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Not everyone wants to play


The whole country is crying out for relaxation, as is the Bavarian Football Association, which is calling for a return to the field. But that doesn't quite reflect the mood at the grassroots level. The associations in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district are divided.

The whole country is crying out for relaxation, as is the Bavarian Football Association, which is calling for a return to the field.

But that doesn't quite reflect the mood at the grassroots level.

The associations in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district are divided.

District -

The current discourse about possible easing is being followed with excitement.

The Bavarian Football Association also got involved.

He calls for a return to the field - generally for amateur footballers and with priority for children and young people.

He asserts that sport is part of the solution, not part of the problem.

On the other hand, there is little evidence of the clubs' confidence.

Some do not really believe in an early restart, others do not want it at all in view of the current situation surrounding the corona pandemic.

At 1. FC Garmisch-Partenkirchen, one does not like to think of quick openings to popular sports.

This is partly due to the experiences of the previous year, but also due to the overall situation.

"25 footballers in a confined space are difficult to sell if the retail trade is closed," says Arne Albl.

Contact sports from the beginning / middle of March excludes the board member of the national league team.

The same applies to training operations.

“There are more and more informers.

They just wait with their cell phones until something goes wrong. ”Rather, the functionary sees the range after the Easter holidays as a socially acceptable time to start“ reasonably sensibly ”.

According to Albl, children and young people enjoy absolute priority.

"They sit at home, some are not allowed to go to school or to visit friends."


Arne Albl, head of sports at 1. FC.

© Oliver Rabuser

Two things bother the FC sports director in general: As in spring 2020, they are waiting in vain for reliable signals from politics.

"There are no reasonable statements." Albl also rates the narrow-minded attitude of the BFV in matters of the league cup as incomprehensible.

“We can be happy when everything else works halfway”.

Meant is the home stretch of the 2019/20/21 season.

He hopes to "finally" end this season.

Albl sees no room for the already modified cup competition.

In any case, the English weeks necessary for a meaningful end of the season would conjure up conflicts with the employers of the players.

But it is also clear that if, contrary to expectations, things start earlier, 1. FC is ready to resume everyday business without delay.

“We are in the starting blocks,” emphasizes Albl.


Klaus Ellert, chairman of the FCKS.

© Ewald J.Scheitterer

Klaus Ellert, chairman of FC Kochelsee-Schlehdorf, takes the same line.

Openings would primarily be a blessing for the next generation.

However, he no longer has any expectations in this regard.

Training in different groups would give Ellert a positive impression for the time being.

"We'll get started right away if it's allowed." At SV Eschenlohe, all planning is on hold.

“We do not assume that something will start soon,” says Thomas Hesse.

After all, the whistle will not kick off without a spectator, and this is precisely why there is “no perspective yet”.

Thus, the SVE player-coach refrains from hasty training plans.

Especially since he knows that his kickers pay attention to their fitness "individually".


Thomas Hesse, Eschenlohe's player-coach.

© Oliver Rabuser

However, SV Ohlstadt has not sketched any time window.

Department head Florian Müller describes the termination of the season as no alternative.

Even if team training is allowed from Easter onwards, the remaining game days, taking into account sufficient preparation for health reasons, cannot be dealt with by early summer.

"The virus is not going away." The division boss believes that the restrictions will remain until late summer.

This prospect worries Müller.

A year of children who would have come to football for the first time has in fact already broken away from the SVO.

According to Müller, this could still be compensated for with a little effort.

But if another year is lost, it hits a village club like the SVO to the core.


Florian Müller, head of department at SVO.

© Oliver Rabuser

Thomas Neumeier doesn't believe in an early restart.

The SV Uffing coach is annoyed by “this fiddling” of the association when it comes to sticking to the current season.

“I could understand that at the time.

But to go through the season on the bend and break now makes no sense. ”If it were up to Neumeier, the season would be broken off and promoted and relegated players would be determined by quotient regulation - even if the SVU was then relegated to the district class.

Neumeier does not focus on the table, but on the essence of the sport.

“I don't want to go back to the field with a thousand precautions and restrictions.

It's no fun. ”The Uffinger trainer prefers to wait until the pandemic has calmed down further.

"If we go out now, 20 men may have to be quarantined afterwards and then employers will come up to the players and ask whether they want to work or play football."


Thomas Neumeier, trainer of SV Uffing.

© Andreas Mayr

Neumeier does not believe in any further advance by the BFV either.

He adapted the game rules so that games can be scheduled with a break of only one day.

That means: up to four games within a week.

“Total nonsense,” is Neumeier's comment.

On the one hand, many teams consist of students who cannot play during the week.

On the other hand, the amateur footballers have been waiting for months.

"If we play with this intensity after such a break, then you don't have to wait long for the first injuries." Oliver Pajonkowski takes a similar view: "I play football, but not at any price." The coach of FC Bad Kohlgrub remains at its position to end the season and start again if normal play is possible.

"Of course I want to be back on the pitch, but if so, please be smart."


Oliver Pajonkowski, coach of FC Bad Kohlgrub.

© Andreas Mayr

TSV Murnau and WSV Unterammergau would kick the ball straight away, coach Tim Schmid and Josef Thiermeyer emphasize.

However, both do not want to judge whether this is possible without hesitation in view of the pandemic situation.

Schmid refers to the "proportionality".

It could not be that the sport will start again, but other areas of society are lingering in lockdown.

Thiermeyer points out that football can't wait long: “Every month in lockdown costs the clubs players.

I'll question whether they'll find their way back to football afterwards. "


Tim Schmid, coach of TSV Murnau.

© Andreas Mayr

The WSV is also less about the sporting competition, even if they would like to resume it given their second place in the table in the district class.

“The sociable is simply missing.

For most of them it would be enough just to get back together as a team. ”What Murnau and Unterammergau have in common is the willingness to play four games within a week - even if it would be a great burden.


Josef Thiermeyer, Unterammergau coach.

© Thomas Sehr

Christoph Saller agrees with them on this point.

The 1. FC coach emphasizes: “Four games are logistically very difficult to handle.

But we are in a special situation, maybe we just have to go through it. ”Accordingly, Saller pleads for playing the season to the end.

“It is still possible.” What all those responsible have in common is their aversion to the league cup.

They all no longer see a place for him as time is running out.

And of course they all want to get back on the pitch.

But how and when remain the crucial questions.

Comment from Sports Editor Patrick Hilmes

As soon as the temperatures shoot up, the screaming gets louder again.

Openings here, loosenings there.

These calls can be heard from every corner.

From the catering and hotel industry, from schools, from retail and also from amateur sports.

They have all been waiting for so long, have developed a lot of seat meat in the lockdowns.

The desire for freedom, for the well-known normalcy - at least a part of it - is understandable and human.

While the economy is about money, amateur athletes want their sociability and their hobby back.

They all want to get out, out of lockdown, out on the sports facilities.

But the wish comes too early.

The number of infections is rising again.

The mutations are not to be underestimated.

Due to the higher risk of infection, the situation last September, when, for example, the amateur footballers were allowed to start again, must be viewed differently.

If the country wakes up from its lockdown sleep, the same scenario threatens as in autumn.

Schwupps - we are in the next month-long lockdown.

The hygiene measures taken at the time could not prevent that and they would not be able to do so today.

One should learn from mistakes.

So why not - as difficult as it is, as much may break, as many athletes may look for a different sport - hold out a little longer until the number of cases is so low (for example Australia or New Zealand) that you become a relatively normal one Everyday life can return.

Without fear of the yo-yo effect.

Then football could be football again, handball again handball, basketball again basketball and not a game with thousands of restrictions.

All one would have to do would be what everyone is used to by now: wait a little longer.

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