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Formula 1: Strong Vettel appearance in Monaco - Mercedes debacle in the pits


It is one of the big highlights of the Formula 1 season: Monaco. Max Verstappen won the race in the Principality - the live ticker for reading.

It is one of the big highlights of the Formula 1 season: Monaco.

Max Verstappen won the race in the Principality - the live ticker for reading.

  • Formula 1 was once again a guest on the legendary Monaco street circuit.

  • Sebastian Vettel has finally got his first points.

  • It was a black weekend for Mercedes.

    The live ticker for reading.

Monaco Grand Prix: The Bottom Line

1 Verstappen

2 Sainz

3 Norris

4 perez

5 Vettel

6 Gasly

7 Hamilton

8 stroll

9 Ocon

10 Giovinazzi

11 Raikkonen

12 Ricciardo

13 Alonso

14 Russell

15 latifi

16 Tsunoda

17 mazepin

18 Schumacher

DNF Bottas

DNF Leclerc

+++ UPDATE +++


Sebastian Vettel has finally made it back into the points - the German was accordingly happy after the race *.


And that's it!

Max Verstappen wins in Monaco, the Red Bull driver delivered a very strong performance from start to finish.

They are followed by Carlos Sainz in a Ferrari and Lando Norris in a McLaren.

Sergio Perez finished fourth and Sebastian Vettel scored his first points of the season in fifth - the German really showed a great race here and was even voted driver of the day.

World champion Lewis Hamilton is only seventh, the Mercedes crew also screwed up the tire change for his team-mate Valtteri Bottas.


Mick Schumacher will finish the race in 18th place - this time he could not defeat his teammate Nikita Mazepin.


Five laps left.

Max Verstappen will probably win the Monaco Grand Prix here.

What else is going on behind him?

Lando Norris and Sergio Perez are fighting for third place.

The McLaren now makes a somewhat more stable impression again.


What is Lewis Hamilton actually doing?

The world champion was in the box for the second time.

He is currently delivering the fastest lap, but still stuck in seventh place.

Formula 1: Monaco Grand Prix in the live ticker - Sebastian Vettel is currently fifth


Sebastian Vettel is only twelve seconds behind third place.

Is there still something going on here after all?

65/78: Final

spurt in Monaco.

Perez is now very close to Norris, it will be a tough fight for third place.

Verstappen, on the other hand, has brought some air between himself and Sainz again.

The lead is more than seven seconds.


“Struggle” at Lando Norris - the McLaren driver has problems with his tires.

Will it be exciting again shortly before the end?


Lando Norris


his teammate Daniel Ricciardo.

Not an everyday picture either.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel will probably no longer blow the big attack - now it's more than 20 seconds behind third place.


Max Verstappen continues to lead the race, but Carlos Sainz is currently only four seconds behind.

It's impressive how strong the Ferrari is this weekend.


A little more than half of the race is over.

Does Sebastian Vettel even get a taste of the podium today?

He is currently 14 seconds short of third place.


Sergio Perez led the field in the meantime, after his pit stop he is now fourth - just ahead of Sebastian Vettel.

For the Aston Martin driver, we still have a very good result today.


Valtteri Bottas has officially retired - the Mercedes crew was unable to change the right front tire.

It's a debacle weekend for the Silver Arrows.

Formula 1 NOW in the live ticker: Vettel sensation in Monaco?

Mercedes debacle in the pits


After the boxing disaster at Mercedes, Sebastian Vettel is now in the pits.

At the exit there is a duel with Pierre Gasly and Lewis Hamilton - and the German prevails!

Very strong maneuver, Vettel is now fifth!


Lewis Hamilton makes the start, the world champion has switched to hard tires.

He lines up in eighth place.

Bottas arrives one lap later - and that goes completely wrong!

Mercedes fails to change the right front tire.

The Finn stands in the box for an eternity.

That's it with the hopes of victory for the Silver Arrows.


The tires slowly



We'll probably see the first pit stops here soon.


Sergio Perez once again


the fastest lap.

He is now putting a lot of pressure on Sebastian Vettel.


Verstappen is just under two seconds ahead of Bottas.

The Finn now gets the signal from the pits: "Show your pace!"


Of course it's extremely difficult to overtake the man in front on this tight track.

Once again, it will depend on the strategy - also for Sebastian Vettel.

The Aston Martin driver is blossoming for the first time this season, currently he is seventh behind Lewis Hamilton.

The German is currently increasing the gap to Sergio Perez.


Lando Norris is now burning the fastest lap into the asphalt.

The young Brit is currently fourth and is once again showing a strong weekend - his McLaren colleague Daniel Ricciardo is currently only thirteenth.


Sebastian Vettel is currently fighting for his seventh place.

Sergio Perez puts a lot of pressure on from behind.


The field is sorted, Verstappen moves away in front.

Of course, tire management begins now - after all, there are 78 laps to be driven.

1/78: let

's go!

Verstappen stays in front, he prevails against Bottas despite a bad start.

At the end of the field, Mick Schumacher almost clashes with his teammate Nikita Mazepin.

The German has the better end for himself and pushes past the Russian.

3 p.m .:

The introductory round has started.

Formula 1: Monaco Grand Prix in the live ticker - Charles Leclerc not at the start

2:56 p.m.:

The countdown is on!

It’s about to start here, with the first retirement before the start: Charles Leclerc will not be able to start due to transmission problems on his Ferrari.

The Monegasse had taken pole at its home Grand Prix and is now retiring - it couldn't be more bitter.

2.46 p.m.:

Another quarter of an hour until the start.

Charles Leclerc is even comforted by Prince Albert after the Monegasque national anthem.

The local hero cannot start today after his sensational pole.

2.37 p.m.:

Incredible pictures.

A deeply disappointed Charles Leclerc walks through the pit lane and waves to his fans - his race is over before it has started.

The Monegasse had reported transmission problems while warming up.

Check out this post on Instagram

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2.35 p.m.: Oh dear

, Charles Leclerc!

What a tragedy - Monegasse can't even start out of the box.

“Of course you don't want that from a competitor,” says McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl on the Sky microphone.

2.30 p.m.:

Now everything is clear: Due to problems with his Ferrari, Charles Leclerc cannot actually start as planned - his pole is gone, the position remains vacant.

Formula 1: Charles Leclerc will probably lose his pole position

2:28 p.m.:

The signs are


that Charles Leclerc is actually losing pole position here at his home game.

2:23 p.m.:

Are there


transmission problems at Charles Leclerc?

The pole-setter's Ferrari is checked again.

Time is of the essence, Monegasse now has to get out of the box, but that doesn't look good!

1.58 p.m.:

Very tight, little grip, short distance to the first corner: The start in Monaco is special.

What can we expect today?

Sky expert Nico Rosberg explains what is important.

“It is crucial who is ahead of the game.

It's a fine line. ”Leclerc will keep his pole, followed by Verstappen and Bottas.

Update from May 23, 1:12 p.m.:

It starts in Monaco in less than two hours!

Charles Leclerc has so far provided the big sensation of the weekend with his pole position.

But can he keep it?

Since he crashed in qualifying (

see update from May 22nd, 4:05 p.m.

), Ferrari is considering


the gearbox.

If the Scuderia changes the gearbox, Max Verstappen moves to pole in the Red Bull, Leclerc is likely to drop to sixth place.

Formula 1: Charles Leclerc takes pole - and crashes

Update from May 22nd, 4:05 p.m.:

Somewhat surprisingly, Charles Leclerc secured pole position at the Monaco Grand Prix. The Monaco Ferrari star drove the fastest lap in qualifying in 1: 10.346 minutes. Since he crashed in the swimming pool chicane on his last attempt, no one was able to complete a final attack. Max Verstappen will start second in the Red Bull on Sunday. Valtteri Bottas at least secured third place for Mercedes. Record world champion and classification leader Lewis Hamilton did not get past seventh place.

Directly behind is Sebastian Vettel, who achieved his best result for Aston Martin in eighth place.

Before that, he had just saved himself into the second session, but this time ultimately distanced himself from his teammate Lance Stroll, who was 13th.

Mick Schumacher was unable to take part in qualifying after a crash in the last free practice session because his car could not be made ready for use in time.

"It's a shame it ended up in the wall," said Leclerc in an interview after the accident.

It remains to be seen whether he will be able to keep his pole position.

Nothing is known about the investigation yet.

But the youngster has always caused a stir.

Update from May 22nd, 2 p.m.: It is

now clear that Mick Schumacher will not be able to take part in qualifying after his new accident.

His vehicle is too badly damaged after the impact.

This means that the rookie will not only have important kilometers of experience on the course, he will also have to start the race from last place on the grid.

Update from May 22nd, 1:25 p.m.:

Mick Schumacher is still not going around this race weekend.

During free practice, the Hass pilot lost control of his racing car at the exit of the Casino Passage and hit

the guardrails

on the left side, first with the

rear and then with the front.

The 22-year-old was uninjured, but his racer was badly damaged.

Schumacher radioed the pits after the crash: “I don't really know what to say.

I'm very sorry. ”While the session was canceled, the mechanics now have to do everything in their power to get the car ready to go by 3pm for qualifying.

Otherwise the rookie would only have the last place on the grid.

Update from May 20, 4:34 p.m.:

The second training session was canceled prematurely!

And Mick Schumacher of all people is responsible for it.

For the Haas driver, things haven't really gone smoothly the whole day; he couldn't get past his team-mate Nikita Mazepin in either training session.

Shortly before the end of the session, the German kissed the wall.

Schumacher tried to drag his car back to the pits, but couldn't do it in time, so the training had to be stopped.

Ferrari was surprisingly strong: Charles Leclerc set the fastest time just ahead of his team-mate Carlos Sainz.

Lewis Hamilton was third fastest ahead of Max Verstappen.

Everything points to an exciting qualifying - are three teams fighting for victory this weekend?

Sebastian Vettel distanced his teammate Lance Stroll again and finished the day in tenth place.

Formula 1: Monaco GP in the live ticker - Vettel with an upswing

Update from May 20, 1:05 p.m.:

Sergio Perez in the Red Bull was the fastest driver in the field in the first Monaco practice session.

Second and third place went to Carlos Sainz in a Ferrari and Max Verstappen.

Old master Fernando Alonso crashed into the wall.

Sebastian Vettel got off to a good start with eighth place.

He was almost four tenths faster than his teammate Lance Stroll.

Mick Schumacher took 18th place, one place behind his teammate.

The second training session begins at 3 p.m.

First report from May 20th:

Monaco - Finally a Schumacher in Monaco again!

For the first time since 2012 the abbreviation "MSC" appears again in the driver list on the most famous street circuit in the world.

Michael Schumacher * won the Grand Prix of the Principality five times, Mick Schumacher * is only at the beginning of his Formula 1 career.

He has never driven an F1 car through the narrow streets of Monte Carlo.

The Haas pilot only wants one thing: to stay away from the walls and barriers.

Sounds easy, but it's not - because his car has an extremely nervous rear, which is particularly unfavorable on a narrow track like Monaco *.

One small mistake and in most cases the race is over.

Formula 1: Monaco GP in the live ticker - Vettel analyzes soberly

Sebastian Vettel * knows that, he has already done 13 Monaco races.

Twice he was even at the top of the podium, but he is currently miles away from that.

The Heppenheimer is still without points and is still waiting for a break in the air.

“I'm not sure if we will be at the forefront this weekend,” said Vettel on Wednesday with a laugh, “but we will try everything.

We're not where we want to be yet.

But we want to improve from race to race.

To win or to drive for the World Cup is currently a distant goal. "

Formula 1: Monaco GP in the live ticker - Mercedes still have an advantage?

"No margin for error"

The fight for the world championship remains exciting, even if Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton were able to gain a small lead again recently.

“Monaco is a track that demands a lot of downforce, and we know that this is one of Red Bull's strengths,” warned team principal Toto Wolff.

“There is no room for error in Monaco,” emphasized Red Bull driver Max Verstappen.

Monaco Grand Prix 2021: the schedule

1. Free practice

Thursday, May 20, 11:30 a.m.

2. Free practice

Thursday, May 20, 3 p.m.

3. Free practice

Saturday, May 22nd, 12 noon


Saturday, May 22nd, 3 p.m.


Sunday, May 23, 3 p.m.

Much will depend on qualifying due to the difficult overtaking opportunities - we keep an eye on the entire race weekend on the Cote d'Azur in our live ticker.

(epp / SID) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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