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Ski jumper Carina Vogt at the Nordic World Ski Championships: "I fight for the entire sport"


The ski jumpers celebrate their premiere on the large hill in Oberstdorf. Here Olympic champion Carina Vogt talks about her comeback after a two-year injury break and progress in women's jumping.

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Carina Vogt during training on the core strength machine (archive photo)

Photo: Hendrik Schmidt / picture alliance / Hendrik Schmidt / dpa-Zentralbild / dpa


Ms. Vogt, you are a specialist in major ski jumping events.

You have won a total of six gold medals at the Olympic Games and World Championships.

Now you've made it to the World Cup again after a long injury.

Do you have to be careful that the expectations don't get too high?


I don't have to slow down because I approach the matter very realistically.

The injury has changed my perspective.

I know where I come from.

I miss so many jumps and training units.


You had to take a break from the World Cup for almost two years.

What was it like when you celebrated your return in Slovenia a month ago?


The evening before I was shocked at first.

There were 80 participants on the start list and I didn't even know whether I would survive the qualification.

But then I found myself again surprisingly quickly.


Were you satisfied?


Yes and no.

I've jumped better on this hill.

But my goal was to jump into the points and I did that straight away.


After your cruciate ligament rupture in 2019, you were on the verge of returning one year later, followed by two more injuries.

How did you keep the focus?


It was a tough time.

Especially with the cyst in my knee, I asked myself why it was hitting me again.

But before that I had rediscovered the fun of ski jumping - and above all the home World Championships in Oberstdorf was the big goal.


What role did national coach Andreas Bauer play in your fight?


I felt a great deal of trust.

Our relationship between athletes and coaches has a lot under its belt and we know what we're up against.

Sometimes he asked too much about me.


You already emphasized your special relationship with Bauer after your first World Cup title in 2015.

What's behind it?


We didn't have the best start.

When he started as a national coach, I took a long break and was not able to present myself in the best physical condition.

He also had to get used to working with a women's team first.

But he quickly saw that I could do something and encouraged me on my way.

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Carina Vogt: "The tour is of course always in the back of the head"


Stuetzle / imago images / Eibner


What outweighs you - the anticipation of being able to jump off the large hill for the first time at a World Cup in Oberstdorf or the annoyance of not having experienced a Four Hills Tournament as a jumper?


The tour is always in the back of my mind, of course.

But the wait shows that our sport still has development potential.

But it should not be forgotten that we have made a lot of progress in recent years.

Two years ago at the World Championships there was a team competition for the first time, now the large hill is being added.

It is progressing.


But there are still critical voices.


We jumpers are responsible for promoting our sport.

If we are always satisfied with what we have, there will be no development.

We have to show good sport on the large hill, then the voices will be a little quieter again.

“It hit us hard compared to the men's calendar.

I hope it will remain an exceptional season. "


Will you experience a Four Hills Tournament as an active jumper?


Now you want to elicit how much longer I'll jump.

I think it will be difficult, but hope is alive.

However, I am not only fighting for myself, but for the entire sport in general.

There won't be a tour for women in the next year or two.


Is this Corona season with various canceled World Cup competitions a setback in the effort to gain more recognition?


It hit us hard - compared to the men's calendar.

I hope it will be an exceptional season.


What are your goals for the World Cup?


I want to be very good at ski jumping within my limits, as I did at the World Cup in Hinzenbach.

I hope to be used in team jumping.

And when I stand on top of the large hill, my grin will be pretty big.


The tip in ski jumping has become wider.

How did you perceive that on your comeback?


I was happy, that's really cool for our sport.

I expect very close competitions in Oberstdorf.


How has ski jumping developed in your absence?


The jumping style has changed a little over the years, which often has to do with the material.

That was the biggest change for me too, I had to get used to the new wedges and the changed suits first.

Overall, however, one can say that women have come closer to men's ski jumping.


The symmetrical wedges were introduced primarily to reduce the frequency of knee injuries in ski jumping.

Was your cruciate ligament tear due to the wedge problem?


Basically, it is important to make the landings safer again.

I don't know any statistics at the moment, but the wedges are a step in the right direction.

When I was injured, it wasn't because of the wedges, so there was a lot of bad luck.

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Source: spiegel

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