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Werder after the Derby bankruptcy against HSV: Heart and points left on the pitch


SV Werder Bremen is defeated by HSV in a turbulent northern derby with 0: 2 (0: 1), but leaves its heart on the field. The follow-up report of the DeichStube *.

SV Werder Bremen is defeated by HSV in a turbulent northern derby with 0: 2 (0: 1), but leaves its heart on the field.

The follow-up report of the DeichStube *.

Bremen - The

SV Werder Bremen

players had long since disappeared into the dressing room and were deeply disappointed when they thought about a very worthy but lost

northern derby

, while the

Hamburger SV team

was still 2-0

on the pitch

(2 : 0) victory in the first second division of this football classic. The players danced in front of the fans, practiced triumphant poses and photographed each other.

Recordings for page one of the career album.

And later, when Werder coach Markus Anfang tried to put into words the turbulent, stirring 90 minutes of a game that had easily overshadowed many a traditional and boring first division match, a group of HSV professionals pulled behind him with a loud roaring jukebox.

Party mood at the opponent and a jealous, painful look at the beginning: "Yes, if you win ..."

Werder Bremen in the north derby against HSV with 19: 5 shots on goal, but with 0 goals

If you win, the world is yours.

This is how


felt, the arch rivals with goals from

Robert Glatzel

(2nd) and

Moritz Heyer

(45th) in the table and is now sixth. The Bremer slipped from third to eighth place and knew exactly: That shouldn't have been. After a sleepy initial phase and an early dismissal for substitute captain Christian Groß (31st / took over the captain's armband from the injured Ömer Toprak), the Bundesliga relegated went into the second half with a heavy mortgage, but then showed what he was made of. "We have", said center forward Marvin Ducksch with a lot of pathos, "hugged each other during the break, looked at and said: We want to keep our hearts on the pitch - and we did that."

At the latest after the traffic light card for HSV captain Sebastian Schonlau (52nd) almost only

Werder Bremen


, but did not score despite the best chances. The look at the match statistics did not only cause frustration at the beginning, for which the exploitation of chances is a constant topic. There was also a bit of satisfaction. “I think we had 19: 5 shots on goal in the end - and six of our 19 attempts were 100% chances.” Substitute Niclas Füllkrug had two of them, the rest was due to Ducksch, Romano Schmid, Lars Lukas Mai and Milos Veljkovic. Beginning: “It's annoying that we don't make a goal out of it. But the way we put pressure on was really good. "

Werder Bremen coach Markus Anfang on derby bankruptcy against HSV: "Can only blame ourselves"

The fact that

Werder Bremen

was denied recognition before the break, only a penalty after a foul on Ducksch and then a free-kick from the striker (Mitchell Weiser had illegally cheated into the Hamburg Wall), was also part of the history of the game, but the defeat ended To put off these two scenes would have been too cheap in the beginning, given the multitude of one's own opportunities.

“Those were parts, but the biggest part was us.

We didn't do well in the first 25 minutes and didn't score a goal in the closing stages.

We cannot therefore blame anyone else for the result but ourselves, ”he said.

Werder goalkeeper Michael Zetterer rated the derby defeat as a "severe setback", which of course outweighs any other lost game. A bankruptcy against


, especially in their own stadium - there is nothing worse for all those who



SV Werder Bremen

. "We are all very disappointed," said Zetterer: "We really wanted to win - for the fans, for the city, for the club and for us as a team."

The question now remains as to what long-term effect the bankruptcy will have on the players.

Before the game, Coach Anfang emphasized that a Derby win can give you “a lot of strength”.

And now?

Is the opposite now happening?

Beginning does not believe in it: “I would have these concerns if we had played a bad game, if we had given up.

But the team didn't let themselves be slaughtered, on the contrary.

What we saw was a passionate team that played forward mercilessly, but which should have rewarded themselves for it. "

Werder Bremen versus Hamburger SV: "A draw would have been deserved"

Beginning now, turning its own thesis of the power of a Derby victory into the opposite, relies on the power of 0: 2. “Sometimes defeats even help you more than wins for the future,” he said and explained: “When the boys realize from this game that you have to perform as we did in the second half for over 90 minutes, and into the one too transport upcoming games, then this experience will help us. "

After the final whistle, it became clear that the fans classified the game in a similar way to the coach.



started its winning show in front of the west curve, the east curve did not acknowledge the derby bankruptcy with whistles, but


sent the professionals of

SV Werder Bremen

into the dressing room with applause and encouragement.

Beginning: “The spectators felt that the team really wanted to.

And if you take the entire 90 minutes, then a draw would have been deserved. "(Csa)

Go to the match report:

Bad luck and red follow inability: Werder Bremen is subject to HSV in a turbulent northern derby

Bremen - An early expulsion, a missed penalty, an unrecognized goal and finally numerous missed chances - those were the main ingredients of an extremely bitter north derby for

SV Werder Bremen

on Saturday evening


In the first duel in three and a half years (and the first ever in the 2nd Bundesliga) against the eternal rival

Hamburger SV

The team of coach Markus Anfang had to admit defeat 0: 2 (0: 2) in their own stadium - and to a large extent this was to be attributed to themselves, because they made serious mistakes in crucial phases.

In the end, the goals of Robert Glatzel (2nd) and Moritz Heyer (45th + 1) were enough for the guests to win the contested away win, which meant that HSV (fourth place) in the second division table overtook Werder (seventh place) for the time being.

Compared to the 3-0 success at FC Ingolstadt, the beginning only made one change in his starting eleven - and of necessity.

For the ailing captain Ömer Toprak (calf problems), Lars Lukas Mai moved into central defense, from where the 21-year-old was able to witness the capital false start of his team in this 137th northern derby.

Just 80 seconds were played in front of the 21,000 fans in the Wohninvest Weserstadion, the guests were already in the lead, and Hamburg's center forward Robert Glatzel had put a damper on it very early on.

After a quick combination on the left, Moritz Heyer lifted the ball over Milos Veljkovic onto Glatzel's head, who overcame Werder's goalkeeper Michael Zetterer with an arc lamp (2nd).

Werder Bremen loses heated northern derby against HSV

In an intensely fought game,

Werder Bremen

then had problems maintaining order. Defensively, the team appeared unsorted in many moments, and offensively, it hardly took place at all. Result:


had the upper hand, but without getting any further chances on their part. In the middle of a phase in which Werder gradually seemed to find their way forward, there was the next big setback - and it was homemade.

Christian Groß had seen the yellow card early after a foul on Glatzel (5th) and made a more than unnecessary action in the 31st minute. When trying to put HSV goalkeeper Daniel Heuer Fernandes under pressure, Groß unpacked the straddle and rudely pulled the goalkeeper off his feet in the penalty area - referee Sascha Stegemann did not hesitate for a second and sent the 32-year-old off the field with a yellow-red. The bitter moments of this first half were far from over for the home side. After Hamburg's captain Sebastian Schonlau brought down Werder striker Marvin Ducksch in the sixteenth, Stegemann let the game continue (36th).

The video referee did not intervene either.

Great luck for


, because a

penalty whistle

and the

yellow-red card

against the already loaded Schonlau would have been the right decision.

“A clear penalty, he has to give it,” said Werder's injured midfielder Leonardo Bittencourt at half-time on the Sky microphone and stated: “Those are days when I want Manuel Graefe back as a referee.

8.30 p.m., Northern Derby, not everyone can do that. "

Raven black half of Werder Bremen: bitter derby defeat against HSV

At the latest after the refused penalty kick, it boiled and boiled in the stands. And the next excitement shouldn't be long in coming. Ducksch equalized with a wonderful free kick in the 42nd minute - at least everyone thought, but the goal didn't count. Because

Mitchell Weiser had

not kept the prescribed distance to the wall, the cheers from Bremen suddenly fizzled out. And even worse: Shortly afterwards, the ball was on the other side in the net: Heyer headed it to 2-0 for


and thus made a pitch-black half for

SV Werder Bremen

perfect (45th + 1).

Round two started in a similarly eventful way, because in the 52nd minute Schonlau saw the long overdue

yellow-red card

after he let Romano Schmid run up on the edge of the penalty area.

After all: Werder no longer had to start the race to catch up.

The problem: the hosts weren't really powerful.

On the contrary: after 61 minutes they were able to thank goalkeeper Zetterer, who prevented the third HSV goal of the evening and thus the decision by defending himself against Bakery Jatta.

Bitter north derby bankruptcy: Werder Bremen misses too many great opportunities against HSV

The beginning reacted, brought in Roger Assalé (for Niklas Schmidt), Manuel Mbom (for Weiser) and a little later Niclas Füllkrug (for Jung) three fresh forces to give his team a new impetus before the final phase. Although the Bremen team threw themselves bravely into every duel, they did not come dangerously in front of the Hamburg goal for a long time, which changed almost immediately after the changes. Mbom conquered the ball in midfield, served Füllkrug, who missed the right time of the play before Heuer Fernandes, completed himself and put the ball next to the goal (74th). A little later, the 28-year-old left another big chance (77th), so he still has to wait for his first goal of the season.

Werder Bremen

was there now, pressing for the connection goal, but simply did not get the ball into the goal.

In the 81st minute it was Ducksch and Schmid who gave up good opportunities in quick succession.

For their part,

HSV was

only waiting for the counterattack and was anxious to take the lead over time.

Since Werder couldn't turn things around in the six-minute stoppage time, this plan ultimately worked and a completely used Saturday evening came to a disappointing end from Bremen's point of view.

The “Oh, how is that beautiful” chants from the guest block formed the acoustic background.


Werder Bremen:

Zetterer - Weiser (66th Mbom), Veljkovic, Mai, Jung (73rd Füllkrug) - Groß, Rapp, Schmidt (68th Assalé) - Nankishi (38th Gruev), Ducksch, Schmid

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on the edge of the north derby - lodge scandal about Werder legend Tim Wiese!

The live ticker from Werder Bremen against Hamburger SV to read:




10:26 p.m

.: Werder is subject to HSV in the 137th

North Derby

with 0-2.

A bitter defeat.

Werder was almost an hour ten, shows a courageous performance in an extreme duel - but it feels like everything is going, but simply everything against SVW.

And yet: This game should also give all fans of the green-whites more courage! 

90. + 5 minutes

: Veljkovic warps completely free-standing from eight meters.

Insanity ...

90 + 3 minutes

: The ball just doesn't want to go in today.

Werder throws everything forward, receives a free kick in the half field.

Central defender Mai also rushed forward, but heads over it.

90 + 1 minute

: Mbom gets yellow.

90th minute

: The fourth official shows six minutes of stoppage time.

87th minute

: Filling jug again.

This time with an extremely difficult volley decrease.

Füllkrug does it well, but Heuer Fernandes is there again.

86th Minute

: Corner of Hamburg.

Means: A lot of time for the red pants.

While Werder is missing exactly this now.

81st minute


WERDER! “The fans are not to be blamed today.

And neither do the players: Schmid with two great scenes, each of which provides great opportunities.

But the marble just doesn't want to go in there today.

80th minute

: Something still seems possible for SVW.

The chances are increasing.

However, the equalizer would have to come slowly in order to be able to ward off the defeat.

Werder Bremen against Hamburger SV in the live ticker: Füllkrug fails with huge chances

78th Minute

: again Füllkrug in a promising position because Assale attacks well.

This time, Heuer Fernandes clears one-on-one with his right foot.

77th Minute

: Gruev sees yellow after he can only prevent a counterattack with a foul.

74th minute

: A co-production of two substitute actors.

Mbom serves filling jugs, which Heuer Fernandes leaves behind.

But the HSV goalkeeper is back on his feet quickly, so that Füllkrug has to pull from an acute angle.

Because Jonas David has already rushed to the goal line, Füllkrug takes off at full risk - and the ball slips over his instep.

A good opportunity to catch up.

73rd Minute

: The beginning brings striker Niclas Füllkrug for full-back Anthony Jung.

70th minute

: The guests change twice: Wintzheimer and Kaufmann in, Kittel and Jatta out.

69th Minute

: Hamburg's Leibold also sees yellow.

68th minute

: After just a few seconds, Assale gets yellow.

67th Minute

: Double change at Werder: Mbom comes for Weiser, Assale for Schmidt.

66th Minute

: As a result, there is room for a counterattack if the ball is captured.

Ducksch comes into play in a good shooting position, but hits the ball clearly over it.

65th minute

: Jatta on the ball again, this time luckily only on the wing.

His cross is not a problem for Zetterer.

The green-whites are getting a little more defensive.

61st Minute

: Suddenly Jatta is free.

But Zetterer makes himself big in one-on-one and clears with his left foot to the corner.

A very important parade!

60th minute

: One hour completed, still 0: 2.

The bare numbers do not sound encouraging.

The appearance of the green and white for it all the more.

No pinning, no hiding.

And the fans are there too!

Let's go, Werder!

59th Minute

: Heyer brakes the Werder counterattack and pulls Gruev off his feet.

A clear yellow card.

58th Minute

: First change at HSV: Glatzel out, rice in.

55th minute

: The only thing to say about the route is: Keep it up!

Since being sent off, Werder has been changed.

And has taken the audience with it ever since.

53rd minute

: The following Ducksch free kick from around 20 meters is not as good as the version in half time and gets stuck in the wall.

52nd Minute: HSV is also only ten.

Captain Schonlau gets yellow-red.

Werder is a little lucky in the scene, because the action against Schmid is more unfortunate than robust.

49th Minute

: Ducksch complains about handball and complains vehemently.

Instead of a free kick on the edge of the box, there is yellow for the Werder striker.

The repetition shows: Referee Stegemann is right, it was Jonas David's chest.

46th Minute

: Stegemann whistles for the second half.

Werder Bremen against Hamburger SV in the live ticker: Half time two in the north derby

An addendum to the half-time break: Stadium announcer Arnd Zeigler has informed the audience that the Ducksch hit was rightly not given.

9:33 p.m

.: One


is certain: the support from Werder fans is huge!

Now it is a matter of whipping the boys further forward.

9:28 p.m

.: The SVW comes in first half to 40 percent possession.

With ten, it will of course be even more difficult to conquer the ball and, accordingly, to have scoring chances.

But everything is possible in derbies!

9.24 p.m

.: Werder writes on Twitter: “Break.


We're going into the dressing room two goals behind ... but it's a derby!

It's not sticking up! ”Even if the facts sound hopeless: 0: 2, one man less - Werder definitely had the strongest phase of the game when they were outnumbered.

9:20 p.m

.: What a completely crazy game since the 32nd minute.

Expulsion, the missed penalty, the jubilation over the alleged equalization, then the withdrawal by referee Stegemann - and on top of that, the 0: 2.


Werder Bremen against Hamburger SV in the live ticker: half time in the north derby

45th Minute: Heyer increases to 0: 2, heads from the shortest distance against the direction of Zetterer.

Template Jatta.

43rd Minute

: The confusion is slowly straightening out.

Mitchell Weiser did not keep the minimum distance to the HSV wall ...

42nd Minute: Ducksch conjures up a free kick from 20 meters over the HSV defense.

The 1: 1.

EVERYONE thinks in Wohninvest Weserstadion.

Only referee Stegemann sees it differently ...

39th Minute

: Bitter minutes for Werder.

First the expulsion, then the penalty that was not given.

Clemens Fritz is not particularly impressed by this either, and talks to the fourth official.

HSV captain Schonlau tugs at Ducksch above - and also hits him below on the foot.

38th Minute

: The beginning has to change.

He brings Ilia Gruev for Abdenego Nankishi.

36th Minute

: The Werder fans and Ducksch demand penalties.


From our point of view, referee Stegemann has to give it.

32nd minute: Christian Groß was sent off.

Werder now outnumbered for almost an hour.

Werder Bremen against Hamburger SV in the live ticker: Werder behind and outnumbered

30th minute

: Schmidt kicks the free kick, which is slightly deflected.

Otherwise the thing would have turned out damn well.

Corner of Werder - but it fizzles out.

29th minute

: Ducksch is put on the counterattack by Schonlau.

Yellow for the HSV captain - and a good free kick situation for Werder.

25th minute

: We would like to encourage all Werder fans to win the Derby even more.

But currently there is hardly any getting through against the guests.

What works well is the high pressing by Ducksch and Co. - we want to see that more often!

21st Minute

: Looks spectacular and certainly hurts a lot: Schmid undermines Kinsombi, which lands rudely on the pool.

19th minute

: Schmid and Ducksch start early, putting HSV keeper Heuer Fernandes in trouble.

However, he easily intercepts Schmid's cross.

15th Minute

: A quarter of an hour has been completed, Werder has not yet recorded a shot on goal.

14 minutes

: Zetterer plays with, catches a long pass from the guests easy and leads directly to the attack.

But only seconds later the ball is gone again.

11th minute

: Werder tries to calm down the game and to rearrange itself.

The red trousers are really dangerous because of their counterattacks.

7th minute

: It's really rough, the next hamburger is on the floor.

Rapp's foul wasn't as bad as it might have looked.

5th minute

: Christian Groß sees the first yellow card of the game early, goal scorer Glatzel slides away.

It only takes 80 seconds for Werder's goalless series to be broken.

The HSV combines on the left through, Heyer flank into the interior.

There Glatzel is completely free and overcomes Zetterer with his head.

2.Minute: Glatzel scores 0: 1 for the guests.

1st minute

: HSV kick off the game, first playing on the east curve.

Werder Bremen against Hamburger SV in the live ticker: The game is on - Werder wants the derby victory!

8:28 p.m

.: The Werder anthem is running, the stadium is green and white.

Pure derby feeling!

8:24 p.m

.: Sascha Stegemann is the referee of the game.

8:19 p.m

.: A fact shortly before kick-off.

Frank Neubarth is Mister Nordderby.

He's got twelve wins with Werder - as a native of Hamburg.

8.15 p.m.:

Werder striker Duksch is hot.

In the Sport1 trailer he says: “It's a very special game.

People don't talk about anything else. "

8:11 pm

: Tim Walter explains the change between Jatta and Wintzheimer: "We want to bring more speed with Baka - that's why we decided in favor of him."

8:07 p.m

.: Markus Anfang is definitely in a good mood and jokes: "Hopefully we don't need a paper ball today."

20.03 Uhr: Beim höchsten Werder-Derby-Sieg war es sogar noch ein Tor mehr. In der Double-Saison schoss der SVW den SV mit 6:0 ab. Die Torschützen damals: Valerien Ismael, Ivan Klasnic, Ailton, Nelson Valdez, Viktor Skripnik und ein Eigentor von Sergej Barbarez.)

20.00 Uhr: Vor wenigen Spielen kaum zu glauben, aber: Werder könnte rein theoretisch sogar an die Tabellenspitze klettern. Dafür ist ein Sieg mit „nur“ fünf Toren Abstand von Nöten.

Werder Bremen gegen den Hamburger SV im Live-Ticker: Für Werder ist sogar die Tabellenführung möglich

19.57 Uhr: Auch der HSV reist ungeschlagen aus den vergangenen drei Spielen an, konnte dabei aber nicht so überzeugen wie Werder. Darf so bleiben.

19.53 Uhr: Nun mal zur Ausgangslange. Werder wird mit großem Selbstbewusstsein agieren, hat zuletzt drei Spiele in Serie kein Gegentor kassiert. Sieben Punkte, eine Aufbruchstimmung, die heute fortgesetzt werden soll. Fritz sagt daher: „Für uns ist wichtig, dass die Mannschaft erstmal ein Gefühl für sich entwickelt.“ Das hat zuletzt hervorragend geklappt!

19.50 Uhr: Die HSV-Profis kommen auf den Platz - und werden lautstark ausgepfiffen!

19.48 Uhr: Clemens Fritz im Sport1-Interview: „Wir hätten uns das Derby beide eher in der 1. Liga gewünscht, das ist klar.“

19.44 Uhr: Und noch einmal Anfang: „Wir sind auf dem Weg, dass wir wieder alle gemeinsam durch die Saison gehen.“ Ein Derbysieg würde da natürlich mehr als perfekt ins Konzept passen: „In solchen Derbys kannst du dir sehr viel Kredit zurückholen.“ Heute Abend dann bitte genau das beherzigen, Jungs!

19.41 Uhr: Zum ersten Mal in der Derby-Geschichte der beiden Klubs werden keine Ultras dabei sein. Ein absolutes Novum! Dennoch war Markus Anfang zuletzt sehr angetan vom Publikum: „Die Stimmung gegen Rostock und auch in Ingolstadt war sehr, sehr gut. Wir sind diejenigen, die dafür sorgen müssen, dass der Funke überspringt und dass die Zuschauer uns unterstützen.“

19:39 Uhr: Darauf setzen die Vereins auch im Wohninvest Weserstadion. 20.000 Werder-Fans werden es heute Abend sein, knapp 1000 vom anderen Verein.

19.38 Uhr: Eine erste erfreuliche Nachricht aus dem Stadion. Laut Polizei ist bis dato alles friedlich abgelaufen - und auch die Ankünfte der Mannschaftsbusse lief ohne Vorkommnisse ab.

19.36 Uhr: Gegenüber dem 2:1-Zittersieg gegen Sandhausen tauscht Walter nur einmal. Jatta kommt für Wintzheimer.

19.35 Uhr: HSV-Trainer Tim Walter setzt auf folgende Startformation: HSV-Aufstellung: Heuer Fernandes - Gyamerah, David, Schonlau, Leibold - Meffert - Kinsombi, Heyer - Jatta, Glatzel, Kittel.

19.34 Uhr: Im Sturm darf erneut Abdenego Nanskihi ran, erhält den Vorzug vor Eren Dinkci.

19.32 Uhr: Werder-Trainer Markus Anfang muss - wie bereits bekannt - auf Abwehrchef Ömer Toprak verzichten. Der wird, wie schon während des Sieges in Ingolstadt, ersetzt durch Lars Lukas Mai.

Werder Bremen gegen den Hamburger SV im Live-Ticker: Die Werder-Aufstellung im Überblick

19.30 Uhr: Die Werder-Aufstellung: Zetterer - Weiser, Veljkovic, Mai, Jung - Gross - Schmidt, Rapp - Nankishi, Ducksch, Schmid.

19.24 Uhr: Es ist Nordderby Nummer 137! Und natürlich führt der SVW in der Bilanz mit 55 Siegen (HSV 42).

19.21 Uhr: Moin Moin zum DeichStube-Live-Ticker. Samstagabend, 20.30 Uhr, Flutlicht, Derby gegen die Rothosen. Besser kann es doch kaum sein! Wir wünschen Euch ein geiles Spiel - und natürlich einen Werder-Sieg!

Bremen - Werder Bremen im Live-Ticker gegen den HSV:Anpfiff im Wohninvest Weserstadion ist um 20.30 Uhr, der Liveticker startet hier gegen 19.30 Uhr mit den Startelf-Aufstellungen beider Mannschaften. Alle Tore, News und Infos vom Nordderby gegen den Hamburger SV - alles live im Live-Ticker der DeichStube.

Werder Bremen gegen den HSV - der Vorbericht:

Werder Bremen will die grün-weiße Fanseele im Nordderby gegen den HSV endgültig zurückerobern

Es ist soweit! Der SV Werder Bremen empfängt am 7. Spieltag den Hamburger SV im Wohninvest Weserstadion zum 1. Nordderby in der 2. Bundesliga. Der Vorbericht der DeichStube.

Es sind nur knapp fünf Wochen, die zwischen den beiden Spielen liegen, von Mitte August bis Mitte September, und dennoch ist es ein Zeitraum, der sich für Markus Anfang am Samstagabend gegen 22.20 Uhr größer anfühlen könnte. Deutlich größer. Ja um Welten größer sogar! Nur zur Erinnerung: Nach der 1:4-Heimniederlage gegen den SC Paderborn hatte der Trainer des SV Werder Bremen am dritten Spieltag erfahren, wie sich ein restlos bedientes und zutiefst enttäuschtes Wohninvest Weserstadion anhören kann: laut, ungehalten und schrill! Läuft es nun am Samstagabend (20.30 Uhr, DeichStube-Live-Ticker) aber gut, gelingt also der heiß ersehnte Heimsieg im Nordderby gegen den Hamburger SV, dürfte sich über Anfang das komplette Gegenteil von den Rängen ergießen: die überbordende Freude, die kollektive Glückseligkeit! „In solchen Derbys kannst du dir sehr viel Kredit zurückholen“, weiß der Trainer, dessen Team die Fanseele mit zuletzt guten Leistungen schon wieder deutlich milder gestimmt hatte – und sie am Samstag nun endgültig zurückerobern möchte.

In den ersten Wochen der neuen Saison, so der allgemeine Eindruck, der sich nach dem Paderborn-Spiel dann auch akustisch entlud, war die Geduld vieler grün-weißer Anhänger durch den noch tiefsitzenden Abstiegsfrust, einen nur schleppend anlaufenden Umbau des Kaders sowie den mäßigen Saisonstart inklusive Pokal-Aus nahezu aufgebraucht. Mittlerweile hat sich die Stimmung gedreht.

Werder Bremen gegen Hamburger SV: Das erste ultra-freie Nordderby steigt am Samstag in der 2. Liga

„Die Enttäuschung nach dem Abstieg und vielleicht auch darüber, dass die Fans wegen der Pandemie so lange Zeit nicht im Stadion helfen konnten, lässt jetzt langsam nach“, hat Anfang festgestellt. Die späten Verpflichtungen von namhaften Spielern wie Marvin Ducksch und Mitchell Weiser sowie die guten Ergebnisse in jüngster Zeit haben viele Gemüter wieder beruhigt. „Wir sind auf dem Weg, dass wir wieder alle gemeinsam durch die Saison gehen“, sagt Anfang über die Beziehung zu den Fans des SV Werder Bremen. Das Nordderby gegen den HSV sieht er dabei „als große Chance“, um auf diesem Weg einen entscheidenden Schritt voranzukommen.

Wenn die Partie am Samstagabend um 20.30 Uhr angepfiffen wird, werden 21.000 Fans im Stadion sitzen, gut 1.000 davon aus Hamburg. Und schon jetzt steht fest: Ganz unabhängig vom Geschehen auf dem Platz wird die Stimmung anders sein als bei vorherigen Nordderbys. Keine aufwendigen Choreografien, keine per Megafon angestimmten Fangesänge, kein Dauer-Support. Das liegt daran, dass sowohl die Bremer als auch die Hamburger Ultra-Gruppen während der Pandemie nach wie vor nicht zu den Spielen ins Stadion kommen – und somit seit ihrem Bestehen für das wohl erste ultra-freie Nordderby sorgen. Fürs Anfeuern müssen also erneut die anderen Fans sorgen. In Anfangs Augen ist ihnen das zuletzt ziemlich gut gelungen: „Die Stimmung gegen Rostock und auch in Ingolstadt war sehr, sehr gut“, betont der Trainer des SV Werder Bremen, der ohnehin seine Mannschaft in der Hauptverantwortung dafür sieht, dass die Fans in Wallung kommen: „Wir sind diejenigen, die dafür sorgen müssen, dass der Funke überspringt und dass die Zuschauer uns unterstützen.“

Werder Bremen will sich mit einem Sieg im Nordderby gegen den HSV in der Spitzengruppe der 2. Liga festsetzen

Davon, wie das im Derby gelingen kann, hat Anfang eine klare Vorstellung. Der 47-Jährige erwartet von seiner Mannschaft einen körperbetonten Auftritt, eine gewisse Grundaggressivität, „damit wir unser Spiel durchbringen. Nur mit ein bisschen Fußballspielen wird es gegen den HSV auf gar keinen Fall funktionieren. Dafür ist der Gegner qualitativ viel zu gut aufgestellt.“

Bei einem Sieg könnte sich Werder Bremen (aktuell auf Platz drei) mit dann 14 Punkten auf dem Konto vorerst in der Spitzengruppe der 2. Liga festsetzen und zugleich dem ewigen Rivalen aus Hamburg (Platz neun, neun Punkte) einen empfindlichen Dämpfer verpassen. „Unsere Aufgabe fürs Wochenende lautet, ein gutes Spiel zu machen und uns dafür am Ende auch zu belohnen“, erklärt Anfang. Wird sie erfüllt, gibt es neben den drei Punkten nach dem Abpfiff für den Trainer und seine Spieler noch eine zusätzliche Art der Anerkennung: ein komplett neues Stadionerlebnis. (dco) Auch interessant: So seht Ihr das Nordderby Werder Bremen gegen Hamburger SV live im TV und im Live-Stream! Und: So könnte die Startelf-Aufstellung von Werder Bremen gegen den HSV aussehen! * ist ein Gemeinschaftsunternehmen der Mediengruppe Kreiszeitung und der WESER-KURIER Mediengruppe sowie ein Angebot von IPPEN.MEDIA.

Source: merkur

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