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Incredible dream goal comes too late for Porto - Chelsea trembles into the semifinals


Chelsea FC prevailed against FC Porto thanks to a strong defensive performance. Mehdi Taremi's dream goal comes too late for the Dragões. Despite a 1-0 success, they are eliminated

Chelsea FC prevailed against FC Porto thanks to a strong defensive performance.

Mehdi Taremi's dream goal comes too late for the Dragões.

Despite a 1-0 success, they are eliminated

  • Chelsea FC prevailed despite a 1-0 defeat against FC Porto.

    The 2-0 first leg mortgage was too high for the Dragões.

  • Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel leads the Blues into the semi-finals of the premier class for the first time since 2014.

    You will face either Real Madrid or Liverpool FC.

  • The live ticker for reading.

FC Chelsea - FC Porto 0: 1 (0: 0) |

First leg: 2-0

Line-up of Chelsea:

Mendy - Azpilicueta, Thiago Silva, Rüdiger - James, Kante, Jorginho, Chilwell - Mount (86th Ziyech), Havertz (90th Giroud), Pulisic

List of postage:

Marchesin - Manafa (75th Nanu), Mbemba, Pepe, Zaldu - Sergio Oliveira (85th Vieira), Grujic (63rd Taremi), Uribe - Tecatito (75th Díaz), Marega (75th Evanilson), Otavio


Taremi (90th + 4)

>>> UPDATE <<<

Update from April 13th, 11:30 pm:

"That was a tough, tough fight.

Maybe not so nice to watch on TV, but very intense on the sidelines, ”said Chelsea coach Tuchel after the final whistle.

The defense ensured that the blues progressed in the two quarter-finals.

The 47-year-old admits that it was a tough game.

"We deserve to get ahead," insists Tuchel nonetheless.

It remains to be seen whether a top defensive performance in the Champions League semi-finals is enough.

What is certain, however, is that the Tuchel team are expecting a different caliber with Real Madrid or Liverpool FC.

Conclusion: Chelsea FC moves into the Champions League semi-finals!

Against FC Porto, a strong defensive performance is enough for the Blues to reach the top four for the first time since 2014.

The season in the premier class ends bitterly for the Dragões: They acted harmlessly for more than 90 minutes before Mehdi Taremi hit an overhead kick to 1-0 lead in stoppage time.

It would have needed a second goal for extra time, but in the end the goal came too late.

So the Blues walled up the semi-finals.

In the next round they will face the winner of the match Real Madrid - Liverpool FC.

90th minute +5: final whistle!

Chelsea FC loses against FC Porto and is still in the semi-finals of the premier class.

90th minute +5:

Mehdi Terami receives the yellow card because of complaining.

Now it is going to be turbulent again, but the Portuguese do not have a real chance to score.

90th minute +4: Incredible goal for Porto!

Mehdi Taremi pushes the ball into the mesh with an overhead kick.

Is the hit too late?

90th minute:

There are four minutes of stoppage time.

It is very doubtful that something will change in Chelsea's advancement.

Tuchel uses the additional minutes to change again: Olivier Giroud comes for Kai Havertz.

89th Minute:

The last minutes of the game are running.

Even the players in white don't believe that Porto will still create the miracle.

It looks like the Dragões have finished the game - frustrated by the Chelsea defense.

87 minutes:

Luis Diaz falls to Christian Pulisic in midfield.

The referee cautions the substitute player.

86th Minute:

Thomas Tuchel intervenes in the game for the first time with a personnel change.

He takes Mason Mount off the field and brings Hakim Ziyech.

85 minutes:

Porto changes again: Sergio Oliveira leaves the field, Fábio Vieira comes.

84th Minute:

Now Porto slowly needs a hit.

The Portuguese still have a little more than five minutes to avert the fourth-final.

At the moment, the Portuguese do not pose any danger, creative ideas are in demand.

82nd Minute:

Pepe fouls Christian Pulisic on the right defensive side.

Clément Turpin warned the defense chicken.

78th minute:

The blues defense shows an impressive performance!

Since three knockout games without conceding a goal, the Londoners show an unexcited, safe defense against Porto.

Chelsea FC are compact - Dragões are grappling with their teeth

75th Minute:

Triple change at Porto: The recently warned Tecatito clears the field for Luis Diaz, Nanu comes for Mananfa and Evanilson for the hapless Marega.

The Dragões are now playing for the first hit.

73rd Minute:

Tecatito conceded the next yellow card after a tactical foul.

69th Minute:

The Dragões still have about 20 minutes to make up the 2-0 deficit from the first leg.

So far, the performance of FC Porto offers little hope for an exciting final phase, as scoring opportunities are few and far between.

Chelsea can be satisfied with the game: The defensive is safe, the offensive repeatedly provides promising approaches.

65th minute:

Taremi surprises with the first shot on goal.

In the 64 minutes before, neither Chelsea nor Porto brought the game device to the opposing box. A few seconds after being substituted, Mehdi Taremi heads the London goal, but the finish is no problem for Chelsea goalkeeper Mendy.

62nd Minute:

The first change of the game takes place on the part of Porto: Sérgio Conceição brings offensive player Mehdi Taremi for midfielder Gruijc.

The Dragões are now fully on the offensive.

59th Minute:

Although Chelsea are getting more active in the final minutes, a player is not a factor in the Blues.

Kai Havertz called up as a classic nine, does not find access to the offensive game of the Londoners.

Chelsea are getting stronger - too little is coming from Porto

55th Minute:

It got tricky for Porto.

Ben Chilwell goes to the baseline and kicks the ball into the penalty area.

However, Christian Pulisic cannot process the ball at the penalty spot.

54 minutes:

Porto tries more and more with crosses into the penalty area after the break.

Chelsea skillfully defends the high balls, so the attacks lead nowhere.

50th minute:

The next foul leads to another interruption.

Porto defender Mbemba hands out a body check to Chelsea keeper Mendy after taking a corner.

He has to take a short breath, then it goes on.

49th Minute:

Perhaps the game would be good for offensive accents.

Porto fans are still waiting for Mehdi Taremi to appear, while Timo Werner sits on the bench at Chelsea.

47th Minute:

After the 17th foul of the game, there is the first warning.

Porto's Sergio Oliveira conceded the yellow card after a tough attack in midfield.

46th Minute:

The ball rolls again, both teams come out of the cabin unchanged.

Half-time: First take a deep breath: The first 45 minutes between Porto and Chelsea were intense, fast and physical.

It's not a spectacle that the teams put on on the pitch.

Nevertheless, the Blues can be satisfied with the first half, as Porto tried hard but acted safely.

A look at the statistics of the first half reveals how both teams neutralize each other: The ball possession is almost equal, as are the running and passing values.

For the second round, a brilliant moment is needed to give the game a new direction.

After a hit, regardless of the team, the statics of the game would change completely.

45th minute +1:

60 seconds are added in the first round.

42nd Minute:

Corner for Porto.

In the round of 16, the Portuguese set standards for their progress (Ronaldo and Co. do not like to remember), but Chelsea also defended the corners and free kicks skillfully.

39th Minute:

Five minutes left until half time.

Porto and Chelsea don’t give each other anything else, so the defensive rows of both teams are in focus.

37th Minute:

The game continues between the penalty areas.

Both teams diligently run into gaps and press on the opponents.

It remains to be seen whether the teams will be able to maintain the pace for the full playing time.

It can go on for Chelsea, Porto is under pressure.

FC Porto are pushing their game on Chelsea - scoring chances for the Blues are in short supply

33rd Minute:

Porto striker Tecatito has the lead on his feet!

Ben Chilwell assesses a long ball behind the defensive chain completely wrong, Tecatito comes free.

However, he places his violent shot in the night sky of Seville.

30th minute:

The next whistle rings through the stadium.

Christian Pulisic drops Pepe, the next foul, the next interruption.

Despite the chaotic game, referee Clément Turpin waived yellow cards.

28th minute:

There would have been more in it.

The Blues outnumber a counterattack, but Kai Havertz missed the replay at the right moment.

So the chance for Chelsea fizzles out, the subsequent corner brings no danger.


In the last minutes of the game, the game calmed down a bit.

Both teams take a breather after intense initial minutes.

23rd Minute:

And the next player is on the ground.

This time it got Portos Tecatito in the face.

Doesn't seem serious, the midfielder keeps playing.

Chelsea - Porto: tackles and fouls - Dragões and blues are tough duels


Chelsea FC comes to the next conclusion: Kante cleverly initiates an attack by the Blues, places on full-back Reece James in the penalty area.

His shot clearly missed the goal, but the sequence shows that the Londoners find their way into the game.


In the first quarter of an hour, lovers of body-hugging football in particular get their money's worth.

Many nicks, fouls and interruptions have shaped the game so far.

10th minute:

A moment of shock for Chelsea: Blues keeper Mendy plays a harmless Rüdiger return in Tecatito's legs.

Jorginho fakes his direct purchase for a corner.

The Londoners were lucky there.

8th minute:

There it is, the Chelsea answer: Mason Mount, scorer of the first leg, pulls away.

His shot is dangerously deflected, just misses the goal.

The Blues have the biggest chance of the game yet.

Porto get off to a stormy start - how is Chelsea reacting?

7th minute:

Porto presses high against Chelsea.

The Portuguese look more toxic than in the first leg, it remains to be seen how Chelsea reacts.

4th minute:

First excitement of the encounter!

Defensive edge Pepe clears Chelsea actor Kai Havertz with a header.

The elbows go unpunished, but one thing becomes clear: The blues are facing an uncomfortable evening.

1. Minute:

Kick-off - Kai Havertz toasts for the Blues.

The Londoners traditionally play in dark blue jerseys, Porto wears white.

Update from April 13th, 8:59 p.m.:

The Champions League anthem sounds, determined expressions look into the camera.

Even without fans in the stadium, the minutes before a premier-class knockout game give you goose bumps.

Update from April 13, 8:55 p.m.:

The two quarter-finalists face each other in the player tunnel.

The French referee Clément Turpin leads them onto the field.

Chelsea FC - Porto FC: Dragões go into the second leg with a mortgage

Update from April 13th, 8:35 p.m.:

Let's look back on last Wednesday.

“Always trying” - this is how one could sum up the performance of FC Porto.

The Portuguese plowed for 90 minutes, creating chances, but top-class scoring opportunities remained in short supply.

Chelsea FC, on the other hand, impressed with their merciless efficiency: Mason Mount gave the Londoners the lead with the first shot on goal, before the Porto backcourt gave Ben Chilwell the ball to make it 2-0 in the final minutes.

So the Dragões go into the first leg with a 2-0 deficit, in which they are now under pressure.

Porto need two goals for extra time and at least three goals to advance to the next round.

A Herculean task for Sérgio Conceição's team, but the old soccer adage also applies to the Champions League: the cup has its own laws!

Update from April 13th, 8:20 pm:

Chelsea coach Tuchel is probably going into the most important game of the season so far with a five-man chain.

DFB player Antonio Rüdiger forms the center together with Thiago Silva and César Azpilicueta, on the outside Reece James and first leg scorer Ben Chilwell should cause danger.

N'Golo Kanté and Jorginho have their backs free for the offensive stars of the blues.

At FC Porto there are two changes compared to the first leg line-up: Sanusi has to vacate his place for Zaidu, and Sergio Oliveira starts for Luis Diaz.

Surprising for many: Mehdi Taremi is just sitting on the bench.

FC Chelsea - FC Porto: The line-ups are there - Tuchel waives Werner

Update from April 13th, 8:00 p.m.:

The starting line-ups of the teams are there: Chelsea coach relies on Christian Pulišić, Kai Havertz and Mason Mount in his offensive.

Timo Werner?

Have to make do with the substitute bench.

At Porto, Sérgio Conceição relies on attacking power: Sérgio Oliveira is in the starting line-up.

Update from April 13th, 7.40 p.m.:

Before the quarter-final first leg, the flawless Tuchel record got a first scratch: A


defeat at the relegation candidate West Bromwich Albion shook the traditionally nervous Chelsea environment.

After the 2-0 win in the first leg against FC Porto, however, calm quickly returned and the Londoners continued to gain confidence in their win against Crystal Palace last weekend.

The chest is correspondingly broad with the blues: “We are not afraid,” announced Tuchel at the beginning of the week.

In a few minutes we'll see if the Blues show their resolve against the Dragões on the pitch.

Update from April 13th, 7:05 pm:

The ball will roll in less than two hours!

Today is a historic opportunity for Chelsea.

If the Blues defeat FC Porto, they will make it into the Champions League semi-finals for the first time since the 2014 season.

FC Porto do everything in their power to prevent the Blues from progressing.

But not only on the offensive must everything work out for the Portuguese today, the defense should also hold.

Porto coach Sérgio Conceição will again rely on defensive veteran Pepe, who has already won the Champions League three times in his long career.

Can the defensive cock stand against the lightning-fast blues offensive?

We'll know more in a few hours.

Chelsea versus Porto: Blues fondly remember Seville as the venue

Update from April 13th, 6:10 pm:

Chelsea FC is holding its home game in Spain.

As in the first leg, the Blues and FC Porto compete in the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán stadium in Seville.

Due to the Corona travel restrictions, the Londoners have to forego their home game at Stamford Bridge.

The fact that the quarter-finals will take place in Seville's arena is a good omen for the Blues.

In the group stage of this year's Champions League season, they celebrated a 4-0 victory against Sevilla FC in the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán.

Update from April 13th, 5.30 p.m.:

Between the Champions League highlights it was for Porto and Chelsea: Everyday life in the league.

Both teams fulfilled their duty against opponents in the middle of the table.

The Dragões fought Tondela 2-0 down, while Chelsea FC shot warm in a 4-1 win against Crystal Palace.

Remarkable: In the Blues, DFB player Kai Havertz shone with a strong game and the opening goal.

In his current condition, the 21-year-old is a candidate for the starting line-up in the quarter-final second leg.

The line-ups will be announced about an hour before kick-off.

Chelsea FC - Porto FC: Dragões can draw on full potential on the offensive

Update from April 13th, 5:00 p.m.:

Catch a 2-0 deficit against the Blues' top defensive team?

Not impossible for Porto coach Sérgio Conceição.

“We're only at half time.

So let's keep believing in ourselves, ”says the coach fiercely.

Two important players who were suspended in the first leg speak for a possible catch-up for the Portuguese: With Sérgio Oliveira and Mehdi Taremi, two goal-threatening strikers are likely to return to the starting line-up.

The blues defense around DFB defender Antonio Rüdiger could be more work than in the first leg.


Insurmountable: In the first leg, the Porto offensive desperate Chelsea goalkeeper Edouard Mendy

© Angel Fernandez / picture alliance / dpa / AP

Chelsea - Porto: Thomas Tuchel appeals to his team "past uninteresting"

Update from April 13, 4:20 p.m.:

The starting position before the quarter-final first leg between Chelsea and FC Porto is clear: The Blues are the clear favorites against the Dragões.

Not only the comfortable starting position after the 2-0 win in the first leg, also the top-class squad speaks for the Londoners.

Nevertheless, Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel slows the semi-final euphoria: “We have to forget the result.

There is nothing more uninteresting in professional football than the past, ”he recalls.

In the final press conference, the 47-year-old warned his team “not to think”.

The team has to "deliver".

That Porto has comeback quality was shown in the round of 16.

Sérgio Conceição's squad threw Juventus Turin out of the premier class after extra time.

Update from April 13, 2:55 p.m.:

The Champions League week has a lot to offer again!

In addition to Chelsea-Porto, Bayern will have to play against PSG on Tuesday, and BVB will use their mini-chance against Manchester City on Wednesday *.

In addition, Liverpool will play against Real Madrid.

Chelsea against Porto in the live ticker:

First report from April 13th:

London - Chelsea FC * already has one leg in the semi-finals of the Champions League *.

The Blues won the first leg against the supposedly lucky ticket FC Porto * 2-0.

On Tuesday evening there will be a reunion in Seville.

And of course Thomas Tuchel * is highly motivated - will he be able to win his first title * in his first half of the year?

In any case, the German will soon be holding trophies, as he announced at the press conference before the quarter-final second leg: “That's what I ask of myself.

Why should we say now that we don't want to win titles for two, three or five years?

Now is the time for it. "

Chelsea against Porto in the live ticker: Champions League semi-finals for Tuchel?

And why not?

Under Tuchel, the blues have shown a sensational turnaround.

This is confirmed by the upward trend in the Premier League, where you are suddenly back on the Champions League * course.

And things are looking good in the FA Cup as well: The Tuchel team is already fighting against Manchester City on Saturday for a place in the final.

In 17 games so far under the former Bundesliga coach, the Blues lost only once.

“If you win a lot of games in a row, you can of course win titles.

Chelsea are a club that has the culture, history, quality and structure for it, ”said Tuchel.

Chelsea FC: Kai Havertz on the advance, Timo Werner recently only on the bench

Most recently, the Londoners shone in the city derby against Crystal Palace, Kai Havertz showed a strong performance.

He should also play a central role in the second leg against Porto - as does DFB colleague Antonio Rüdiger.

And Timo Werner?

Things are currently not going well for the lightning-fast striker.

Against the Eagles, he sat on the bench for 90 minutes, especially when the goal is close, the former Leipzig seems inhibited.

But maybe the knot will finally burst against postage.

(akl / sid) * and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA

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