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U21 EM: Germany is incredibly bock away from Keeper - commentator's son comes on


The German U21 national team scored the 1: 1 equalizer against the Netherlands late. With the draw, the DFB Juniors have created a good starting position.

The German U21 national team scored the 1: 1 equalizer against the Netherlands late.

With the draw, the DFB Juniors have created a good starting position.

  • Germany against Netherlands 1: 1 (0: 0), Saturday, 9 p.m.

  • The German U21s equalized late against the Netherlands.

  • The DFB Juniors are not yet in the quarter-finals, but they have created a good starting position before the last group game against Romania.

    The ticker for reading.

Germany - Netherlands 1: 1 (0: 0)

List of Germany:

Dahmen - Vagnoman, Pieper, Schlotterbeck, Jakobs (77th room) - Maier (82nd Stach), Dorsch - Baku (89th Janelt), Berisha (82nd Burkhardt), Özcan (77th Klimowicz) - Nmecha

List of Netherlands:

Scherpen - Teze, Schuurs, Botman, Bakker - Harroui, de Wit (88th Brobbey), Koopmeiners - Lang (22nd Kadioglu), Gakpo, Kluivert (78th Dilrosun)


Kluivert (48th), Nmecha (84th)


Maurizio Mariani

Update from March 27,

11:25 p.m.: The substitution of Fürth's Anton Stach also caused a curiosity this evening.

The central midfielder made his debut in the U21 national team.

His father Matthias Stach sat at the commentary desk for the broadcasting station ProSieben.

"Don't embarrass me, boy," said Stach with a wink.

After the game, commentator Stach shared his feelings in the studio: “Heart pounding!

I sit here and think, 'don't make a mistake boy'.

But I think it was ok. "

U21 European Championship: DFB coach Kuntz celebrates late equalization against the Netherlands: "I'm as happy as Bolle"

Update from March 27, 11:15 p.m.:

U21 coach Stefan Kuntz was visibly relieved by the late equalization after the game in an interview with ProSieben.

It was a very emotional game.

It was a high-level trade fair.

I'm proud of the team, they showed their hearts and didn't give up.

This is fantastic!

I'm as happy about the equalizer as Bolle, ”said the 58-year-old.

In view of the victory and the 23rd birthday of goalkeeper Finn Dahmen, Nico Schlotterbeck felt like celebrating.

“We showed great morale.

Maybe we'll have a few more glasses, ”said the Union Berlin central defender.

Que barbaridade, Finn #Dahmen!

Incredible ... # U21EURO #GERNED

- Jonathan Gonçalves (@ichbinjonathann) March 27, 2021

U21 European Championship: Germany strikes back against the Netherlands late - despite goalkeeper blunder


: The German U21 national team rewards itself against strong Dutch players for an increase in performance after the break.

Goalkeeper Finn Dahmen started the deficit with a mistake on his 23rd birthday.

But his substitute team-mate Jonathan Burkhardt set the equalizer through Lukas Nmecha shortly before the end.

With this, the Kuntz-Elf secured a good starting position for the final group game against Romania, a draw would be enough to advance to the quarter-finals.

93rd Minute:

The Netherlands seems to be shocked by the late equalizer and looks flat.

Germany gets the second breath and could set the lucky punch.

88th Minute:

The German U21 is now in the mood for more and is even pushing the lead.

Let's see what else happens here, the game is now on a knife edge.

84th Minute: TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR for the German U21 national team!

1: 1.

Jonathan Burkhardt, who has just been substituted, asserts himself on the right and moves into the penalty area.

His low cross pushes striker Lukas Nmecha over the line.

By the way, Burkhardt also plays for Mainz like goalkeeper Finn Dahmen.

82nd Minute:

Next double change: Jonathan Burkhard and Anton Stach come for Berisha and Maier.

By the way, Fürth Stach is the son of ProSieben commentator Matthias Stach.

81st minute:

After a Maier corner, central defender Pieper comes to an end.

The Bielefeld player hits the ball on the right in front of the six-yard box from an acute angle, but Scherpen holds strong.

77th Minute:

Kuntz reacts and blows the final offensive: David Raum and Mateo Klimowicz come for Jakobs and Özcan.

76th Minute:

The German U21 quickly switches after winning the ball in their own half.

Baku plays the vertical pass to Berisha.

Nmecha finds the run in the deep, but the Dutch are on the post and run away from the striker.

72nd minute:

That was a pinch!

Goalkeeper Dahmen plays a back pass straight back into the middle, there wasn't much missing and a Dutchman would have intercepted the ball.

The man from Mainz definitely has strong nerves.

67th minute:

Nmecha slams the leather on the outside net.

Germany is now trying everything.

66 minutes:

Baku has some space on the right side and passes the ball in the middle.

The cross is deflected, but Nmecha does not get the ball.

64th minute:

The German U21s are still missing the final consequence on the offensive.

Coach Stefan Kuntz shouldn't wait long with the changes.

61st Minute:

Baku dribbles courageously right into the penalty area and then pulls out the corner at the baseline.

It can go like that, but the corner kick doesn't bring anything.

57th Minute:

The Dutch now have a lot of self-confidence and show fantastic combination football.

Kluivert makes the stepover and pulls from the edge of the box.

But there was too little pepper behind it, so that unlucky fellow Dahmen can regain some self-confidence.

55th Minute:

Maier pulls a free kick from a good 25 meters half-left position directly on goal.

But the sharpness is missing, no problem for Scherpen.

The German team is now bolder - but they have to.

50th minute:

Now it's all around!

Pack formation on the square!

After a foul by Teze against Özcan, the nerves on both sides are bare.

Teze, of all people, who spat on Özcan two and a half years ago.

Referee Mariani calms down the mood quickly and shows Teze and Jakobs the yellow card.

U21 EM: Germany - Netherlands NOW in the live ticker - Giant goat from DFB goalkeeper Dahmen

48th Minute: Giant buck from the German goalkeeper!

The Netherlands accepted the gift and took a 1-0 lead.

After a throw-in, Finn Dahmen bounces the ball, to make matters worse, the Mainz player does not hit the ball properly.

The lightning-fast Kluivert splashes in between and pushes the ball over the line.

Bitter for Dahmen: Playing with the foot is actually one of his strengths.

46th Minute:

The Dutch have the first chance.

Harroui gets too much space and pulls half right in front of the penalty area, but his shot goes a few meters over the box.

46th Minute:

Into the second half.

A lot more has to come from the German U21s.


: The German U21 national team is not really


momentum yet.

The 0-0 break at break can be seen as a success and should be a motivation for an increase in performance in the second round.

The Netherlands had better chances and failed once on the post, Leipzig's Justin Kluivert also repeatedly creates danger in the German defense with his speed runs.

Everything is still there.

It’s about to go on with the second half.

46th Minute:

Dorsch loses the ball in the build-up, but the ex-Bayern player continues and prevents the counterattack in conjunction with Maier.

Nice conquest of the ball!

41st Minute:

The first shot on goal for the German team.

Mergim Berisha spins around his opponent and shoots from a tight angle on the near post, but Scherpen in Oranje's goal has paid attention.

39th Minute:

Kluivert prevails over the right side and wants to lift in front of the gate, but his attempt goes far past the gate.

The Germans have to be careful now.

37th Minute:

Holland's captain Teun Koopmeiners sees his second yellow card in the tournament and is banned from the final group game against Hungary.

36th Minute:

The Dutch have the greatest chance of the game.

Gakpo is not attacked on the left in the penalty area and pulls his flank in front of the goal as soft as butter.

There de Wit rises up and puts the ball on the left post.

35th minute:

Both teams are still acting too statically overall.

The runs into the depths are missing, the game without the ball is also expandable.

32nd Minute:

Pieper comes after a corner kick from Maier to the header, but the Bielefeld can not press the leather and thus misses the goal.

28th minute:

Baku comes to the baseline on his right side, but his low cross is intercepted by the Dutch defense.

25th minute:

The Germans are by no means hiding and are pushing forward at times.

It hasn't been enough to create clear scoring chances, but the Kuntz-Elf are really good at the game.

21st minute:

Lang can't go on, it doesn't look good.

The offensive player injured his knee and has to be replaced.

Fenerbahce Istanbul's Ferdi Kadioglu comes into play.

15th Minute:

Two Dutch rushing together!

Noa Lang from Club Bruges remains stunned, but struggles again.

U21 EM: Germany against Netherlands in the live ticker - hard body check against Dorsch

11. Minute:

For the first time it bangs!

Harroui lets Dorsch run up resolutely, so that the German midfielder from KAA Gent is whirled through the air and lands roughly on the grass.

Referee Mariani leaves the yellow box stuck.

7th minute:

Both teams have many intense duels in midfield.

Germany waits first, without standing too low, and see what the Dutch have to offer.

4th minute:

The Dutch are trying to control from the start and are looking for the way forward.

Oranje almost has to win after the 1-1 draw against Romania today, Germany can qualify for the quarter-finals with a win.

1st minute:

Germany has kick-off and plays from left to right.

The German U21s play classically in white with black pants, Holland completely in orange.

Update from March 27, 8:58 p.m.:

Both teams are on the field.

The National Hymen are running.

Dinner is served.

The classic between Germany and Holland.

The ball is about to roll.

U21 EM: Germany against Netherlands in the live ticker - Kuntz brings Özcan from the start

Update from March 27th, 8.45 p.m.:

Germany's U21 coach Stefan Kuntz wanted to take some explosiveness out of the duel against Holland before the game and focused on the sport.

“The boys concentrate on winning and qualifying for the quarter-finals.

But it's a derby, ”said the 58-year-old at ProSieben.

The reporter also wanted to know whether he had ordered spit victim Salih Özcan into the starting line-up because of the special constellation with the duel against sinner Jordan Teze.

“It has nothing to do with it.

I would ruin Salih's performance.

The Dutch Football Association reacted well at the time and the thing is forgotten, ”Kuntz clarified.

U21 European Championship: Germany against Netherlands in the live ticker - next Baku gala against Holland?

Update from March 27th, 8:30 p.m.:

Will Ridle Baku have another creamy day today?

The 22-year-old tied a brace in the 3-0 opener against Hungary and gave Lukas Nmecha the opening goal.

The ex-Mainz started this season at Bundesliga third VfL Wolfsburg and is one of the league's shooting stars with nine goals.

Baku said it was also under discussion with Bayern before the season *, but Munich waved it off.

By the way: Baku's first name Ridle is a tribute to the 90s world champion Karl-Heinz Riedle.

Baku's father gave him the nickname, which he had on his passport years later.

Brother Makana was nicknamed "Rudi".

Rudi Völler was also an idol of his father from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

U21 EM: Germany against Netherlands in the live ticker - Özcan and Teze in a direct duel

Update from March 27,

8:10 p.m.: Spicy: There is actually a direct duel between Germany's Salih Özcan and Holland's Jordan Teze.

Two and a half years ago, Özcan from Cologne was spat in the face by Teze after a U20 test match (see update from 7.15 p.m.).

Teze plays right-back, Özcan in attacking midfield.

So the two will probably be involved in several duels with each other - a duel with explosives should be guaranteed!

U21 EM: Germany against Netherlands in the live ticker - Leipzig's Kluivert storms for Holland

Update from March 27th, 8 p.m.:

The list of the Netherlands is also there!

Coach Erwin van de Looi sends his team into the race in the classic Holland 4-3-3 system.

The Dutch have some top talents such as central defenders Sven Botman from Lille and Perr Schuurs from Ajax Amsterdam or right-back Mitchel Bakker from Paris Saint-Germain.

The offensive is also heavily occupied with players from the domestic Eredivisie.

The best-known name, however, is likely to be that of Justin Kluivert, son of the Orange legend Patrick.

The left wing has convinced RB Leipzig this season and scored his only Bundesliga goal in the 3: 3 against FC Bayern in the first half of the season.

With the two Herthaners Deyovaisio Zeefuik and Javairo Dilrosun as well as the Osnabrück Ludovit Reis, there are other actors working in Germany on the bank.

U21 EM: Germany against Netherlands in the live ticker - Kuntz makes two changes

Update from March 27, 7:50 p.m.:

The line-up of the German U21 national team is here!

Coach Stefan Kuntz made two changes in his starting line-up after the 3-0 game against hosts Hungary.

Ismail Jakobs and Salih Özcan replace David Raum and Jonathan Burkhardt, who was beaten before the game.

Ridle Baku, who scored a brace against Hungary and was involved in all three goals, is swirling again on the right.

In the forefront, the hopes rest on Mergim Berisha from RB Salzburg and Lukas Nmecha from RSC Anderlecht, who are employed abroad.

Nmecha scored the opening goal against Hungary.

U21 EM: Germany against Netherlands in the live ticker - Moukoko has to wait for a record

Update from March 27th, 7:35 p.m.:

U21 coach Stefan Kuntz has to do without miracle striker Youssoufa Moukoko against the Netherlands as he did before against Hungary.

The 16-year-old did not get fit in time after his bruised shin.

According to BILD information, Kuntz originally planned him as a joker.

Similar to Borussia Dortmund, he should make a fresh wound as a substitute in the expected difficult game against the Dutch.

Moukoko is now hoping to play in the final group game against Romania on Tuesday.

He could become the youngest player in a U21 European Championship.

U21 EM: Germany against Netherlands in the live ticker - spit victim Özcan meets sinner Teze

Update from March 27th, 7.15 p.m.:

Between Germany and the Netherlands there is still an open bill.

The German U21 national team can already make the EM quarter-finals clear with a win today.

But it's also about revenge for an evil action by the Dutch two and a half years ago.

At a U20 test match in Meppen, Cologne's Salih Özcan was spat in the face after the end of the game by Eindhoven's Jordan Teze.

The spit attack is still a long way from being forgotten.

Today we will see you again.

Both now play for the U21s.

“Of course I still remember the incident because it was grossly unsporting and disrespectful for me.

We had no contact after the game or in between and won't see each other again until Saturday, ”said Özcan about the incident.

The 23-year-old has no desire for revenge, but a win against Holland would be very sweet.

"The greatest satisfaction for me would be if we then hold our own at the top of the table with a win against the Netherlands."

U21 European Championship: Germany against Netherlands in the live ticker - after spitting attack: "Can avenge us"

Update from March 27th, 5.10 p.m.:

The duel of the arch-rivals rises in just under four hours.

The neighboring countries Germany and Netherlands will meet in the second group game of the U21 European Championship.

Memories of a spitting attack from 2018 come back to the DFB Juniors.

Back then, the Dutchman Jordan Teze spat at Salih Özcan in a U20 test match.

Both players are also in the game today.

"We can now take our revenge for this action with a win," promised midfielder Niklas Dorsch with a wink.

Preliminary report

: Szekesfehervar - The German U21 national team will face the Netherlands in the second group game at the European Championship.

The DFB * juniors can already make it into the quarter-finals after the sovereign 3-0 against hosts Hungary.

For the German team, memories of a spitting attack from 2018 come up against Holland.

U21 EM: Germany against Netherlands in the live ticker - does the DFB-Elf make everything clear?

U21 national player Niklas Dorsch expects a hard-fought duel in the second European Championship game against the Netherlands on Saturday.

“The Dutch can be gross, but so can we.

It is important to show that we defend ourselves, that we oppose winning the first duels, ”said the 23-year-old midfielder from the Belgian first division club KAA Gent.

"If we can do that, then I'm sure it will be really difficult for the Dutch." Dorsch was trained as a youth at FC Bayern * and moved to Belgium after two years with the second division Heidenheim before the season started.

The Netherlands were favorites in the group, but are already under pressure after a 1-1 draw against Romania.

The DFB selection by coach Stefan Kuntz *, on the other hand, can make the quarter-finals perfect with another win after the 3-0 opener against Hungary.

“This is of course also a huge opportunity for us,” said Dorsch.

U21 EM: Germany against Netherlands in the live ticker - memories of spitting attacks

Germany against its arch-rivals from Holland has always been an explosive duel.

The negative climax was probably the action of the Dutch defender Frank Rijkaard, who spat on Rudi Völler in the 1990 World Cup round of 16.

Unfortunately, this story was copied.

Jordan Teze hit the headlines with his spit attack in a “friendly” match between the U20s and Salih Özcan from Cologne.

Around two and a half years later, the participants face each other again - this time in the group stage of the U21 European Championship.

"We briefly touched upon that, something you don't easily forget," said Dorsch about the scene from 2018 before the upcoming duel against the Netherlands.

U21 EM: Germany against Netherlands in the live ticker - revenge desires among DFB juniors

Dorsch, like his current U21 teammates Özcan, goalkeeper Finn Dahmen and Nico Schlotterbeck, was part of the German squad back then.

"That was very unsportsmanlike and something that doesn't belong in football," said Dorsch.

“You notice that, of course, and Salih in particular is looking forward to the game, I can imagine.” The Dutch sinner Teze from PSV Eindhoven is back in the EM squad and could play against Germany.

Teze was suspended after his attack and apologized afterwards.

The scene is still present in the minds of some German U21 national players.

"We can now take our revenge for this action with a victory," promised Dorsch with a grin.

(ck / dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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