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BVB drama at ManCity! Referee chaos and a last-minute goal made strong Dortmunders despair


Borussia Dortmund faced a tough task in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, against ManCity there was a bitter neck blow in the final minute.

Borussia Dortmund faced a tough task in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, against ManCity there was a bitter neck blow in the final minute.

  • Champions League: Manchester City - Borussia Dortmund 2: 1 (1: 0)

  • BVB were clearly underdogs against the leaders of the Premier League.

  • Nevertheless, the Terzic team made a good performance.

    The live ticker for reading.

Manchester City - Borussia Dortmund 2: 1 (1: 0)

Lineup Manchester City

Ederson - Walker, Ruben Dias, Stones, Joao Cancelo - Rodrigo - De Bruyne, Gündogan - Mahrez, Foden, Bernardo Silva (58th Gabriel Jesus)

Lineup of Borussia Dortmund

Hitz - Morey (81st Meunier), Akanji, Hummels, Guerreiro - Bellingham, Can, Dahoud (81st Delaney) - Reus, Haaland, Knauff (63rd Reyna)


1: 0 De Bruyne (18th) 1: 1 Reus (84th) Foden (90th)


Ovidiu Hategan (ROM)

Is that bitter!

The Dortmund team showed an all-round strong and courageous performance in Manchester and had to admit defeat after a goal in the last minute of regular time.

Marco Reus had equalized just a few minutes before the final whistle, but in the end the playful class of the Guardiola-Elf showed itself in the decisive phase.


90th minute: GOAL!

In the last minute of the game, Gündogan gets a strong ball in the penalty area, the German national player puts the ball on Foden, who skilfully closes for a renewed lead.

Strongly played goal of the Citizens!

87 minutes:

Now the big shaking begins for BVB, who fought so hard for this 1: 1.

Can one of the teams still score the winning goal?

84th minute: TOOOR!

Dortmund presses hard, the ball comes through Bellingham and Haaland to Reus, who lends it into the penalty area.

The captain can secure the ball strongly, closes in front of Ederson and scores to equalize!

79th minute:

City counters again quickly - but again BVB is collectively behind the ball. Mats Hummels continues to steer his back team with clear commands.

Manchester City - BVB in the live ticker: Dortmund defends strongly - but there is no move forward

76th Minute:

Kevin De Bruyne takes the measure and closes a meter from the sixteenth, his attempt goes just barely wrong.

Hitz would probably not have been able to parry that.

73rd Minute:

The home side do it professionally and seem to have taken their flow from the league back into the premier class.

Dortmund can interfere well and avoid attacks by the English, but black and yellow just can't get the ball.

68th Minute:

City simply has the power to push at any moment and disturbs Dortmund in every situation.

After Erling Haaland's great chance, Dortmund could no longer challenge Ederson.

64th minute:

and the one hundred percent for ManCity!

De Bruyne prevails and runs to the baseline, finding Foden in the middle.

But he closes directly flat in front of the open goal and awards the 2-0.

62nd Minute:

After a tough foul on Haaland, there is a free kick from 17 meters from the goal for BVB.

Marco Reus' attempt got stuck in the wall and the margin failed.

After the action, the starting eleven-debutant Knauff goes, for him Gio Reyna comes into play.

Manchester City - BVB in the live ticker: Haaland with the greatest chance for Dortmund

57th Minute:

Even after just under an hour, Guardiola's team does not allow much, but here too the creative actions and balls in depth are missing.

Gabriel Jesus comes for Bernardo Silva.

54th Minute:

Dortmund wants, but the pressing of the light blue is just too intense at the moment.

In this situation, BVB lacks creativity in possession of the ball.

51st Minute:

Knauff takes a corner out for BVB, Guerreiro brings it in sharply, but ManCity can clear it up and start a counterattack, at the end of which Phil Foden seeks the conclusion.

However, it goes a long way next to Hitz's box.

48th minute:

And suddenly the mega chance for BVB!

Haaland gets the ball in the top and lets himself be pushed outwards a little.

In the end, Ederson has the upper hand and can clear the action.

46th Minute:

It continues with the second 45 minutes.


An intense half-time lies behind the two quarter-finalists.

Manchester City came after the first gross mistake of the otherwise solid guests to the lead by De Bruyne, shortly afterwards there was no penalty for the Guardiola-Elf after a VAR decision.

A few minutes before the break, Jude Bellingham equalized after a regular duel with Ederson, but this was withdrawn.

Manchester City - BVB in the live ticker: Referee prevents Dortmund compensation

45th + 1 minute:

A degree by Mahrez is blocked, Hitz has no problems.

Shortly afterwards there is a break.

45th minute:

BVB comes forward again, Guerreiro comes to a conclusion, which is blocked.

City immediately starts the counterattack, but Borussia is there and defends strongly.

42nd Minute:

The Dortmunders do it well despite the deficit, put City under pressure and could even have taken the lead had the rather nervous-looking referee not intervened.

38th Minute:

Bellingham goes strong against Ederson, grabs the ball and pushes it into the goal!

But this time Hategan whistles immediately and avoids a VAR check of the scene.

The BVB professional had probably not met the keeper and was only on the ball. Bitter for Dortmund.

35th minute:

Knauff hits the ball in a duel against Gündogan, but Hategan gives the host the foul and the free kick.

Hitz can hold on to an attempt by Foden to follow the standard.

Manchester City - BVB in the live ticker: VAR prevents penalty!

Emre Can in luck

32nd minute:

The decision is off the table.

Hategan decides: no penalty for Pep Guardiola's team!

There is a referee's ball.

29th Minute:

Penalty for City!

Guerreiro is a bit too brash in the duel against Mahrez and gives Manchester City a free kick.

De Bruyne brings the ball into the box, where Emre Can appears to hit Rodrigo.

Referee Hategan checks the scene ...

26th minute:

After the opening


for ManCity, BVB is visibly incited, the duels are becoming increasingly intense.

The Terzic squad can get the balls, but the best defensive in the Premier League has not been impressed so far.

22nd Minute:

The answer from Dortmund is still a long time coming, BVB cannot yet penetrate the penalty area decisively.

18th minute:


With the first clear chance, ManCity hits 1-0, Emre Can loses the ball in midfield and De Bruyne is through on the left.

His cross pass to Mahrez is a bit too steep, but he can secure the ball on the baseline and lands on De Bruyne.

He can slide in flat, very ripped off goal of the English.

17th minute:

It's an even game between the two teams.

Dortmund shows a good game of transition and was able to put the "Skyblues" under a lot of pressure in some situations.

However, a good final conclusion is still missing,


The Bundesliga team continues to play a good game, even if the ball losses are increasing.

Ansgar Knauff makes a lot of steam on the left against Kyle Walker.

Manchester City - BVB in the live ticker: First chance of the game for Borussia Dortmund

11. Minute:

BVB can defuse two corners from De Bruyne and can take a deep breath.

8th minute:

Dortmund have the first chance of the game!

BVB enters the penalty area via Reus, and the captain passes it on to Bellingham, who is looking for a deal.

This is blocked, however, Emre Can's margin goes clearly wrong.

Still a good start for the black and yellow.

6. Minute:

Dortmund faces the Citizens in the first few minutes, conquers balls and tries to put needle pricks forward.

So far, Guardiola's team has left nothing to burn.

3rd minute:

City immediately takes the initiative and lets the ball run in the initial minutes, Dortmund is attacked heavily when it owns the ball.

But Dortmund loosens itself in one situation and can counter, in the end Knauff is stopped for the first time by the ManCity back team.

1st minute:

The Dortmund team toast, the quarter-finals can begin!


Update, 8:57 p.m.:

The two teams enter the field

, things

are about to get serious for BVB!

Update, 8:52 p.m.:

Just under ten minutes until kick-off, both teams will not give each other anything today.

Pep Guardiola knows BVB from the Bundesliga and will have adjusted his tactically highly trained team to Edin Terzic's squad.

"For me it's the best team in the world, but today it's about challenging and defeating this team," said the BVB coach before the game at DAZN.

Manchester City - BVB in the live ticker: Teenager Knauff makes his starting eleven debut against the Guardiola-Elf

Update, 8:37 p.m.:

A teenager will start BVB today against Manchester City: Ansgar Knauff, a player from their own offspring.

“Ansgar has enormous speed.

We know we will get rooms because ManCity is pushing up.

We want to set scent brands like this, ”said Sebastian Kehl, head of the BVB licensing division at Sky.

"We worked hard for this game, to be among the best eight teams in Europe and not succeeded for a long time," said Kehl before the quarter-final hit.

Update, 8:28 p.m.:

A 19-year-old will try to crack Manchester City at BVB today.

"We decided on Ansgar Knauf today so that he can show the world how fast he is," said Edin Terzic before the game to Sky about his starting line-up.

“We have to be brave to claim the ball.

we are not allowed to play too many cross passes because they press well and we lose the ball again, ”said the Dortmund coach.

It starts in half an hour!

Manchester City - BVB in the live ticker: 19-year-old with starting eleven debut in the quarter-final hit

Update, 8:20 p.m.:

Not long, then referee Hategan will whistle the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals between ManCity and BVB.

"Manchester City is the favorite, but it is also a chance to show the world what we can do," said Dortmund professional Emre Can at the press conference before the game.

Now words should also be followed by deeds.

Update from April 6th, 7:51 pm:

The starting eleven of the two teams is now out!

At Borussia there is a surprise in the line-up, the 19-year-old Ansgar Knauff will make his starting eleven debut with the professionals.

The right winger from the second team, who is making his fourth game for the professionals, will play next to Marco Reus in the front.

At the top, Erling Haaland should do the job.

The use of Knauff is a real surprise in view of the great competition in the squad, players like Julian Brandt, Gio Reyna and Thorgan Hazard are only sitting on the bench.

Update from April 6th, 7.30 p.m.:

Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund compete in one and a half hours, but the Bundesliga club could not convince in its last two appearances before the quarter-final hit.

A 2-2 draw at 1. FC Köln was followed by a home defeat against Frankfurt, with which the Champions League qualification was far away.

An answer could now follow against Guardiola's star squad, the line-ups of the two teams will follow in half an hour!

Manchester City - BVB in the live ticker: "Citizens" apparently want Haaland - he has a special relationship with the club

Update from April 6th, 7:10 p.m.:

This evening Borussia Dortmund is visiting the designated English champions Manchester City, the Bundesliga fifth must also hope for striker Erling Haaland.

The 20-year-old has already scored ten times in six games in the current competition and wants to top up his goals against his father's ex-club, Alf-Inge.

This in turn played 41 times for the "Citizens".

For Manchester City and coach Pep Guardiola it will be interesting to see the Norwegian up close.

After all, it is said that the "Skyblues" are interested in Haaland.

The BVB professional's contract will run until 2024, but according to


information, an exit clause in the three-digit million range could also be drawn.

Manchester is one of the candidates for a transfer in the future due to the striker's family history alone.

Manchester City - BVB in the live ticker: Five Dortmunders are missing - terrible news for youngsters

Update from April 6, 4:54 p.m.:

The quarter-final first leg between ManCity and Borussia Dortmund will take place in four hours.

With a strong performance at the Etihad Stadium tonight, BVB could at least let the disappointment from the Bundesliga fall into oblivion.

After the 1: 2 bankruptcy, qualification for the Champions League is a long way off, seven points is the gap to fourth place.

This is another reason why Dortmund needs a sense of achievement.

But the host is not out to give gifts.

With Manchester City one of the most difficult tasks in world football is waiting for the black and yellow, Pep Guardiola's team recently swept Borussia Mönchengladbach off the field in two one-sided games.

Now Dortmund's Borussia want to do better, Edin Terzic's team will have their first opportunity at 9 p.m.

Update from April 6, 3:09 p.m.:

It will soon be serious for BVB.

Edin Terzic's team finished the sweat an hour ago and are ready to beat Manchester City.

That is also necessary, because the Guardiola-Elf is in absolute top form.

For Ilkay Gündogan it is a special game, he meets his ex-club, with which he became German champion.

He embodies the broad chest of the "Skyblues" at the moment and is extremely accurate.

Does he have no mercy with BVB either?

We'll find out soon.

Champions League: Manchester City - BVB in the live ticker - hopes are on Haaland

Update from April 6, 11.44 a.m.:

Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League quarter-finals - that has not happened for four years.

Is that a temporary high point?

In the Bundesliga, BVB threatens to miss the qualification for the premier class, the chance for the semi-finals will probably not come back anytime soon.

At 9 p.m. the kick-off at the Etihad Stadium, the Terzic-Elf are clearly outsiders.

With an away goal they want to create a good starting position for the second leg, the hopes rest mainly on striker star Erling Haaland.

If you count the international matches, however, the Norwegian has not scored in four games.

Will he find his way back on track?

We are in the live ticker.

Champions League: Manchester City - BVB in the live ticker - Dortmund only outsiders

First report from April 5:

Manchester - Even if BVB were currently in top form, they would not be a favorite against one of the favorites in the Champions League.

After the mixed past few weeks, Edin Terzic's team is now traveling to Manchester as a clear underdog for the quarter-final duel with Pep Guardiolas Citizens.

What doesn't work in the Bundesliga doesn't have to be the same in the premier class.

The expectations are low, the BVB professionals can play freely.

“It's a very interesting constellation because you can really only win,” says BVB boss Hans-Joachim Watzke and adds: “If you are eliminated, everyone says that it was clear.

But if you kick them out, of course it's a world sensation.

As a result, you as a player have fun with something like that. "

Champions League: Manchester City - BVB in the live ticker - Sancho and Moukoko are out

Emre Can was “not at all in the mood” at the Europa League after reaching the Champions League with the defeat against Eintracht Frankfurt was a long way off.

“That would be a sporting and financial disaster.

We are very close, ”says Mats Hummels angrily.

When you look at the bare numbers, things don't look good for Borussia against Manchester City either.

Pep's star ensemble have won 26 of their last 27 games and are headed for the championship in England.

In addition, there is an explosive atmosphere in Dortmund: The transfer poker around Erling Haaland was opened by consultant Mino Raiola much earlier than "Aki" Watzke and Michael Zorc would like.

Video: City vs BVB - Gündogan against his old love

BVB cannot compete with the top line-up on Tuesday evening.

Jadon Sancho did not travel as expected, and Marcel Schmelzer, Dan-Axel Zagadou, Axel Witsel and youngster Youssoufa Moukoko are also absent.

The 17-year-old was diagnosed with shock on Monday: the season has ended for him due to a ligament injury.

The parallel game on Tuesday evening also has a lot to offer: Real Madrid meet Liverpool FC.

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