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Formula 1: Schumacher shows historic performance in Portimao - Vettel disappoints again


The third race weekend was due in Portimao. When Lewis Hamilton won, Mick Schumacher showed a historic performance. The Portuguese Grand Prix in the ticker to read.

The third race weekend was due in Portimao.

When Lewis Hamilton won, Mick Schumacher showed a historic performance.

The Portuguese Grand Prix in the ticker to read.

  • Formula 1 made a stop in Portimao for the second time in its history.

  • Last year's winner Lewis Hamilton took his second victory in the third race of the season.

  • Mick Schumacher showed a historic overtaking maneuver - Sebastian Vettel disappointed.

    The ticker for the Portual-GP to read.

Formula 1 in Portimao: The bottom line

1 Hamilton

2 Verstappen

3 Bottas

4 perez

5 Norris

6 Leclerc

7 Ocon

8 Alonso

9 Ricciardo

10 Gasly

11 Sainz

12 Giovinazzi

13 Vettel

14 stroll

15 Tsunoda

16 Russell

17 Schumacher

18 latifi

19 Mazepin

20 Raikkonen (out)


Lewis Hamilton wins the Portimao Grand Prix and celebrates his second win of the season.

Max Verstappen finished second and earned a bonus point in the last lap with the fastest time.

The extra point is denied to him because he was off the track and ultimately goes to third-placed Bottas.

For Vettel, a mixed race ends in 13th place, in the last lap the Heppenheimer was able to overtake his Aston Martin colleague Lance Stroll.

Mick Schumacher secured P17 thanks to his first successful overtaking maneuver in Formula 1.


Verstappen also tried his luck with the new tires, the gap to Hamilton was already too big.


Bottas picks up new tires again to secure a championship point for the fastest race lap.

Formula 1 NOW in the live ticker: Mick Schumacher overtakes for the first time in Formula 1


Mick Schumacher shows his first real overtaking maneuver in Formula 1 - that's historic!

The son of record world champion Michael Schumacher benefits from a brake from Latifi and sits on P17.


Very bitter for Vettel: The Heppenheimer is overtaken by team-mate Lance Stroll at the start-finish and falls back to P14.

It will certainly not be enough for points today.


Mick Schumacher


wants to grab Latifi.

The Haas pilot tries from outside in the DRS window, but it's not quite enough.

Then Mick loses a lot of time due to lapping and has to fight back.

Maybe he'll get another chance.


Sebastian Vettel will probably not be able to intervene in the fight for the points today.

The four-time world champion is in twelfth position, but is five seconds behind Gasly, who in turn attacks Ricciardo in 10th place.

After all, Vettel holds himself in front of his Aston Martin colleague Lance Stroll.


Mazepin receives a five-second penalty.

Mick Schumacher's team-mate had stopped the former leader Perez and ignored the blue flags.


Hamilton conceded Perez without any major problems and took the lead.

In the next lap, the Mexican pits and is now fourth.


Perez is still on the track without stopping.

How long can the Mexican, who is known for his good handling of tires, hold out?

But Hamilton puts pressure from behind and is less than two seconds behind.


Bottas puts down one fastest lap after the other.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff informed him by radio that he had the fastest car in the field.

The gap to third-placed Verstappen is a good two seconds.


After almost all drivers were in the pits, Vettel is in twelfth place.

Mick Schumacher is on P18 and attacks Latifi in the Williams.

Maybe Schumi jr.

a spectacular overtaking maneuver?


Perez's Red Bull is in the lead, but the Mexican was not in the pits yet.


Verstappen can overtake Bottas.

Then Hamilton comes into the pits and stays clear of Verstappen.


Verstappen comes into the pits before the Mercedes.

Hamilton will now try to do the next fast lap.

One lap after Verstappen, Bottas comes to change tires and the Finn stays ahead of the Dutchman.


Mick Schumacher was also in the pits and is back in P18.


Hamilton burns the fastest race lap into the asphalt and now has a five-second lead over third-placed Verstappen.

Formula 1 NOW in the live ticker: Vettel well on the way - is it enough to score?


Vettel drives good lap times and is in 13th place after an earlier pit stop.

Mick Schumacher was not in the pits yet and is in P15, but he will probably not be able to keep that up.

After all, he is clearly around 20 seconds ahead of his stable rival Mazepin.


Verstappen is stuck behind Bottas and can't get past.

Hamilton is expanding the lead at the top and now has a buffer of more than three seconds.


Verstappen wants to grab Bottas' Mercedes before


into the pits.

The Finn is still holding on to P2.


Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz comes in sixth as the first driver to make the pit stop.

How long does the top around Hamilton, Bottas and Verstappen stay out?

The tactic begins.

Formula 1 NOW in the live ticker: Hamilton takes the lead


Hamilton passes Bottas and takes the lead.

The Finns face even more trouble from behind - Verstappen also wants to pass.

Should the Dutchman be stopped, Hamilton could break away decisively.


Vettel is

having a

hard time, there is not much going forward.

And now the Aston Martin driver has even been overtaken by Ricciardo in the McLaren and thus falls out of the points - eleventh place.

However, Vettel is on the weaker red tires, he could catch up again in the further course of the race.


Perez overtook Norris and is now fourth again.

During his overtaking maneuver, Norris was probably off the track with all four tires and therefore may have voluntarily let the opponent through in order to avoid a penalty.


Hamilton now also wants to grab Bottas, is only half a second behind his Mercedes team-mate.

The Briton is significantly faster than the Finn.

We could see a change in leadership in the next few laps.


Hamilton strikes back and suddenly conceded Verstappen.

The Dutchman does not want to admit defeat and tries to counter from the outside, but Hamilton closes the door.

Verstappen had previously made a small mistake and oversteered, Hamilton took advantage of it directly.


Verstappen is now putting real pressure on the leader Bottas.

The Dutchman really wants to overtake, but he mustn't overdo it, otherwise the tires won't last long enough.

Formula 1 NOW in the live ticker: Hamilton overslept the restart after the safety car phase




away directly, the Finn did really well.

Hamilton overslept the restart, Max Verstappen overtook the British.

Lando Norris in the McLaren also seized the opportunity and pushed his way to P4.

At the end of the field, Mazepin overtook Mick Schumacher, but the German countered directly.


The drivers zigzag to keep the tires warm.

The safety car phase ends after this lap.

Who has the better nerve at the restart?


The field of


follows the red Mercedes Safety Car, driven by Bernd Mayländer.

It should go on soon.


And already we have the first failure.

Kimi Raikkonen drives his Alfa Romeo colleague Giovinazzi into the rear and destroys the front wing.

It's very annoying for the team.

The safety car comes out because there are many small parts on the track.

The field of drivers drives through the pits once.


The Mercedes are doing well.

Max Verstappen makes a great start and attacks Hamilton, but the Dutchman does not manage to get past.

Behind them, Sainz overtakes Perez's Red Bull in his Ferrari.

Vettel has held his tenth place.

Update from May 2, 4:01 p.m.:

The drivers get started and go into the introductory


, followed by the start.

Now it's time to bring the tires to the right temperature again.

Update from May 2, 3:57 p.m .:

In the last race in Portimao, Lando Norris and Lance Stroll got in each other's way immediately after the start, the then Racing Point driver (now Aston Martin) got off the track after touching it.

Is it going to be hot right at the beginning today?

The engines start in a few minutes.

Formula 1 in the live ticker: Ralf Schumacher criticizes jet action in Portimao

Update from May 2nd, 3:47 pm:

The musician Heber Marques sings the national anthem of Portugal "A Portuguesa" with great emotion.

Then four jet jets fly over the Portimao route.

Sky expert Ralf Schumacher criticizes the action and asks whether it still has to be in these times.

Formula 1 in the live ticker: Vettel scored points in Portimao last season

Update from May 2, 3:40 p.m .:

Sebastian Vettel was tenth in the premiere race in Portimao last season.

The Heppenheimer is starting the race from tenth place.

If he can keep this position, he would at least have the first points in the Aston Martin.

Formula 1 in the live ticker: the pit lane is open - the tension is increasing

Update from May 2, 3:25 p.m.:

The pit lane is open.

The pilots have ten minutes to make their way to the starting grid - the so-called formation lap.

The drivers listen again in their car and then check whether everything is OK.

Formula 1 in the live ticker: Wind lottery in the Algarve?

Weather could play a big role

Update from May 2, 3:15 p.m.:

It's pretty windy in Portimao on the Portuguese Algarve.

Sebastian Vettel therefore expects a difficult race.

“In the race it will be difficult with the wind.

We have to keep calm and see what is possible, ”said Vettel in an interview with Sky expert Ralf Schumacher before the Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton also expects a complicated race.

“I feel like I'm standing in the wind tunnel.

Sometimes you have a tailwind, then there are extremely fast gusts, ”said the World Cup leader.

Formula 1 in the live ticker: Bottas starts ahead of Hamilton - a delicate lead in qualifying

Update from May 2, 3 p.m.:

A look at the starting grid. Valtteri Bottas starts from pole position ahead of his Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton. The Finn was seven thousandths faster in qualifying, which is roughly the length of a case of beer. Red Bulls Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez lurk directly behind. The Dutchman will try everything to squeeze between the two Mercedes on the first lap.

Sebastian Vettel is in the top 10 for the first time and wants to make up one or the other place.

The first points of the season are within reach.

Mick Schumacher should not come that far forward in the defeated Haas, he starts from the penultimate place.

“The conditions were difficult,” said Schumacher.

“I learned a lot again, now I'm looking forward to the race.

Maybe I can make up one or two positions. "

Formula 1 in the live ticker: Hamilton wants the next victory in Portimao

Update from May 2, 2:50 p.m.:

Formula 1 celebrated its premiere in Portimao just a year ago.

Back in October, the race was designated as a replacement Grand Prix due to the messed up calendar of the corona pandemic.

Lewis Hamilton won the race, followed by his team-mate Valtteri Bottas and Red Bull driver Max Verstappen.

The same order would be possible today.

Formula 1 in the live ticker: Vettel in attack mode before the start

Update from May 2, 2.10 p.m.:

Just under two hours until the start of the race in Portimao. Sebastian Vettel showed an improvement in the Aston Martin. After the last 15 unsuccessful attempts, the Hessian made it into the final round of qualification for the first time. "It's good to stay a little longer instead of dropping out so early," said the 33-year-old after finishing tenth.

In the first two appearances, a lot of frustration had accumulated with the newcomer from Aston Martin. Now there could be the first World Cup points. But Vettel did not want to speak of a liberation. “It was generally very difficult. We still have a lot to learn by car. We will definitely attack, ”said the four-time world champion.

Formula 1 in the live ticker: Vettel wants the first points in the third race in Portimao

Update from May 2, 10:40 a.m.:

The engines will start in Portimao in just over five hours.

What's in it for Sebastian Vettel in the third race of the season?

The German finally made it back into Q3 and starts from tenth place - maybe these will be the longed-for first points in the Aston Martin.

Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel sends signs of life - Valtteri Bottas takes Porimao pole

Update from May 1st, 8:06 pm:

Lewis Hamilton's anger after missing the 100th pole position was limited. The world champion in the Portimao wind lottery was just seven thousandths of a second missing from the next Formula 1 milestone on Saturday. But as second behind Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas, Hamilton at least has World Cup rival Max Verstappen in his rear-view mirror in Portugal. “We have to be satisfied with it. I didn't get a clean lap, ”said the Brit soberly.

The third-placed Verstappen crouched after the disappointing day in the shadow of an advertising wall and kept shaking his head.

The Red Bull driver's fastest lap had been canceled because he had briefly driven off the track against the rules.

The time would have been enough for first place ahead of Bottas and Hamilton.

“That's not ideal.

Let's see what we can do in the race, ”said the 23-year-old.

The Dutchman is just one point behind defending champion Hamilton in the overall standings before the third round of the season on Sunday.

Most recently in Imola, Verstappen had won the race from third on the grid.

“It hasn't been so much fun here so far.

We'll put pressure on, ”said the World Cup runner-up.

Update from May 1st, 5:05 p.m .:

Bottas takes pole!

The Finnish Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas has captured the best starting position at the Grand Prix of Portugal and thus eclipsed the two title rivals Lewis Hamilton (England) and Max Verstappen (Netherlands).

Second and third place went to Hamilton in the other Mercedes and Red Bull driver Verstappen.

Sebastian Vettel in the Aston Martin moved into the top 10 of qualifying for the first time since August 2020 and starts from tenth place, Haas driver Mick Schumacher took 19th place.

Formula 1 in Portimao: Vettel among the top 10

Update from May 1st, 4.45 p.m.:

After Q2, four more drivers are out: Russell, Giovinazzi, Alonso, Tsunoda and Räikkönen.

Hamilton now leads in front of Bottas and Norris - Vettel is ninth.

Update from May 1, 4:21 p.m .:

Q1 is over - and Mercedes is ahead. Valtteri Bottas leads the field with a time of 1: 18.7, World Champion Lewis Hamilton is third. McLaren driver Lando Norris is between the two Silver Arrows. The best German is Sebastian Vettel in the Aston Martin in 8th place. Mick Schumacher, on the other hand, is already out: He is in 19th place, his Haas team-mate Nikita Mazepin in 20th. Vettel team-mate is in 17th place and is out, as is Riccardo (16th) and Laffiti (18th).

Update from May 1st, 10:38 am:

The first two training sessions of the Portugal Grand Prix have been completed.

As expected, Red Bull and Mercedes dueled for the fastest time at the front.

At the end of FP2, Lewis Hamilton is in the lead, closely followed by Max Verstappen.

Sebastian Vettel didn't manage a particularly fast time, in the end he finished 15th and was again half a second slower than his teammate Lance Stroll.

Instead, the Heppenheimer caused a short smile with a mishap: He parked briefly in front of the wrong garage - namely with the competition from McLaren.

He immediately apologized for the mishap over the team radio.

“Okay, I'm sorry.

Had to happen at some point.

I was wondering why nobody was there. "

McLaren also reported after the incident and invited Vettel without further ado.

"Are you staying for dinner, Seb?" The team joked on Twitter.

Qualifying starts at 4 p.m. in the Algarve, Vettel is hoping for improvement.

In contrast to his team-mate, however, he has not yet received any updates for the car, which "does not really do what I want yet," as Vettel noted with annoyance.

Mick Schumacher, on the other hand, can be satisfied with his training.

But his expectations are also different - he drives what is probably the weakest car in the field.

He again clearly put his team mate Nikita Mazepin in their place.

Formula 1: Portuguese Grand Prix in the live ticker - Vettel wants a "clean weekend"

First report from April 30th:

Portimao - The excitement at the top is back!

The first two races in Bahrain and Imola showed the open exchange of blows between Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton * and Red Bull driver Max Verstappen * - it's one on one.

A welcome change after years of dominance by the Silver Arrows.

So far, Sebastian Vettel * has absolutely nothing to do with the fight at the top.

The Heppenheimer falls far short of expectations and still feels visibly uncomfortable in his new Aston Martin.

He only wants one thing for the roller coaster route in Portimao: "A clean weekend".

Formula 1: Portuguese Grand Prix in the live ticker - Vettel just wants to learn

His car was braked by a new underbody rule, there are still no updates in Portugal.

Vettel therefore wants one thing above all else: learning.

“It's fun in Portimao.

I think it's a good track to get a better understanding of the AMR21's limits.

I know that I'm not getting the most out of the car yet, ”he admits.

Video: Questions and Answers about the Portuguese Grand Prix

It is only the second time that a Grand Prix will take place in the Algarve.

Quite a few were enthusiastic about the premiere last year - the course is extremely hilly and varied.

Fire and flame is also Haas rookie Mick Schumacher *, who has at least kept his team-mate in check with what is probably the weakest car so far.

Formula 1: Portuguese Grand Prix in the live ticker - Mick Schumacher reveals dad's most important advice

But even at the end of the field, he enjoys his first months to the full.

“A Formula 1 car is faster than anything else.

You can imagine what a great feeling it is to sit in a car like that, ”he says happily.

FIA boss Jean Todt praises the 22-year-old's start: “He's making good progress.

He is a wonderful boy, humble, does not push himself into the foreground.

He deserves his place in the premier class. "

Schumacher sticks to the “most important advice” that his father gave him on the way: “He said I should have fun.

And seeing that I put this advice into practice was very important to him at the time.

If you love what you do, you do it well. "

How are the two German drivers doing?

And who will take the victory?

You can find out all of this here in our live ticker.

(epp) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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