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Football EM 2021 in Munich: Summer fairy tale second degree


The men's soccer championship starts on Friday in eleven European cities, with games also taking place in Munich. But will mood arise despite the pandemic? We asked around.

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Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

»The European Football Championship starts in a few days.

But this time it doesn't seem to bother a lot of people.

The corona situation is easing a bit, but exuberant celebrations and large events are still not working.

In any case, interest in the national team has decreased significantly in recent years.

We are now in Munich, the only German European Championship venue, and want to find out: Is there at least some kind of football atmosphere or anticipation here? "

“I'm not hoping for too much.

That's why it doesn't tingle like that. "

"I don't think it's too good because of Corona, because you can't have a barbecue with friends and like that and watch and all."

“To be honest, this year I didn't even know when, how, where, what.

It totally went under. "

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

»The flags are really the very first indication that a European football championship is taking place here.

But they are also a little inconspicuous.

The European Championship doesn't really catch the eye.

So let's just ask the people of Munich: Do you even know that your city is hosting the European Championship? «

"Do you know where the tournament is taking place?"

"In all of Europe, as far as I know, in all countries."

"And three of them in Munich."

"Indeed, here in Munich, among other places."

"In the Allianz Arena?"


There are four games going on. "


"Yes, I didn't know."

Some passers-by knew their way around the German group opponents: These are France, Portugal and Hungary.

At the exact start of the tournament it got tighter: it starts on June 11th.

Turkey will face Italy in the opening game.

The final will take place on July 11th at London's Wembley Stadium.

The fact that interest in all of this is falling is a mass phenomenon.

According to a SPIEGEL survey, almost two thirds of those surveyed say that they are less interested in the tournament this year than they were in 2016.

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

»But in public it's hardly about the normal surveys: Who is there? Who is the favorite? Who might be the star? Now it's more about: Are fans allowed in the stadium? If yes, how many? And what about public viewing? We are now talking to Verena Dietl about exactly that and how it superimposes the EM atmosphere and the football atmosphere. She is the third mayor of the city of Munich and is responsible for sports in this office. "

Verena Dietl, Third Mayor of Munich

»Now that the outdoor catering is open again, we at least have the opportunity to be able to watch football somewhere on site, to be there, to create a good atmosphere here, of course with the appropriate hygienic conditions.

In terms of 2006, of course, a completely different football championship than last time. "

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

»There was also something going on here with the big public viewing in the Olympic Park.

That can't happen now either, that was still an issue for a long time. "

Verena Dietl, Third Mayor of Munich

»The current situation is certainly not such that we can give the all-clear.

Not all people are vaccinated yet.

We don't have a full immunization yet.

That's why we said: Yes, celebrate on a small scale, which is also possible until then.

But anything beyond that with large events is simply not feasible with what we have really been through for over a year. "

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

»How are you personally?

Are you looking forward to the EM or what are you doing to get in the mood shortly before the tournament? "

Verena Dietl, Third Mayor of Munich

»Yes, actually as an enthusiastic football fan you are always looking forward to something, collecting pictures and everything with the children.

And this time it's different because, as a politician, I have to say, you've been in crisis mode for a long time.

Somehow everything is very different.

But I'm already optimistic that the mood will be there again when it starts, when the first games have taken place. "

After the visit to the town hall, we drive to the place that Munich is all about during the European championship.

Because this is where the three German group matches and a quarter-finals take place.

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

“To be honest, the parking lot in front of the arena still looks pretty neglected. But as you can see and hear, we are currently working on it. Everything is made chic here so that everything looks really nice for the EM. It's been a long time since it was really loud here in the arena. During the EM it will be that time again. The stadium won't be full, but for the first time since March 2020, it will host thousands of fans. We wanted to take a look, but Uefa has already taken over the house rules and won't let us in. The DFB refers to Corona requirements and that is somehow really remarkable when you consider that there will soon be thousands of fans here. Sure, with conditions, with safety precautions, with hygiene regulations. And yet it will be the first timethat so many fans come together here again. And it will be even more extreme across Europe. Because some other stadiums are even fuller. "

For the first time, the EM will take place in eleven different countries.

And there will be fans in the stadiums everywhere.

14,000 spectators are allowed in the Allianz Arena, which corresponds to an occupancy rate of 20 percent.

Budapest even makes the Puskas Arena full, as the only venue.

61,000 people will be there for four games.

That sounds rather questionable to me.

Baku and St. Petersburg will have the second highest capacity, each with 50 percent of their capacity.

A quarter is initially allowed in London.

But: The semi-finals and the final will be played here - and then the city is hoping for even more spectators.

Stephan Lehmann, stadium announcer, FC Bayern Munich

»So, there you go.

The famous Munich rubber boat. "

Stephan Lehmann is someone who knows exactly how important fans are in the stadium.

He is the stadium announcer at FC Bayern.

And this is what his work looked like before Corona.

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

»Now at least a fifth will be filled again.

How much can that save? "

Stefan Lehmann, stadium

spokesman for

FC Bayern Munich

»A little bit of what's going on is a nice Bavarian saying. On the last day of the Bundesliga match, FC Bayern had against FC Augsburg, which was more of a small test balloon, with 250 spectators there for the first time in over a year. I was very curious to see what 250 could possibly achieve and was then very surprised at what they conjured up a little bit of atmosphere. So that's okay. And then of course it works too ... At 13, 14, 15, 17,000. There is definitely something going on. "

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

»My first ghost game because of Corona on television, that was the second leg in the Champions League Dortmund against Paris last year.

It was like a friendship kick.

So I said, I'm not looking at that at all.

I've gotten used to it on TV, I have to admit.

How are you doing in the stadium? "

Stephan Lehmann, stadium announcer FC Bayern Munich

»I think everyone who has ever seen such a ghost game or even ... It's just terrible.

I can never get used to it.

You need this emotion, you need the enthusiasm. "

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

»Now, of course, club soccer and national team soccer are a bit different because the interest in the DFB is no longer that great.

Still: What are the fans in the stadium doing for a tournament like this? «

Stephan Lehmann, stadium spokesman for FC Bayern Munich

»They always say that interest in the German national team has somehow decreased at the moment, or a bad image or something.

I do not believe that.

So if this tournament starts a year late and if Germany plays here against France or in the quarter-finals, then take a look at the ratings and then you will see: the enthusiasm will come back. "

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

»There is always a special atmosphere in the city at a major tournament.

This is now difficult not only because of Corona, but also because it is so distributed in Europe.

What do you think is possible in the real football atmosphere in Munich even without public viewing? «

Stefan Lehmann, stadium spokesman for FC Bayern Munich

»Maybe a little something is possible after all.

I think the atmosphere in the city will be good then.

I mean, Munich is a football-loving city.

Therefore: What is it called so beautifully?

I repeat myself: A bit what's going on. "

Next stop: a sports shop in the east of Munich.

The sale of jerseys shows how much people are interested in a tournament.

But how badly does it damage business that, for example, large public viewing events have to be canceled this time?

We talk to owner Udo Siebzehnrübl about this.

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

»I almost overlooked them at the beginning when I walked in, because there aren't that many.

Is that also due to the sale somehow? "

Udo Siebzehnrübl, owner of a sports shop

»Well, we went through Corona, you have to be very clear, through the lockdown.

And that of course made the whole business model very difficult.

And the Germany jerseys were tough somewhere before that.

So the real bang is not behind it. "

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

»The fan festival in the Olympiapark is actually canceled.

So that mustn't take place.

Do you think something like that has negative effects? "

Udo Siebzehnrübl, owner of a sports shop

»Definitely negative effects.

It is very clear.

If there is an event in Munich in the Olympic Park with 30,000 people, then 10,000 of them are guaranteed to need a jersey.

And of course that is completely gone.

So I have to say.

In principle, it's tough to sell jerseys. "

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

»What is the more important argument that Germany is playing well and successfully, or now because of the corona pandemic, that you cannot go to public viewing, that you have no cause?

What is heavier? "

Udo Siebzehnrübl, owner of the sports business


what matters

most is when Germany plays good or bad.

If the team plays well, the stocks are too low.

If the team plays badly, we can burn them. "

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

"Does it depend so much on it?"

Udo Siebzehnrübl, owner of a sports shop

"Yes, anyway."

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

»We've already walked a bit through the city.

You hardly see anything from this tournament.

If you're not looking, you can't find it right now.

It's easy ... The appearance is not yet recognizable.

But for you personally and now directly on the tournament: Are you tingling that it's starting or are you missing a little something this year? «

Udo Siebzehnrübl, owner of a sports shop

"Yes, so very hot now and the soles don't actually burn."

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

"Would you go to a beer garden for the EM and somehow watch something on the screen?"

Udo Siebzehnrübl, owner of a sports shop

»Oh yes, maybe yes.

Yes, but maybe not for the preliminary round match and then for the quarter-finals, then I would be interested and of course most of them would be interested.

And when you then go to the beer garden, you cannot go with a traditional jacket. "

And while we're in Munich, we'll of course try out one of these beer gardens.

We meet Daniel Egger, managing director of Hirschau in the English Garden.

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL


Daniel Egger, Managing Director of the Hirschau Beer Garden



Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

"Thank you

very much


Daniel Egger, Managing Director of the Hirschau beer garden

"Let's go get a beer, won't we?"

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

"With pleasure."

Daniel Egger, Managing Director of the Hirschau Beer Garden

»Here you go.

Two Helle! "

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

»Half, please!

Well then cheers!"

Daniel Egger, Managing Director of the Hirschau Beer Garden

"For good!"

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

»Ah, fantastic!

What do you hear from the customers?

Do they ever ask if you are showing football here? Is there a little something coming up?

Or still a little? "

Daniel Egger, Managing Director of the Hirschau beer garden

“We have had a lot of calls and e-mails.

The people, they also want to know when we're broadcasting, whether we're broadcasting.

Is there a corresponding demand?

That's why we decided to set up our own screen this year and carry out the broadcast on a small scale. "

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

"But the licenses and that sort of thing, they still cost a lot of money for the beer gardens."

Daniel Egger, Managing Director Biergarten Hirschau

»Exactly, we're still negotiating with Gema to work these out.

Germany games are already fixed that we will broadcast them and we simply have to watch the rest of them in order to stay within the budget? "

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

»How well can that work?

Right football atmosphere, exuberant celebrations under hygiene regulations? «

Daniel Egger, Managing Director of the Hirschau beer garden


If the weather is perfect, the beer garden is sure to be full.

We only have 850 places now, usually 2000 places.

But we're looking forward to the season and we're in good spirits that it will work out well.

The atmosphere in the beer garden is just lovely.

Even with the gaps, we still hope to get that they are still looking forward to a nice EM.

Live public viewing, that's what I call it, in the beer garden with intervals. "

Andreas Evelt, DER SPIEGEL

»We were now in Munich for two days and you have to be honest: a little has happened in the short time. The signs of the EM are increasing. You can see that behind me now. The preparations around the stadium are under way. But of course there is no EM mood yet. Most of the people here on the street say that too. But there is a certain confidence. The mayor, the sporting goods seller, the stadium announcer, the beer garden operator, they all hope: once the German team plays, and especially when they play successfully, something can happen. At the same time, it is clear to everyone: This will not be a normal EM. The corona pandemic will not allow that. But there is hopethat it doesn't have to get worse because of it. Stephan Lehmann actually summarized it best in front of the arena. He expressed hope like this: A little something is going on all the time. A little something is always possible. "

Source: spiegel

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