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The problems of Maccabi Tel Aviv are much bigger than the Peretz generation - Walla! sport


The departure of the connection to Venice saddened many, but could be overcome. The problem is the lack of hunger of the youngsters at the club and that is why the parting with Schechter (and perhaps also Marrik) is so significant

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Maccabi Tel Aviv's problems are much bigger than Peretz's generation

The departure of the connection to Venice saddened many, but could be overcome.

The problem is the lack of hunger of the youngsters at the club and that is why the parting with Schechter (and perhaps also Marrik) is so significant.

David Rosenthal explains why a deal with Zargari was not necessarily bad for Betar and why Legia Warsaw actually saved Alona Barkat


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David Rosenthal

Sunday, June 20, 2021, 10:00 p.m.

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Dor Peretz's goal in the Israeli national team uniform against Scotland (Sport 1)

When Dor Peretz signed in Venice, something in the hearts of Maccabi Tel Aviv fans died.

Peretz was not only the best player at Maccabi Tel Aviv, and perhaps in Israel, last season, he was also a symbol of diligence and hard work, a practice that came from below, modesty and generosity.

Who remembers how infamous he was three or four years ago, a player nominated for a permanent loan and perhaps even a final parting from the team?

With all the (immense) respect for Peretz and his work, he is not what should bother the team's fans.

Maccabi Tel Aviv tends to grow players.

Just a year ago, Dan Glazer was considered a better Gulf player and his overseas career was waiting around the corner. At the same time, Yonatan Cohen was marked as the club's star. An investment of NIS 30 million a year in the youth department yields good returns. On the other hand, the incubator in which they grow up seems too reserved at the moment and is hurting them. Cohen Sheva and his head in Europe for two years. Elon Almog and Eden Kartzev are not becoming the players they expected, at least for now,

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A departure that can be overcome.

Dor Peretz signs in Venice (Photo: Official website, Avi Nemani's Instagram)

Coral is an interesting story. Two years ago, he closed the terms in Betar Jerusalem. Maccabi Tel Aviv demanded more money and the deal fell through. This kind of move increases the value of a player, and the pressure on Almog's shoulders became heavy. He does not deliver the goods. He has talent, understanding Playing and mobility a little less. From Child of Wonder, he became a trade-bait within a season and a half, a player mentioned in every possible deal from the side that gives more. That if she had a chance to bring in an outside player, the team would probably not hesitate to include him in the deal.

And this is Maccabi Tel Aviv's big problem right now - the air is standing, the environment is not changing, the feeling that everyone is doing and it is stepping on the spot.

It's easy to laugh at Hapoel Beer Sheva, which took care of work for half of the population of the State of Israel, but there is no yellow fan who would not have died to be in this place, to load up and hope that the right players came and everything would connect.

This drought characterizes the group in years without a CEO. This all-important function has not been manned for long periods of time. You will argue with Summer 2018, where Ben Mansford signed from all next door.

Most important to the club besides Yeni.

Schechter and Riken (Photo: Danny Maron)

In an environment like this, it’s no wonder everyone walks around with half-closed eyes. The club needs someone to wake up, shave, and even before making a purchase think about who is left in the role of caffeine. Maccabi Tel Aviv had two of these. Apart from Sharan Yeni, whose value was invaluable, Itai Schechter and Avi Rikan were the most important players on the roster. Even at 34, Schechter still has the spark and bastards. The "German" emptiness is a pragmatic and intelligent type, one whose overall vision is enormous. I saw both of them in the empty Turner in February this year. Schechter did not play for a minute, but did not stop shouting from the stands, to spur, to breathe life into the dormant game. Riken came in as a substitute with a 0: 1 advantage. Out of seven minutes of extra time, he made sure they played maybe half a minute net. For dessert, he also took Joshua out of the dishes and caused his dismissal after that famous spitting incident. These are players you take to every battle.

I'm not closed about Patrick Van Leven's abilities to return the championship plate to Kiryat Shalom.

In my opinion, this team needs an outside coach, although his achievements in the past year have left Maccabi Tel Aviv no choice and he rightly continues on the lines.

Schechter is apparently leaving for Be'er Sheva, and this is the first mistake the Dutchman will have to learn from - his and Rikan's lack of proper utilization, especially in the decisive moments.

Despite their advanced age, these are not ten-minute players per game, and despite their advanced age they are also the ones who are always hungry, who can shake up Matan Hozaz and Eden Kartzev and help them become the players they expect to be.

They are the perfect mentors.

Schechter is already practically out of the club.

If Riken also leaves, Idan Ivitch will finally be signed by the team.

Maccabi Tel Aviv will find itself in a very dangerous area.

Anyway, can anyone explain why the runner-up does not go for Ben Shehar?

Betar's future oxygen dose. Zargari (Photo: Danny Maron)

Last week, Ofir Saar and Yaniv Tuchman published about Maccabi Tel Aviv's interest in Aviel Zargari. This advertising has become a matter combustion in the Beitar Jerusalem fans, and for good reason. Zargari is considered the jewel in the crown, this player 'You can not sell. "The fact that the matter be pertinent very disturbing them. They've become accustomed to their club that has no smoke without fire.

If Cleaning up the emotions for a moment, a deal on Zargari is not necessarily a bad deal for Betar. True, it will be painful at unbearable levels, but the club urgently needs oxygen. At the moment, according to the professional material and the mood, Betar is very weak. Moshe Hogg is faced with two choices: to bring money from home or to raise money from outside to strengthen. On the third option, to sell, he is not thinking at the moment.

Under these circumstances, Zargari is the golden egg.

Maccabi Tel Aviv can give money and players.

If Ali Muhammad spends more than 1.2 million euros, 2 million euros on the young diamond is a reasonable amount.

On the buyer side, Zargari will earn a soldier's salary for the next three years.

That in itself covers at least a third of the investment.

For Zargari, falling into an incubator like Maccabi Tel Aviv is much safer for a career than trying to lead a team that at least currently seems to be a candidate for relegation.

So the amount makes sense, the question is to whom, and here the arrow is turned again towards Maccabi Tel Aviv.

The really big money in recent years for Israeli actors has been paid by Yaakov Shachar and Alona Barkat.

The Muhammad deal is another signal to the Yellows that Maccabi Haifa is lurking quietly, and if Shahar is willing to pay such a sum for a 26-year-old player, it is not impossible that Zargari will pay more.

So the talent may pass in the end, but do not be sure that it will be to Kiryat Shalom.

One kettle does not herald the coming of spring.

Joshua (Photo: Liron Moldovan)

We mentioned Beer Sheva and Barkat, who is addicted to the adrenaline of the transfer window. Like a kid walking into a candy store with pocket money bows and no parental restraint, she kept picking up everything next door and finishing with a sugar-head. There is something cute in this enthusiasm, which as mentioned also puts into ecstasy and gives hope. Still, experience shows that this shopping frenzy does not really get Barkat and Beer Sheva far.

The way Barkat treated Joshua was not right, in my eyes. You can justify the procrastination in his case in negotiation games, it is easier to sell a player who is yours than the one you declared an outcast, and still, the Portuguese had to end his official path at Hapoel Beer Sheva earlier. It's a club message, and it failed to convey that message.

However, the bottom line is, no matter what the circumstances, Barkat made the right decision.

In the tree or fly that played, the coin had to fall on the side that takes Joshua out of the group.

The man is Russian roulette, not with one ball in the stack but with three.

Hapoel Beer Sheva is entering a new era, one that will begin without its biggest star in the post-championship era.

Where will it take her and who will replace him?

The transfer window is still far from over.

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