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The Merkur CUP family mourns Rudi Simbeck: Driving force, restless spirit


Rudi Simbeck died at the age of 74. Eichenrieder has always campaigned for youth football - including the Merkur CUP. The companions are grieving.

Rudi Simbeck died at the age of 74.

Eichenrieder has always campaigned for youth football - including the Merkur CUP.

The companions are grieving.

Eichenried -

Would the following lines interest him?

Rudi Simbeck never cared what others thought of him.

That is why the question is difficult to answer.

One thing is certain: he would have filed the article from the Erdinger Anzeiger.

Rudi Simbeck was a walking archive.

But he was so much more: the driving force at SV Eichenried, in the local theater scene and above all in youth football - in the Erding district and beyond.

Everyone will miss him - this man who has achieved so much but also never shied away from uncomfortable truths.

"Anyone who talks behind my back has too little self-confidence to tell me in the face." Rudi Simbeck posted this on Facebook.

Just hours later, he suffered a stroke from which he did not recover.

He died on February 11, 2021 at the age of 74.

"It was a relief for him," said his wife Sunhild.

Before Christmas he was diagnosed with cancer.

For many years he had fought against serious illnesses, "now he just didn't want any more, no more pills".

Supervised by the palliative team, he finally fell asleep peacefully at home.

Rudi Simbeck spent his first 30 years in the Upper Palatinate and Upper Franconia.

Then the policeman was appointed to the State Criminal Police Office in Munich.

He moved into an official apartment in Holzkirchen.

“He didn't like it there at all,” says Sunhild Simbeck.

Shortly afterwards, in the summer of 1976, he found his new home: in Eichenried.

Simbeck brought his wife and their two children, Heinz and Susanne, to join them.

Eichenried - he liked that.

In July 1976 he became a member of the SVE, initially standing in goal himself and only three years later he became head of the football department.

It was the beginning of a long career as a functionary.

Simbeck Eichenrieder remained soccer director for five years, after which he was deputy chairman until 1993.

And even if he did not have an official position in the club afterwards - his SVE could always rely on his help - most recently at the 2017 Festschrift Huber.

Daniela Krause can only agree.

She inherited Rudi Simbeck as chairwoman of the Volksbühne Eichenried, which he founded in 1995.

“Rudi knew all the administrative tricks.

He always supported me.

He provided us with plays, worked them out, rewritten them for our people.

Only recently did he print out all the labels for the New Year's greeting. "

A functionary who is creative and on whom one could rely 100 percent - word quickly got around about the qualities of the functionary Rudi Simbeck.

The Bavarian Football Association tried to get him for a long time.

In 1994, Simbeck actually took over the position of playgroup leader of the Erdinger Football Youth, which he only gave up in 2015 for health reasons.

It should be his life's work, because Eichenrieder did not see himself as a mere administrator of result reports and tables.

He interfered.

He did not shy away from confronting clubs that, in his opinion, were too selfish, too success-oriented or too negligent.

He did not always deal diplomatically, he even took the youth leaders to his chest before the assembled group.

It could have been a hearty all-round hit.

“Even if it sometimes struck a rough tone on the outside, it had a soft core,” says Willi Brambring, one of his successors in office.

"There were no wishes that he did not try to implement." He had a very good relationship with all the clubs.

"He wasn't particularly interested in the professionals," says Sunhild Simbeck.

“But when the youth took a summer or winter break, they quickly had withdrawal symptoms.

Then I was happy that it started again. ”Rudi Simbeck wanted as much youth football to be played as possible.

Accordingly, he sponsored the Merkur CUP, the e-youth tournament of the local newspaper, from the very first minute.

He not only handled the games in his circle.

If there was a need, he would also take care of Ebersberg.

And that doesn't mean managing the results again - he did that perfectly, of course - he didn't miss any of the tournaments.

And for the draw for the preliminary rounds, he quickly tinkered around 40 balls so that it looked just as professional as the DFB Cup.

A tournament for the E-youth, as well as the construction trophy for C and A - that was not enough for Simbeck.

It was also his idea to organize the Lipp Cup for the D and B juniors.

“This competition was organized down to the smallest detail, and Rudi left nothing to chance.

He made a significant contribution to this wonderful competition, ”say the two managing directors Jürgen Loher and Dirk Urland.

But they will continue to hold on to this cup competition in the future, "because we owe that to Rudi in any case".

This commitment to the Lipp Cup - Rudi Simbeck would be delighted and interested.

Which would clarify the initial question.

This is what companions say about Rudi Simbeck

“The personable and always calm football expert headed the game groups in Erding and Ebersberg for 20 years.

He was a competent advisor who, in recent years, has tended to take a second-hand approach.

To this day, we in the Merkur CUP are working with a program for the tournaments that came from his pen and his know-how.

I will miss him very much. ”

Uwe Vaders, overall organizer of the Merkur CUP.

“Rudolf Simbeck was never interested in how effective a new task is in the media or how big the new requirements are.

Public applause was not what drove him.

The only thing that was important to him was the thing, football.

And football in the Erding area and the Eichenried sports club have now suffered a great loss. ”

Stefan Huber, chairman of SV Eichenried.

“Rudi's death leaves a huge gap in us.

I'm terrified of how things will go on without him.

Everything ran through him.

At the moment I don't even know where he had the theater tickets printed.

He took so much from me, took care of such little things as he did the big things.

He brought the children's theater into being and encouraged us to have so many young members.

Honors, however, were totally repugnant to him.

He always said that he does it from the heart and doesn't need recognition.

We had to outsmart him that we made him an honorary director in front of an audience.

We made the award before the performance.

I couldn't stop there. ”

Daniela Krause, chairwoman of the Volksbühne Eichenried, who also said that Rudi Simbeck never


the end of a performance:

“ As soon as the ticket sales were over, he saw his job as done.

He then said to us: 'Des bassd scho.

You will be the scho macha '. " 

Source: merkur

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