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Bayern-PK before CL hit against Barcelona: surprise comeback is on the horizon


FC Bayern can expect a real chunk at the start of the Champions League. The team of coach Julian Nagelsmann travels to Barcelona. The press conference in the live ticker.

FC Bayern can expect a real chunk at the start of the Champions League.

The team of coach Julian Nagelsmann travels to Barcelona.

The press conference in the live ticker.

  • FC Bayern travels to Barcelona for the start of the Champions League.

  • What is important in the top game against the Catalans - will the hospital clear?

  • We accompany the press conference with Julian Nagelsmann and Manuel Neuer from 1 p.m. in the live ticker.

+++ UPDATE +++

1.40 p.m.:

That came as a surprise.

While Kingsley Coman was no longer on the list of candidates for the game against FC Barcelona in the run-up to the press conference, the tide could now turn.

As Nagelsmann reports (see update from 1:16 p.m.), the Frenchman will travel to Barcelona with the team.

It remains to be seen whether it will be used.

1:39 p.m.:

The PK is over.

The team is now on their way to Barcelona.

1:37 p.m.:

Nagelsmann on the German coaching school: "The German coaches train good clubs and players. There is a great chance of winning titles there. Responsible people have to give you confidence. You have to give new coaches a chance and not just rely on the tried and tested. I can't rate everything else that well. "

1.35 p.m.:

Nagelsmann on the dispute between Zorc and Salihamidzic: “I didn't even hear the topic live and only read it. I haven't seen or spoken to Brazzo since. I think it's good when everyone involved stays with themselves, then you don't have to talk about a choice of words. I concentrate on my team. Sometimes it's a bit of teasing, that's part of the history of these two teams. It was quiet for a long time. I think the two can smile about it when they see each other. I definitely hope so. "

1:34 p.m .:

Nagelsmann when asked if he was nervous: “I'm not nervous yet. I think it will be similar to all other games. In the Champions League, those are always special moments and it is also good to combine it with a healthy part of nervousness. I will surely sleep well. Tomorrow with the hymn that will change. At the moment, however, the joy outweighs the nervousness. "

1:32 p.m.:

Answer to the question about a football style: “I want Bayern Munich football to be successful. Whether this is Nagelsmann football is not important. It should lead to three points as often as possible or to progress in the Champions League. Football should be attractive and aggressive, but with control. Nevertheless, the aggressiveness should remain in one's own attacking football. It shouldn't be drowsy ball possession football. We want to inspire. We countered a lot against Leipzig, that can also be a means. "

1.30 p.m.:

Nagelsmann on Barcelona without Messi: “Lionel is a player who wants a lot of balls, who demands a lot of face-offs and then seeks creative solutions himself. Now the load is spread over several shoulders. Barcelona have a good mix of young and old players. Frenkie De Jong plays a major role. Depay is an exciting man too. Luuk de Jong also brings a new facet and structure into play. They are not better or worse, but different, but they still have to find each other. The hierarchy and addresses will have changed. So far they have done well. Every club develops. Even when Messi was still there, you didn't always have the same level. "

1:28 p.m .:

Nagelsmann on the

role of

favorites and the tactical orientation: “The

role of

favorites is more of a media issue. There are two world clubs and that is not decisive, but the form of the day, motivation and willingness. It will be very, very high with us. Barcelona have had the best performances in 3-5-2. We have solutions for this. We are prepared and have ideas against various basic orders. "

1:27 p.m.:

Nagelsmann on his outfit and the claim in Europe: "My outfit will not be extravagant, but simple.

I don't want to distract the stars on the field.

These are the important people.

Everyone in the club is in the same boat.

We all want to be successful.

The club is not just me, everyone is part of it.

And of course we would like to be at the European level as well. "

1:25 p.m .: Does

the Camp Nou


young players: “There are few exceptions to stadiums that are too loud so that you cannot give any commands.

But things other than strategic directions are also important.

I don't have to have any special discussions with the players.

Not even with young professionals like Musiala.

I think everyone is happy that there are spectators in the stadiums again. "

1:22 p.m.:

Nagelsmann on the Champions League in general: “The Champions League is one of the most desirable titles in European club football. The last title was not long ago and the players are sure to want to win the handlebar again. I also want to win the title once. The start in the group is not trend-setting, but of course important. Of course we would like to win. It's a tough away game in a beautiful city. A worthwhile task and hopefully with a good result for us. "

1:21 p.m.:

Nagelsmann on changes in the starting


: "I don't have any clear changes in my head. The decision will be made tomorrow later in the day. All players, including Sabitzer, are options for the starting XI. There are no changes for performance reasons, but for fitness reasons. You have to look especially at the players who return from long injuries. I'll be in touch with my coaching team. "

1:19 p.m.:

Nagelsmann on the changes without Messi: "It's hard to grasp how you are now. Not worse or better, but different. The extravagance of a Messi is missing. For this, players can step out of its shadow. Pedri and De Jong take on new key roles. The structure of defense is different. They act very man-oriented, press high and try to conquer the ball. It was different with Messi in the past. We are prepared for anything. "

1:16 p.m.:

Nagelsmann's staff


: "Corentin Tolisso is not flying, but Kingsley Coman is.

But not for the starting XI.

With Serge Gnabry you have to wait until tomorrow.

Then the decision is made.

It looks good with Lewi, he no longer has any problems.

Apart from Tolisso, we are flying to Spain with a full chapel.

Barca had time off, we have to make the most of our regeneration phase. "

1:15 p.m.:

Nagelsmann is now entering the press stage.

1:14 p.m.:

Manuel Neuer on the question of whether Musiala has earned a place in the starting line-up after the strong performance in Leipzig: “The coach has to decide.

You can ask him that right away.

Our offensive players have all performed well recently.

Everyone deserves a place there. "

1:13 p.m.:

New on the satisfaction with the defense performance: "The season is still young. We stood well against Leipzig, defended a lot and aggressively. Also defended forward. With the many games we have to take into account who is fit and see how the coach handles the breaks. You have to see if it has to be rotated. That will be the coach's job and I think it will be important to communicate a lot. Take with us what was good and then implement it on the pitch so that we can show a good and stable defense, as we did against Leipzig. "

1:12 p.m .:

Neuer about Ter Stegen: “We


see whether he


get a lot or little to do. We want to keep him busy, of course. We showed at the weekend that we can work on a good team like Leipzig to score so many goals. We want to do that against Barcelona as well. It is good that he has recovered. Then he'll be back with the national team next time. "

1:11 p.m.:

Neuer on the question of what makes Julian Nagelsmann stand out: "Julian is a very emotional and focused guy. He gave us new tactical measures so that we are flexible and can react. We should continue to take our positive traits, which we have already shown in the past, with us on the pitch. He tries to convey that to us directly on the sidelines. Due to the many games and subsequent regeneration phases, not much could be trained yet. Most of it takes place in meetings and analyzes. "


The 8: 2 incites FC Barcelona and the discussion between Zorc and Brazzo: “No, that doesn’t incite us.

Our focus is on the game against Barcelona.

A lot has happened in that time, and nobody has the 8: 2 in their heads anymore.

It's a new team with us as well as at Barca.

We can't travel there with any buffer. "


Manuel Neuer talks about the role of fans at Camp Nou: “Every young footballer dreams of the atmosphere at Camp Nou.

It's a shame that there can't be any away fans.

Of course we hope for our fans that they can be there for the next away games, but we're not in it. "


In addition to the absence of Messi and Griezmann: “FC Barcelona will never be weak.

As a Barcelona player, you always want to present yourself internationally.

They want to sell well, no matter which players are no longer playing at Barcelona.

We expect a strong and motivated team.

But we also know what we can do. "


Neuer on the question of how the absence of Messi affects: "It's strange, even for


own fans.

Nevertheless, they are of enormous quality on the offensive.

As a result, you may have become more variable and different, because that is spread over several shoulders.

We'll see what to expect.

Nevertheless, one is never calm, always tense and of course highly concentrated. "




about the spectators at Camp Nou and how strong he assesses FC Barcelona: “It's nice that so many fans can come to the stadium. The atmosphere in Leipzig was great. We, the players, liked that on the pitch. It is currently difficult to assess the international teams because we are still at the very beginning of the season. It is difficult to make predictions. I think the players who are already playing for Barcelona will try to take on more responsibility. Everyone knows Messi changed clubs. New players like Depay will try to take responsibility to fill the role. We'll see what happens."

1:03 p.m .:

“Further to the previous question:“ The current status cannot be compared with the status at that time.

Both teams have new players and new coaches.

One can speak of a slight upheaval.

The current situation cannot be compared with what was then in Lisbon.

It's going to be a different game.

I think both teams want to start well.

It will be different from Lisbon.

That's why I believe in a close game. "

1:02 p.m .:

Manuel Neuer asked what you can expect from FC Barcelona and to what extent the 8-2 clap still plays a role: “You don't forget games like that, but it's a different team now. The players who are playing there now will take on more responsibility for one another. After Messi's departure, the burden is spread across several shoulders. We have to see how they will perform. We know that they will do more defensively and then try to regain the ball quickly and play better tactically. The 8-2 defeat in Barcelona obviously hurt. But now there are two group games. We are happy to be able to compete with the best again, we are looking forward to our first trip and our first game. And of course that's a blast to start with. "

1 p.m .:

Manuel Neuer takes the stage.

The PK can begin.

12.00 p.m.:

Before the PK, there is a final unit for the team.

Robert Lewandowski takes part in regular training after being substituted for Leipzig.

Serge Gnabry does his laps in the next square.

The game comes too early for Tolisso.

He still trains individually after muscular problems.

Update from September 13th, 11.40 a.m.:

The press conference starts at 1 p.m.

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann and team captain Manuel Neuer answer the questions.

In the afternoon the plane takes off for Barcelona.

FC Bayern: PK in the live ticker - Which players are missing in Barcelona?

First report from September 13th, 11.30

a.m .


Munich / Barcelona - The hunt for the handle pot is on.

The UEFA Champions League starts a new season.

A real chunk is waiting for FC Bayern * to kick off.

The German record champions travel to Spain and meet FC Barcelona there.

For Julian Nagelsmann * it is Bayern's debut on the international stage.

The game at Camp Nou serves as a position for both teams.

While the Munich team have come out of their daily routine with plenty of tailwind and want to live up to their role as favorites in the group, the Spaniards want to shine again on the big stage.

After a difficult summer with Messi leaving and financial problems, the Catalans desperately need a sense of achievement.

FC Bayern: PK with Nagelsmann and Neuer in the live ticker - does the hospital light up?

Which players are available for the duel with FC Barcelona?

Even before the game against Leipzig, sports director Salihamidzic made it clear that Tolisso * and Coman * are currently not options.

The Müller * and Upamecano in question reported fit.

Pavard and Hernandez made their comebacks on the lawn after a long break.

Against the Saxons, however, both Gnabry * and Lewandowski * had to leave the pitch.

Nagelsmann said after the game: “Serge has problems in his back, a lumbago, so we had to replace him.

We have to look for Tuesday. ”The Polish striker, however, was just a precautionary measure due to adductor problems.

He was already taking part in the final training.

FC Bayern: PK with Julian Nagelsmann and Neuer in the live ticker - Barcelona with a break

Bayern's opponent comes rested.

Because of the dismissal dispute over the South American national players, the encounter between the four-time Champions League winner and Sevilla FC * was canceled at the weekend.

The time of preparation speaks in favor of Barca *.

The troubled last few months, on the other hand, have gnawed at the Catalans.

“Good players left, but we have players to replace them.

Barcelona will always play for every trophy.

We are not the favorites for the Champions League, but the other teams will respect us, ”said newcomer Sergio Agüero in an interview with the radio station“ RAC1 ”about the upheaval in the summer.

(men) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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