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Now or never: Griezmann is ready for this season's game against Atletico Madrid - Walla! sport


In retrospect, Griezmann seems to have made a mistake when he made the famous "decision" to stay at Atletico in 2018, and then made a mistake again when he moved to Barcelona in 2019. He is currently in excellent momentum just in time

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Now or never: Griezmann is ready for this season's game against Atletico Madrid

In hindsight, Antoine Griezmann seems to have made a mistake when he made the famous "decision" to stay at Atletico in 2018, and then made a mistake again when he moved to Barcelona in 2019.

Adaptation was difficult, but the 30-year-old Frenchman is preparing for the game of the season, which may define his entire legacy, with very positive momentum


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Michael Yochin

Friday, 07 May 2021, 20:00 Updated: 20:15

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Osman Dembele recently said that when Barcelona's lag from Atletico Madrid rose to 11 points in December, Antoine Griezmann predicted that the fight was not over. "They will further squander the advantage," the alleged Frenchman said. And while he knows best the souls of Diego Simeone's team, it was mostly a wish. The thought of Atletico's possible victory in the championship is simply unthinkable for him. She will emphasize how wrong the choices he made were.

Because Hari Griezmann moved from Real Sociedad to Vicente Calderon Stadium in the summer of 2014, just after Cello's sensational championship at the expense of Blaugrana. In Madrid's second team he became a superstar, established his status as one of the leading pioneers in the world, and in 2018 faced a not-so-simple dilemma. His release clause dropped to 100 million euros, Barcelona agreed to pay him, and the player himself was supposed to choose his future. what did he do? Well, everyone knows he made a movie out of it, with the binding name "The Decision."

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How will it end this time?

Griezmann in the previous meeting with the ex (Photo: GettyImages,: Quality Sport Images)

Managed to annoy everyone

In this film, whose existence was hidden from the clubs involved, the dilemmas were highlighted.

On the one hand, Griezmann well understood that Atletico is above them all, and all successes will inevitably be linked to his name.

However, he was not at all assured that such successes would indeed come.

On the other hand, at Barça he was supposed to be in the shadow of Leo Messi in advance, which is an unchangeable situation, but the chances of winning the championship and the Champions League are, of course, perceived as much higher.

After many thoughts that were filmed, edited and presented to viewers, Griezmann declared that he was staying.

Both the answer itself, and the way it was delivered, greatly angered the heads of Barcelona, ​​and were defined by some journalists as humiliation.

And there are those who to this day find it difficult to forgive him for it.

Griezmann testified that the idea behind the film, which was supposed to emphasize to the real difficulty in choosing a career path, was not properly understood. Instead of being vulnerable and fragile, he radiated condescension - and even the actor's parents scolded him for the filming. Then it turned out that the decision in the film was not really final. The dilemmas continued, and when Atletico lost to Juventus in the last eight of the Champions League, and the hope of playing in the final at their new home stadium vanished, there was a 180-degree change. Griezmann sent a positive message to Barcelona, ​​without updating Atletico in advance - only this time, in July 2019, the release clause in the new contract was already 120 million euros.

This is how Griezmann managed to annoy and upset all parties.

As for Atletico fans, he has considerably ruined his legacy and left a very bitter taste of betrayal, most of which he would have avoided had he left a year earlier without making unnecessary plays.

And as for Barcelona, ​​the refusal was not forgiven, and it came a year late.

Instead of signing as the freshman world champion with a perfect reputation, he landed after the weakest personal season at Atletico, with a much more problematic image, a higher price tag, and lower expectations.

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The uncle and the agent tried to cause damage

Initially there was no clear plan on how to incorporate him into the squad, though it could have been. By and large, Griezmann is a freelance artist, which is why many commentators have speculated that he will step on Messi's feet. There is something bizarre about this statement, because intelligent stars with well-developed playing wisdom are supposed to get along well when both are given complete freedom of action. But Griezmann was not given such freedom. They tried to invent squares for him, which made it difficult to adapt. And if Ernesto Valverda still believed in the Messi-Suarez-Griezmann trio, then his dismissal was a significant blow for the Frenchman. Kika Stein stated get with a committee: "It's hard to incorporate Griezmann without upsetting the balance in the team." The new boss depressed the Frenchman so much that he was sent off as a substitute in the 90th minute in a meeting with the ex in June.

In light of these adjustment difficulties, the celebration in the tabloids was great. Short media reports between Messi and Griezmann were published on an almost weekly basis, and people who wanted to earn publicity at his expense happily jumped on the bargain. Last November, the Frenchman's former agent, Eric Allhats, was interviewed and described Messi's actions as a "terrorist regime". Griezmann's uncle, Emanuel Lopez, sang: "Antoine knew he would not succeed immediately, but did not think it would last a whole year. I know what is going on within the team, and it is not easy with Messi." And to that the flea responded: "I'm tired of being everyone's problem here."

At this point, Griezmann realized that he needed to sort things out himself.

He explained that he was not talking to the uncle at all, while the connection with the former agent was severed many years ago when the Olhats blew off his wedding.

"They talk nonsense and can do significant harm. I told Leo I have nothing to do with them. I appreciate him and learn from him. That's all," he stressed.

And some time later, a very positive change began to develop in the cooperation between the two on the field.

The relationship has improved miraculously.

Messi and Griezmann (Photo: Reuters)

"When you start conquering together, the chatter will disappear"

Coach Ronald Koeman contributed a lot to this change. The Dutchman's start was problematic, and he suffers from a poor image among fans to this day, but no points can be taken from him - both in the successful promotion of the youngsters, and in a better combination of acquisition players who did not fully find their place last season. Koeman, who knows Frankie de Jong well from the Dutch team, has gradually found the free role in the link for him, and the blonde artist has just been flourishing lately. Griezmann, who is now mostly embedded as a central striker on paper with complete freedom of movement, has also begun to reach much of his potential. Self-confidence was restored, and mutual understanding with Messi improved.

The social problems are easy to invent, as Ivan Rakitić testifies. The Croatian, who left for Sevilla in the summer, said in October: "I saw that they were getting along very well. They drank mata together and talked a lot in the locker room. If the two of them started to conquer together, the chatter about them would disappear. And that's exactly what's going on these weeks - Messi and Griezmann are starting to conquer a lot together. This is not new to the Argentine, but it certainly represents a change of direction for the French.

In 2021 alone, Griezmann has 14 goals and 10 assists in all competitions.

He brought an expensive and critical victory over Bilbao in January.

He saved Barça from relegation by Granada in the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey, with a pair of goals and a pair of assists in a very dramatic 3-5 draw in extra time.

He was the one to score the first goal in the cup final against Bilbao, which later became a formidable performance by de Jong.

He contributed a lot to the change of trend in the Clasico when he came in as a substitute at the break and was very involved in attempts to come back from a 2-0 deficit.

And when the editors of the Marca newspaper decided to emphasize the fact that he did not start in the squad, because negative headlines about Griezmann became routine, Messi chose to take action.

Two weeks ago, in a game against Hattafa, he gave up the penalty during injuries that could have completed a hat-trick for him, giving the ball to the Frenchman.

Many shares in the success of Griezmann.

Coman (Photo: Reuters)

Do not go bald from here and there

Griezmann set 2: 5, and three days later the prize came. In an upbeat mood, the star scored a spectacular double on Villarreal’s pitch, including a gentle bounce over goalkeeper Sergio Asenjo. In the rematch against Granada, Griezmann cooked for Messi (though it ended in a loss at an unfortunate time), and last Sunday they both put their names back on the board in a crucial 2-3 draw at Valencia. The mutual paragon is easy to see. They enjoy playing together, which is not a trivial matter. After being left without his good friend Luis Suarez under grotesque circumstances, Messi found a new true partner.

"It's not my natural role, but I'm proud to be in Barcelona. I work not only for myself but also for my teammates," Griezmann said. But in fact there is no classic natural role for it. In the national team and atletico he always enjoys functioning without limits behind a sturdy goal striker like Diego Costa or Olivier Giroud, but in Barcelona the situation is different, and that too is perfectly fine. With his pure talent and rich experience, he can be expressed in almost any lineup if you do not put chains on his feet. And for the critical encounter with the ex, he arrives in the best personal shape since the "second decision" to leave in favor of Camp Nou. This is the ideal momentum for him.

And this is a game he must win.

At 30, he is still waiting for the first championship of his life.

He already has his first Spanish Cup, and now he longs for a double.

Because if Atletico wins the title without him, he will remain bald from here and there.

He may even end an entire career without a championship, because he made wrong decisions, and missed - among other things - the Barça championship itself in 2019.

And it's also the right time to take advantage of Coman's confidence, because there are indications of changes on the bench in the summer, and no one knows how it will affect Griezmann's future.

It could be a case of now or never.

It's a game that may define all of Barcelona's heritage.

It's just a founding game.

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