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"Ice chopper" board of directors threw out coach, although he has not yet been elected


Can a board that has not yet been elected dismiss a coach? This was exactly the case with the ice hockey Bayern league club TSV Peißenberg.

Can a board that has not yet been elected dismiss a coach?

This was exactly the case with the ice hockey Bayern league club TSV Peißenberg.


- Stefan Rießenberger didn't want to do this himself after all.

The president of TSV Peißenberg and acting department head of the ice hockey division entrusted the group, which had campaigned for the dismissal of trainer Randy Neal, the job of bringing the bad news to those who were hit.

“That was practically her journeyman exam,” the president admitted.

He consciously passed the responsibility on to those who have agreed to take the helm at the Bayern league club.

We checked the whole thing and then waved it through.

Stefan Rießenberger, President of TSV Peißenberg

Although his tactfulness forbade Rießenberger to personally dismiss his work colleagues, the process was completely legitimate under association law.

As acting head of department, he is authorized to delegate power to people he trusts, who can then also be responsible for a personnel issue such as a trainer dismissal.

However, the group had to present their concept for the future beforehand.

"We checked the whole thing and then waved it through," explains Rießenberger.

The entire matter was handled with the necessary seriousness.

Is Lisa Steidl the first woman to take over the management of the ice hockey department in Peißenberg?

The illustrious group that wants to take over the command of the "ice hackers" after the resignation of department head Norbert Ortner includes the acting treasurer Monika Lenttner as well as the previous secretary and second department head, Lisa Steidl.

Both showed themselves to Rießenberger ready to run again in the upcoming new elections.

However, Steidl seems to strive for higher things.

Simone Schugg will take over her position as secretary in the future.

Klaus Windschiegl wants to take care of the association's affairs, while Wolfgang Reichhart wants to take the junior division under his wing.

Georg Kreutterer remains assessor and sponsor representative.

The head of department is to be expanded to three chairpersons.

With this amendment to the statutes, the association as a whole reacts to the situation last November, when the then vice-chairman Tobias Ende resigned and division head Norbert Ortner was absent due to illness.

Incidentally, Ende is ready to work again in an advisory capacity in the future.

In addition to Steidl, former goalkeeper Michael Resch and ex-player Daniel Lenz are also applying for the three positions.

“The order of precedence must bring the time,” says Rießenberger - he does not want to reveal how the internal hierarchy will be regulated yet.

But there are many indications that the Peißenberg ice hockey department will be headed by a woman for the first time in the future.

In the end, I always lose.

Stefan Rießenberger, President of TSV Peißenberg

Although the entire club has great confidence in the new makers in the ice hockey division, Rießenberger knows that his decision is on thin ice.

“In the end, I always lose,” he admits frankly.

If Randy Neal's successor, Christian Kratzmeir, with whom the TSV chairman had previously had a detailed discussion, fails to deliver after the resignation, the president is responsible, because he had agreed to the termination of the old coach and the designated head of department was in power delegate this decision.

Ice hockey: There is still no date for the general meeting of the "ice hackers"

However, Rießenberger was also in a dilemma.

If he had postponed all decisions until an official new election, the entire department would have been completely unmanaged until spring or summer.

“I can't say I'll let everything rest now,” Rießenberger clarifies.

He was forced to act.

After all, the decisions for the coming season now have to be made.

In any case, it would be too late at a general meeting of which no one can say when it will take place in view of the corona pandemic.

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