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Manchester City is in the Champions League final: PSG shows nerves - red after brutal kick


Manchester City and Pep Guardiola move into the Champions League final after a deserved 2-0 win against Paris Saint-Germain. The live ticker for reading.

Manchester City and Pep Guardiola move into the Champions League final after a deserved 2-0 win against Paris Saint-Germain.

The live ticker for reading.

  • Champions League: Manchester City - Paris St. Germain 2-0 (1-0)

  • The Skyblues had already won the first leg in Paris 2-1.

  • Even in the semi-final second leg, the English did not miss anything.

    The live ticker for reading.

Manchester City - Paris St. Germain 2-0 (1-0), first leg 2-1

Lineup Manchester City

Ederson - Walker, Stones, Ruben Dias, Zinchenko - Fernandinho - Bernardo Silva (82nd Sterling), Gündogan - Mahrez, De Bruyne (82nd Gabriel Jesus), Foden (85th Agüero)

List of PSG

Navas - Florenzi (75th Dagba), Marquinhos, Kimpembe, Diallo (82nd Bakker) - Ander Herrera (62nd Draxler), Paredes (75th Danilo) - di Maria, Verratti, Neymar - Icardi (62nd Kean)


1: 0, 2: 0 Mahrez (11th, 63rd)


Bjorn Kuipers (NED)

+++ UPDATE +++

Final whistle:

Manchester City moves into the Champions League final for the first time in club history.

After just eleven minutes, it was Riyad Mahrez who put the Citizens in the front with a stab.

The Algerian netted to make it 2-0 after an hour and decided the game.

Paris did not manage to create clear scoring opportunities for the entire season and offered comparatively little offensively.

Thus, ex-Bayern coach Pep Guardiola and his team move into the final against FC Chelsa or Reak Madrid.

90th minute +2:

Neymar, has the last chance of the game.

The Brazilian takes a free kick over the box, then the game is over.

90th minute:

The last minute is running, Danilo picks up the yellow card.

But nothing more comes from PSG.

88th Minute:

Kimpembe gets Jesus off his feet roughly, with yellow he is still well served.

85th Minute:

Guardiola gives his oldie and city record scorer Sergio Agüero a few more minutes of action, Foden calls it a day.

81st Minute:

The PSG miracle will probably no longer exist today, the hosts are too dominant.

Guardiola changes for the first time nine minutes before the end.

Gabriel Jesus arrives for Kevin De Bruyne.

Raheem Sterling is also coming for Bernardo Silva.

78th Minute:

Foden comes with all his dynamism with the ball in front of the PSG box and pulls from a relatively acute angle, the ball goes from the outside post into the out.

Strong finish, ManCity is about to mark the 3-0.


De Bruyne runs up to Navas in a stormy way, the goalkeeper from Costa Rica can just clarify.

That looked dangerous.

At PSg, there is hardly anything going forward.

72nd Minute:

It is now played less and almost only complained and fouled.

Paris reveals how important discipline is at the highest level.


Angel Di Maria's nerves burn out, the Argentine PSG star apparently deliberately kicks his opponent who is lying on the ground, Kuipers immediately draws the red card.

With ten people the task is not getting easier for Paris ...

Manchester City - PSG in the live ticker: Mahrez nets again - the decision?

67th Minute:

Now Draxler tries, again a conclusion is fended off by the defensive of the Citizens.

Paris would need three more hits, with a little more than 20 minutes remaining.

63rd minute: TOOR!

Shortly after the offensive change, Manchester City switched strongly to a Komter, Foden got the ball on the left and played across the goal to Mahrez.

The Algerian pushes in and scores his second goal.

The decision?

62nd Minute:

Moise Kean and Julian Draxler now come into play for Mauro Icardi and Ander Herrera, an offensive exclamation point from Pochettino.

60th minute:

Paris still does not come to a conclusion, there is still half an hour left for two necessary hits.

But the ManCity defensive has not yet been overcome.

Manchester City - PSG in the live ticker: Paris tries again - but Pep's bulwark is in place

55th minute:

On the other hand, it's Neymar, whose conclusion is slipped away by Zinchenko at the last moment.

Guardiola's team continues to defend strong and passionate in the English rain.

52nd Minute:

City counters, Foden forgives in front of Navas in a one-on-one, but the assistant raises the flag.

The hit wouldn't have counted.

50th minute:

The fouls in midfield are piling up, City still has everything under control and mercilessly runs at Paris.

48th minute:

The Skyblues continue their game, combine and already let some time run off the clock.

It doesn't look like a goal for Paris at the start of the first half.

46th Minute:

And on it goes!

PSG would have to score two more goals for extra time, and Pochettino still leaves Mbappé on the bench.

Manchester City - PSG in the live ticker: Guardiola's team extends the lead - what else does Paris have to offer?


45th + 3 minutes:

And Manchester City gets the chance to make it 2-0!

First Navas clears Mahrez strongly, Bernardo Silva finishes even better, with the ball falling at his feet.

But the Portuguese just missed the target.

The English hold the ball until Kuipers asks both teams into the catacombs.

45th minute:

There are three minutes on top ...

43rd Minute:

The guests play their way into the penalty area, PSH pulls out a corner.

But the Citizens can defend this and start a counterattack, which Mahrez ends with a sloppy pass.

39th Minute:

You can't deny Paris the passion, the PSG stars try again and again to combine in the last third.

So far, however, efforts have not been enough for the equalizer.

ManCity has it under control.

36th Minute:

The defensive behavior of Manchester City is still exemplary.

Herrera has to pull from the corner of the penalty area, his conclusion goes to the outside netting.

But not very much is possible offensively at Paris.

Manchester City - PSG in the live ticker: Paris is trying to compensate - but it does not fall

32nd Minute:

Paris is again in the opposing half and is a bit stuck, but there is still no gap in the English.

Only an injured flank finds its way into Ederson's arms.

29th minute:

City calmly pushes the ball back and forth - so it seems!

Suddenly the ball comes to Kevin de Bruyne, who simply slips from a distance in the direction of Navas' case.

His attempt goes a bit beyond that.



PSG countered again, but Ligue 1 second in the table cannot optimally end the attack, the ball is back with the sky-blue hosts.

24th minute:

It's an appealing game because both teams try everything.

After the urge phase of the Parisians, the Citizens combine something again and try to put their stamp on the game.

21st Minute:

City frees itself a little from the pressure of the opponent and lets the ball run on the difficult surface.

After a foul in midfield there is the first pack formation.

Herrera sees the yellow card.

Manchester City - PSG in the live ticker: opening goal falls after eleven minutes

18th minute:

aluminum at PSG!

Marquinhos rises up after the corner and heads the ball against the crossbar.

Shortly thereafter, Di Maria misses another great opportunity.

Paris is visibly unimpressed by the goal and does not stop putting pinpricks.


PSG continues undeterred after the setback.

After a foul by Gündogan on Neymar, there is a free kick from a promising position.

Neymar fires the ball in the direction of the box, but Fernandinho climbs up the wall and clears.

11. Minute: TOOOR!

And the guide for Manchester City!

With a long ball on the left, Zinchenko is completely free and finds De Bruyne in the backcourt.

The Belgian withdraws, but Navas holds.

However, there is still Mahrez, who inserts the ball from close range but at an acute angle.

Manchester City - PSG in the live ticker: VAR decision against PSG

8th minute:

The referee looks at the scene again and decides: no penalty!

Zinchenko had only played the ball with his shoulder.

The right decision.

7th minute:

Kuipers points to the penalty spot!

Zinchenko is said to have played the ball with his hand after a cross!

5th minute:

Paris is still high, but Manchester City consistently runs up against the opponent as always and lurks.

However, Paris can play out a first blocked conclusion by Neymar

3rd minute

: First tough foul in the game: Fernandinho shows Di Maria immediately who's the boss.

1st minute:

Let's go!

The decisive second leg will take place on an icy pitch in Manchester and the players will have to get used to it.


Manchester City - PSG in the live ticker: who will make it to the Champions League final?

Update, 8:58 p.m.:

A few moments until kick-off, the teams

step onto

the pitch in the Etihad Stadium one after the other.

Update, 8:52 p.m.:

Just under ten minutes, the tension rises.

Is Manchester City making it into the Champions League final for the first time in its history or can PSG turn the gap from the first leg?

Update, 8.40 p.m.:

Twenty minutes until kick-off!

One of the two top teams will make it clear to the final today, Pep Guardiola's ManCity has the clear advantage after the 2-1 win in Paris.

But Paris Saint-Germain can be expected at any time.

The former Bayern coach Guardiola revealed before the game that his defensive midfielder Fernandinho is in the starting line-up today "as a birthday present", while Rodri gives way to the 36-year-old.

Manchester City - PSG in the live ticker: Only a German professional in the starting eleven - Mbappé only on the bench

Update, 8:20 p.m.:

It will soon be time, the showdown between Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain is getting closer and closer.

From 9 p.m. Peps Citizens have to hold their lead against Bayern conqueror PSG.

But the French around superstar Neymar will probably have come up with something.

Update, 7:59 p.m.:

The lineups of the two teams are now known, with Manchester's Ilkay Gündogan there is only one German player on the field.

At PSG, Julian Draxler sits next to the ailing Kylian Mbappé on the bench.

Meuro Icardi storms for Mbappé with the French.

Björn Kuipers whistles for the second leg between the two star ensembles in an hour, the tension is enormous for both teams.

Manchester City could move into a premier class final for the first time, PSG want the handle pot for the first time after missing the title last year.

Manchester City - PSG in the live ticker: Ailing Kylian Mbappé apparently in the squad

Update, 7.10 p.m.:

Just under two hours until the second leg of the Champions League semi-final between ManCity and Paris Saint-Germain.

The guests will probably not be able to send their best team into the race, because striker Kylian Mbappé is still ailing.

However, he could be in the squad, which will be announced about an hour before kick-off, including the line-up.

Update from May 4, 6:25 p.m.:

The Champions League semi-finals between Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain will take place this Tuesday evening!

A star was questionable with the French in the run-up to the game, now there is clarity!

Manchester City - PSG in the live ticker: Paris star was threatened with failure - now he is there!

The 22-year-old Kylian Mbappé, who already scored eight goals in the current competition, threatened to be canceled for the second leg. As the French sports broadcaster Telefoot now reports, the world champion is said to have made his way to England with his Tam colleagues. According to the report, however, the striker should first take a seat on the substitutes' bench, apparently it is not enough for a starting eleven. But Mbappé could also stand out as a wild card with its speed and efficiency.

Update from May 4, 4:27 p.m.:

Will Manchester City move into a Champions League final for the first time on Tuesday evening?

The former Bayern coach Pep Guardiola already warned his team about the opponent that the stars should "understand that this will be a big battle and we will suffer," said the Catalan on Monday.

The upcoming English champions receive last year's finalists PSG in the Etihad Stadium.

Manchester City - PSG in the live ticker: Can Paris still turn the deficit from the first leg?

The French travel to Manchester 2-1 down from the first leg and will do everything in their power to showcase their offensive qualities and ultimately benefit from them.

In the first leg, Paris led at halftime, then the Citizens turned up.

"You can't play 90 minutes the way we did in the second half," says Guardiola.

One of the two teams will face Chelsea or Real Madrid in the final on May 29th.

Update from May 4, 1:32 p.m.:

The tension is increasing!

Who will make it to the Champions League final tonight?

Manchester City are ahead of the game after a 2-1 win in the first leg.

But in Paris the second final in a row is on fire.

Meanwhile, it is still unclear whether PSG superstar Kylian Mbappé will be fit in time for the game.

We are excited!

Manchester City - PSG in the live ticker: Superstar threatens failure

First report from May 3, 4:21 p.m .:

Manchester - The fact that the championship is almost certain is currently almost a

minor matter

at Manchester City *.

"We can put the champagne in the fridge," said coach Pep Guardiola.

The big goal, however, is the first Champions League final * in the club's history.

And the starting position is good after the 2-1 away win against PSG in the first leg.

But Guardiola warns: "We have to do our job." At the same time he warns of the feared offensive trio of the French.

“We play against the team with probably the most talented offensive players.

Anything can happen, ”he emphasized.

Champions League: Manchester City against PSG in the live ticker - Mbappé questionable

A part of this trio could be missing, however: Kylian Mbappé suffered a slight injury in the first leg and missed the game against Lens at the weekend.

In all likelihood, he is probably in the squad - but it is unclear whether it will be enough for a starting XI.

PSG is far from giving up.

"We lost the battle, but the war continues," wrote the Brazilian 222 million man Neymar martially on Instagram.

The Bayern conquerors, however, need a win for the second final in a row and must score at least two goals.

Champions League: Manchester City against PSG in the live ticker - Guardiola finally wants to go to the final

The English don't want to miss the final.

For Guardiola it is the next chance to leave his semi-final curse in the Champions League behind.

Since his time at FC Barcelona *, he has not made it into the finals of the premier class.

With the Citizens he failed three times in a row in the quarterfinals, now he is only two games away from the title.

The second semi-final between Real Madrid and Chelsea will take place on Wednesday - there too it is still completely open who will make it to the final.

(epp / sid) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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