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Handball World Cup: Germany outclasses Brazil - but before that there is bad news


Germany clearly wins against Brazil at the Handball World Cup 2021. But the victory comes too late for the quarter-finals. The ticker for reading.

Germany clearly wins against Brazil at the Handball World Cup 2021.

But the victory comes too late for the quarter-finals.

The ticker for reading.

  • Handball World Cup 2021

    *: Germany

    wins in the second round against



  • The


    * team

    , however, missed


    World Cup quarter-finals

    after losing to




  • The game against the Brazilians in the

    ticker for reading


Germany - Brazil 31:24 (16:12)


Bitter, Heinevetter - Golla 7, Kühn 5, Ph. Weber 5, Gensheimer 4, K. Häfner 4, Schiller 3/3, Drux 1, S. Firnhaber 1, Kastening 1, Böhm, Groetzki, Metzner, Michalczik, D. Schmidt


Almeida, Da Rosa, Dos Santos - Moraes Ferreira 6, Langaro 4, Hackbarth 3/2, Rodrigues 3, Silva 3, Torriani 3, Chiuffa 1, V. Teixeira 1, Andrade, Luciano, Patrianova, Ponciano, H. Teixeira

Penalty minutes:



Update, 10:50 p.m.: Conclusion - Germany


the intermediate round 31:24 (16:12) against


at the

Handball World Cup 2021

- but missed the

quarter-finals of

the tournament in Egypt.

Because: Previously,



30:26 against Poland and moved

into the knockout round

as the second team in Group I alongside



However, the

DHB team



against the South Americans


The protégés of national

coach Alfred Gislason

showed themselves to be

much better and more determined in attack.

The best German thrower was

Johannes Golla

- the man from Flensburg scored seven goals.

The Stuttgart Johannes Bitter, on the other hand, shone as reliable support.

Specifically: The 38-year-old parried 39 percent of the throws in the first half.

In the final main round game on Monday (8.30 p.m. / live on ARD and here in the live ticker) against


, the DHB selection now wants to secure third place in the group.

Shortly afterwards, the team will

fly back




Handball World Cup, intermediate round, group I.



1. Hungary

130: 91


2. Spain

126: 106


3. Germany

130: 99


4. Poland

115: 96


5. Brazil

95: 120


6. Uruguay

71: 155


Germany - Brazil in the live ticker: DHB team wins the Handball World Cup 2021 clearly

60th minute: The game is over!

Germany clearly beats Brazil - but can no longer reach the quarter-finals of the Handball World Cup 2021!

58th Minute: Schiller again off the line - but this time the Swabian flicks the ball over the crossbar.

56th minute: Schiller from seven meters.

That is his specialty, and he also shows himself to be confident in this attempt.

54th minute: Firnhaber!

The cyclist from Erlangen is outnumbered by a counter-speed.

Now it becomes clear.

53rd Minute: It's a shame that the quarter-finals are no longer there.

The German team is only just picking up speed - Schiller scores from seven meters.

The Göppingen has made ten of eleven seven meters at the World Cup so far.

Handball World Cup: Germany against Brazil in the live ticker - Drux hangs up for Gensheimer

51st Minute: Drux has to sit on the bench for two minutes after getting on hard.

The Brazilian cyclist wets.

49th minute: Strong attack by the Germans!

Drux sticks through in the back on Gensheimer on the circle, who hits by touchdown.

The DHB team is now attacking very variably - that's a good thing.

46th Minute: Bum!

Weber from the back room.

The fourth goal for the Leipziger, who also makes a good game and is moving a lot, especially in the middle.

44th Minute: Bitter is back.

Good performance from Stuttgart between the posts.

Even in the first half, the veteran had a save rate of 40 percent.

41st Minute: Once again it's Golla on the circle - already the seventh goal for Flensburg.

Including one hundred percent quota.


Handball World Cup: Germany against Brazil in the live ticker - Kai Häfner joins the ball

38th Minute: Fine attack by the Germans.

Häfner sees the circle boldly, and the back shooter from MT Melsungen throws the ball straight into the goal.

Powerful attack, too powerful for the Brazilian defense.

36th Minute: Double blow now the Brazilians - the South Americans can not be shaken off.

33rd Minute: Germany comes into this second half well.

The attacks are very fluid and, especially in the circle, purposeful.

Unfortunately, the World Cup quarter-finals are no longer possible after the Hungarians beat Poland, but this performance is encouraging.

31st Minute: The Flensburg Golla hits from the circle.

In five attempts, he hit five times - strong!

31st Minute: It continues in Cairo!

Will Germany get the second victory at the Handball World Cup in 2021?

Handball World Cup in the live ticker: DHB team leads the break clearly - but quarter-finals are no longer in it

30th minute: break in Cairo!

Germany are four goals ahead of the South Americans.

29th Minute: Häfner prevails in distress.

Fine from the twist.

The body language is also very confident.

26th minute: Groetzki comes, the veteran.

The DHB team is accelerating the pace and can now pull away a little.

Häfner hammers the ball into the corner.

23rd Minute: Playmaker Weber now takes responsibility.

The Leipziger takes the throw and puts the ball in without a trace.

But Brazil is fighting back.

Brazil - Germany in the live ticker: Uwe Gensheimer has two minutes off the plate

20th minute: The DHB team is now missing the determination in the end.

The world class that other top nations have in the backcourt, Germany has neither half left nor half right.

You have to keep it simple and clear during this World Cup in 2021.

18th minute.

Two-minute penalty against Gensheimer for picking his shirt.

And with it the third time penalty against Germany.

16. Minute: Germany leaves the goal empty when outnumbered, brings the sixth field player.

But the Brazilian goalkeeper parries.

Bitter has to sprint back into his goal very quickly.

14.Minute: Gensheimer's speed counter-attack: It's the DHB captain's specialty - and the Badener serves it inimitable.

12. Minute: Weber goes to the circle.

Very agile game by the Leipzig player who finishes dry.

Good game by the Germans so far.

10th minute: A man like an edge: Kühn hammers the ball seamlessly into the mesh.

The back area shooter from MT Melsungen always makes the goals with a lot of power.

9th minute: Braziers hit the bar

In return, Kastening cleans the ball straightforwardly.

Good boy

Handball World Cup: Germany against Brazil in the live ticker - DHB team presents

7th minute: Germany continues against the South Americans.

The Brazilian defense has not yet found access to the multi-legged DHB boys.

4th minute: The Germans work well in defense.

Golla hits the front and then lends a hand at the back.


3rd minute: Bad pass from Bitter, but then the Stuttgart shows a good one-on-one parade.

2. Minute: Lively start in Cairo - with goals on both sides.

It's 1: 1.

1. Minute: It starts with the World Cup match between Germany and Brazil!

Update from January 23, 8:20 p.m.:

Shortly before the game,

DHB sports director Axel Kromer





“Ticked off, taken away.

We just want a good performance and the first difficult points.

We lost games that we hoped to win.

We have to use the next two games to take steps forward with this young team, ”explains the Swabian.

DHB Vice President Bob Hanning says: “The goal we have announced has not been achieved.

We deliberately set ourselves high goals. ”The

World Cup game between Germany and Brazil is about to start.

Handball World Cup: Germany - Brazil in the live ticker - Hungary moves into the quarter-finals instead of the DHB team

Update from January 23, 7.45 p.m.:

Bitter news for the

German national team

shortly before the game against




won against Poland 30:26 (16:10) and is, like Spain, in the quarter-finals of the

2021 Handball World Cup



DHB team

, on the other hand, no longer has a chance of the knockout round.

Handball World Cup: Germany - Brazil in the live ticker - sharp criticism of Gensheimer and Wolff

Update from January 23, 7.15 p.m

.: Former world and European champion

Markus Baur


sharply criticized

DHB captain Uwe Gensheimer


German goalkeeper Andreas Wolff

for their previous appearance at the

Handball World Cup 2021


The newly formed

DHB selection

lacks “leadership and quality, the necessary organization on the field so that the basics are taken to heart,” said former international

Baur of


Stuttgarter Zeitung

and the

Stuttgarter Nachrichten


The Swabian said about Gensheimer: “Maybe it's too much for him: to be an important player and

captain of the team.

His body language amazes me. "


ZDF TV expert




, who had caused a stir before the tournament with his public criticism of the voluntary waiver of the World Cup by some top performers.

"If I lean out of the window like that, then I have to do my job and hold balls," said Baur.

Handball World Cup: Germany - Brazil in the live ticker - What are the Poles doing against Hungary?

Update from January 23, 6 p.m.:

After the victory of the Spaniards, the

German team of national coach Alfred Gislason

only has one option for entry into the knockout round: It has to win its two outstanding games itself and at the same time hope that

Hungary will get

its loses two remaining duels against Poland and Spain.

Then there would be a three-way comparison of the teams from

Hungary, Poland and Germany

with the

same points

, from which only the team with the best goal difference progresses.

In other words, the DHB team needs a win against


in Cairo tonight


Handball World Cup: Germany - Brazil in the live ticker - focus on last chance at the quarter-finals

Update from January 23, 5:10 p.m.:

The chances of the

German handball players at the 2021 World Cup

to the

quarter-finals are

disappearing almost every hour.


won in the afternoon in the intermediate round group I 38:23 against outsiders Uruguay and with seven points the

DHB team

(6) can no longer catch up.

From 6 p.m.



Hungary will


If the Poles win, who are opponents of the

German national team

on Monday on the last matchday

, the protégés of national

coach Alfred Gislason

would have

preserved the minimum chance of the knockout round with their own win against Brazil tonight.

Germany - Brazil in the live ticker: Alfred Gislason's DHB team is hoping for the minimum chance

Update from January 23, 12:45 p.m.:

Before the game against

Brazil, the

DHB team has

little chance of making it to the quarter-finals, but coach

Alfred Gislason's

team still wants to

live up to its role as favorites.

Only against Uruguay were Germany the clear favorites, but in the last game against the Spaniards they were the underdogs.

Now a slightly weaker opponent is waiting with Brazil, the betting providers give Germany greater chances of a win.

Handball World Cup: Germany - Brazil - the quarter-final dream ended before the game?

It is also quite possible that the DHB team will

not have a chance of


before the game against Selecao


If the strong Spaniard to win their game against the underdog from Uruguay and bring Hungary at least a point against Poland, it would be


sealed before the Germans playing at all today.

In the second round it is only about the first two places.

If this is actually the case, the Gislason protégés shouldn't hide.

A victory against Brazil would be

important, especially for the important

competition practice

and not least for your own



But the South Americans should not be taken lightly, with a draw against Spain surprised the physically strong team of coach

Washington Nunes


In addition, millions of Germans will again be cheering for their team.

Handball World Cup: Germany - Brazil in the live ticker - difficult task against Brazil

First report from January 22nd, 6.13 p.m.:

Munich / Cairo - Germany wants

to reach the last chance at the

World Cup quarter-finals

at the

Handball World Cup 2021 in Egypt



- but that will be damn difficult.

In the table the intermediate round Group I before the

DHB team


Hungarians, Spaniards and Poles

play on Saturday in the afternoon or early evening - and could provide.

And yet the

German national team

does not want to give up its belief in the minimum chance.

The question remains: who is in goal against the South Americans?

Handball World Cup: Germany - Brazil in the live ticker - hardly a chance at the quarter-finals

 “That annoys me a lot.

I'm really, really angry and deeply disappointed, ”said 1A keeper

Andreas Wolff (Kielce



after the

defeat against Spain (28:32)


The 29-year-old had just held four of 18 balls (22 percent) before he was replaced shortly before the break.

Also against

Hungary (28:29)



can parry in the World Cup qualifying round, only two of 15 balls.

Handball World Cup, intermediate round, group I.



1. Hungary

100: 65


2. Spain



3. Poland



4. Germany



5. Brazil



6. Uruguay

48: 117


“The frustration is huge, especially in connection with the Hungary game.

I don't even know what to do with my energy, ”




Instead of Wolff,


Silvio Heinevetter (36, MT Melsungen) is

expected to

stand between the posts




Handball World Cup: Germany - Brazil in the live ticker - Alfred Gislason: "Hope dies last"

“It is said that hope dies last,” said national 

coach Alfred Gislason


, “realistically, we have to be very lucky”.

The goal now can only be "to show good performance and at the same time to get the points".

After the

defeat against Spain

, the

DHB team



a win, but even this might not be enough

to have

any prospects of the


before the last group game against Poland (Monday, 8.30 p.m., here in the live ticker)


Germany - Brazil in the live ticker: Missing the quarter-finals would be a big step backwards

Missing the knockout round would

undoubtedly be a significant step backwards

for the

German national team

after finishing fifth at the European Handball Championship in 2020 and fourth at the 2019 World Cup.

(pm) * is part of the Germany-wide Ippen-Digital editors network

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