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False start averted: SV Werder Bremen celebrates in Düsseldorf after dramatic stoppage time


SV Werder Bremen had to go to Düsseldorf on the 2nd matchday of the 2nd Bundesliga - and won the first three of the new season against Fortuna. The game report of the DeichStube *

SV Werder Bremen had to go to Düsseldorf on the 2nd matchday of the 2nd Bundesliga - and won the first three of the new season against Fortuna.

The game report of the DeichStube *

Düsseldorf - Even when we were warming up there was this little scene that showed how much

Markus Anfang had planned

for the away game at

Fortuna Düsseldorf

. During a simple passing exercise, the

SV Werder Bremen

coach cheered on

his players as enthusiastically as if it were about the decisive actions in the final minutes of the game. This great ambition, this will, this determination - none of that was visible to the Bremen team during the game, but in the end the team made it to the important 3: 2 (1: 0) after an intense final phase including extremely dramatic stoppage time. -Award win, through which Werder the false start in the

2nd Bundesliga

has averted.

Maximilian Eggestein became the hero of the evening with his winning goal in the 96th minute.

Werder Bremen had big problems against Fortuna Düsseldorf in the early stages

Compared to the 1-1 draw against Hanover, his starting line-up had changed to two positions.

Marco Friedl joined the team for left-back Anthony Jung, who has just become a father for the first time, and thus made his second division premiere.

On the offensive wing, Romano Schmid was also given preference over Felix Agu.

Initially, this did not change anything in Bremen's footballing performance, as the Bundesliga relegated team also had major problems in the early stages against Düsseldorf.

The hosts seemed more determined in front of 12,850 spectators and consequently recorded the first good opportunities.

In the 17th minute, Edgar Prib checked Werder's goalkeeper Michael Zetterer from distance, and only seconds later Jakub Piotrowski headed a very thin header past the cross from ex-Bremen Florian Hartherz.

Two scenes that

apparently woke

Werder Bremen

, because after that the team found their way into the game better.

Josh Sargent gives Werder Bremen the lead against Fortuna Düsseldorf

After a nice play over Maximilian Eggestein and Niklas Schmidt, Niclas Füllkrug came in the best position in the penalty area to shoot, which, however, was blocked by Prib at the last moment (28th). The guests, who converted their 4-3-3 system into a 3-1-5-1 with their own possession of the ball, now looked more determinedly for the way forward, but were often too imprecise in their actions, which quickly fizzled out many attacks. It was different in the 39th minute: Schmid took a bold move from a half-right position, which apparently surprised Fortuna goalkeeper Florian Kastenmeier, in any case he did not fend off the ball to the side, but to the front - and thus right in front of Josh Sargent's feet. Werder's US-Americans did not hesitate and scored 1-0 dry. A somewhat flattering guide at this point,which the Bremer could even have expanded shortly before the break if they had played out a 4-on-1 counter-situation better. But they didn't, and so it happened

Fortuna Düsseldorf reported back

quickly in the game.

The second round was just two minutes old when Rouwen Hennings scored with his third goal of the season to make it 1-1.

This was preceded by a cross from Khaled Narey, as a result of which Lars Lukas Mai did not look good at all: Werder's newcomer lost Hennings in the penalty area and only saw the striker turn away cheering.

A phase followed in which Düsseldorf constricted the guests in their own half -

Werder Bremen

swam, which explicitly had nothing to do with the increasing rain.

After all: Bremen survived the constant pressure of the opponent without conceding another goal.

And better still: out of nowhere, they took the lead again.

Fortuna Düsseldorf had to increase the risk from minute to minute against Werder Bremen

After a corner from the good Schmidt, it was Düsseldorf goalkeeper Kastenmeier who made an unfortunate figure because he watched without doing anything in the six-yard box as Sargent tied his double with his head - 2: 1 (64th). And suddenly Bremen's first second division win in the current season (and generally since May 1981) was again within reach. Fortuna, however, braced itself against it, delivered Werder a gripping fight in which there were now many heated duels on wet ground. And significantly more rooms for

Werder Bremen

, because

Fortuna Düsseldorf had

to increase the risk from minute to minute.

Substitute Felix Agu could have made the decision after a counterattack in the 77th minute, but didn't close enough.

Shortly afterwards, Sargent cheered for the third time, but the goal did not count because template provider Yuya Osako had previously been sidelined (80th).

On the other hand, Zetterer had to take a long and longer free kick from Prib to clear the ball for a corner (82nd).

Werder Bremen and Fortuna Düsseldorf delivered a dramatic final phase

The game now swayed to and fro. Bitter for

Werder Bremen

: Kevin Möhwald, who was only substituted in the 76th minute, had to leave the pitch again in stoppage time. Christian Groß came for him to help save victory over time. And what happened in the remaining minutes was just: strange! First, Narey managed to equalize what felt like a last minute (90 + 3), which Werder caught off guard. But not so cold that you don't hit back again yourself. After Narey went from hero to bad luck and caused a penalty, Maximilian Eggestein scored the 3-2 winner from the point (90 + 6). (dco)

Werder Bremen:

Zetterer - Mbom, Mai, Toprak, Friedl - Eggestein - Osako, Schmidt (77th Möhwald, 90th + 1st Dinkci) - Sargent, Schmid (90th + 1st large) - Füllkrug (68th Agu)

Fortuna Düsseldorf:

Kastenmeier - Zimmermann, Klarer, Bodzek, Hartherz (85th Koutris) - Piotrowski (69th Appelkamp), Prib (85th Nedelcu) - Narey, Shipnoski (85th Lobinger), Peterson (69th Kownacki) - Hennings

Werder Bremen against Fortuna Düsseldorf: The live ticker to read

Werder Bremen in the live ticker against Fortuna Düsseldorf: All goals, news and information on the 2nd matchday in the 2nd league - today everything live in the live ticker of the DeichStube *!

Final score: 3: 2 for Werder.




10:27 p.m.:

Absolute madness what happened here in the final


between Werder and Düsseldorf.

Up to the 94th minute, the green-whites looked like the sure winner, only to catch the equalizer by Narey.

It was precisely Narey who in the next situation ensured a penalty for the Bremen team with a handball in the penalty area.

Maxi Eggestein did not miss the chance and turned it into a 3-2 winner!

What a game with a happier ending for Werder.

But: You have to earn luck and so the team from Coach Anfang takes the three points back to the Weser!

10:26 p.m .: after work !!!

Werder wins this insane game 3-2!

90 + 6 min: Toooooooooooor!

Maxi Eggestein runs up and hits the lower right corner.

Absolute madness what is happening here!

90 + 5 min: Penalty for Werder!

Narey gets the ball in his hand and referee Schlager points to the point!

90 + 4 min:

Kastenmeier thrashes the ball into the Bremen penalty area.

Somehow Narey gets to the ball and hits with the full tension to equalize!

90 + 4 min: That can't work!

Narey scores for Düsseldorf to equalize 2-2!

92. +2 min:

There are five minutes of stoppage time.


Markus Anfang makes two changes again.

Groß and Dinkci come in for Schmid and the substitute Möhwald.


With each standard, the green-whites take a lot of time.

Referee Schlager can certainly replay a lot.

88th Min:

Time plays Werder in the cards.

How much more is there on top?


Nedelcu joins in with a yellow card.

The man from Düsseldorf is much too impetuous in the duel against Maxi Eggestein.

85th Min:

Triple change at the hosts.

Shipnoski, Prib and Hartherz leave the field.

For the trio come Nedelcu, Koutris and Lobinger.

84th Min:

Werder does it skillfully.

Instead of standing in the back, the green-whites try to force the preliminary decision.

82nd Min:

Another free kick for Fortuna.

On the sideline, Prib is ready, who cheekily pulls the ball onto the Bremen box.

Zetterer is wide awake and can clear the corner at the last moment!

The attempt would have been successful.


It's all about the sum: Schmid sees yellow for one or the other foul game too much.

77th Min:

Agu leaves the preliminary decision!

Schmid sends Agu down, but the latter miserably forgives Kastenmeier.

Agus tries to go a good half a meter from the box.

76th Min:

Next change on the Bremen side.

Schmidt is allowed to leave the field, Möhwald replaces him.


Werder is waiting for counter-situations, but the hosts are not doing the green-whites a favor yet.

The offensive efforts of the Düsseldorfers are very controlled and therefore not very promising.


Düsseldorf is now challenged again and is looking for luck on the offensive.

But Toprak holds his defense together.


Düsseldorf imitates Werder and changes.

Peterson and Piotrowski are off work.

Appelkamp and Kownacki arrive.

68th Min:

Werder changes.

Agu comes for filling jug.


Hennings and Toprak are particularly fond of each other after a header duel.

Then there is pushing and pestering.

Consequently, both get yellow.

Werder Bremen against Fortuna Düsseldorf in the live ticker double pack for Joshua Sargent - Werder leads!


It works!

This time Schmidt brings a corner precisely on Sargent's head.

The American also has to thank keeper Kastenmeier, who is wandering around in the six-yard area and cannot decide whether to stay on the line or pluck the ball out of the air.

Clear goalkeeper mistake!

65th Min: Toooooooooooor for Werder!

Sargent puts together the double pack!


The flow of the game is currently suffering a little.

Both teams spend a lot of time in midfield without any real danger.

60th Min:

Again a free kick for Werder.

Schmidt nibbles his opponent and brings out a standard in the half field.

The cross fails and lands directly in Kastenmeier's arms.


The rain is getting stronger.

No wonder the precision suffers.

In the meantime, the guests have also arrived in the second half.

The green-whites get more play.

53rd Min:

Werder plays it too imprecisely!

Schmid initiates a potential counterattack perfectly.

First he lets his opponent get out and then shifts the side.

Sargent moves into the box, but misses the right moment for a cross or his own conclusion.

He still turns on his own axis and then tries the outer instep, but Düsseldorf is safe and can clarify.


Now Werder comes over the wing, Sargent doesn't have any pass stations and the ball lands again at Mai and Toprak.

49th Min:

Düsseldorf comes out of the cabin strong as a bear.

The body language is correct, Werder have to be careful that they let the hosts turn the game.


The hit goes on Mai's cap!

From the wing, Narey crosses into the six-yard space and finds Hennings, who cleverly pushes past Mai, holds his foot in and hits the far corner.

No chance for Zetterer.

Just annoying!

Werder Bremen against Fortuna Düsseldorf in the live ticker: Rouwen Hennings hits shortly after the break to equalize!

47th Min: Is that bitter!

Hennings scores for the hosts to equalize.

46th Min:

It goes on!

This time the guests are allowed to begin.

9.18 p.m.:

Simply efficient: After a weak start to the game, Werder fought their way back into the game and turned the first really good opportunity into a goal.

Before that, it was the hosts who left their mark on the match.

Fortuna, however, left the opportunities presented to them miserable.

9:17 p.m.: Half time!

With a 1-0 lead, Werder goes into the locker room.

45 + 1 min:

There is a minute on top.

Werder makes no move to start another offensive action.


Düsseldorf keeps the ball in its own ranks, but they do not come into the danger area.

Werder has defended this very cleverly so far.

44th Min:

Fortuna Düsseldorf looks a little shocked here.

Of course, Werder played the lead perfectly into the cards.


Friedl sees yellow for an over-hard boarding.


Werder is rewarded for its strong phase.

First it is Schmid who checks Kastenmeier.

Kastenmeier can only clear up the Austrian's attempt at Sargent's feet.

The American brings the ball under control with his upper body and sinks the synthetic leather in the lower right corner!

39.Min: Toooooooooooooor for Werder!

Sargent scores for a 1-0 lead for Werder!


Narey and Schmid fight on the right wing for the ball - with the better outcome for Bremen.

Narey can only help himself with a foul and is consequently whistled back.

33rd Min:

And still: Werder can call more phases of ball possession their own.


Werder's offensive game is too slow.

Neither Osako, Schmid, Schmidt and Co. can find any solutions for the up to now safe defense of the host.

Werder Bremen against Fortuna Düsseldorf in the live ticker: Niclas Füllkrug leaves a big chance!


That would have been the chance for Werder!

Maxi Eggestein sends Schmidt perfectly into the interface.

The Austrian has his head up and sees Füllkrug in the middle, which does not torch for long.

However, Bodzek still gets the leg in between and can clear the attempt to the corner.

If the shot had gone through, Kastenmeier would have had to take a long time.


Düsseldorf is much more snappy in the duels.

The hosts fight for every ball. Everything takes too long in Bremen.



Good idea from Mbom!

The man from Bremen sends Sargent into the open space on the grand piano.

However, the American is disgusted by ex-Bremer Hartherz.


The green-whites come into the game a little better.

Markus Anfang's team can keep the ball in their own ranks longer.

However, it is not really dangerous.


Schmidt pulls the standard up in the direction of the five-meter space - but neither friend nor foe get the ball.


At least there is now a corner for the guests.

Maybe something will work now.


Good scene from Zetterer!

The starting point is the conquest of the ball by Narey in Werder's half.

From there the ball goes to Peterson, who stages Prib in front of the penalty area.

The man from Düsseldorf pulls from a good 20 meters and forces Zetterer to parade.

Werder Bremen against Fortuna Düsseldorf in the live ticker: The home side determine the game


First little excitement of the game.

Mai thrashes a ball into the opposing penalty area, Sargent starts, hooks up with Kastenmeier and can steal the ball from the goalkeeper's hands.

But all the excitement in vain, Sargent was on the sidelines.


Hard boarding of the Fortuna.

Schmidt walks towards the box at a fast pace, Peterson is too late and only hits the legs from behind.

Consequently, there is a yellow card.

For Werder there is a standard from the half field.



Werder can be pushed in behind.

Markus Anfang can't like that.

When it comes to hosts, a lot is about the wings.

8. Min:

In the initial phase, Düsseldorf is a tad more active.

And again it is Peterson who puts himself in the limelight - this time positively.

The Swede pulls inwards from the wing and just holds onto it.

However, the ball sails clearly over the box.

6. Min:

Düsseldorf's Peterson tries to get Mbom off with one or two overcomers.

However, the Swede has problems with his own ball control and messes up the ball without opposing influence.

5. Min:

Cleared up by Toprak.

The Bremen captain has to go into the race against Hennings, but he doesn't give him a chance.

2. Min:

After careful palpation, that doesn't look like it.

In the header duel, Mbom has to take a beating.

Consequently, there is a free kick in one's own half.

Werder Bremen against Fortuna Düsseldorf in the live ticker: The game starts!

1. Min:

The ball is rolling - Düsseldorf is kicking!

8:28 p.m.:

The teams are on the grass.

8:27 p.m.:

Friends, only three minutes left.

The fans are hot, the players are motivated - let's go!

8:18 p.m.:

Floodlights, light drizzle and up to 18,000 fans - everything is set up for the top game on Saturday evening between Düsseldorf and Werder.

8:10 p.m .:

"We worked a lot, especially in the last third," says Markus Anfang to his colleagues at sport1.

The coach has of course not gone unnoticed that the offensive engine is still stuttering a lot and that there is a lot of catching up to do here.

8:06 p.m.:

Time to devote ourselves to the referee team.

Daniel Schlager is assisted by Arno Blos and Fynn Kohn.

The fourth official is Dr.

Arne Aarnink, while Benjamin Brand and Henrik Bramlage are sitting in the VAR basement.

7:58 p.m.:

For Werder coach beginning, the duel against Fortuna Düsseldorf should be a special clash again.

After all, the beginning celebrated his professional debut at Fortuna.

7:51 p.m.: Happy

news from Anthony Jung: Werder's defender has now become a father.

The child was born healthy.

As a present, his colleagues can bring him three points straight away to Bremen.

7:50 p.m.:

Good to know: In the last match in January 2020, the green-whites left the field as winners.

At that time, a momentous own goal by keeper Kastenmeier ensured the somewhat lucky 1-0 success.

7.46 p.m.:

Today the green-whites have to get three points, otherwise there will certainly be talk of the often cited false start to the season.

Although the teams meet in the 2nd Bundesliga for the first time, they have already met 52 times on the grass on the top floor of German football - with the slightly better tendency for today's guests.

Werder scored 23 wins, lost 17 times and had to split the points 12 times.

7:38 p.m.:

Markus Anfang hopes for one thing above all from the line-up: More power on the offensive.

Niclas Füllkrug should finally be brought into promising final positions.

Against Hanover, Werder's striker hung in the air far too often.

This should now change with the offensively thinking Schmid.

7:33 p.m.:

After the disappointing performance against Hannover 96, the expected changes in Werder's starting line-up have occurred.

Anthony Jung has baby vacation and will be replaced by Marco Friedl, who is finally ready for the first team after his extended EM vacation.

The second and last change is Romano Schmid.

The Austrian replaces Felix Agu, who could hardly set accents as a left winger.

However, it is likely that Schmid will play on the right wing, which means that Josh Sargent would switch to the other wing.

7:31 p.m.: The people of Düsseldorf are not long in coming: Kastenmeier - Zimmermann, Klarer, Bodzek, Hartherz - Prib - Narey, Shipnoski, Piotrowski, Peterson - Hennings.

7.30 p.m.: The lineups are there!

This is how Werder coach starts playing: Zetterer - Friedl, Toprak, Mai, Mbom - Osako, Eggestein, Schmidt - Sargent, Füllkrug, Schmid.

Dos Santos Haesler - Möhwald, Johannes Eggestein, Park, Agu, Gruev, Woltemade, Groß and Dinkci take their seats on the bench.

Möhwald is back on the bank for the first time after his voluntary quarantine.

7:24 p.m.:

Today's hosts, on the other hand, started the season more successfully.

Düsseldorf beat SV Sandhausen 2-0 on matchday 1.

Hit - how could it be otherwise - double packer Rouwen Hennings.

7:21 p.m.:

Friends, welcome to the 2nd matchday in the 2nd Bundesliga!

Today the green-whites are guests at Fortuna Düsseldorf.

While there was a disappointing 1: 1 against Hannover 96 at the start of the new season, three points should now be achieved.


SV Werder Bremen


Fortuna Dusseldorf

 in the 

live ticker


All goals, news and information about the 2nd matchday in the 

2nd Bundesliga

 - all live in the




The kick-off in the Merkur Spiel-Arena is this Saturday at 8.30 p.m., the live 


 starts here around 7.30 p.m. with the starting line-ups of both teams.

On the preliminary report of July 29, 2021:

Markus Anfang im Angriffsmodus: Werder Bremen-Trainer redet sein Team stark und will gegen Fortuna Düsseldorf unbedingt gewinnen

Der SV Werder Bremen spielt am 2. Spieltag in der 2. Liga gegen Fortuna Düsseldorf, Trainer Markus Anfang will unbedingt den ersten Sieg einfahren und schaltet in den Angriffsmodus. Der Vorbericht der DeichStube*.

Bremen – Die Rückkehr ins Rheinland – für Markus Anfang ist das eigentlich eine ganz schöne Geschichte, er bedient sie auch, aber nur ein bisschen. Denn der neue Trainer des SV Werder Bremen hat gerade ganz andere Sorgen, da ist wenig Zeit für Nostalgie vor dem Gastspiel am Samstag bei Fortuna Düsseldorf (20.30 Uhr/DeichStube-Live-Ticker), einem Club, für den Anfang von 1995 bis 1997 und von 2006 bis 2008 gespielt hat. Der gebürtige Kölner soll dem SV Werder wieder auf die Beine helfen, was sich noch schwieriger gestaltet als schon angenommen. Dabei hat Anfang nach dem enttäuschenden 1:1 gegen Hannover 96 einen kleinen Kurswechsel vollzogen. Wirkte er vor dem Zweitliga-Auftakt noch eher nüchtern und zurückhaltend, schaltete der 47-Jährige in den Angriffsmodus – sicher noch nicht in die End-, aber zumindest in eine Vorstufe.

Werder Bremen gegen Fortuna Düsseldorf: Markus Anfangs Spieler sollen Siegeswillen verinnerlichen

„Wir müssen uns verbessern, wir müssen mehr Abschlüsse ziehen, wir müssen konsequent bis zur letzten Minute verteidigen“, forderte Markus Anfang mit ziemlich deutlichen Worten auf der Spieltags-Pressekonferenz. Und in dieser Klarheit ging es am Donnerstagmittag in den 30 Minuten im Medienraum des Wohninvest Weserstadions weiter. „Was man auch mal klarstellen muss“, meinte Anfang: „Wenn man sagt, man will einen Wiederaufbau betreiben, heißt das nicht, dass man keine Spiele gewinnen will. Ich hasse es, Spiele nicht zu gewinnen. Ich will jedes Spiel gewinnen. Ich gehe raus, um das Fußballspiel zu gewinnen!“

Er fühlt sich damit bei seinem neuen Club Werder Bremen aber keineswegs allein: „Am Ende des Tages wollen wir alle gewinnen – ob das unsere Fans sind, ob das im Verein die Mitarbeiter sind oder wir als Trainerteam oder die Mannschaft. Und das müssen wir verinnerlichen.“ Der letzte Satz deutete allerdings auch daraufhin, dass der Siegeswille dann doch noch nicht in jedem drin ist. Wie auch? Anfang betonte noch einmal, dass sich die Ausgangslage nach dem Abstieg grundlegend verändert habe. Im Abstiegskampf sei es in der Vergangenheit in erster Linie darum gegangen, nicht zu verlieren und erst dann irgendwie zu gewinnen. Von einem Favoriten, und das sei ein Absteiger immer, ob er es wolle oder nicht, würden dagegen stets Siege verlangt.

Werder Bremen: Gegner Fortuna Düsseldorf ist nach dem Abstieg Werder ein Jahr voraus

„Das ist ein Prozess“, wiederholte Markus Anfang einen schon häufig von ihm benutzten Satz. Doch diesmal klang dieser nicht mehr so trübe, sondern zuversichtlicher. Dazu passte auch diese Anmerkung von Anfang: „Auch wenn ich gesagt habe, dass es die Mannschaft ist, die leider abgestiegen ist, dürfen wir nicht vergessen: Wir haben trotzdem Qualität in der Mannschaft. Und wir glauben an die Qualität. Wir glauben auch, dass jeder Spieler gut genug ist, um verschiedene Positionen zu bespielen. Das ist auch einer der wichtigsten Punkte, den Spielern das Gefühl wiederzugeben, dass sie es können.“

Gegen Fortuna Düsseldorf soll diese individuelle Stärke mehr zum Tragen kommen als gegen Hannover. Das wird auch notwendig sein. Die Fortuna ist Werder Bremen quasi ein Jahr voraus, kein angenehmes freilich. Denn der angestrebte direkte Wiederaufstieg missglückte. Dafür musste der Kader diesmal nicht wie nach dem Abstieg und jetzt bei Werder runderneuert werden, sondern blieb fast komplett zusammen. Anfang erwartet deshalb „gewisse Automatismen“ beim Gegner. Im eigenen Team seien die noch nicht so zu erwarten. Von den Neuzugängen wird zwar wahrscheinlich nur Lars Lukas Mai spielen, aber der nach Tschechien zurückgekehrte Theodor Gebre Selassie wird schon schmerzlich vermisst. Und einen Milot Rashica (Norwich City) könnte Anfang als Außenstürmer in seinem 4-3-3-System sicher auch gut gebrauchen.

Werder Bremen gegen Fortuna Düsseldorf: Trainer Markus Anfang freut sich auf das Abendspiel an alter Wirkungsstätte

Doch mit all' diesen personellen Problemen und dieser extremen Ungewissheit, wer noch alles den Verein verlassen könnte, wollte sich Anfang nicht mehr so sehr beschäftigen, ohne sie ganz unter den Tisch fallen zu lassen. Der Coach warb dabei erneut für Verständnis und Geduld. Doch seine Maxime lautete: „Ich muss mich als Spieler und als Trainer nur auf das Wesentliche konzentrieren – das nächste Spiel und die Aufgaben, die dort auf mich warten. Die muss ich zu 100 Prozent angehen.“ Jedes Erfolgserlebnis auf dem Platz steigere das Selbstvertrauen. Rückblickend auf das Hannover-Spiel nannte Anfang dabei explizit Michael Zetterer und Niklas Schmidt, die gestärkt aus ihren Premieren herausgegangen seien. Zetterer hatte sein erstes Werder-Pflichtspiel absolviert, Schmidt zum ersten Mal in der Startelf gestanden. Das Positive wird bei Werder Bremen wieder mehr in den Vordergrund gestellt.

Das gilt auch für den Spieltermin. „Als Fußballer gibt es nichts Schöneres als ein Abendspiel zu haben, wenn das Flutlicht angeht und das Stadion wieder gefüllt ist. Noch besser ist es nur, wenn es noch leicht regnet und der Rasen schön nass ist und der Ball richtig schnell wird. Es geht hin und her und du gehst nach 90 Minuten als Sieger vom Feld“, geriet Anfang regelrecht ins Schwärmen, nachdem er sich vor seiner Weserstadion-Premiere eine Woche zuvor noch wesentlich reservierter geäußert hatte. Aber das liegt gewiss nicht an der Arena, denn die Rückkehr an die alte Wirkungsstätte bei Fortuna Düsseldorf sei zwar schön, so Anfang: „Es gibt noch einige Mitarbeiter im Verein, die ich kenne. Aber ich bin Trainer von Werder Bremen und fahre dahin, um das Spiel zu gewinnen.“ (kni) Auch interessant: So seht Ihr Werder Bremen gegen Fortuna Düsseldorf live im TV und Live-Stream! * ist ein Gemeinschaftsunternehmen der Mediengruppe Kreiszeitung und der WESER-KURIER Mediengruppe sowie ein Angebot von IPPEN.MEDIA.

Source: merkur

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