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Werder Bremen goes under in the Kohfeldt experiment against RB Leipzig


SV Werder Bremen lost 4-1 against RB Leipzig on the 28th Bundesliga matchday in their home Weserstadion. The game report of the DeichStube *

SV Werder Bremen lost 4-1 against RB Leipzig on the 28th Bundesliga matchday in their home Weserstadion.

The game report of the DeichStube *

Bremen - The defeat of

SV Werder Bremen


RB Leipzig

did not come as a

surprise, but it was the

way this 1: 4 (0: 3) was.

This was mainly due to the special line-up of coach

Florian Kohfeldt

, but also to Bremen's inferiority against a strong second in the table from Leipzig.

Dani Olmo (24th), Alexander Sörloth (32nd and 38th) and Marcel Sabitzer (63rd) ensured clear conditions.

At Werder, Milot Rashica was able to look forward to his first goal of the season (61./hand penalty).

But that should not be of interest, especially since Ömer Toprak has injured himself and threatens to fail.

That would be pretty bitter, because the lead over the relegation zone is only five points and can shrink even further today.

Werder Bremen: Florian Kohfeldt relies on Christian Groß and Manuel Mbom against RB Leipzig

Werder coach

Florian Kohfeldt

caused great astonishment with his line-up.

Because he not only made five changes compared to the cup game on Wednesday in Regensburg, but also put 19-year-old Eren Dinkci into the starting line-up for the first time.

Davie Selke has a lot more experience there, but his commitment from the start was almost as surprising after the weak performances in the past few weeks.

But Milot Rashica and cup match winner Yuya Osako only sat on the bench.

Just like Kevin Möhwald, who is actually considered a seed in midfield - especially when Maximilian Eggestein is absent due to a yellow card, like against Leipzig.


Florian Kohfeldt

trusted in midfield Christian Groß and Manuel Mbom, who had not played five Bundesliga games in a row for

Werder Bremen


All in all, a very daring experiment.

“After the English week, I want players on the field today who bring speed and intensity to the pitch for over 90 minutes,” said Kohfeldt before the game.

For example, a Milot Rashica is a bit tired after the many games including the national team.

Unlike Ömer Toprak, who returned to the back three after recovering from back problems.

Felix Agu replaced the injured left-back Ludwig Augustinsson.

Werder Bremen was played dizzy by RB Leipzig with one-touch football

Werder Bremen

started quite brave, attacking

RB Leipzig

in the opposing half.

Nevertheless, the guests clearly determined the game without getting dangerously in front of the goal.

Werder only allowed one shot from Justin Kluivert to the side netting (13th).

On the other hand, Dinkci tried a cheeky flick that went over the gate (21st).

But the guests were even more cheeky.

They played Werder with one-touch football almost dizzy - and Dani Olmo made it 1-0 (24th) cool.

A hit that was difficult to defend, even though Bremen once again did not act quickly enough.

The game's what-if scene followed.

Because Selke had the 1-1 on his head after a Friedl corner, but placed the previously slightly deflected ball next to the goal (24th).

What a chance for

Werder Bremen


RB Leipzig would not miss out on such opportunities.

Alexander Sörloth skilfully

headed the ball after Nkunku's flank to make it 2-0 into the net (32nd).

However, his opponent Theodor Gebre Selassie had simply let him go.

Werder's Czech was not the sole culprit, as in the 0: 1 there had been a whole chain of errors.

The same goes for 0: 3 (38th), which was again on Sörloth's account, who used an Orban cross.

Before that, first Jiri Pavlenka, then Marco Friedl had given the guests the ball as a gift and afterwards their colleagues defended too slowly again.

Werder Bremen: Ömer Toprak injured in the game against RB Leipzig

When, shortly before the break, Toprak hobbled into the dressing room with a calf injury, Werder's half-time fiasco was finally perfect.

Now it could only be a matter of preventing a debacle and not worsening the goal difference in the relegation battle.

Florian Kohfeldt

reacted and obviously corrected his decision in favor of the talents.

The weak Mbom had to go down, just like Dinkci, who, however, hadn't made quite such a negative impression.

Möhwald and Rashica and Veljkovic came for the injured Toprak.

In the back,

SV Werder Bremen switched

from a back three to a back four.

Lo and behold:

Werder Bremen was

able to stop the game flow of the guests, who had 74 percent possession before the break.

Rashica even gave a first sign of life with a good free kick (51.).

And it got even better for the Kosovar, who hadn't scored this season.

After a handball by Kevin Kampl, referee Florian Badstübner pointed to the point, Rashica converted the penalty kick to 1: 3 (61st).

Should something work for Werder after all?


Only two minutes later, after a Heinrichs cross, Marcel Sabitzer restored the old gap, because Friedl and Agu in particular had once again not defended consistently enough.

A tragedy!

That also ended prematurely for Agu.

The 21-year-old had to go down with muscular problems, and Romano Schmid came on for him.

Since Leipzig took it easy now, not much happened.


The live ticker to read:

Werder Bremen against RB Leipzig in the live ticker: End - Werder against Leipzig have no chance!

5:22 p.m.:

Friends, what should we say?

That was nothing today.

Werder clearly loses 1: 4 against RB Leipzig.

Rashica's 61-minute penalty created a glimmer of hope that Sabitzer destroyed with his goal just two minutes later in the 63rd minute.

Throughout the game, the home side hardly had a chance today.

Leipzig played it cleverly and sunk almost every chance in the box.

For Werder it is now: clean your mouth and show a reaction against Dortmund!

5.21 p.m.: Final whistle!

Referee Badstübner whistles right on time.

90th Min:

The last minute of the official game time is running.

How much is there on top?


Möhwald tries to play Selke a good 20 meters in front of the opposing goal.

But the pass is nothing more than an attempt.

Much too tight, halfway up, the ball sails past Selke.

86th Min:

The teams are mainly in the half field.


And the Bremer change again.

Sargent is off work.

Osako is allowed to play for the last few minutes.


Next change from Julian Nagelsmann.

Sabitzer can go down, Hwang replaces him.


Slowly the air is out.

Werder tries to push the ball forward over several stations, but does not really want to succeed.

Leipzig, on the other hand, plays it very ripped off and does not do more than must.

78th Min:

Leipzig seems to be happy with the result.

The guests keep the ball in their own ranks without actually playing forward.

Werder let the game endure.

75th Min:

Double change with the Leipzigers.

Olmo and Halstenberg go.

That's what Samardzic and Klostermann come for.

74th Min:

Does Werder still have the will to do something for their goal difference?

It doesn't really seem like that.

After all, it is only played cautiously forwards.

70th min:

Is that bad!

Selke gets a cross in the foot, handles the ball well and can then not decide whether to pull past his opponent or to put Rashica in the limelight.

In the end, the striker decides to close and warps clearly - his attempt lands a good two meters from the left post.

68th Min:

And there is the next change.

For Agu it doesn't go any further.

Schmid replaces him.


It doesn't seem to go on for Agu.

The young full-back is holding his left thigh and needs to be treated outside.


Leipzig now seems to be really up for the game again and shifts up a gear.

Can Werder keep up?

Werder Bremen against RB Leipzig in the live ticker: Marcel Sabitzer counters Milot Rashica's consolation goal

63rd Min: The joy only lasts for a short time!

Leipzig scores to 4: 1!

Nkunku and Henrichs have way too much space on the right wing and dance Friedl out on the beer mat.

The cross from Henrichs completed Sabitzer for the next goal!


Nagelsmann changes: Haidara comes for Kluivert.

61.Min: Rashica adjusts the penalty, looks briefly and loads Gulacsi.

The shot of the winger lands in the lower right corner, Gulacsi jumps to the left!

Now it's only 1: 3!

59th Min: Penalty for Werder!

Rashica crosses the ball to the six-yard box.

There, the people of Leipzig in the form of Sabitzer cannot resolve the matter consistently.

The attempt at clarification jumps on Kampl's arm - right decision!


Werder seem to have done the substitutions well.

Defensively, the green-whites are more compact again.

53rd Min:

Let's take a moment to talk about replacing Toprak.

Werder's defense chief had to struggle with health problems in the past.

Now it seems to have hit the calf again.

How bad the injury really is is not yet known.

We'll tell you when we know more.


Next free kick for green-whites.

Friedl and Rashica lay down the artificial leather a good 30 meters away.

After a short discussion, the latter performs and circles the play equipment just over the crossbar.


Sargent sends Agu on the right wing.

The young full-back briefly loses orientation and can at least pull a foul against Halstenberg.

The subsequent standard situation does not bring anything.


For green and white it can only be about damage limitation.

Only the greatest optimists should expect a victory.

46th Min:

There was also a change on the Leipzig side.

Henreichs is new to Adams.

Werder Bremen against RB Leipzig in the live ticker: Ömer Toprak has to be injured from the field

46th Min:

It continues in the second round.

Of course it can't go on like it did in the first 45 minutes.

Kohfeldt reacts and brings Veljkovic, Möhwald and Rashica.

The battered Toprak, Mbom and Dinkci remain in the cabin.

4:24 p.m.:

Let's take a look at the other places:

Bayern Munich 0-0 Union Berlin

Eintracht Frankfurt 2-1 VfL Wolfsburg

Hertha BSC 1: 2 Borussia Mönchengladbach

4.20 p.m.:

What a debacle!

The superiority of the guests is overwhelming.

Will Werder not take place on the offensive and defensive?

Until the first goal (23rd minute by Olmo) it looked pretty good.

But with the deficit, pretty much everything broke up.

The green-whites hardly got into the duels, lost the balls far too quickly and should therefore not be surprised why they have already eaten three hits.

4:17 p.m.:

Half time!

Werder are 0: 3 after 45 minutes.

What can we expect in the second round?

45th Min:

Is it getting bitter now?

Toprak remains on the ground after a duel in his own penalty area and grabs the left calf.

Werder's defense chief limps into the cabin with pain.

44th Min:

Friends, it's not fun like that.

Leipzig's superiority is overwhelming.

All three shots on goal landed in Pavlenka's box, and 74 percent of the guests keep the ball in their own ranks.

Werder have not fired a single shot at the goal of Leipzig's Gulacsi.

41st Min:

And the next hit!

Werder just doesn't get access.

Since Orban has nothing to do defensively, the defender joins the offensive game - with success, as it turns out.

On the right wing he prevailed against Agu, crossed flat into the six-yard area, where Sörloth jumped and pushed in without any problems.

3: 0 Leipzig!

38th Min:

Luck for Werder!

Halstenberg has sneaked into the top, gets the ball from Sabitzer in the penalty area with a chip and closes directly with a volley.

Pavlenka has no chance at the conclusion, but Badstübner decides directly on offside - the right decision.


For Werder it will of course not be easier with the two-fold deficit.

The home side has hardly seen anything offensive so far.

If you want to make the match open again, you have to offer significantly more offensively.

32nd min:

Werder has to touch their own nose.

Nkunku lures Agu outside, Mbom doesn't really go into the duel and so Nkunku can cross into the penalty area without any problems, where the tall Sörtloth is already waiting.

Leipzig striker can head the 2-0 lead completely unhindered.

This is possible because Gebre Selassie is far too far away from the man.

32nd min: And the next hit!

This time it is Sörloth who puts the ball in the goal with his head.

Now Bremen are already 2-0 down.


What is Selke doing there?

After a corner, the Bremen attacker comes free to the header in the six-yard area, but can not really process the cross.

The synthetic leather just slides over his forehead - he has to do it!

Werder Bremen against RB Leipzig in the live ticker: Leipzig is rewarded


You can't blame Werder on that - that was just played well by the guests.

Through the middle, the people of Leipzig combine to form the sixteen-meter space.

Kampl prevails strongly against Selke, puts Olmo in the limelight, who in turn puts a hoe back on Kampl.

It is the latter who puts the ball perfectly in the alley to Olmo.

The Spaniard does not allow himself to be asked twice and hits ice cold from a good seven meters.

24.Min: And then it happened!

Leipzig's Olmo scores 0: 1 from the home side!



First scene from Dinkci!

The starting eleven gets the ball in front of the opponent's penalty area, puts the game device on the left slipper and wants to skilfully circle it into the corner.

The idea is good, but unfortunately the execution is not.

The first shot attempt by the green-whites lands a good meter above the crossbar.


Toprak is doing a really strong game so far.

The defense chief intercepts almost every ball in depth.


Werder has to watch out for the fast Kluivert.

The winger has just been sent down by his captain Sabitzer.

But luck for Werder: The steep pass is clearly too long and Pavlenka can access it without any problems.


Almost the hint of danger!

Werder is awarded a free kick on the right wing, which Friedl takes.

The Austrian lifts the ball halfway up towards the six-yard area - but the referee decides on offside.


Nice play of the guests!

Nkunku dashes with the ball into the opponent's half, lifts his head briefly and crosses the artificial leather precisely into the barrel of Kluivert in the penalty area.

The Dutchman picks the ball out of the air with his right foot, puts it on his left and pulls it straight away - outside net!

Pavlenka would have been there too.


With minor fouls, Werder prevents the Leipzig from building up the game.

This time it was Gebre Selassie who knocked Kevin Kampl down in the half field.


Leipzig continues to set the tone without becoming really dangerous.

The five-man chain of the home side is safe.

5. Min:

With the exception of Konaté, all Leipzig field players are in the opposing half.

As expected, Werder touches the concrete at the back.


Werder can hardly keep the ball in their own ranks.

No sooner has a green-white player got the ball than it's gone again.

Werder Bremen against RB Leipzig in the live ticker: kick off!

1. Min:

In the first few seconds, the people of Leipzig show who wants to take over the action.

The people of Leipzig try to get into the danger area with quick combinations.

Werder, on the other hand, first sorts themselves on the defensive and concentrates on defending.



Leipzig begins the game.

3:27 p.m.:

The teams are ready, and we

're about

to go out onto the lawn.

3:23 p.m .:

"We're not through yet," Florian Kohfeldt warns his colleagues from Sky.

The head coach knows of course that the seven point lead over the relegation rank is used up very quickly.

3:21 p.m.:

Curious: The home side fell behind in the last two Bundesliga games due to an own goal.

Josh Sargent was the unlucky fellow against VfL Wolfsburg, who initiated the 2-1 defeat with his goal in his own net.

In the away match against VfB Stuttgart, on the other hand, Augustinsson's own goal also marked the final result of the unfortunate 0: 1.

Let's hope that the green-whites know where the right goal is.

3:09 p.m.:

Friends, back to the Bremen starting line-up.

A mistake has crept in.

Of course, defender Ömer Toprak plays and not Milos Veljkovic.

3:08 p.m.:

We still have enough time to take a look at the team of referees.

The main responsible is referee Florian Badstübner from Windsbach.

On the sidelines he is supported by Markus Schüller and Thomas Stein.

The fourth official is Christof Günsch.

Tobias Welz makes himself comfortable in the video cellar in Cologne and examines the very tricky situations.

3:04 p.m.:

We are looking in vain for a clipper on either side.

At Werder, no player can score more than five hits.

It doesn't look much better with the guests.

No one in Leipzig can score more than six goals.

Werder Bremen against RB Leipzig in the live ticker: What can you get against the feared opponent of the green-whites?

3 p.m.: A

look at the statistics reveals how difficult the game will be for the home side.

The two teams met 9 times in the Bundesliga - 6 times Werder left the field as a loser, 2 times a three-point was scored and the points were shared in one game.

2:57 p.m.:

Despite some surprises in the green and white starting eleven: Florian Kohfeldt's team does not want to give away the game.

The lead on the dreaded relegation rank is currently a comfortable seven points - but as we all know, that can change very quickly.

2:52 p.m.:

Probably the biggest surprise in the SV Werder Bremen starting line-up is of course Eren Dinkci.

He was able to collect a total of 4 match practice in the Bundesliga and was able to mark the winning goal against Mainz on matchday 13, but the missions always came about after a substitution.

Now the German-Turkish can run for the first time from the start.

2.49 p.m.:

During the week there was a 1-0 win against Jahn Regensburg and thus made it to the semi-finals.

And who is waiting there of course?

right, RB Leipzig.

Perhaps this explains the extraordinary line-up of Florian Kohfeldt, who of course - like the entire team - dreams of the final in Berlin.

2.47 p.m.:

Today's home side is more successful in the DFB Cup.

2.42 p.m.: It is

not without reason that Julian Nagelsmann's team is in second place in the Bundesliga.

Although it is seven points behind Bayern Munich, the industry leader, there are still enough games to play.

For Werder, on the other hand, it's about finding your way back on the road to success.

Against Leipzig they want to keep at least one point on the Weser after three defeats in the league (1: 3 against Bayern, 1: 2 against Wolfsburg and 0: 1 against Stuttgart).

2:41 p.m.:

We can be curious how Werder will present themselves against Leipzig.

One thing is certain: the roles are clearly assigned before kick-off.

The Red Bulls are of course the big favorites.

2.37 p.m.:

Friends, Florian Kohfeldt is always good for a surprise.

What should we say about the starting grid?

Christian Groß has already suggested himself as a replacement for Maxi Eggestein.

However, it was not necessarily foreseeable that Mbom would also be allowed to start in midfield.

In addition, Selke and Dinkci are allowed to start alongside Sargent in the front line.

2.33 p.m.:

And what about the guests from Leipzig?

Julian Nagelsmann lets play as follows:

Gulacsi - Halstenberg, Orban, Konaté, Adams - Nkunku, Kampl, Sabitzer, Olmo, Kluivert - Sörloth.

Werder Bremen against RB Leipzig in the live ticker: Surprises in the starting eleven - Eren Dinkci starts for green-white

2.30 p.m.:

The green-whites are not long in coming.

This is how coach Florian Kohfeldt sets up:

Pavlenka - Friedl, Moisander, Toprak - Agu, Groß, Mbom, Gebre Selassie - Sargent, Selke, Dinkci.

2.23 p.m.:

What do you think, how does Coach Kohfeldt play today?

Is the concrete being touched or do the green-whites surprise with a more offensive orientation?

One thing is certain: Maxi Eggestein cannot be there today.

The Bremen midfield motor has to pass due to its 5th yellow card.

It is similar with Ludwig Augustinsson.

However, the Swede is not suspended, but is out due to injury.

2.20 p.m.:

Friends, welcome to the Bundesliga game between Werder Bremen and RB Leipzig.

After reaching the semi-finals of the DFB Cup, Werder would like to find their way back to success in the league with a win against the Red Bulls.

After all, there were three defeats in a row.

Werder Bremen against RB Leipzig - the preliminary report:

Werder Bremen and the pressure in front of RB Leipzig: normal and yet threatening


SV Werder Bremen

wants 28 Bundesliga game against

RB Leipzig

get to last three league defeats in a row finally back points and take another step towards relegation.

The preliminary report of the



It was a painful experience that

Werder Bremen

had to gain four months ago, and one of the kind that will last for a long time.

Which simply cannot be shaken off.

Schauplatz Leipzig

, RB Arena, near the large festival meadow, where Michael Jackson and the Rolling Stones once performed, which of course did not play a role for the Bremen team on December 12, 2020.

After all, they had more than enough to do themselves not to chase the music that was relevant to them too much.

In the end it didn't work out.

During the first leg against

RB Leipzig

, there was a 2-0 defeat in the end, which was not a debacle in terms of height, but in all other respects it was one thing above all for the Bremen team: sobering.

"We weren't bad that day, but just not good enough to beat Leipzig," remembers Werder coach

Florian Kohfeldt

, who looked back several times over the course of the season in the direction of the Leipziger Festwiese to be the only one to date that his team had no chance.

Keyword: painful experience.

On Saturday it should finally be overwritten when Leipzig visits Bremen for the second leg and

Werder Bremen has

important points against the negative trend.

Werder Bremen against RB Leipzig under pressure?

Not for Florian Kohfeldt

Against Bayern, against Wolfsburg and also in Stuttgart there was



Werder Bremen

to gain recently, so they suffered three defeats in a row, which in turn crumbled the lead over the unpleasant table region from a comfortable eleven to a still decent seven points.

In view of the quality of the upcoming opponents (after the game against

RB Leipzig

, Werder will go to Dortmund), the starting position in the table is quite tense, which

Florian Kohfeldt

either does not show or simply does not feel that way.

“If you want to describe such a situation as pressure, then the pressure was never gone,” says the 38-year-old and emphasizes with a view to the season's goal of “stable relegation”: “Nobody here said that something had already been decided.

In any case, I've never gone to bed at night this season and thought: Great, we'll definitely play the first division here next year. ”But that wasn't real worries, and he would only worry“ if we lost our minds would act and have no stability ".

The coach has not been able to determine either of these in the past few weeks despite the defeats.

Werder Bremen: Opponent RB Leipzig have the best defense in the league with Wolfsburg

Indeed, it should not go unmentioned that

Werder Bremen

did not uproot any trees in the most recent games, but on the other hand they did not necessarily have luck on their side.

Without the own goals from Josh Sargent (during the 1: 2 against Wolfsburg) and Ludwig Augustinsson (during the 0: 1 in Stuttgart) one point or another could have jumped out.

Because it didn't work out, it should now be

made up against second


RB Leipzig

, against a team that, together with Wolfsburg, has the best defense in the league - and which should travel to Bremen with plenty of determination after the bitter 0: 1 against Bayern .

Because even a draw against

Werder Bremen

would crush Leipzig's remaining hopes of winning the title, as otherwise only empty soda cans on shoe soles know.

Wereder Bremen and RB Leipzig will meet again in the DFB Cup

In order to be able to provide for the big surprise (because nothing else would be Bremen points against the Saxons),

Florian Kohfeldt of

course also


the painful first leg of

SV Werder Bremen


RB Leipzig


"We have already considered again what options we have to influence certain dynamics in the game differently," he says, which should probably sound deliberately vague, but should mean nothing other than: What we can do in order not to be without a chance again .

Kohfeldt rightly points out that compared to the 2-0 draw on Saturday, things will be different, the personnel situation on both sides, for example - and above all: Werder's quality.

"I think that we have developed significantly in terms of play since the first leg, especially when building up the game against strong pressing teams," says the coach.

The basic level in Bremen has also risen overall.

"And of course it wouldn't bother me if Leipzig didn't get 100 percent," smiles Kohfeldt, who of course would do nothing better than the omens before the DFB Cup semifinals, in which both teams will meet again on April 30th encounter to reverse through a success in league game.

Self-confident Bremers here, Leipzigers with a painful experience in their memories there -

that would definitely have something


Werder Bremen


(dco) Also interesting: Attack on RB Leipzig team bus planned?

Bremen police warn violent Werder fans.

This is how you see the Bundesliga duel between Werder Bremen and RB Leipzig live on TV!

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Source: merkur

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