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Victory against Hertha BSC: Werder home cooking - not sophisticated, but filling


SV Werder Bremen wins 4-1 against Hertha BSC and shows that the team has learned a lot in recent weeks. The follow-up report of the DeichStube *.

SV Werder Bremen wins 4-1 against Hertha BSC and shows that the team has learned a lot in recent weeks.

The follow-up report of the DeichStube *.

Berlin - The red-green-white company logo lit up five times during

Werder Bremen's




Hertha BSC

on the video screens of the Berlin Olympic Stadium - always after yellow cards when the sinner was presented by a food manufacturer from Brandenburg.

Marketing machinery of professional football, nothing has been unusual for a long time, there are now a number of blooms - and sometimes, like on Saturday evening, unintentional messages as well.

The red-green-white logo was visible for the first time after just nine minutes: “Werder Feinkost”.

Judging by the football quality of the Bremen appearance, this could not be transferred one-to-one to the game, but it was always a good omen.

With the surprising 4-1 win of

SV Werder Bremen

, an impression from the past three weeks was solidified: This team has learned a lot.

Neither Bremen shows any progress in the maturation process against Hertha BSC

"We defended very well against a good opponent and played very cleverly for our young age," said Werder coach

Florian Kohfeldt

after the game, visibly relieved and above all proud that his team was so, well, this evening in the ice-cold Olympic Stadium yes, ice cold behind him.

Seven shots on goal, four of them in, plus the better rate of duels and a higher mileage than the opponent, but only 38 percent possession - those were the basic ingredients of this special “Werder delicatessen” that Berliners didn't like at all.

"The opponent was very effective today," said Hertha's captain Niklas Stark.

And his (meanwhile dismissed) trainer Bruno Labbadia stated: "Bremen did very well because they were close."

The home side had problems with it, especially in the early stages.

Werder Bremen's

early 2-0 lead after goals from

Davie Selke

(10th / foul penalty) and

Ömer Toprak

(29th) resulted not only from their great effectiveness in the front, but also from a concentrated presentation behind.

Manuel Mbom's only serious mistake to date, who caused a penalty against Matheus Cunha, was ironed out by goalkeeper Jiri Pavlenka by parrying the fouled shot (21st).

Shortly before and especially after the break there was a phase in which the game could have tipped over.

The fact that it didn't do that can be seen as progress in the maturing process of a young Bremen team.

Werder Bremen versus Hertha BSC: Young players have developed “incredibly well”

After Jhon Cordoba's connection goal (45th + 2),

Hertha BSC


for the equalizer until the 55th minute, shook

Werder Bremen

properly and missed good opportunities.

However, the guests withstood this pressure phase - and in turn set

the decisive pinprick

with a 3: 1 by

Leonardo Bittencourt


Kohfeldt later called it “incredibly good”, how some of his young players developed, and this development undoubtedly includes keeping a cool head even in difficult phases, not breaking in and letting the opponent come back into the game.

“It is important that we collect points so that we can develop steadily,” said the Werder coach - and stated: “Today we made an important step.

But now the next opponent is Schalke, then Bielefeld.

These are the games that we have to play. ”The conditions for this seem favorable.

In eight games against their direct competition,

Werder Bremen have scored

17 of their 21 points, which is a decent bargaining chip in the fight against relegation and basically an obligation to “stay stable in the league” in the end, as Kohfeldt intended Has.

Maximilian Eggestein said after the 4-1 win in Berlin: “We're coming from a difficult season, so you can't expect us to play magic football again.

Now you have to do the simple things first, collect points and gain self-confidence. ”And it really doesn't matter that the“ Werder Feinkost ”is more of a plain fare.

Not necessarily ingeniously prepared, but with one big advantage: It fills you up.


Werder Bremen wins against Hertha BSC: Read the course of the goal festival in the live ticker

Werder Bremen against Hertha BSC: The live ticker for the Bundesliga top game to read!

All goals, news and information - all live from Berlin in the DeichStube live ticker!

Result: 4: 1 for Werder!





Please excuse the technical problems in the final phase of the game.

It continues here with the match report: Werder victory in Berlin - ice-cold Bremer serve Hertha

Final whistle.

Werder Bremen wins a remarkable football game by merciless efficiency in Berlin with 4: 1.

You can't get rid of the feeling that this game could have ended the other way round, but in the end there is a clear away win for the green-whites.

The goalscorers were Selke on penalties, Toprak, Bittencourt and Sargent.

Bitter aftertaste: Ömer Toprak was injured again.

Next Saturday, Werder can take another big step towards midfield when it comes to the bottom of the table Schalke in the Weserstadion.

90.Min + 2:

There could even have been the fifth goal.

A counterattack against Sargent and Rashica ends with Hertha kick, because Rashica clearly misses his degree.  


Three minutes of stoppage time left until Werder scores three points again.

This is how the fans imagined it!


Again a nice header from Niklas Stark.

But they don't do one anymore.


Bruno Labbadia and his team now hang their heads.

Werder will leave this game as the winner.


Bittencourt unnecessarily picks up the yellow box.


Romano Schmid has done his job and is allowed to take a shower.

Yuya Osako is allowed to play a few more minutes.


Curious that Werder apparently reversed the first leg result from September exactly.

It doesn't look like the Bruno Labbadia team will be able to come back again.

81st Min:

The Berliners are frustrated.

Jhon Cordoba takes it out at Gebre Selassie and is rightly called off.

The Colombian has to be careful not to fly off the pitch anymore.

We shouldn't care.

79th Min:

What kind of weird soccer game is that?

Werder isn't that strong at all.

Hertha basically determines the game.

Nevertheless, if it stays that way, Werder will clinch their highest win of the season.

Werder Bremen against Hertha BSC in the live ticker: Josh Sargent hits with a beam to 4: 1

77th Min:

That should have been the decision.

Josh Sargent shoots into the near corner after the international Stark's header defense falls short.

Schwolow sees the ball late and can do nothing more than hit the ball next to the post.

77th Min: Toooooorrrrr to 4-1 for Werder Bremen.

Josh Sargent with a good shot from 20 yards!

76th Min:

Around 15 minutes to play in the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

With a win Werder can build up a lead of six points on the relegation place 16.

At least until tomorrow, when 1. FC Köln receives TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

74th min:

Leckie does what he should.

He prevails on the right after a one-two with Redan and crosses to Cordoba, who is ready with his head again.

This time the result is different than in the 45th minute, the Pavlenka simply fishes him away.

72nd min:

Despite the lead, you don't have the feeling that this thing is through here.

A Herthan goal and the game is open to all possibilities again.


Schmid plays a fine ball with his outside instep in the middle of Rashica.

It doesn't quite get it.

Too bad.


Eggestein from a distance far over it.

On the other hand, Cunha really does play a pass to a man next to him, but in this case he is bad.

65th min:

Pure egoism on both sides!

First, Rashica could have played on Sargent, who had also run.

The Kosovar tries it alone with a weak shot.

Almost in return, the one hundred percent chance for Cunha, who also overlooks the next man Piatek and puts the pill next to the post.


Labbadia now changes offensively of course.

Redan and Piatek are in the game for Tousart and Pekarik


Hertha makes almost the entire game, has more chances and more possession.

And yet Bremen lead 3-1.

The reason is the efficiency in the attack.

Almost every chance has sat at Werder so far.


Again Hertha runs after a two-goal deficit.

And it cannot be mentioned often enough how convenient this goal is for Werder, as it looked more like an equalizer soon.

Werder Bremen against Hertha BSC in the live ticker: Leonardo Bittencourt after Eggestein dream pass to 3: 1

56th Min:

This goal is absolutely worth gold!

Maxi Eggestein crosses the ball world class into the run of the starting Bittencourt, who flicks the slightly deflected ball down worth seeing, spins at lightning speed and leaves Schwolow no chance in goal.

56th Min: Yeahaaaa!

Out of nowhere the Tooooooooooor for Werder Bremen.

Leo Bittencourt to 3-1 for Werder!

54th Min:

Finally another offensive action by the green-whites.

Bring Selassie with a flank in the direction of the five-meter room, where Sargent knocked over a defender.

Free kick Hertha.


The change is complete.

Toprak leaves the seat in frustration.

Friedl takes his place in the middle, while Niklas Moisander takes the left part of the chain of three.

Mbom has to go down for Rashica.

The Kosovar should be predestined for Bremer counterattacks.


At Werder there is a double change.

Ömer Toprak seems to have hit again.

Niklas Moisander gets ready.

Rashica also receives a few final instructions from Tim Borowski.


Hertha BSC continues exactly where they left off before the break.

Alderete crosses into the back area on Cunha, who can withdraw relatively unrestricted from around 16 meters.

Lucky for Werder that he hardly gets any pressure behind the ball and that Pavlenka can parry so easily.

47th Min:

Matteo Guendouzi is a fixed point in the Berlin game.

The young Frenchman can record a not inconsiderable part of the 65% possession of the ball for himself.

46th Min:

The game has started again.

Bruno Labbadia has replaced a counter-strong player with Matthew Leckie.

Mittelstädt stayed in the locker room for the Australian.


A racy football game goes into the break with a 2-1 win for Werder Bremen.

The Bremen goals were scored by Selke with a penalty and Toprak with a header from a corner.

Hertha could have already scored through Cunha, who failed from eleven meters to Pavlenka.

The long-overdue follow-up hit was then marked by Jhon Cordoba after Herthan's pressure phase.

Werder Bremen against Hertha BSC in the live ticker: Jhon Cordoba with the connection goal shortly before the break

45 + 3 min:

Fortunately, it's half time.

Werder is now too far behind and threatens to lose the lead before the break whistle.

45 + 2 min:

That had become apparent.

Werder does too little and invites the opponent to chances.

45 + 2 min: goal for Hertha just before the break.

Werder too passive on Pekarik's cross in the middle.

Veljkovic comes too late, Jhon Cordoba hits the head close in front of the goal to make it 1: 2 from Berlin's perspective.

45th min:

The first half gets a three-minute look-up.

Due to the two penalties, there were longer interruptions.

42nd min:

Referee Schlager goes to Werder Bank and admonishes Kohfeldt and Baumann.

Those in charge of Bremen complained too loudly about a tricky duel situation.


That Werder shouldn't be happy here too early shows not only that Hertha is developing more and more opportunities forwards, but also a look at the last game in March 2020. After a 2-0 lead by Sargent and Klaassen they only played 2-2 in the end.

38th Min:

Free kick for Hertha from a dangerous position about 28 meters in front of the goal.

Darida tries directly and almost shoots the ball over the stadium.

37th Min:

Berlin now also with two corners.

Pavlenka is there twice.

35th Min:

The home team is back on track.

Mittelstädt pulls out of the second row.

Pavlenka stands aside.


Sargent naturally takes the Selke position.

The ex-Herthan had left the square with one laughing and one crying eye.

32nd min:

Goal scorer Selke has to go out injured.

After a duel with Alderete on the sidelines, Selke grabbed the thigh.

Josh Sargent comes for him.


This goal was really important!

Does Hertha have an answer to that?

Werder Bremen against Hertha BSC in the live ticker: Ömer Toprak increases to 2-0 with a header


In the middle of the Berlin urge phase, Werder increased to 2-0.

Leo Bittencourt kicks a corner dangerously into the penalty area, where Ömer Toprak is not covered when he enters.

His header hits Alexander Schwolow's case with a heavy hitting.


29.Min: Gooooooooool for Werder Bremen !!!

Ömer Toprak hits a corner with his head!


Berlin is putting pressure on and Werder is hardly doing anything.

It almost got its revenge when Cordoba appeared in the penalty area and Pavlenka was almost too late when it came time to go.


Cordoba receives yellow for complaining.

Already the fourth warning in the game.


Hertha is now clearly playing the game.

Werder have to be careful not to be lulled.

Werder Bremen against Hertha BSC in the live ticker: Jiri Pavlenka saves a weak penalty from Matheus Cunha



For Jiri Pavlenka it was the fourth Bundesliga penalty.

21.Min: Pavlenka holds !!!

The fouled competes himself and interrupts his run several times in order to then place the ball halfway to the right without pressure.

The Bremen keeper has no problems.




Mbom runs into Matheus Cunha's legs.

Schlager whistles again for a penalty.

The thing wasn't very clear.

The VAR decides, however, that it was not a clear wrong decision.

The direct chance to equalize.

Mbom also sees yellow.



Alderete in a duel against Mbom.

The Bremer calls out loudly and goes to the ground, Werder demands that the Berliners play the ball out.

These then do this involuntarily through a bad passport.

Mbom is already standing again.


This goal should be really good for Selke, who has been unhappy on the pitch for a long time.

His joy after the gate spoke volumes.


Werder plays with hard bandages.

Bittencourt climbs into Cunha's legs from behind.

The Brazilian stayed there for a while, but was able to continue playing.


Second yellow card of the game.

Davie Selke roughly fouls Cunha and sees yellow.

Werder Bremen against Hertha BSC in the live ticker: Davie Selke with a penalty for the lead


This is how it works!

Werder leads through Davie Selke - who officially still belongs to Hertha BSC - 1-0 early on.

10.Min: Gooooool for Werder Bremen !!!

Davie Selke converts the penalty untenable in the upper right corner.

And that with just one step!


Penalty for Werder!

Schmid is fouled by Mittelstädt when he tried to pass the ball on to the free Gebre Selassie.

Rightly a penalty and the chance to take the lead here.

Mittelstädt sees yellow and Selke grabs the ball.


Otherwise, the teams have so far ensured a quiet initial phase.

Both try hard not to let anything burn in the back.

5. Min:

Short excitement in the Hertha penalty area.

Davie Selke falls after Niklas Stark steals the ball from him.

Rightly not a penalty.

3. Min:

Felix Agu's first attempt to send the fast Romano Schmid.

Attentively defended by Hertha.

Werder Bremen against Hertha BSC in the live ticker: kick-off in the Berlin Olympic Stadium

1. Min:

Let's go.

Werder again today in the black city jerseys.

6:29 p.m.:

The players gradually

step onto

the lawn.

We're about to start.

6.25 p.m.:

Just under five minutes until kick-off.

The referee of the game is Daniel Schlager.

He has already whistled the 1-1 draw against Hoffenheim in Bremen this season.

🗣 Florian #Kohfeldt in front of #bscsvw:

"We expect Hertha to be very center-


, so we have to close it defensively and try to set accents aggressively." # Werder

- SV Werder Bremen (@werderbremen) January 23, 2021

6:21 p.m.:

The last away game of the green-whites in the Olympic Stadium (March 7th, 2020) was the last one that (from Bremen's point of view) was played with spectators in the stands.

In the following ten months there was only one game, which at least had a partially filled stadium - the first leg against the Labbadia-Elf in Bremen.

6.18 p.m.:

All in all, the next three games are trend-setting games.

Hertha, Schalke and Bielefeld are direct competitors in the relegation battle.

With three defeats you are right down there.

With three wins, on the other hand, you could initially orientate yourself towards midfield.

6.15 p.m.:

A few statistics


further hopes: Berlin has been goalless for three games.

In addition, Werder has been unbeaten at Hertha for six games (one win, five draws).

6.10 p.m.:

Nonetheless, during the week Florian Kohfeldt wasn't tired of mentioning that Berliners would belong in a completely different region in the table.

The individual class exceeds that of his team.

But Cunha, Piatek and Co. have not yet become a team.

Werder's great opportunity today lies not only in this fact.

Werder Bremen against Hertha BSC in the live ticker: Hertha has disappointed so far despite record spending

6:03 p.m.:

The interim result is devastating.

17 points after 17 games, 14th place, discussions about Bruno Labbadia and Michael Preetz.

The capital city had imagined it to be completely different.

Today there was even an (approved) demonstration against the conditions at the Herthaners in front of the Olympic Stadium.

6 p.m .:

25 million for Lucas Tousart, 24 million for Krzysztof Piatek, 20 million for Jhon Cordoba, 20 million for Lukebakio, 18 million for Cunha, 10 million for Ascacibar.

Hertha has spent more than 150 million euros on new players in the last two transfer periods.

Investor Lars Windhorst makes it possible.

The self-proclaimed “Big City Club” wanted to attack the Champions League places in the medium term and has already specified the European places as its goal for this season.

5:57 p.m.:

A particularly interesting man can be found at Hertha on the eight.

Matteo Guendouzi is a 21-year-old on loan from Arsenal London who has not only stood out on the field for his head of hair.

5:53 p.m.:

17-year-old Luca Netz will make his starting eleven debut on the left side of the defense.

In the storm, the first-leg scorers Cordoba and Cunha should provide the necessary offensive power.

20 million man Dodi Lukebakio is not in the squad today for sporting reasons (!).

5.49 p.m.:

Leo Bittencourt

paused for thought


After two games on the bench and a short stint in Gladbach, he is back in the starting line-up.

After the 0-2 bankruptcy against Union Berlin, Kohfeldt had punished the offensive man by being banished from the starting line-up.

Let's see if that worked for Bittencourt.

5.47 p.m.:

A few words about

Davie Selke

: The striker had played 76 Bundesliga games in which he scored 14 goals for Hertha before he switched to Werder on loan a year ago.

Now he is back at his old place of work and is given preference over Sargent.

On the one hand, probably because the US-American can use a break after 16 starting XI appearances in 17 games (last eight in a row).

On the other hand, because Selke particularly likes to score against his ex-clubs.

He has scored six goals against former employers since 2015, when he left Werder for RB Leipzig.

Don't mind if gate number seven is added today.

Coach Kohfeldt already senses it, in the run-up to the game he said: “Davie makes a very good impression, he's getting better and better.

He will be an important help in the coming weeks - maybe against Hertha. "

5.42 p.m.:

The following players take a


on the Bremer Bank: Dos Santos Haesler, Moisander, Rieckmann, Gruev, Osako, Rashica, Chong, Dinkci, Sargent.

5.39 p.m.:

Clarification in the matter of Möhwald: The 27-year-old complains about adductor problems, is therefore not there.

After Möhwald's complaints had already occurred in the final training session on Friday, he still drove to Berlin, but as a precaution the Bremen team refrained from deploying.

5.35 p.m.:

The second change in the squad can be found on the goalkeeper position.

Stefanos Kapino switched to SV Sandhausen on loan during the week.

For him,

Eduardo dos Santos Haesler is


The 21-year-old is usually the regular goalkeeper of the Bremen U23.

A replacement is to be signed for Kapino as soon as possible.

Werder Bremen against Hertha BSC in the live ticker: Florian Kohfeldt leaves Josh Sargent outside for the time being


No changes in the squad - coach Florian Kohfeldt had announced.

Now there is one: Kevin Möhwald is surprisingly missing from the Bremen squad.

We will deliver the reason shortly.

Julian Rieckmann takes his place.

The Möhwald failure also causes movement in the starting line-up.

Leonardo Bittencourt

takes the place of midfielder


Second change compared to the game in Gladbach on Tuesday: Josh Sargent has to go to the bench,

Davie Selke

storms in his place


5:31 p.m.:

The Hertha lineup: Schwolow - Pekarik, Stark, Netz, Alderete - Guendouzi, Darida, Mittelstädt, Tousart - Cordoba, Cunha

Starting eleven debut for Luca #Netz @Bundesliga_DE!


Our line-up for # BSCSVW. # HaHoHe

- Hertha BSC (@HerthaBSC) January 23, 2021


The Werder line-up at a glance: Pavlenka - Toprak, Veljkovic, Friedl - Gebre Selassie, Agu, Mbom, Eggestein, Bittencourt - Selke, Schmid.

The # Werder starting eleven for # bscsvw.💪

⏳ #DosSantos, #Rashica, #Osako, #Moisander, #Sargent, #Chong, #Gruev, #Rieckmann, #Dinkci

⏰ 6:30 p.m.

📺 / oBFw7h1YdQ




- SV Werder Bremen (@werderbremen) January 23, 2021


Moin, moin from the Deichstube and welcome to the live ticker for the game between Werder Bremen and Hertha BSC.

The statements will be published in a few minutes.

The preliminary report for Werder Bremen against Hertha BSC:

Werder Bremen facing three really big opportunities - but first of all: all eyes on Hertha BSC!

Bremen - At first, Florian Kohfeldt seemed quite confused, because wherever

the current Bundesliga table is displayed

during the

SV Werder Bremen

press conferences

, this time you saw: nothing.

The technicians had apparently forgotten to turn on the large monitor in the media room of the Weser Stadium, the image of which the coach likes to refer to when he talks about the upcoming tasks of his team.

Before the away game at

Hertha BSC

(Saturday, 6.30 p.m.), what Kohfeldt spontaneously wanted to use for himself failed.

"If I don't see the table, I can't answer the question," he joked when asked about the situation in the

relegation battle

, only to provide detailed information as usual.


Werder Bremen

is on target, but the danger is far from over.

“I wouldn't speak of security,” said

Florian Kohfeldt

, who could take very big steps in this direction with his team right at the beginning of the

second half of

the season.

Werder Bremen against Hertha BSC: All eyes on Berlin!

A look at the game plan shows that Tables 13.

Werder Bremen will

now face the 14th

Hertha BSC

, the 18th Schalke 04 and the 15th Arminia Bielefeld in



So against direct competitors, which makes possible point gains twice as valuable.

In the ideal case, the topic of table basement could almost have been dealt with after the first week of February.

A scenario that the trainer naturally wants - but which he pushed very far away from himself in public.

"I would be extremely unprofessional if I thought even a second further than until Saturday, 6.30pm," said Kohfeldt, who refrained from calling the first games of the second half of the season en bloc as trend-setting.

Instead: All eyes on Berlin!

"I mustn't spend any energy thinking about what's coming after Hertha," the coach emphasized.

“After this game we have a new situation again.

Either way. ”Of course, it should be one“ with which we continued our positive trend ”.

From the last three games of the first half of the season

Werder Bremen had scored

four points and thus reconnected to the middle of the table.

And yet the 17th matchday had been a damper, at least in terms of points.

The Bremen team lost 1-0 in Gladbach despite a convincing performance, while the competition from Cologne and Bielefeld celebrated victories and moved closer again.

They are currently still three points ahead of the relegation place, but a proud eleven on the direct relegation ranks, which is calming for the time being.

“There is a certain lead”,


sports director Frank Baumann before the duel with table

neighbor Hertha BSC


Werder Bremen against Hertha BSC: relegation cracker at the start of the second half of the season

But that is not a reason to let up.

In the capital, points 19, 20 and 21 should follow if possible - against a

Berlin Hertha

who hardly anyone would have expected so far down in the table before the season, especially not themselves. “They don't belong where they are stand ”, said Kohfeldt and praised the“ great individual quality ”of the Berliners, who up to now have rarely been able to convince collectively.

After the clear 4-1 first leg win at

SV Werder Bremen it

still looked like a promising season, the self-proclaimed "Big City Club" should have put all dreams to an end by now.

Fan protests, pressure on the club's management and also coach Bruno Labbadia in the criticism - that is Berlin reality in January 2021. Compared to that, Bremen is calm because after the almost relegation in the previous year nobody had a significantly better season at

Werder Bremen


Hertha BSC

has publicly formulated other goals,” said

Florian Kohfeldt

, who is


a battered opponent “who will give everything he has to win the game”.

The coach is also convinced that his team will not make it as easy for Hertha as in the first leg.

In Gladbach Werder was "pretty close to what we can do".

That's why the anger was so great that it wasn't enough for points.

Saturday evening, around 8:20 p.m., it should be different.

Then the yield should fit again.

And maybe the table will be shown again on the flat screen in the media room before the home game against Schalke.

(dco) Also interesting: Is that the starting line-up of SV Werder Bremen against Hertha BSC?

And: This is how you can see the start of the second half of the season between Werder and Hertha live on TV!

* is part of the nationwide editorial network of Ippen Digital.

Source: merkur

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