands in the ranks of the black-clad Munich, who push the ball back and forth.

The leadership is obviously good for Bayern.

29th minute:

Hernandez takes Gnabry, who is immediately looking for Lewadowski.

But this time the Augsburgers clarify the situation.

There is then a free kick for the hosts ...

26th Minute:

Augsburg come to their first corner, which Vargas unsuccessfully brings in the middle.

From the situation Gouweleeuw dribble into the penalty area, but Hernandez clears - with his hand?

This is what the Augsburg defender claims, but referee Jöllenbeck sees it differently.

24th minute:

Lewandowski misses the next opportunity for Munich, the striker comes after a pass from the right in front of the Augsburg goal, but he pounds the ball a few meters over it!

23rd minute:

Next chance!

First Gnabry comes to a close after a great pass from Lewandowski, but Gikiewicz can parry his flick.

In the margin, Müller misses the case a good deal.

FC Augsburg - FC Bayern in the live ticker: An early penalty goal brings FCB to the winning road

21st minute:

Bayern continue to combine lively, Augsburg find no answers to the record champions' advances.

Thomas Müller praises every pass and, as always, is the loud driver for the guests.

20th minute:

Short check moment at the host.

Gikiewicz is disturbed by Uduokhai and only drops the ball, but the FCA goalkeeper holds onto the play equipment when he follows up.

18th minute:

Bayern are not slacking off, Augsburg are just running behind.

Hernandez prevailed strongly against Caligiuri and got the next corner kick after a failed cross.

16. Minute:

Shortly after his penalty kick, Rani Khedira also sees the yellow card, so far it is not the day of the brother of world champion Sami.

13th minute:

TOR for Bayern!

Lewandowski steps up and converts in the usual manner to 1-0 for Bayern on the bottom right, his compatriot Gikiewicz has no chance.

13th minute:

Gnabry plays Hernandez high in the penalty area, but he is hit by Khedira - penalty!

11th Minute:

Coman leads an attack with a remarkable dribble, Gnabry is fouled by Caligiuri.

Lewandowski rises up on the free kick, but the Pole was offside with his header.

FC Augsburg - FC Bayern in the live ticker: FCB makes a lot of pressure in the initial phase

10. Minute:

The Munich team remain dangerous, the next corner follows.

The championship leader cannot yet capitalize on the advantages.

8th Minute:

Bayern are trying to pull the game from behind.

Augsburg is compact, but Boateng and Coman overcome the hosts with a diagonal ball.

Coman brings the ball in front of goal, where Gouweleeuw clears for a corner.

This is also dangerous, but does not bring anything.

6th minute:

Leon Goretzka is lying on the floor, he was probably caught in the neck in a duel.

But it can go on.

4th minute:

Iago gives the first foul of the game on Pavard for a free kick, which Bayern quickly execute.

Gnabry tries to refuel on the outside against Udokhai, but his national team colleague clears the corner, which ends up in Gikiewicz's arms.

2nd minute:

The Augsburgers come after a strange air hole from Boateng in front of the Bayern box, but the back team of Munich clears the situation.

But what was the world champion doing in front of his own sixteen?

He probably slipped a bit when he tried to knock the ball out of the danger zone.

1st minute:

The ball is rolling!

The hosts dressed in white carry out the kick-off.


Update, 8:28 p.m.:

The players are already in the players

' tunnel

, Thomas Müller whistles easily and in his own way gets “hot” for the game.

Now the players run into the empty WWK arena.

Here we go!

Update, 8:25 p.m.:

Five minutes left until kick-off.

Bayern coach Hansi Flick stood in front of the Sky microphone before the game and brings his triple stars into the starting line-up - and not a single new addition.

“It is the case that all the players who have come have some problems, says Flick and mentions the injuries of Bouna Sarr, Douglas Costa and Leroy Sané.

"We want to improve today and want three points," said Flick.

Bayern newcomer

Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting

is not in the squad because he is expecting a child.

Flick says briefly: "Baby comes first!"

Update, 8:17 p.m.:



a quarter of an hour until kick-off!

Can Bayern take three points in the Augsburg stadium, which is around 70 kilometers away?

The actors of both teams will provide the answer from 8.30 p.m.

Update from January 20, 8:08 p.m.:

A long-time player is celebrating a round anniversary at Bayern!


Jerome Boateng is

playing his 300th Bundesliga game in Augsburg this evening.

The world champion has already played in the top German league for Hertha BSC, Hamburger SV and FC Bayern.

The 32-year-old could refine his special game with a win, but for that his Bayern have to defeat FCA.

FC Augsburg - FC Bayern in the live ticker: Just a change in Flick's starting eleven

Update from January 20, 7:50 p.m.:

While Hansi Flick only makes one change in his starting line-up and brings Davies Hernandez, his Augsburg counterpart Heiko Herrlich changes twice.

The Brazilian Iago and Richter, who has canceled his yellow-red suspension, move into the starting line-up, Pedersen and Finnbogason take their places on the bench.

In about 40 minutes, referee Matthias Jöllenbeck whistles for the game in the WWK-Arena.

Update from January 20, 7:27 p.m.:

FC Bayern's line-up is now out, Serge Gnabry will play from the start, Lucas Hernandez will play for Alphonso Davies.

There is only one change in Flick's starting XI.

This time Douglas Costa is in the squad, and Bouna Sarr is also back.

Leroy Sané is also not in the starting eleven, Flick relies on the Gnabry / Coman wing tongs this evening.

Check out this post on Instagram

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Update from January 20, 7:05 p.m.:

FC Bayern coach Hansi Flick announced before the game in Augsburg that he wanted to rotate less in his team in the interests of continuity.

Serge Gnabry's

involvement from the

start is doubtful, however, as Leroy Sané could replace him.

Whether shooting star

Jamal Musiala will

be allowed to


from the start is unlikely in view of the statements of his coach.

Most recently, the contract negotiations with the 17-year-old are said to have stalled - due to a high salary demand.

Update from January 20, 6:40 p.m.:

About two hours until kick-off in the Augsburg WWK Arena.


FC Bayern Munich get

their second win in a row or will Augsburg take advantage of Bayern’s current defensive gaps?

Munich are hoping for national player

Serge Gnabry,

who had to leave the field injured after half an hour in the last league game against Freiburg.

You can find out whether the DFB star is in the squad for the away game in Augsburg in the live ticker.

FC Augsburg - FC Bayern in the live ticker: FCA coach wonderfully brave before Bayern game - "Nothing to lose"

Update from January 20, 4:50 p.m.:

Before the game against

FC Bayern

there was unrest in the Augsburg team.

Goalkeeper Rafal Gikiewicz publicly criticized his teammates after the defeat in Bremen, Florian Niederlechner and coach Heiko Herrlich clashed at an internal meeting, as the

Augsburger Allgemeine


FCA managing director Stefan Reuter later informed the newspaper that "it was communicated quite openly".

“A few things were raised internally.

That was good too.

I think that's part of it, ”said



Despite the tense atmosphere in his team before the duel with FC Bayern, the coach was quite confident.

“You actually have

nothing to lose

, no one trusts you to do anything.

You can show what kind of performance you are capable of, ”said the trainer.

Finally, the Munich team weakened, "that's a fact," said Herrlich about the weak phase.

“But they are still in first place.

That's why it's Bayern Munich. "

FC Augsburg - FC Bayern in the live ticker: Flick-Elf wants the next victory in the Swabian-Bavarian duel

First report from January 19th:

Munich - Last Sunday,

FC Bayern



a more appealing performance after two defeats in a row, after the 2-1 home win against Freiburg, self-confidence should be recharged a little.


Wednesday evening

, the record champions * are already playing at

FC Augsburg

*, who struggled with the results in the last few games.

FC Augsburg - FC Bayern in the live ticker: Lewandowski with mega-balance against Fuggerstädter

The Augsburgers suffered their fourth


in the last five Bundesliga * games

on Saturday in Bremen

, and the FCA is currently seven points ahead of the relegation place.

A turnaround is unlikely against Bayern.



defense is

quite full of holes in the current season, even against teams from the lower third of the table they conceded a few goals.

Hansi Flicks * Bayern are currently four points


of their rival RB Leipzig *,

so Bayern will be able to secure


first round championship

before the 17th matchday.

But with a win at FCA, the necessary calm before the supposedly easier games against Schalke * and Hoffenheim would return.

The focus at Bayern will be on

Robert Lewandowski

*, who scored

twelve times

for Bayern in nine meetings with the Fuggerstadt


FC Augsburg - FC Bayern in the live ticker: Gnabry probably back again - will the big rotation be off this time?

"We hope that we will see the

same things

against Augsburg as we

did against Freiburg," said Flick at the press conference before the duel in the

WWK Arena


which is almost 70 kilometers away


Should his team appear with the same determination as on Sunday, it could work with the next three.

The coach also gave the all-clear to one of his ailing stars.

Serge Gnabry

trained today, it looks pretty good.

Tomorrow morning we will know everything exactly, ”the trainer informed the press on Tuesday afternoon.

With the exception of the long-term injured,

all players are fit for action


Maybe even a luxury problem with all these exceptional talents?

As Flick * revealed on Tuesday, not too much will be changed in the starting XI, as “a certain consistency is important”.

Whether Augsburg take advantage of Bayern's current weaknesses or whether the Flick-Elf

can start

a new

series of victories

will be shown on Wednesday evening.

(ajr) * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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