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His conquest records have yet to be broken, and the legendary Chelsea and Tottenham scorer is endowed with the well-developed senses on the pitch that also characterized Gerd Müller

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English Gerd Muller: Farewell to legendary striker Jimmy Greaves

His conquest records have yet to be broken, and the legendary Chelsea and Tottenham scorer is endowed with the well-developed senses on the pitch that also characterized Gerd Müller.

Unlike the German, he did not win many titles, and was eliminated in the World Cup final, but his legacy is enormous, and he redefined the role of English striker


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Michael Yochin

Monday, September 20, 2021, 2:00 p.m.

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A month after Gerd Müller's death, Jimmy Greaves also passed away at the age of 81. Germany parted ways with the best natural scorer in its history, and now it's England's turn. In many ways, Greaves was a kind of English Muller - no one came close to his developed senses in the open, no one knew how to be in the right place at the right time like him, and the records he set had not yet been broken.

With 357 goals in the English Premier League, he is the most prolific scorer ever. He was crowned the king of goals six times, and that too is an achievement that no one has repeated so far. He scored 41 goals in one season, which is also a record in the post-World War II era. In the England national team scoring list, Greaves is ranked fourth after Wayne Rooney, Bobby Charlton and Gary Lineker, but in terms of average goals per game he leaves them dusty - it only took 57 appearances to put 44 balls in the net.

Still, when mentioning the great pioneers in history, while Mueller's place is completely guaranteed, not everyone knows Greaves outside the kingdom.


Because when it comes to degrees, there is nothing to compare the two.

Muller has three Champions Cup wins, along with four German championships, four trophies, a holding cup, a European Championship for teams registered in his name, and of course the World Cup in which he scored the winning goal in the final - his 14th and final goal in two World Cups.

And Greaves?

He has two England Cups and the Cup Winners' Cup.

The championships were irrelevant in his days at Chelsea and Tottenham.

And the World Cup?

He actually has, but here lies the biggest trouble.

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The king of goals is gone: Former footballer Jimmy Greaves has died at the age of 81

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Lots of records, few degrees.

Greaves (Photo: GettyImages)

Did not even receive the medal for winning in 1966.

Greaves (Photo: GettyImages)

Hurst scored a hat-trick in his place

Ahead of the 1966 World Cup, Greaves was England's leading striker. From him they expected to rip nets and march the team to the historic win, but it did not go easily, and in the first two games in the home stage Greaves was unable to score. In the third game, against France, he was injured in the leg by a foul by Joseph Bonel and needed 14 stitches. As a result, he was unfit for the quarter-finals, Jeff Hurst was included in the squad in his place - and subdued Argentina with a costly 0-1 in the 78th minute. This is how the West Ham scorer won the trust of coach Alf Ramsey, while Greaves remained frustrated on the lines.

He was already perfectly healthy for the final, hoping until the last minute to find his name on the board, if not instead of Hurst then at least at the expense of Roger Hunt from Liverpool.

It did not happen, Hurst scored the famous hat-trick including the mythical ball in overtime that apparently did not cross the line, and is remembered as the ultimate hero of the win.


If you ask the young fans, most of them will not even know he was on the roster.

He did not even receive the gold medal then, because according to FIFA's angled regulations only the 11 who were on the grass in the final deserved it. , Greaves was forced to sell it.

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Championships were irrelevant, a trophy was definitely respectable.

Greaves (Photo: GettyImages)

Recovered from alcohol addiction

Some argue that the great disappointment he experienced at Wembley was a real sporting tragedy, following which Greaves deteriorated into a catastrophic alcohol addiction late in his career and after hanging up his shoes. He himself admitted that the 1970s were erased for him - they drowned in beer and vodka. It is not certain that this should be blamed on Ramsey's decision, and it is known that many stars have had a very hard time adjusting to life after the glorious days on the pitches have passed. The fact is that Muller also became an alcoholic, even though his part in the World Cup final was completely different. Both dived into the depths, and life was in danger of a total collapse.

Both found the inner strength to wean and rehabilitate.

They are similar, too, and Greaves even returned to the center of the stage as a TV personality, in a very popular show in the 1980s alongside former Liverpool striker Ian Saint John, who also passed away this year.

The beloved show went off the screens after Euro 1992 because the channel lost the broadcasting rights of the English league, but there were also - almost three decades later - those who watched it preserve the nostalgic memories.

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41 goals per season in the bottom team

This show, including the endearing scene, told a lot about Greaves' character. He usually abounded in smiles and self-humor, and was able to keep his feet on the ground even when he was defined as a lifter at a very early stage in his life. Already in the Chelsea youth team, Greaves scored 114 goals in one year, and was defined as the prodigy destined for greatness. He made his debut for the senior team at the age of 17, and ironically scored for Tottenham. Throughout his career, Greaves has always scored firsts everywhere, but at Stamford Bridge they have yet to know it. They hoped to leave the meteor in west London for very long years and build success around it.

Greaves did contribute his share, with 132 goals in 169 games over four seasons.

During his time at Chelsea, he would occasionally serve on the wing, used to get the ball far from the goal and make sweeping breaks thanks to his dizzying speed.

He was unstoppable, but the team did, because of the shaky defense.

Chelsea scored a lot, but absorbed even more, and always fought at the bottom.

In the 1960/61 season, Greaves was crowned the top scorer with 41 goals in 40 games, but that was barely enough to stay in the league.

Chelsea had 98 right goals versus 100 mandatory goals.

The frustration was so great that the extremist Frank Blanston screamed: "Even if we score eight, we'll absorb nine, so what's the point?".

So this was Greaves' last season in the blue shirt.

The interest in him was huge, and he chose to advance professionally and financially.

The problem: In the 1960/61 season, Greaves was crowned the king of goals with 41 goals in 40 games, but that was barely enough to stay in the league (Photo: GettyImages)

Created the rivalry between Chelsea and Tottenham

The dragon limit on wages in the English league, which stood at £ 20 a week, led the striker to accept Milan's offer of $ 10,000 in three years - a huge sum in terms of the early 1960s. Already after signing the contract, Greaves regretted it and tried Returning to it, but it was too late. Leaving the homeland did no good to the 21-year-old Englishman, and problems arose from the first moment. , Among other things, for spending time with his family in Venice contrary to the club's instructions. Thus he was robbed of much of his salary, and within a few months the star realized it just did not suit him. Fantastic - Nine goals in 12 league games.

London was waiting for Greaves - especially Chelsea who were eager to return him, and were willing to pay more than they received. The wage limit had just been lifted, and the Blues were willing to go far. However, freshman doubles player Tottenham also entered the picture, winning the battle. The Roosters both made a better offer to Milan, and they offered to pioneer themselves on a much bigger stage. The temptation to play in the champions' uniform was too strong for Greaves, and he shook hands with the cunning manager Bill Nicholson, who handed Rossoneri a record £ 99,999. Unnecessary.

To be honest, pressure never worried Greaves.

He scored, of course, in the premiere - and continued to bomb at a dizzying pace in his nine years at White Hart Lane.

He had 268 goals in 381 games in all competitions, and is the most prolific striker in Tottenham history.

Chelsea fans had a hard time coming to terms with the betrayal, and this move greatly intensified the rivalry between the two clubs - until 1961 these were routine London derby games, but since then there has been a lot of hatred and bad blood there.

Is he the greatest English pioneer of all time?

Depends on who you ask (Photo: GettyImages)

Changed the English striker's definition

In the white uniform, Greaves always played on the edge, and on the way redefined it, as Jonathan Wilson, the journalist and expert on the historical development of football, claims: "It was a different conception of the central striker's position, not a classic No. 9 Englishman." By the time Greaves arrived, it was supposed to be the sturdy thug who was waiting for bullets in the center of the extension and fighting the brakes who were no less great thugs. The slender Greaves, 173 inches tall, was a completely different kind of scorer - he acted on instincts and the ability to get ahead of the defensive players thanks to better orientation. In this, too, he is very similar to Muller, with an almost identical body structure. Journalist John Moynihan, who covered countless games for Greaves, described his style as "deadly nonchalance." "The actions at the gate were natural for me. I usually didn't have to think about them. I just did it," Greaves wrote in his autobiography - and that's the ultimate feature of a striker. Born with it.

Is he the greatest English pioneer of all time?

By what metrics can he be compared to Alan Shearer, for example?

The simple answer is that these parallels are irrelevant.

Greaves died most symbolically on the morning of the game between Tottenham and Chelsea, his spirit hovered over the stadium yesterday, and the intriguing thought did not leave his head - how would Greaves fit into the modern game?

This is a fascinating issue, but dealing with it has no real value.

Eyewitnesses who watched the pitches tell of the most elegant striker with the purest senses.

He knew how to position himself and decide games in a moment of genius - like Gerd Müller.

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