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U21 EM: Despite aluminum bad luck and penalty missed - Germany trembles against Romania in the quarter-finals


Germany trembled into the quarter-finals at the U21 European Championship. At the end of the group stage against Romania, one point was enough to advance. The ticker for reading.

Germany trembled into the quarter-finals at the U21 European Championship.

At the end of the group stage against Romania, one point was enough to advance.

The ticker for reading.

  • Germany against Romania 0-0 (0-0), Tuesday, 6 p.m.

  • The German U21 national team is in the quarter-finals of the European Championship.

  • The Kuntz-Elf reached a 0-0 win against Romania in the last group game.

Germany - Romania 0: 0 (0: 0)

List of Germany:

Dahmen - Vagnoman, Pieper, Schlotterbeck, Raum - Maier, Dorsch - Baku (82nd Jakobs), Berisha (91st Stach), Klimowicz (63rd Burkardt) - Nmecha

List of Romania:

Vlad - Vladoiu, Pascanu (63rd Dragusin), Ciobotariu - Harut, Itu (46th Ciobanu), Dulca (57th Morutan), Oaida, Olaru - Petre (76th Popescu), Matan




Guillermo Cuadra Fernandez (Spain)

Update from March 30th, 8 p.m.:

Midfield fighter Niklas Dorsch analyzed the 0-0 win against Romania at ProSieben after the game.

“We created a lot of chances, but didn't score.

Then we had to tremble, ”said the Gent professional.

Dorsch is responsible for the music in the cabin.

His captain Arne Maier wanted the Ballermann hit "Bierkapitän", which Dorsch had initially rejected.

After progressing, the cabin DJ was gracious.

“Now we have to celebrate.

Then we can let the captain take over. "


: It's



The German U21 national team trembles with a 0-0 win against Romania in the quarter-finals of the European Championship.

The DFB Juniors showed their best tournament performance, but did not reward themselves with a goal.

Striker Lukas Nmecha, who had previously scored in both games, scored a penalty on the inside post.

So Germany had to tremble until the end.

94th Minute:

The German team tries with the last of their strengths to keep the ball away from their own goal and it has worked quite well so far.

Will the Romanians come up again?

91st Minute:

Anton Stach comes on for Mergim Berisha, every second counts.

ProSieben commentator Matthias Stach describes his son's change with a wink: "And the colleague who happens to have my last name is also allowed in."

90th minute:

Pieper heads the thing on the bar!

Raum hits a free kick from a half-right position and the Bielefeld prevails in the aerial duel, but the luck in the end is missing.

88th Minute:

That almost caught the eye.

A Romanian almost runs a cod back pass, but Vagnoman has been careful and intervenes.

85th minute:

That was tight!

Dorsch spits the ball away in his own penalty area, the Romanian drops and tries to snatch the penalty.

Fortunately, the referee does not fall for the clumsy attempt.

82nd Minute:

Kuntz brings a fresh man again.

Ismail Jakobs replaces Ridle Baku in the closing stages.

80th Minute:

The German team now has to bite their teeth, the tournament was tough.

Conceding a goal could destroy the dream of the knockout phase at the end of May.

75th minute:

After a cross from Vagnoman from the right, the ball slips through to Burkardt.

The man from Mainz flaps the leather, but Vlad fishes him out of the far corner.

U21 European Championship: Germany against Romania NOW in the live ticker - Nmecha puts a penalty on the post

72nd minute: Post!

Nmecha takes responsibility from the point and only hits the inner post.

Is that bitter for the German U21 national team.

69th Minute:

Penalty for Germany.

Berisha chooses a clever path and is placed just before the penalty area.

He slams the free kick from 19 meters into the wall.

Handball of the Romanians.

65th minute:

Amos Pieper fouls a Romanian right in front of the penalty area.

But Ciobanu throws the leather right into the arms of goalkeeper Dahmen.

63rd Minute:

Kuntz reacts and brings Jonathan Burkardt for Mateo Klimowicz.

Burkhardt gave the submission for the late equalizer against the Netherlands.

60th minute:

The German team is no longer so determined to play forward.

The group constellation should now also haunt the minds of the players.

Now is the time to be brave.

56th Minute:

Do the Romanians' wall tactics work?

The team should possibly keep the 0-0 for a long time in order to set the lucky punch in the second half with the best players as jokers.

Germany has to be very careful.

52nd Minute:

Meanwhile, six players have been cautioned.

Dorsch and Raum saw yellow on the part of the Germans, the Romanians even saw the yellow box four times.

50th minute:

The game is getting rougher.

This time Niklas Dorsch is late and picks up yellow.

In a possible quarter-finals, the Gent professional would be suspended.

48th minute:

The Netherlands has meanwhile taken a 2-0 lead.

For the German team this means: No losing!

46th Minute:

We continue in Budapest.

The Romanians switch to the break once.

Ciobanu comes for Itu.

Germany remains unchanged.


: Germany is better and has had several chances to take the lead, but has to be content with a 0-0 win against Romania at the break.

A dangerous result for both teams, as the Netherlands took the lead in the parallel game against Hungary shortly before the break.

Germany or Romania would have been eliminated in their own defeat and cannot hope for help from the Hungarians.

42nd Minute:

Vagnoman leads on to the right and sets Baku in the limelight.

The Wolfsburg find Berisha in the middle, but his direct shot is deflected by the Romanians to the corner.

36th minute:

Romania should actually seek salvation on the offensive.

If the Netherlands had lost and won at the same time, Romania would have been eliminated.

But only one team plays here and it's called Germany.

32nd minute:

Nmecha tries half right in the penalty area with a flat flick.

But his attempt is too harmless and falls into the arms of Romania's goalkeeper Vlad.

29th Minute:

Germany is now clearly on the trigger.

Only the gate is still missing.

The Romanians hardly come from their own half anymore.

24th minute:

huge chance for Germany!

Berisha plays a fantastic pass and leverages the entire defense of the Romanians.

Mateo Klimowicz has all the time in the world and opts for the Lupfer, but a hurried defender can clear before the line.

U21 EM: Germany against Romania NOW in the live ticker - Kuntz-Elf on the trigger!

Penalty refused

22nd minute:

Germany calls for a penalty!

Lukas Nmecha gets the ball in the penalty area on the left and is then knocked off his feet by the Romanian defender.

This is not enough for the Spanish referee, Guillermo Cuadra Fernandez immediately waves it away.

The Romanians couldn't have complained at a whistle.

20th minute:

First good chance for Germany.

Nico Schlotterbeck comes after a corner with a header.

The Union Berlin central defender did not get the bullet full and heads the leather a few meters past the box.

19th minute:

Both teams don’t give each other anything and deliver intense duels.

The German team is fully opposed and is looking for the direct way forward.


Raum is pushing hard and pulling out the corner.

The Romanians can clear the corner.

12th minute:

ProSieben commentator Matthias Stach makes it clear once again that his son Anton does not give him any “inside information” about the U21s.

“Zero, we totally separate that,” explains Stach.

8th minute:

The German U21s take control again after the stormy initial phase of the Romanians.

But the Kuntz-Elf should now be warned at the latest.

Romania tries continuously to put goalkeeper Finn Dahmen under pressure, but the DFB keeper stays cool.

U21 EM: Germany against Romania NOW in the live ticker - post luck for DFB juniors

5th minute:

Germany can be taken by surprise by the Romanians and catches a counterattack.

Matan flicks the leather against the right inner post in the penalty area on the left.

Luck for the Kuntz-Elf!

3rd minute:

First moment of shock in the German defense!

Striker Mergim Berisha clears a Romanian header after a corner kick in front of the line.

2nd minute:

The German team is right at the beginning of the Romanians' sixteen and attacks high.

1st minute:

Germany's Lukas Nmecha starts.

The German U21s play traditionally in white and black from left to right, Romania plays in yellow and white.

Update from March 30th, 5:57 p.m.:

The anthems of both national teams sound.

We can start right away.

Who will advance to the quarter-finals of the U21 European Championship?

Germany or Romania?

Or both?

That also depends on the result of the Dutch in the parallel game against Hungary.

In a draw between Germany and Romania with at least two goals each, the Netherlands would no longer have a chance.

U21 European Championship: Germany against Romania in the live ticker - German clippers Nmecha in a goal mood

Update from March 30th, 5:50 p.m.:

In the storm, the hopes of the German U21 national team rest on Lukas Nmecha again today.

The attacker from RSC Anderlecht scored the first German goal on the first two match days.

The 22-year-old from Hamburg is thus building on his achievements from Belgium.

Nmecha scored 16 times in 32 competitive games for Anderlecht this season.

According to ProSieben expert René Adler, Nmecha can even hope that national coach Jogi Löw will be appointed to the World Cup squad.

In the storm center, the DFB-Elf is known not to be blessed with a classic clipper.

U21 EM: Germany against Romania in the live ticker - Kuntz holds on to goalkeeper Dahmen

Update from March 30th, 5.45 p.m.:

U21 coach Stefan Kuntz was interviewed shortly before the game against Romania.

"The Romanians have a very strong mentality and are very willing to run," warned the 58-year-old.

In goal, Kuntz relies again on Finn Dahmen, who blundered against the Netherlands.

“The team knows that you make mistakes at this age.

The reaction proves our team spirit.

We said that we wouldn't take it out after a mistake. "

U21-EM: Germany against Romania in the live ticker - Does Matthias Stach comment again today on the substitution of his son?

Update from March 30th, 5.40 p.m.:

The Fürth Anton Stach is only sitting on the bench today, but the Fürth was substituted for the first time against the Netherlands.

Curious: Father Matthias commented on the historic moment * of his son live on ProSieben in front of an audience of millions.

U21 EM: Germany against Romania in the live ticker - BVB miracle striker Moukoko has to wait

Update from March 30th, 5:20 p.m.:

Now there is finally certainty that Youssoufa Moukoko will have to postpone his debut as the youngest U21 player.

The Borussia Dortmund striker is still suffering from a bruised shin.

In between it was even considered to send him back to Dortmund prematurely, but this plan was discarded.

“We had considered whether it would make sense to send him home,” reveals Kuntz: “But here he is given all-day care.

In consultation with Sebastian Kehl, it makes sense that he is with us.

So we can integrate it even more.

This is how he gets to know how the U21s work. ”Should the German U21s make the quarter-finals clear today, Moukoko could make a new attempt at the end of May.

U21 EM: Germany against Romania in the live ticker - two Romanians blocked

Update from March 30th, 5 p.m.:

Romania's coach Adrian Mutu, who played for Chelsea for many years in Italy and England, changes his starting line-up to five positions after the 2-1 win against Hungary.

A small advantage for the German team could be that the Romanians are missing regular players George Ganea - son of ex-Stuttgart native Ioan Viorel Ganea - and captain Marius Marin after their second yellow card.

In addition, some professionals from the team from 2019 - including Ianis Hagi, son of the former world star Gheorghe Hagi - are now part of the A-Team.

U21 European Championship: Germany against Romania in the live ticker - despite goalkeeping mistake!

Kuntz relies on Dahmen

Update from March 30th, 4:50 p.m.:

The line-up of the German U21 national team is here!

As before, coach Stefan Kuntz made two changes in the 1-1 draw against the Netherlands.

The Fürth David Raum is returning to the starting line-up for Ismail Jakobs from Cologne as a left-back.

In addition, the Stuttgart Mateo Klimowicz gets a chance right from the start after two joker appearances and, with Salih Özcan, displaces another Cologne man on the bench.

Jonathan Burkardt, goal preparer against Holland, is again only available as a joker.

The man from Mainz is still suffering from adductor problems.

In goal, Kuntz continues to trust goalkeeper Finn Dahmen despite the mistake against Holland.

There was then a lot of encouragement from the team for Mainz, who was 23 years old on Saturday.

"The team's reaction was cool," said Kuntz, who confirmed in advance that Dahmen will also be in goal against Romania.

The goalkeeper “put away well” his mistake and the excitement about it, reported Kuntz.

“We have an incredible team spirit.

Everyone stands by everyone and saves your ass.

This time it was my turn, maybe next time I can help the team, ”said Dahmen before the game.

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U21 EM: Germany against Romania in the live ticker - Dorsch ignores order from "beer captain"

Update from March 30th, 4:10 p.m.:

In just under two hours, the German U21 national team is going to their group final against Romania.

At least one point is required and the young DFB team can celebrate.

But to which music?

The two bosses in midfield argue about this: Arne Maier and Niklas Dorsch.

Captain Maier made an announcement before the tournament: “I can say 100 percent that the beer captain will also run at this European championship.” Two years ago at the last World Cup, the U21s got in the mood with the Ballermann hit “Bierkapitän” and came until the final.

The song should bring luck again this time, but Maier did the math without cod.

The ex-Bayern player was elected cabin DJ by the team and refused to give the captain's order.

“I put it to a vote.

There is no majority for the song.

So I refuse to play the song! ”Explains Dorsch.

Instead, he prefers to play rock music, preferably from the US band Linkin Park.

The Gent professional thinks little of Ballermann-Mucke.

“I have a good mix, the boys are all satisfied,” emphasizes the cabin DJ and reveals: “I like something harder, more rocky.” As long as Dorsch and Maier harmonize on the pitch, they should both be able to choose music to agree.

U21 EM: Germany against Romania in the live ticker - Kuntz trembles in front of the Holland coach

Update from March 30th, 2 p.m

.: The German U21 national team is enough today against Romania to get into the quarter-finals.

Group opponents Netherlands, however, must tremble.

If the Dutch win their game against Hungary, they would have five points, just like Germany and Romania in a draw.

Bitter for Holland: If Germany and Romania play a draw with at least two goals each, the Netherlands are eliminated, no matter how high they win against Hungary.

In the event of a tie, the direct comparison between the respective teams decides and then Holland would have scored fewer goals.

Dutch coach Erwin van de Looi is worried about this and threatened his German colleague Stefan Kuntz.

"Erwin told me that if we tie with two or more goals, he'll come to Germany and kill me,"

said the German U21 national coach with a wink.

U21 EM: Germany against Romania in the live ticker - is there a strange scenario?

“Erwin and I are very personable.

But we focus on ourselves.

Our first goal is to win, and then I think Erwin would be happy too, ”said Kuntz with a smile, who also knows his Dutch coaching colleague from joint training courses.

Instead of the twinkling threat, Kuntz has other plans in mind: 

"He's bigger than me, so I think it's nicer if I invite him to Germany after the game and we drink coffee together,"

said the 58-year-old.

In the past, there was a non-aggression pact in connection with the DFB team.

At the 1982 World Cup, Germany beat Austria 1-0, and the result was enough for neighboring countries to advance.

Both teams just pushed the balls back and forth - the shame of Gijon was born.

Algeria suffered and was kicked out of the tournament.

Hopefully history will not repeat itself today at the U21 European Championship.

Preliminary report

: Budapest - The German U21 national team will face Romania at the end of the group stage.

League leaders Germany a draw is enough to make the quarter-finals perfect.

But the starting position is deceptive: If the team loses, they will end prematurely if the Netherlands win a parallel game against co-hosts Hungary.

U21 EM: Germany against Romania in the live ticker - Matthäus gives the decisive tip

Not much is missing: a draw against Romania on Tuesday in Budapest is enough to reach the first stage goal.

"Then we would only have knockout games at the top level ahead of us, that would be sensational for me," said U21 coach Stefan Kuntz *, who has moved with the DFB * team from the previous venue Szekesfehervar to the Hungarian capital.

The team lives there in the chic “Anantara New York Palace” hotel - a recommendation from “Hungary insider and tipster Lothar Matthäus *”, as Kuntz revealed.

Matthäus has lived in Budapest for many years, coached the Hungarian national team in 2004 and 2005 and even celebrated a win against Germany.

Now he is being traded as a possible successor to national coach Jogi Löw - just like Kuntz.

However, Kuntz should have the better cards.

Especially when he reaches the knockout round of a European Championship for the third time in a row with the U21s, despite all the problems in the German youth sector.

It would be the next letter of application in the direction of the DFB, even if Kuntz continues to keep a low profile.

After the EM “there is still enough time to discuss things,” said Kuntz last.

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U21 EM: Germany against Romania in the live ticker - Kuntz is reminiscent of strong Romanians

Because first the duty must be fulfilled against the uncomfortable Romanians.

Although a German U21 has never lost to Romania in eight matches, Kuntz still has bad memories of the last duel.

In the second place in the European Championship in 2019, Kuntz's eleven defeated the Romanians in the semifinals, whose senior national team lost 0: 1 to the German national team on Sunday, thanks to two late goals with 4: 2.

“Nobody knew the Romanians back then, and then we were almost eliminated.

They bring a lot of quality and, above all, mentality to the pitch, ”said the DFB coach.

The 58-year-old also stressed that the Dutch had "had a hard time" at the 1-1 start of the group stage against Romania.

U21 EM: Germany against Romania in the live ticker - Moukoko use on the brink

The fact that one point is enough for the ticket to the knockout phase does not change the approach for Kuntz.

"We can't say now that we can play Romania backwards," said the national coach.

“We have to give it 100 percent again.” Whether Dortmund's striker Youssoufa Moukoko would be able to help for the first time after his bruised shin was initially still open.

With a win, the DFB selection would also have first place in the group and thus the possibly easier opponent in the quarter-finals, which will be played on May 31st.

But the team doesn't think about that.

“Sooner or later there will be good opponents anyway.

That's why we really don't care, ”said Mainz's Jonathan Burkardt, who was the last goal preparer for Lukas Nmecha's important 1-1 draw against the Netherlands.

Denmark, France or Russia are the possible German opponents in the event of progress.

(ck / sid) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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