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SV Werder Bremen stumbles into the 2nd division: a draw against Hannover 96


SV Werder Bremen played 1-1 against Hannover 96 on matchday 1 in the second division and had a hard time doing it. The game report of the DeichStube *.

SV Werder Bremen played 1-1 against Hannover 96 on matchday 1 in the second division and had a hard time doing it.

The game report of the DeichStube *.

Bremen - It could have been a football festival, but many more memories of the previous relegation season were awakened:

SV Werder Bremen

struggled in its first second division game in over 40 years and did not make it 1-1 ( 0-0) against

Hannover 96

. The return of the fans didn't help either. The 14,000 spectators admitted to the corona pandemic in the one-third full Wohninvest Weserstadion really gave it their all, but saw a favorite who is still in extreme mental health after relegation. Also the lead through an

own goal

from Simon Falette (49th) didn't bring any security because Marvin Ducksch quickly equalized (56th). In the end, Werder could even be happy to have retained one point in Bremen. Hannover was the better team.

The new Werder coach

Markus Anfang

caused confusion with his first line-up in a Werder competitive game.

There was not only a surprise in the starting XI in Anthony Jung, but also an unexpected change: Felix Agu acted as a left winger, which he had never done in preparation.

For him, center-back Jung, who knows the position, has not played in the past few weeks.

Both line-ups once again made the problems in the Bremen squad clear: there is a lack of real wingers - both offensively and defensively.

Werder Bremen against Hannover 96: The 2nd league will be really difficult for Werder

The beginning still sticks to its 4: 3: 3 system, as well as its offensive approach. That made for a brisk start. Driven by the returning fans, who shouted “Werder, Werder” through the arena, the hosts immediately took the initiative.

Yuya Osako

tried it from a distance, 96 goalkeeper Ron-Robert Zieler parried (8th). Not a huge chance, but at least a start after the bitter descent. Even a

Niklas Schmidt

, who should have been gone a long time ago, but had fought his way into the starting line-up with strong preparation, was fun with some actions. But in the end

Werder Bremen played

Hardly anything came to an end, sometimes the accuracy of the fit was missing, sometimes the assertiveness or balls jumped too far away.

That was very little of players like Josh Sargent, Niclas Füllkrug or Maximilian Eggestein, who actually still see themselves in the first division.

Hannover 96

quickly put the respect off, Marvin Ducksch put his header just next to the Bremen goal (17th).

And when Florent Muslija chased the ball from 23 meters against the bar (25th), it felt like all the green-whites in the stadium and certainly in front of the television in the limbs.

Because by then at the latest it was clear to everyone: In this second division it will be really difficult for Werder.

Werder Bremen against Hannover 96: Simon Falette makes an own goal, Marvin Ducksch equalizes with a lob

Good for those who have a coach with two-tier experience. Beginning reacted in his 100th game in the German lower house of football - not personally, but mentally. His players came out of the dressing room transformed after the break and attacked the guests immediately. Osako tried again, but again not precisely enough to be able to overcome Zieler (48th). A Hanoverian of

all people

did better:

Simon Falette put

a good Schmidt corner with the back of his head into his own goal (49th) - hard pressed by

Ömer Toprak

, who was celebrated as a goal scorer. The main thing is to cheer, because the relief about this 1-0 was huge, the Weserstadion shook.

Not for long, though.

Because just four minutes later,

Marvin Ducksch

hit the post on the other side.

And that was more than a warning shot.

Bremen couldn't get a grip on this robust center forward.

The long ball from Sei Muroya was really good, but newcomers Lars Lukas Mai and Felix Agu, who secured the counterattack after an offensive standard for Toprak, let Ducksch run away far too easily.

And the 27-year-old equalized with a fine lob (56th).

In his first game as Werder's number one, Michael Zetterer had tried in vain to save what could no longer be saved.

Werder Bremen against Hannover 96: Werder swims, but prevents a total false start

As in the first half,

Werder Bremen

presented themselves badly damaged after the bar hit, their self-confidence was gone. Almost nothing went forward,

Hannover 96

looked more dangerous. The beginning brought the lively Romano Schmid for Agu, who was not able to convince as a left winger and was complicit in the equalization (74th). Later he also sent Nick Woltemade and Johannes Eggestein into the race for Osako and the inconspicuous filling jug - for the offensive mind you. But in the back it would have needed help. Especially against Ducksch, who only just missed after a fine combination and then failed to Zetterer.

Werder Bremen

swam tremendously, the guests sensed their chance to win.

The beginning played it safe, brought the defensive Christian Groß for the creative Schmidt.

The total false start was prevented, but the Bremen team could not be satisfied with the 1-1 either, the performance was simply too bad for that.

Next week in Düsseldorf it shouldn't get any easier.


Werder Bremen:

Zetterer - Mbom, Mai, Toprak, Jung - M. Eggestein - Sargent, Schmidt (89th Gross), Osako (81st Woltemade), Agu (74th Schmid) - Füllkrug (81st J. Eggestein)

Werder Bremen against Hannover 96: Read the game in the live ticker

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against Hannover 96: All goals, news and information from the Bremen second division start - all live in the DeichStube live ticker!

Final score: 1: 1.




10:25 p.m.:

Final whistle!

Today we leave the field without a winner.

Werder and Hannover share the points.

Both in the first and in the second round, Bremen gave up the game.

The green-whites always started better in the halves to gradually lose control.

In the end, the green-whites can be satisfied with the division of points.

Hannover, on the other hand, has to be a little annoyed.

90 + 3 min:

Werder is once again in the opposing half.

But it doesn't get really dangerous.

It seems like the teams have resigned themselves to sharing the points.

90. + 2 min:

Can one of the teams succeed in the often quoted Lucky Punch?

90 + 1 min:

There are four minutes of stoppage time on top.


Schmidt is allowed to cure his pain on the bench.

Big replaces him.



Schmidt seems to have hurt himself.

The Bremer has to be dealt with briefly on the margin.


Werder wobbles worryingly!

This time Weydandt has a huge chance.

Weydandt can only put a cross drawn on the second post to the side netting - luck for Werder.


And again Ducksch has the lead on his feet!

The striker is sent down and closes freely in front of Zetterer.

This time, however, the Bremen goalkeeper is up to date and parries strongly with his foot.

Then it will also be decided on offside.

82nd Min:

Next great opportunity for Ducksch!

Again he closes a cross directly, just misses the box.

Luck for Werder!


Double change for green-white.

Jojo Eggestein and Woltemade come in.

Osako and Füllkrug have finished their work.

80th Min:

What is Zetterer doing there?

Ochs gets to the ball in the penalty area, targets the far corner and thus almost confronts Werder's keeper with an impossible task.

Due to the wet lawn, Zetterer can only let the ball clap.

The ricochet lands at Maina, who tries it right away.

However, his attempt is decisively deflected by Toprak.

78th Min:

Next change with the guests.

Proud goes, ox is coming.

78th Min:

That is just too imprecise!

Even if the green-whites can counter quickly and have a two-on-three situation - the decisive pass simply does not arrive.

75th Min:

Schmidt pulls out a corner and whips the fans again.

Can the supporters of the green and white give the decisive push?

74th Min:

Now the hosts are changing.

Agu has finished work, Schmid is coming for him.



Maxi Eggestein grabs Ducksch unfairly in the bones and rightly sees yellow.

The man from Bremen can't complain about that.

70th Min:

Strong use by Maina.

The substitute pulls the turbo and pulls out the next corner.

However, the standard does not bring anything.

67th Min:

Hanover changes.

Coach Jan Zimmermann brings Weydandt for Kerk.

In addition, Maina comes for Muslija.

Werder Bremen against Hannover 96 in the live ticker: Werder challenged, Hannover is getting stronger

65th min:

We're getting closer to the level of the first round - but that's not a good sign.

Both teams get lost in their actions and show no real plan.


Cleverly made by Schmidt.

The Bremer feels the contact from Falette and pulls the foul.

A good 35 meters to the box.

Schmidt is ready, pulls the ball into the penalty area, but 96 pays attention and clears.


Both Werder and Hanover are currently unable to keep the ball in their own ranks.

Already in the half field they lose the play equipment to the opponent.

59th Min:

Now we have a really good second division game here.

Both teams are looking for their luck on the offensive.

58th Min:

Another small addendum to the Werder hit.

The goal goes to Falette.

55th Min:

What a goal!

Ducksch brings Hanover back into the game.

Muroya just fouled, now he sends Ducksch perfectly into the depths.

The striker is free from Zetterer and chips the artificial leather into the net.

No chance for Zetterer.

54th Min:

Again a free kick for Werder.

Agu sprints down the line, but Muroya fouls.

53rd Min:

Hanover almost equalized!

Ducksch gets a flat flank perfectly served, pulls directly and only hits the post.

49.Min: Toooooooooooooor for Werder!

And that's when it happened.

After a corner from Schmidt, the green-whites take the lead.

Toprak and Falette fight each other in a header duel.

Both were probably a little on the ball. But who gets the hit credited?

It doesn't matter, the main thing is that Werder is leading!

47th Min:

First yellow card of the game.

Ernst comes much too late against Schmidt and rightly sees the first warning.

Werder Bremen against Hannover 96 in the live ticker: Werder comes out of the break well

46th Min:

It goes on.

The second round starts without a change.

9:22 p.m.:

Friends who


Topspiel don't have to be there for a long time.

So far the teams still owe us a lot.

Although the green and whites started the game better, over time they have let their guts buy off a little.

Of course, the heavy rain and the soaked turf does not make it any easier to keep three points on the Weser, but with the squad more must come from the home side.

On the offensive, coach Markus Anfang's team finds far too few solutions.

But: it can only get better in the second run.

9.20 p.m.: Half time!

Without gates it goes into the cabin.

45 + 2 min:

Hannover currently has more possession of the ball, without being really dangerous.

Both teams can live with a goalless draw.

Hopefully the teams will save the offensive spectacle for the second round,

45 + 1 min:

There are three minutes on top.

44th Min:

Next corner for Hanover.

A shot attempt by Ducksch is blocked.

42nd Min:

No danger.

Kerk's variant lands on the baseline and cannot be processed by Ducksch.

42nd Min:

Free kick from the half field for Hanover.

This is a job for free kick specialist Kerk.

The people of Bremen have to be careful.


Five minutes until half-time - Werder tries on the offensive, but there is still far too little around.

96 has defended this very cleverly so far.



After a duel with Mbom, Hult remains lying.

The referee allowed the game to continue, but the replay looks more like a foul.

The good news: Hult is back and can go on.


Good free kick opportunity for the home side.

Muroya brings Osako down in a header duel.

However, Schmidt chases the due free kick from the half field into the goal.

32nd min:

What is Sargent doing there ?!

The American gets a buttery flank from Agu, wants to process the synthetic leather directly, but does not hit the ball.

Sargent has to deal with that at least.

Much more could have been possible here.


Jung has problems on his side.

Kerk and Stolze are far too easy to pass the Bremen defender.

Only with support can the green-whites prevent the guests from advancing.


And again it is Osako who checks the target.

The Japanese pulls away from a good 25 meters and checks the former national goalkeeper.

But it doesn't get really dangerous.

You have to keep the attempt as a keeper.


Werder have to be careful.

96 increases the pressure.

25th min:

Luck for Werder!

Hanover's Muslija has far too much space in front of the Bremer box and knows how to use this space.

Briefly aim at the box, take it out and the artificial leather lands on the crossbar!

Zetterer would never have gotten to that.


Meanwhile, the rain in Bremen is increasing.

The space is definitely not getting any more pleasant.


Both teams try to get into the danger area via one or two stations.

But in the last third in particular, there is often a lack of accuracy.


Hanover is getting stronger!

Muslija searches for and finds Duksch at the height of the penalty spot.

Duksch wins the header duel and puts his attempt just next to the right post.

Zetterer would have had to go a long way.

Werder Bremen against Hannover 96 in the live ticker: Lively start in the residential investment Weserstadion


Toprak and Mai try their hand at building up the game, but they can hardly find any reference stations.

But then Schmidt has a flash of inspiration and bridges the entire field with a diagonal ball in Sargent's foot.

However, the American cannot really handle the gaming device under pressure.

There was more in it!


Important action from Toprak!

The starting point is a failed clarification campaign by Agu, who heads the play equipment into Ducksch's feet.

The Hanoverian attacker thrashes the ball into the six-yard area, but Toprak is there and can clear the corner in dire need.


Agu is sent deep into the opponent's penalty area.

In a duel, however, the Bremer cannot assert himself against Muroya.

Agu falls, but that's not enough for a penalty.

Go on.

11. Min:

The mood is excellent.

Every Bremen scene is cheered - that has to release strength.


First good opportunity for Werder!

Osako gets the ball before the sixteenth and tries a precise variant in the lower right corner.

Zieler smells the roast and can clear the corner.


Werder have more of the game in the first few minutes.

It is not really dangerous yet.


Agu pulls a ball very long towards the second post, but Hanover pays attention and clears the corner.

However, Schmidt's corner did not find a buyer.

In addition, an offensive foul was whistled against the home side.

3. Min:

The teams have to find their way into the new season first.

The accuracy of fit leaves a lot to be desired.

1. Min:

Right at the beginning, Werder's system is evident.

That looks pretty much like a 4-1-4-1 here.

Werder Bremen against Hannover 96 in the live ticker: kick-off!


The ball is finally rolling!

The atmosphere is fantastic.

Hanover begins the game.

8:27 p.m.:

The teams are in the tunnel, and it's about to hit the grass.

8.15 p.m .:

“We have to accept the league.

I'm curious to see how the guys present themselves today, ”says Markus Anfang to sport1.

“There will always be phases in the game that we have to survive.

But: We want to act. ”To begin with, it is first and foremost about actively pursuing the reconstruction.

Only then can you see in which direction it is going.

8:13 p.m.: The

referee for today's game is Dr.

Robert Kampka.

His assistants are Tom Bauer and Marcel Gasteier.

Oliver Lossius is the 4th official.

Johann Pfeifer and Michael Emmer take a seat in the Cologne cellar.

8:07 p.m .:

"We played quite a decent preparation, but we also know that we still have a lot to do," explains Clemens Fritz to his colleagues from sport1.

How well the green-whites will be received in the 2nd Bundesliga remains to be seen, according to the head of the scouting department and licensing department.

8:04 p.m.:

The 14,000 season ticket holders of the green-whites should provide additional motivation.

Finally fans in the stadium again - it's running!

7.55 p.m.:

How the home side can defeat Hanover, Niclas Füllkrug and the injured Leonardo Bittencourt should know.

The former chased goals for Hannover between 2016 and 2019, while Bittencourt laced his shoes for 96 from 2013 to 2015.

7:50 p.m.:

We use the time and take a look at the statistics.

In the Bundesliga there were 60 duels between Werder and Hanover.

31 times the green-whites left the field as winners, 16 times the points were shared and the guests only won 13.

In the 2nd Bundesliga, the teams only faced each other in two games.

In the northern season 1980/81 Werder won a 3-0 home win and was able to secure a point with a 0-0 win in Hanover.

7.44 p.m.:

Werder against Hanover - what sounds like the Bundesliga turns out to be the top game in league two .. No wonder that the teams start the season with certain ambitions.

7.41 p.m.:

While the green-whites surprise with their lineup, Hanover coach Jan Zimmermann relies on the tried and tested 4-2-3-1.

7.39 p.m.:

With Anthony Jung and Lars Lukas Mai there are two new additions to the starting line-up.

In addition, Niklas Schmidt and Michael Zetterer, two previously borrowed people, are also allowed to participate from the start.

7:37 p.m.:

Let us now


ourselves again to the line-up of Bremen, which certainly knows how to surprise.

If the green-whites ran up in the preparation in the favored 4-3-3 system, everything seems to be possible with the current line-up.

Does Agu play as a left-back or does he play on the left wing?

It would come as no surprise, after all, Markus at the beginning lacks real options on the offensive wings.

That in turn means: Jung would be used as a left-back.

7:33 p.m.: In

case you asked yourself why Möhwald is not in the squad.

There was a positive corona test in the Möhwald area.

He therefore voluntarily goes into isolation.

Werder Bremen against Hannover 96 in the live ticker: This is how the teams play!

7:31 p.m.:

The guests from Hanover are also on time: Zieler - Hult, Falette, Franke, Muroya - Ernst, Kaiser - Stolze, Kerk, Muslija - Duksch.

7:29 p.m.: The green and white do not allow themselves to be asked for long.

This is how the hosts play: Zetterer - Jung, Toprak, Mai, Agu - Mbom, Maxi Eggestein - Osako, Schmidt - Füllkrug, Sargent.

Take a seat on the bench: Dos Santos Haesler - Badjie, Schmid, Johannes Eggestein, Park, Gruev, Woltemade, Friedl and Groß.

7:25 p.m.:

But not only the league membership is new, a new trainer takes place on the bench with Markus Anfang.

And then of course the question arises: Which players does the Werder coach trust at the beginning?

In five minutes we will be smarter, then there will finally be the "beginning" eleven.

7.18 p.m.:

Friends, welcome!

Today Werder starts in the 2nd Bundesliga.

After 40 years of the first division, a new era begins, which will hopefully not last too long.

Bremen -

SV Werder Bremen


Hannover 96

in the

live ticker


All goals, news and information from Bremen's start in the

2nd Bundesliga

- all live in the




The kick-off in the Wohninvest Weserstadion is at 8.30 p.m., the live


starts here around 7.30 p.m. with the starting line-ups of both teams.

Werder Bremen against Hannover 96 - the preliminary report:

Difficult, not greedy: Werder Bremen is putting the brakes on euphoria before the start of the second division against Hannover 96

Es ist soweit! Der SV Werder Bremen startet nach 40 Jahren Bundesliga-Zugehörigkeit am Samstagabend (20.30 Uhr) in eine Saison als Zweitligist. Zum Auftakt trifft das Team von Trainer Markus Anfang auf den Nordrivalen Hannover 96. Der Vorbericht der DeichStube*.

Samstagabend, 20.30 Uhr, Flutlicht, kleines Nordderby, und endlich wieder viele Zuschauer im Wohninvest Weserstadion – eigentlich hätte der SV Werder Bremen bei aller Enttäuschung über den ersten Abstieg nach 41 Jahren durchaus Gründe zur Freude: Doch vor dem Zweitliga-Auftakt gegen Hannover 96 (Samstag im Live-Ticker der DeichStube) wirkt es fast so, als wolle der Club jegliche Aufbruchstimmung schon im Keim ersticken. Werder ist schwierig und nicht gierig, zu groß sind ganz offensichtlich die Probleme rund ums Team, das jederzeit aus finanziellen Gründen auseinanderbrechen kann. Trainer Markus Anfang ist dabei freilich nicht zu beneiden, sieht sich allerdings auch nicht in der Rolle des Stimmungsmachers. Eher nüchtern analysierte der neue Coach auf der Spieltagspressekonferenz die Situation des Clubs. Lediglich beim Thema Zuschauer wurde der 47-Jährige etwas emotionaler.

Werder Bremen gegen Hannover 96 im Live-Ticker: Markus Anfang tritt vor Auftakt in 2. Bundesliga auf Euphoriebremse

„In Rotterdam hat es schon sehr viel Spaß gemacht“, erinnerte Markus Anfang an das letzte Testspiel des SV Werder Bremen gegen Feyenoord vor rund 7.000 Zuschauern. Das habe sich schon ein bisschen wie früher angefühlt. „Ich hoffe, dass es sehr schnell geht, dass wir vor allem auch als Gesellschaft dieses Lebensgefühl zurückbekommen. Das brauchen wir nach der Pandemie, auch wenn wir die noch nicht durchgestanden haben“, meinte Anfang. Für eine ordentliche Atmosphäre sei am Samstag gegen Hannover 96 vor allem die Mannschaft verantwortlich: „Wir wollen eine gute Stimmung entfachen und dafür sorgen, dass der Funke überspringt.“ Klingt beim Lesen wahrscheinlich ganz gut, aber so richtig mitreißend hatte sich das nicht angehört.

Vielleicht lag es daran, dass diese Geschichte mit dem Funken nicht so einfach werden dürfte. Denn immer wieder taucht bei Werder Bremen dieser eine Satz auf: „Wir befinden uns in einer schwierigen Situation.“ Was nicht von der Hand zu weisen ist. Eigentlich muss Werder aus wirtschaftlichen Gründen noch viele Spieler abgeben, und eigentlich wollen viele Spieler aus wirtschaftlichen Gründen noch weg. Doch es gibt schlichtweg keine passenden Abnehmer. Also muss vorerst in Bremen zusammenpassen, was gar nicht mehr zusammenpassen soll und will. Immerhin ist dadurch der Kader noch erstklassig besetzt. Doch bei diesem Hinweis trat Anfang sofort auf die Euphoriebremse: „Es ist aber auch der Kader, der abgestiegen ist. Die Jungs kommen aus einer Negativ-Spirale.“

Werder Bremen gegen Hannover 96: Schwierige Situation zum Saison-Start in der 2. Liga

Positive Ergebnisse in der Vorbereitung gegen zunächst nicht so starke Gegner sollten diesen Abwärtstrend stoppen. Und in der Tat sah es gar nicht so schlecht aus, was der SV Werder Bremen phasenweise so ablieferten. Markus Anfang betonte zudem, dass sich jeder Spieler voll reinhänge. Doch bei der Frage, was er von dem ersten Spiel erwartet, sprach der Coach nicht von einem Sieg gegen Hannover 96, sondern lediglich „von vielen Phasen, in denen wir in der Lage sind, unsere Inhalte abzurufen“. Die Grundlagen dafür seien geschaffen, allerdings hat die Sache einen Haken. „Wir konnten uns nicht einspielen, deshalb fehlen uns auch die Automatismen“, merkte Anfang an. Weil er nicht wisse, wann Spieler womöglich den Verein verlassen, habe er allen Akteuren möglichst viel Spielzeit geben müssen, damit sie seinen Fußball verstehen. Wie schon gesagt: Die Situation ist schwierig.

Dafür sorgen auch gleich sieben Ausfälle (Augustinsson, Rapp, Pavlenka, Nankishi, Woltemade, Dinkci und Bittencourt). Anfang muss tüfteln – vor allem im Angriff. Echte Flügelspieler, die so wichtig für sein 4-3-3-System sind, gibt es im Kader nicht, gute Alternativen sind verletzt und schneller Ersatz nicht in Sicht. Clemens Fritz war zwar in dieser Woche im Ausland unterwegs, doch der Leiter Profi-Fußball und Scouting hat keinen neuen Angreifer mitgebracht. „Die Situation ist schwierig“, lautete seine nicht überraschende Begründung beim ersten Auftritt in neuer Rolle. Fritz sitzt bei den Pressekonferenzen von Werder Bremen nun an der Seite des Trainers, hat diesen Job von Frank Baumann übernommen.

Werder Bremen gegen Hannover 96: Keiner spricht vom Wiederaufstieg - Angst vor weiterem Absturz?

Im Mittelpunkt stand aber der Coach. Natürlich! Es ging schließlich um sein erstes Pflichtspiel für Werder Bremen. Er verspüre schon „ein bisschen Kribbeln“, gestand Anfang vor dem Spiel gegen Hannover 96: „Klar, habe ich da Bock drauf! Wir freuen uns auf den Wettkampf.“ Es sei auch schön, dass es mit einem Heimspiel losgehe. Doch irgendwie wirkte Anfang dabei so, als wolle er partout die Handbremse nicht lösen. Bloß nicht zu große Erwartungen schüren an diesen Abend, an diese Mannschaft. Denn keiner weiß, was bei Werder wirklich noch alles passiert. Deswegen wurde als Saisonziel bislang nur der Wiederaufbau ausgegeben. Von Wiederaufstieg mag keiner sprechen. Es ist eine Unsicherheit, fast schon eine Angst spürbar, dass der Absturz so weitergeht. Und verbal geht niemand so richtig dagegen an.

Immerhin hat sich die Mannschaft in den Testspielen meistens anders präsentiert. Da ließ Anfang mutig nach vorne spielen und dort auch gleich wieder angreifen. Vielleicht sollten alle Beteiligten am Samstagabend nur daran denken und nicht an die ganzen Schwierigkeiten. Dann könnte es vor 14.000 Zuschauern doch ein Fußball-Fest werden. (kni) Auch interessant: So seht ihr den Zweitliga-Auftakt von Werder Bremen gegen Hannover 96 live im TV! Und: Ist das die Werder-Startelf gegen Hannover 96? * ist ein Gemeinschaftsunternehmen der Mediengruppe Kreiszeitung und der WESER-KURIER Mediengruppe sowie ein Angebot von IPPEN.MEDIA.

Source: merkur

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