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"Quotenschwarzer" message from Lehmann: Aogo makes a remarkable statement


Jens Lehmann sent the Sky expert and former German national player Dennis Aogo a message - with it he triggered a scandal.

Jens Lehmann sent the Sky expert and former German national player Dennis Aogo a message - with it he triggered a scandal.

Update from May 5, 8:39 p.m.:

Now Dennis Aogo himself speaks about the incident.

The former professional made a statement in his story via Instagram.

“I spoke to him on the phone, two times today.

I want to say officially again: I accept his apology, ”reports Aogo.

At the same time he makes it clear that of course he did not like what Lehmann wrote.

“I didn't like the wording either. I also find that a bit disrespectful because you don't write something like that. Regardless of who the message was addressed to, ”Aogo continues in his statement. Nevertheless, he knows that everyone also makes mistakes. That's why he breaks a lance for Lehmann: “Everyone deserves a second chance. And I don't think it's right that everyone pounces on him now. I took this away from him so that he was sorry. So this topic is settled for me. ”He also announced a meeting with Lehmann in order to“ hopefully get the topic out of the way ”.

Update from May 5, 5:03 p.m.:

What do the Hertha players actually say about the Lehmann derailment? “We at Hertha represent certain values,” said Alexander Schwolow: “And they were not reflected in this message. That's why I think this step had to be taken ”, said the keeper on the matchday PK of the Berliners before the catch-up game against SC Freiburg on Thursday evening.

Coach Pal Dardai also welcomed the club's action to end the cooperation with Lehmann.

"The club has made

a consistent decision

again (

as in April with goalkeeping coach Zsolt Petry, editor's note

)," said the Hertha coach: "We all accept that, we live it".

In addition, he classified the background noise: “That is a negative thing again - and on the other hand positive, because the club reacted immediately.

I think that's very good, ”said Dardai.

Jens Lehmann: “Quotenschwarzer” message to Aogo stunned - TV stations respond

Update from May 5, 3:40 p.m.:

Jens Lehmann's commitment is not only ended at Hertha after his WhatsApp derailment.

Even with the TV channels, where the former world-class keeper occasionally worked as an expert, the 51-year-old is now put in front of the door - or not allowed in at all.

"We often had Jens Lehmann

as a guest



in our program, are very disappointed with his behavior and are now planning to no longer invite him as a guest on our programs," wrote


sports director Charly Classen on Wednesday.

Also at


, Lehmann will no longer be seen as a talk show guest in a double pass.

There he caused a stir last year with his corona statements.

Jens Lehmann: “Quotenschwarzer” message to Aogo stunned - Hertha-Aus followed immediately

Update from May 5, 10:59 a.m.:

Hertha investor Lars Windhorst immediately terminated the consultancy contract with the ex-national player after an irritating WhatsApp message from Jens Lehmann.

"Jens Lehmann is no longer a consultant," said Windhorst spokesman Andreas Fritzenkötter on Wednesday of the



This also ends Lehmann's mandate on the Hertha supervisory board.

The Windhorst Tennor Group brought Lehmann to the supervisory board of Hertha BSC GmbH & Co. KGaA a year ago as the successor to Jürgen Klinsmann.

Hertha President Werner Gegenbauer has now also reacted: “Such statements in no way correspond to the values ​​for which Hertha BSC * stands and is actively committed.

We distance ourselves from any form of racism and welcome the move by TENNOR Holding. ”Aogo's wife and a Sky commentator also reacted immediately to Lehmann's verbal derailment.

Jens Lehmann sends a racist chat message to Dennis Aogo - Sky expert addresses the public

First report from May 5th, 10.30 a.m .:

Unterföhring - On Tuesday evening there was once again a lot going on in the Sky studio, during and after the Champions League semi-final between Manchester City and PSG, the experts analyzed the game as usual.

The former Bundesliga defender and national player Dennis Aogo, who published an ugly message after the broadcast, was there.

It was apparently a racist affront by Jens Lehmann.

Jens Lehmann sends insulting message to Dennis Aogo - he posts it publicly

Around midnight, Aogo put a screenshot of a chat process in his story *, a message from ex-national goalkeeper Lehmann can be clearly seen. "Is Dennis actually your quota black?" Is the message that Lehmann - probably by mistake - sent to the former Schalke and HSV professional. "WOW, are you serious? The message was probably not meant for me !!! ", the stunned Aogo writes.

This was immediately followed by a wave of indignation on Twitter and Instagram *.

Lehmann, who is currently a member of the supervisory board at Hertha BSC, subsequently commented on Twitter and on



“In a private message from my cell phone to Dennis Aogo *, an impression was created for which I apologized in conversation with Dennis.

As a former national player he is very knowledgeable and has a great presence and brings a quota to Sky, ”Lehmann writes on Twitter.


Dennis Aogo published Jens Lehmann's WhatsApp message in his Instagram story.

© Screenshot / Instagram

Jens Lehmann with explanations - not the first slip of the ex-keeper

As the 51-year-old told


, he had "already phoned Dennis and asked his forgiveness if my statement came across as disrespectful," said the ex-goalkeeper. “It wasn't meant that way at all, but positive. Because he is competent as a Sky expert and very strong in his demeanor. And that's why the quota has increased. That's what I wanted to say, but I was unhappy about it. Since the WhatsApp went out from my cell phone, I take responsibility for it. It was a private message, ”was Lehmann's half-baked reply.

The former BVB and Schalke keeper has already drawn attention to himself in the past with confused statements about Thomas Hitzlsperger's sexual preferences and crude flu comparisons in the coronavirus debate.

So now the Aogo scandal.

It remains unclear to whom the original message should actually be addressed.

(ajr) * and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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