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Olympic opening ceremony: surprise star lights Olympic flame


The Olympic opening ceremony in Tokyo marks the start of the Summer Olympic Games. The ceremony in the ticker for reading.

The Olympic opening ceremony in Tokyo marks the start of the Summer Olympic Games.

The ceremony in the ticker for reading.

  • Olympia started with the opening ceremony in Tokyo.

  • Beach volleyball Olympic champion Laura Ludwig and diver Patrick Hausding led Germany as the flag bearer.

  • Tennis star Naomi Osaka lit the Olympic flame.

    The ceremony in the ticker for reading.

Update from July 23, 4:55 p.m .:

Olympia is officially open, the Olympic flame is lit, now


can really start.

The German flag bearers Laura Ludwig and Patrick Hausding led the German team to the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo.

The highlight came at the end when tennis superstar Naomi Osaka lit the Olympic flame.

The competitions will continue tonight when the first medals are awarded.

4.48 p.m.:

The last stop is Naomi Osaka.

The tennis player lights the Olympic flame on a miniature version of the mountain and volcano Fuji - what a moment!

The flame should burn for 16 days.

A colorful fireworks display rounds off the event.

4.41 p.m.:

A doctor and a nurse are also allowed to transport the fire.

4.40 p.m.:

The Olympic flame is making its way, carried by various Japanese Olympic champions.

4.37 p.m.:

In a few moments the Olympic flame will be lit.

But first we look back at the torch relay.

4:23 p.m.:

White doves of peace fly through the Olympic round.

4.20 p.m.:

The Olympic anthem is played and the Olympic flag is stretched next to the Japanese one.

4.14 p.m.:

The Japanese Emperor Naruhito declares the 32nd Olympic Games open.

4:06 p.m.:

Bach praises the athletes for their stamina during the difficult corona phase.

"Now you can make your Olympic dream come true, you are real Olympic athletes," says the IOC chief.

4 p.m .:

After the President of the Olympic Organizing Committee, IOC President Thomas Bach is now addressing the sports community.

The Würzburger believes it is a moment of hope.

The Japanese people are shown all appreciation and respect for their hospitality.

Bach talks about the difficulties with the earthquake accident and the corona pandemic on the way to hosting the event.

The IOC boss thanks everyone involved, the volunteers and the Japanese people.

3:47 p.m.:

Now it's getting emotional.

A glowing globe rises above the stadium, while a children's choir sings the unofficial Olympic song "Imagine" by John Lennon.

International stars like John Legend join in a video.

3.44 p.m.:

Now that all teams have arrived at the stadium, the music and dance continues.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics emblem is unveiled.

The athletes form a circle around the artists and watch the spectacle.

3.40 p.m.:

Now the Olympic oath is sworn.

Two athletes, trainers and referees speak on behalf of all participants about the Olympic values.

3:38 p.m .:

"Faster, higher, stronger, together" is the motto of the Olympic Games, which is now presented in large letters in the Olympic Stadium.

3:33 p.m.:

As the last team, hosts Japan are honored.

Emperor Naruhito also applauds the team.

The Japanese invasion is like a triumphal procession, joy is written on the faces of the athletes.

3:30 p.m.:

The USA sends 647 athletes to Tokyo.

Not all of them are there today, but there are still a lot of American athletes in the Olympic Stadium.

Then comes France, the host of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

3:24 p.m.:

Mongolia has a special relationship with host Japan.

Many Japanese sumo wrestlers come from Mongolia.

3:06 p.m.:

Brazil is only sending a five-person delegation to the Tokyo Olympic Stadium.

Due to a possible corona risk, the Brazilians did without the rest of the team.

3:04 p.m.:

Now everything is waiting for Japan.

The hosts will be the last team to march in.

2:58 p.m.:

The Vanuatu flag bearer walks into the stadium with an oiled upper body and traditional indigenous garb.

At the Olympics he goes rowing for medals.

2:56 p.m.:

The Olympic Stadium in Tokyo is gradually filling up.

Most teams want to enjoy the ceremony until the end.

Olympia: Opening ceremony NOW in the live ticker - Germany is ceremoniously arriving in Tokyo

2.47 p.m.: Germany!

Team D, led by the two flag bearers Laura Ludwig and Patrick Hausding, enters the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo.

The athletes waved German and Japanese flags euphorically.

The team did not appear nearly complete, of over 400 German athletes, it is estimated that there are not 100.

2.40 p.m.:

It's halftime after Thailand.

Half of the 206 participating countries marched into the Tokyo Olympic Stadium.

Soon it will be the turn of the German team.

2.35 p.m.:

Shortly before the German team

marched in

, the two


bearers Patrick Hausding and Laura Ludwig were asked about their emotional state.

"Now that we have it in hand, you start to sweat even more," said beach volleyball player Ludwig on ZDF.

“We are collecting the flag.

But I am relieved that it is so easy. ”Even without a spectator it will be a special experience.

“The whole team is behind us.

It's a great atmosphere, we're very excited, ”said Ludwig.

2.27 p.m.:

The Russian Olympic Committee


under a neutral flag.

The reason: Russia was banned from international competitions for four years because of numerous doping cases.

Nevertheless, the "clean" athletes from Russia did not want to be denied participation.

2:24 p.m.:

Even in Saudi Arabia, men and women carry the flag - a progressive symbol of the conservative desert state.

2:12 p.m.:




The team had initially canceled the Olympics due to the corona pandemic, but decided to participate at short notice.

The National Olympic Committee of the West African country announced that a 20-person delegation with five athletes will make their way to Tokyo on Friday morning.

2:09 p.m.:

Some teams disappear straight back into the catacombs after the invasion.

But many also linger in the stadium and enjoy the festive atmosphere.

2:04 p.m.:

Austria traditionally enters in lederhosen.

The Alpine country will probably not win many medals, Team Austria is a winter sports nation.

1.55 p.m.:

In many teams, a man and a woman carry their national flag into the stadium together.

A great symbol of equality.

1.45 p.m.:

Even very small nations like Aruba take part in the Olympics.

The country is one of the three ABC islands.

The Caribbean island is located just outside Venezuela and is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Olympia: Opening ceremony NOW in the live ticker - teams run into the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo

1:39 p.m.:

The wait is over.

First, as usual, Greece marches into the stadium.

Athens was the first to host the Olympic Games in 1896 and is also recognized as the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

Next is the refugee team's turn.

Then it continues in the Japanese alphabet, which is why Iceland and Ireland now come in.

1.30 p.m.:

A tap dancer is now thrilling the audience on the TV screens on a wooden background that is more than 50 years old.

Several dance groups join in while the five Olympic rings are made of wood.

Followed by the next fireworks display over the stadium.

1:23 p.m.:

The atmosphere in the almost empty Tokyo Olympic Stadium during the artistic performances is a bit scary.

The silence without a spectator is almost palpable.

1:18 p.m.:

An artist sings the Japanese national anthem while the Japanese flag is hoisted, next to it is a mini version of the famous Mount Fuji.

1:13 p.m.:

IOC boss Thomas Bach, Emperor Naruhito and other officials are introduced.

Then the time has come and the Japanese flag will be carried into the Olympic Stadium.

1:08 p.m.:

Now a choreography of dancers is performed in the stadium, supported by animated colorful light effects.

The traditional Japanese cherry blossoms should of course not be missing.

An athlete runs on a treadmill.


The intro is rounded off with a spectacular fireworks display over the Tokyo Olympic Stadium.

1 p.m .:

The opening ceremony begins on time and starts with an animated video, then a Japanese athlete appears in the middle of the Olympic Stadium.

She is a boxer and a full-time nurse.

The training of athletes in the “home office” during the corona pandemic is also looked back on.

Update from July 23, 12.55 p.m.:

The Syrian swimmer Yusra Mardini and marathon runner Tachlowini Gabriyesos from Eritrea are the flag bearers of the refugee team at the opening of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Mardini fled Damascus to Berlin with her sister in 2015.

Gabriyesos left his homeland at the age of twelve and came to Israel via Ethiopia and Sudan, where he met his running coach.

Five years after her start in the first Olympic refugee team in Rio de Janeiro, Mardini had hoped for the honor of standard-bearer in Tokyo.

“This is one of my biggest dreams!

I would be really, really proud, ”the 23-year-old told the dpa.

She has been training in Hamburg since summer 2018, where she had prepared for the summer games.

“I think my mother would cry.

And my father would be really proud, ”said Mardini.

Olympia: Opening ceremony in the live ticker - Who will light the Olympic flame?

Update from July 23, 12.50 p.m.:

Probably the most exciting question at the opening ceremony is the Olympic flame.

Who is granted the honor and is allowed to light the flame.

At the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo, it was Yoshinori Sakai, who was born on August 6, 1945, the day of the atomic bombing raid on Hiroshima.

Update from July 23, 12.40 p.m.:

Despite the ban on spectators, hundreds of fans have gathered in front of the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo to catch at least a brief glimpse of the opening ceremony of the Summer Games. The supporters of the controversial mega-event, which was postponed by a year due to the corona pandemic, stood out against the opponents who came by the dozen and protested against the staging during the emergency in the Japanese capital.

Only a few hundred selected visitors - officials of the International Olympic Committee, guests from politics and business - are admitted to the ceremony.

The fans of the spectacle have to stay outside and soak up the atmosphere in front of the stadium, which is designed for 68,000 spectators.

The colorful installation of the Olympic rings was a popular photo opportunity, and in the evening fireworks should light up the sky over the arena.

For months, nationwide surveys had documented the rejection of the Japanese against hosting the Games, but resistance seemed to be waning recently.

Thousands of people had already watched an air show by the Japanese Air Force that morning, which formed the five Olympic rings in the sky over Tokyo.

Olympia: Opening ceremony with German flag bearer duo

Tokyo - With the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the world's largest sporting event will officially open this Friday at 1 p.m. German time.

Due to the corona pandemic, the event will only take place in front of around 1,000 invited guests of honor - including Japan's Emperor Naruhito.

At the Olympics *, around 11,300 athletes from 206 nations are expected in 33 sports * from July 23 to August 8.

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) sends 432 of them into the race - and they all have one big goal: medals *.

At the opening ceremony, a duo of women and men will present the German flag for Germany for the first time *.

Beach volleyball Olympic champion Laura Ludwig and water diver Patrick Hausding will lead the German team as the flag bearers when they march into the Olympic Stadium.

Olympia: Opening ceremony with German footballers

The German footballers will also be at the opening ceremony on Thursday after their opening defeat against Brazil.

Part of the team traveled from Yokohama to the Olympic Village in Tokyo on Friday to run into the stadium with "Team D".

“We're at the start of the ceremony tonight.

We will arrive as the 115th country.

This is a highlight that we are of course looking forward to, ”said attacker Max Kruse in an Instagram video.

Brazil's team will only be represented by its two flag bearers and a few officials at the Olympic opening ceremony in Tokyo.

As the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) announced, volleyball players Bruno Rezende and Judoka Ketleyn Quadros will be the only athletes to move into the Olympic Stadium as a precautionary measure due to the corona pandemic.

At the home games in Rio in 2016, Brazil marched in full force.

Most of the large teams will only be represented at the ceremony with a reduced line-up.

German athletes are free to participate.

Olympia: Mega scandal even before the opening ceremony

The organizers kept a great secret about the program of the opening ceremony. The preparations for the summer games had been overshadowed by a series of scandals. The day before the opening ceremony, its artistic director Kentaro Kobayashi was fired. He stumbled upon an old sketch in which he made fun of the Holocaust. Previously, three other members of the organization team had already been fired because of various missteps.

A few hours before the opening ceremony in Tokyo, the torch relay in the Japanese capital ended on Friday morning. The Olympic flame arrived at the hands of Japanese actor Nakamura Kankuro as part of a small private ceremony near the Olympic Stadium. It is not yet known who will light the Olympic flame.

(ck) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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