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DFB drama! Germany is subject to World Cup qualification underdog - slapstick insert from Werner


This is not followed by the third victory in the third game in the World Cup qualifying. Germany met North Macedonia on Tuesday and lost narrowly, but not undeservedly.

This is not followed by the third victory in the third game in the World Cup qualifying.

Germany met North Macedonia on Tuesday and lost narrowly, but not undeservedly.

  • Germany - North Macedonia 1: 2 (0: 1)

  • At the end of the international break with the World Cup qualification, the DFB team in Duisburg expects the team around ex-Inter-Star Goran Pandev

  • Jogi Löw and his men were narrowly defeated by the underdog

  • You can read the game in the ticker.

Germany - North Macedonia 1: 2 (0: 1)

Germany: Ter Stegen - Ginter (from 89 Musiala), Rüdiger, Can - Sané, Goretzka, Kimmich, Gündogan, Gosens (from 56 Younes) - Havertz (from 56 Werner), Gnabry

North Macedonia: Dimitrievski - Ristovski, Velkovski, Musliu - Nikolov (from 59 Bejtulai), Alioski - Bardhi, Ademi, Elmas - Pandev, Trajkovski

Goals: 0: 1 Pandev (45th + 1), 1: 1 Gündogan (63th / penalty), 1: 2 Elmas (85th)

+++ update +++

Conclusion: The DFB team does not lose undeservedly against North Macedonia, which was the expected unpleasant opponent.

The Löw-Elf looked tired and acted on the offensive with too little speed to endanger the guests.

With a committed performance, the outsider inflicts his first defeat in the 33 World Cup qualifying games on the national coach as he farewells.

90 + 9 minutes:



Germany is defeated by North Macedonia with 1: 2 and receives a bitter bankruptcy in the fight for the World Cup ticket.

Joachim Löw thus loses his last qualifying game as national coach - and also the last game before the squad nomination for the European Championship.

90 + 6 minutes:

Violent clash in the last minutes between Can and Ristovski.

Both stay together in a header duel and stay where they are.

The game is interrupted.

90 + 2 minutes:

Sané makes the seal, pulls from the right into the middle and looks for the conclusion - third floor!

90th minute:

There are six minutes of stoppage time.

Is there anything else going on for the DFB team?

89th Minute:

Jamal Musiala now comes into the game for Ginter.

The FCB youngster sees yellow immediately because he ran onto the field too early.

Some rules don't need to be understood.

85th Minute:

And then it comes as it had to!

Again Germany is outnumbered on the defensive and again you sleep in the penalty area - 1: 2 !!!

80th minute:


Slapstick insert from Werner!

Gündogan is on us, lays across in the penalty area in front of the opposing keeper and Werner actually pushes the thing completely free from ten meters next to the goal!

76th minute:

Again luck for the Löw team!

Can gets a header on the arm after a corner, which is actually a clear penalty.

Referee Sergei Karasev saw nothing and the guests protested like crazy.

Hui, hui, hui ...

73rd minute:


That can not be true!

The FCB star comes free to the ball in the penalty area eleven meters in front of the goal, but does not bring the ball onto the goal, but is blocked at the last moment.

You just have to take advantage of such opportunities ...

67th Minute:

The guests are not very shocked by the equalization, but have a good chance.

Rüdiger can block the shot at the last moment - a thrilling game now here in Duisburg.

Germany - North Macedonia NOW in the live ticker: DFB team strikes back!

63rd minute:


Gündogan stays cool and casually transforms to a 1: 1 equalization.

61st Minute:

Penalty for Germany!

Goretzka puts Sané in the limelight on the right, he pulls up one more time and gratefully accepts the contact from Ristovski.

Can you give ...

56th Minute:

First change from the national coach.

Amin Younes and Timo Werner come for the today disappointing Havertz and Italian legionnaire Gosens.

Does it help?

52nd minute:

Unchanged picture.

The DFB team almost exclusively has the ball, the guests stand low and make the rooms narrow.

In the offensive, Germany usually does not do enough.

So it won't be with the third win in the third World Cup qualifying game ...

46th Minute:

So, the second round is running.

Will the Löw team manage to turn things around here in Duisburg?

Half-time conclusion: The DFB team is clearly superior for 40 minutes and, like against Romania, has a number of chances, but cannot take advantage of any.

Then Germany falls asleep shortly before the break and oldie Pandev shocks the Löw-Elf, who now have to accelerate in the second round.

Germany - North Macedonia NOW in the live ticker: DFB shock before the break!

Löw-Elf under pressure

45th + 1 minute:

And then the goal falls!

But for the guests!

The German team is actually outnumbered on the defensive, but you still sleep and lose sight of Pandev in the penalty area and the doorbell rings - 0: 1!

40th minute:


Great luck for the DFB team.

A free-kick flank from the left hits the goal very dangerous, but Ter Stegen is there and can defuse the ball at the last moment.

That would have been it ...

34th minute: But

now ?!

Havertz comes free to the ball after a Gosens cross in the penalty area, but instead of shooting he puts it down - and the chance is wasted.

Still no goal ...

31st minute:

That can't be true!

Rüdiger stages Gosens with a dream pass.

The Bergamo star chips the ball in the middle, where Goretzka puts it on Gnabry, but he chases the ball quite freely from eight meters just as far over the box.

It really has to be in there.


Gnabry again!

The FCB star comes with his left and with speed into the penalty area, where he does not hesitate for a long time and seeks the conclusion.

But Dimitrievski is on his guard and fends off with his foot.

23rd Minute:

Now the guests have their first dangerous attack.

Alioski crosses sharply into the middle from the left, but there is no taker there.

Can then thrashes the ball out of the box.

20th minute:

The Löw-Elf is clearly superior here and had a half-chance through Gnabry and a really big chance through Goretzka.

But it's still 0-0.

13th minute:

The DFB team is now stuck in the North Macedonian half, goes into counter-pressing after losing the ball and leaves the guests with no air to breathe.

In addition, the defense around Rüdiger is extremely high, a good ten meters in the opposing half.

So far, however, Havertz and Co. have not found a gap.

Germany - North Macedonia NOW in the live ticker: Lattenkracher at the beginning!

DFB team is hot

9th minute:


Goretzka gets the ball 14 meters in front of the opposing box and heaves the thing on the goal.

Dimitrievski can no longer get his fists up, but the ball only hits the crossbar.

5. Minute:

First half chance for Germany.

Ginter's mega-ball from the center line, seeing the Gnabry taking off.

He wants to take the ball volley, but doesn't hit him properly.

Too bad.

There was more to it.

2nd minute:

The DFB team actually runs with a three-way chain consisting of Ginter, Rüdiger and Can.

Sané plays on the right, Gosens on the left in midfield.

1st minute:

The ball rolls!

Germany - North Macedonia in the live ticker: Crazy Löw rumor before kick-off

Update from March 31, 8:39 p.m.:

The teams come out of the catacombs.

The last World Cup qualifying game with Joachim Löw as national coach is about to start.

But first there's the national anthem.

Update from March 31, 8:23 p.m.:

The DFB team had 18 chances to score against Romania, but only scored one goal in the end.

And today?

Against the uncomfortable North Macedonians, Gnabry, Sané and Co. should work on their efficiency.

Otherwise it could be a tight box.

“They are very good technically, they are very tough.

I would rate them as strongly as Romania, ”says the national coach at RTL.

Duisburg starts in just under 20 minutes.

We are already hot.

Germany - North Macedonia in the live ticker: lineup is out!

Crazy Löw rumor shortly before kick-off

Update from March 31, 7.40 p.m.:

The line-up of the DFB team is here!

Jogi Löw only changes his starting XI in two positions.

So no Musiala, no Wirtz and also no Timo Werner!

It was clear that ter Stegen would start, and Robin Gosens was preferred to Lukas Klostermann.

The DFB team in shorthand:

Ter Stegen - Ginter, Rüdiger, Can, Gosens - Kimmich - Goretzka, Gündogan - Havertz, Gnabry, Sané

Update from March 31, 6:52 p.m.:

Before it starts in Duisburg in two hours, rumors about Joachim Löw are spilling over to Germany from Spain.

Allegedly, Real Madrid should deal with the still national coach, as the



Löw is at the top of Real President Florentino Perez's wish list, reported the usually well-informed Spanish newspaper on Wednesday, citing sources from the club of international Toni Kroos.

According to the newspaper, it cannot be ruled out that the current Real coach Zinedine Zidane will not extend his contract, which will run until June 2022, or even go ahead of schedule in the summer of 2021.

Update from March 31, 6:17 p.m.:

We can expect the DFB team to be set up in just under an hour.

What is certain is that Marc-Andre ter Stegen will be in the can.

But otherwise?

Are the FCB stars Leon Goretzka and Leroy Sané getting a break?

Quite possible.

For them, Timo Werner and Florian Neuhaus could move into the starting line-up.

Or can Jamal Musiala and Florian Witz even hope for a mission right from the start?

We'll know more soon.

Germany - North Macedonia today in the live ticker: Kroos criticizes World Cup award - "Absolutely unacceptable"

Update from March 31, 4:20 p.m.:

So far, the DFB team has mastered the World Cup qualifiers with flying colors.

However, only two games have been played.

Tonight the next will follow against North Macedonia.

With a win, the Löw troop would take a small step towards the 2024 World Cup.

Incidentally, Toni Kroos has now harshly criticized the award to Qatar.

"The guest workers have a non-stop work in 50 degrees heat, they suffer from a lack of nutrition, a lack of drinking water, which is crazy with the temperatures," said the midfield star of Real Madrid in "Einfach mal luppen", the podcast with his Brother Felix (Eintracht Braunschweig). 

And Kroos continued to denounce: “Security is not guaranteed at all, there is no medical care.

I don't think the award to Qatar is a good thing.

One is the working conditions, the other is that homosexuality is a criminal offense there and is persecuted, ”said the 31-year-old.

There is also "a certain amount of violence against workers": "These are points that are absolutely unacceptable."

One must, however, also ask the question: “What is the point of a boycott?

Will the working conditions then change significantly?

I think no, ”said Kroos.

He was of the opinion that the World Cup would draw “a lot of attention” to the existing problems, which could “maybe” push improvements.

Update from March 31st, 12.30 p.m.:

The German national soccer team is playing their third game in the World Cup this evening.

Will you win the next win against North Macedonia?

Joachim Löw naturally hopes for a better exploitation of chances - against Romania the DFB selection was too careless with their chances.

Meanwhile, the search for a national coach continues in the background.

Oliver Bierhoff will meet with a candidate shortly.

Germany - North Macedonia in the live ticker: Third win in third game?

First report from March 30th, 11:18 am:

Munich / Duisburg - The convincing 3-0 win against Iceland was followed by a somewhat shaky 1-0 success in Romania.

Overall, however, the DFB team * got off to a successful start in the World Cup qualification after the 6-0 debacle at the end of the Nations League last November in Spain.

Now follows with the duel against North Macedonia the conclusion of the qualifying triple for the team of still national coach Joachim Löw *.

The guests come to the Ruhr area with the confidence of a 5-0 victory over Liechtenstein.

But is the team around ex-Inter-Star Goran Pandev really a yardstick for Germany?

Germany - North Macedonia in the live ticker: Will Jogi have the perfect start in the World Cup qualification?

Star, icon, national hero: For North Macedonia, Pandev is much more than just the best footballer in the country.

"You can question Alexander the great - but not Goran the great," says coach Igor Angelovski about the captain, record national player and top scorer of the small Balkan republic.

And that should also be felt by the DFB selection in the World Cup qualifier on Wednesday.

His “red lions” and he, emphasizes Pandev in the newspapers of the Funke Group, “do not make it easy for any opponent”.

The DFB team shouldn't take their opponents lightly, after all, North Macedonia qualified for a major finals for the first time last November.

Crucial man: Goran Pandev.

Manuel Neuer will be given a break at the DFB team, substitute Marc-André ter Stegen will stand between the posts.

Robin Gosens will take part in the shooting training in the evening and is therefore also an option.

"For the most part, we want to play with the same team as last," said the national coach at the PK on Tuesday afternoon.

(smk / sid) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

Source: merkur

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