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Maccabi Tel Aviv celebrated a championship: "A season that felt like a decade" - Walla! sport


The Yellows celebrated winning the 55th championship at Menora Mivtachim Hall. Zizić: "From the first day I knew we would win the championship", Wilbkin: "Glad we can return to a normal season"

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Maccabi Tel Aviv won its 55th championship

Maccabi Tel Aviv celebrated championship: "A season that felt like a decade"

The Yellows celebrated winning the 55th championship at Menora Mivtachim Hall.

Žižić: "From day one I knew we would win the championship", Wilbkin: "Glad we can return to a normal season".

Dibertolomeo: "Believe me I will stay, this is my house."

Sussman swinging: "When the time comes we will talk"


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Friday, 18 June 2021, 07:30 Updated: 07:59

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Maccabi Tel Aviv Championship Celebrations (Photo: Lilach Weiss)


Maccabi Tel Aviv completed yesterday (Thursday) won 55 state championships as increased 67:73 to Hapoel Gilboa / Galil in the decisive third and final series of the playoffs in the Premier League. This was the Yellows' fourth consecutive championship win, their longest streak since losing the championship to Hapoel Holon in 2008.

With the end of the game and the lifting of the plate by captain John DiBattolomeo, the players celebrated for long minutes with the fans filling Yad Eliyahu. They then moved on to celebrate in the locker room as they traditionally pour water on each other and dance. Most of the team players went out of the hall to the fans to continue dancing with them and they ended the evening in the VIP room of Menora Mivtachim Hall and not in the traditional celebration at 206 restaurant, when several dozen fans waiting for them were disappointed to find that the group remained in the hall.

"At the end of the day we play basketball, we are lucky, it's amazing what we can do," said the happy Angelo Cloiaro. "The day was amazing, it's awful we did not win two games, but we got another game against our fans. "It's long and we finished with great fun. I really enjoyed it, I love playing basketball, it's fun to win the championship in front of our fans."

Ante Žižić revealed: "From the first day we met I knew we would win the championship, we all came with the same mentality to win as many titles as possible. From the Winner's Cup, through the National Cup to the Championship, we did a good job. I played the second game with painkillers and a shot, "In the first game I fell badly and my back did not feel good, it was final and you can not disappoint your teammates. I said I would give the maximum and the best I could. There was pressure, but I coped in the best way I could."

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Maccabi Tel Aviv won the championship after 67:73 over Hapoel Gilboa / Galil in the decisive game

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And now, to work.

Vujicic (Photo: Lilach Weiss)


Two who stole the show at the end of the game were Omri Caspi and Othello Hunter. The first admitted that he is considering retirement due to his physical condition and it is possible that last night's game was the last in his career. The other told about the difficulties over the past season, and at the end seemed to stare at thoughts of what he had been through.

"No one will lie and say that we got from Omri in those two years what we dreamed of," said one of the Maccabi men, "but in practice he is a man, and he is a leader. He knew how to talk to foreign players when the war started here a month ago, and kept the team in the existing structure. "We would probably lose another player or two. So it's true that in terms of basketball there are problems, but he gave his all."

Caspi and Hunter have contracts with Maccabi next season, but even if Caspi decides not to retire, it is doubtful whether the team will keep him, especially in the current contract. As for Hunter, a decision has already been made to release him, and pay the compensation agreed in his contract.

"The end of Othello's season, the last few months, have somewhat forgotten what a great player he is," admitted the club, "We will remember from him last season's performances. He is an extraordinary personality, a smart person and had an experience when he was here."

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Omri Caspi: "It could have been the last game of my career"

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Must rest.

Yannis (Photo: Lilach Weiss)


On the other hand, on the floor Scotty Wilbkin won the MVP title of the final series. Despite his weak second half with just 3 points, the guard finished with 19 points the championship game and marked V for a long season. Wilbkin does not tend to celebrate excessively, and so this time too he made a quiet entrance to the party room.

"It was fun, the third game was more fun, the way we finished the season, I'm proud of my team. I'm glad we finished it that way, this tough season. I just want to rest," Wilbkin said, "I haven't played game after game in a row since "The college probably, and the energies came from the crowd, so many fans probably picked me up. Last season was the hardest, but this season was so long, I'm glad we can go home to rest and go back to a normal season next season."

Maccabi Tel Aviv want to adapt the assisting team better to Wilbkin next season, with Keenan Evans supposed to be the first reinforcement player to join and help the Yellows star.

will remain?

Sussman in relief (Photo: Lilach Weiss)


Apart from Caspi and Hunter, it is very possible that Yuval Sussman played his last game in the yellow uniform for the near future. The guard ended his contract with Maccabi and did so in his good game with 8 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists. Sussman is now a free agent, and in the near future he will decide whether to stay at Maccabi and accept an offer that is expected to reach a three-year contract, or leave for Europe.

"I do not think about it, this is not the time to talk about it, when the time comes we will talk about it", the Israeli refused to comment on his future during the winning celebrations and talked about the team's season, "Winner Cup is less considered but it is also a title. That felt like a decade, we have to clear our heads and come to the next season in a different head. This is a season that just did not want to end. There is no pressure, we do what we love, we make a living from this game that flies us to places we did not expect to be. There are those who do.We get money for what we love,There is no such thing as pressure. "

Maccabi estimates that in the end Sussman will choose to extend his contract: "Yuval should look in the mirror and see that he gets the opportunity that players dream of. If he leaves, probably for a less good situation, it will look strange."

Wins again.

Mizrahi (Photo: Udi Citiat)


From this afternoon, the team's players will start leaving Israel, some will return during the month of August to open training for the next season, some will continue to another station in their careers.

"I hope to stay, this is my home here, there are things to think about, whatever happens I will get it, but I love being here," said captain John Dibertolomeo, "I just want to have fun, it's been a very long season, with "A lot of challenges on and off the field, the fact that we won all the titles in Israel is great for us and I am proud of my friends."

Angelo Cloiaro also admitted that he would like to continue in the team, as like Dibertolomeo he holds a contract: "I look at it as basketball, we play basketball, I am blessed no matter what happens. I am lucky to have my wife and now my daughter who could get to her first game "I just enjoy it," the forward said of the changes in his life and the past year, "the corona put things in perspective and then my daughter put things in a different perspective, she's my world. Enjoy more, the stress goes down, because there are things that are more important than basketball."

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Ohad Schwerman

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