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Simon Zachenhuber and the prayer of the "angel on two legs"


The jury was very strict this time, but the audience still brought Simon Zachenhuber to the semi-finals. 

The jury was very strict this time, but the audience still brought Simon Zachenhuber to the semi-finals. 

Cologne / Reisen– Maybe it was higher powers that brought Simon Zachenhuber into the semi-finals of the RTL show Let's Dance.

Because that's what the 22-year-old traveler managed to do.

He will also be there next Friday when the four remaining couples - there were 14 at the beginning - dance for a place in the final.

Higher powers?

"I went backstage during the commercial break and sent a quick prayer upstairs," reveals Zachenhuber.

“I was heard.” Wouldn't be a miracle for the “angel on two legs” either.

Above all, however, the professional boxer can rely on the audience, who rated Zachenhuber's appearances significantly better than the jury. It was so critical that even the moderator Daniel Hartwich asked: "Have I missed something?"

Zachenhuber and his partner Patricija Belousova had put on a performance that Motsi Mabus benevolently rated as “creative samba with a bit of Simon charm”, but also referred to as “spaghetti Bolognese”. "If you didn't move it was nice," she said. Joachim Llambi teased - not with the foil, but with a duller weapon ("twisted feet", "strange movements", "bowlegged"). Zachenhuber doesn't take this seriously with the jurors. “That was the quarter-finals.” The judgments will be stricter, he says, and admits: “On Friday there was really a bit of a worm. Things went better in rehearsals. Still, I didn't think it was bad. "

He is satisfied with what he and his dance teacher have got out within four days. “I know where to start, namely always from scratch. We fight for every step, I won't give up. ”The samba is a“ heavy dance ”- or a“ bastard ”, as the presenter Victoria Swarovski called it. “If it doesn't quite work technically, then you have to get the vibe across.” And the jury confirmed that to him. “Motsi didn't see the samba that badly either. Then I was able to laugh too. You have to see the samba with a sense of humor. "

With 16 points, Jorge González (6 points), Mabuse (6) and Llambi (4) put him in fifth and last place.

He kept that even after his second dance, a Charleston, in which Zachenhuber whirled around a second dance partner with Christina Luft.

A shoelace had opened during the dance.

He felt that the shoe was looser.

But that didn't affect the dance, he says.

González (7), Mabuse (7) and Llambi (6) scored higher this time, but Zachenhuber stayed in fifth place.

“It was the first time I was in last place - not a nice feeling,” says the traveler.

Now the audience had to take care of it.

“But you cannot assess that because the votes are probably close.

I counted on everything and prayed. "

It was no surprise that Simon Zachenhuber and Patricija Belousova were put in the red light of the farewell candidates when the decision was announced. Zachenhuber had this a few times, “but you don't get routine there. That is always difficult again and again ”. In the previous shows, candidates had been asked for the last words. He was spared that. “Fortunately, Vicky (Swarovski, the editor) released me quickly. Because I wouldn't have come up with anything in a hurry. ”Ultimately, Auma Obama and her dance partner Andrzej Cibis were eliminated - and Zachenhuber was allowed to cheer. Christina Luft was also happy with him and Patricija Belousova. To Swarovski's question, "Is Simon really such a gold treasure", she replied: "More than that. He is an angel on two legs."

Zachenhuber is touched. “I don't know if there is a nicer compliment.” However, working with two trainers during the week sounds quite exhausting. “Two see more than one. That's why there is more information and criticism ”. But you can also see the progress faster. And how exhausting is it to dance with two women? Zachenhuber says with a laugh: "It's not easy with one person."

He thinks back to the beginning. “I wanted to get through the first show and then think from week to week. That was some time ago. I knew it was going to be tough and not just fun. But I couldn't imagine how it would really come about. It's one of the craziest times in my life so far, and I'm trying to enjoy it. ”However, the competitive athlete also admits:“ In the quarter-finals, the other form of ambition grabbed me, the sporty one. I said to myself: 'I want to go to the semi-finals. I just want. ' Now I have achieved what I only dreamed of. "

In the semifinals he is - measured by the previous jury ratings - as an outsider.

“I'm going to do everything again this week and try to do the dances as perfectly as possible.

Maybe I'll make it right in the middle of the scoring, ”he hopes.

“In any case, I need Erdinger's support.

If everyone calls, that makes a big difference. ”Stage fright before the semi-finals?

Zachenhuber says it in Bavarian: "I gfrei mi drauf."

"Bowlegged" - Llambi




With 16 points

in last place


in the semifinals

Source: merkur

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