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The choice of Kashtan and his opinion of the coaches today ("very mediocre"), living alongside Goma Aguiar ("what he did to us in the boat from which he fell to his death will not be forgotten") and the farce of Adler and Levin ("there were a thousand warning lights we did not see"). Part B of the special interview with Itzik Kornfein on the occasion of his 50th birthday

At the end of the first part of the special interview with Itzik Kornfein on the occasion of his 50th birthday, he easily chose Arkady Gaydamak as the man he would like to head at Betar Jerusalem, if he could return to play football again today. The coach he would have chosen to coach him, if he had been given the option to return to the pitches today, it would have been a little harder for him. "Wow, I would have chosen Dror Kashtan," he said, explaining: Three great coaches. But they, too, will agree with my choice of Dror Kashtan. Dror symbolizes the football of yesteryear. Football that will not return with coaches that will not return. "

Tell me something about Kashtan. I did not get to review him as a team coach.

"Dror was very tough. Really tough. He had a huge heart, but he was very tough on the field and in training. In one of the games Nir Sevilla came in as a substitute or opened in place of one of the other strikers. A huge striker. He was excellent in a game with a double or a hat-trick and then came the game that followed and he did not open.

Take this example


"Take another example that will illustrate who Dror Kashtan is, I remember one day there was training in the snow and a white, frozen house and garden. It was a hard winter and everyone was training in closed halls and Dror says 'only on the grass'. Shmulik Levy started crying for Dror and said that his fingers were freezing. Dror stood with his hands in his pockets, his face red with a cold and said to him: 'Keep training. Nothing is over. ' Dror was a professional in every way.

Tough with a heart of gold.

Kashtan (Photo: Berni Ardov)

"Sometimes I see the level of coaching here and I say that maybe I could have succeeded. We have mediocre and low-level coaches in football. One of the ills of Israeli football is the level of coaches."

I asked you in the first part of the interview what you did not achieve in life and did not squint at all for a football coach.

Isn't that something you could be successful at?

"At the time it didn't even tickle me. After all, I did a coaching course and I have a coaching certificate, but I immediately went into management because it interested me more. Sometimes I see the level of coaching here and I say maybe I could succeed. We have mediocre and lower coaches in football. Of Israeli football is the level of coaches. "

You do not hold the coaches in the Premier League today?

"The coaches in the Premier League are not the problem. Come and see coaches in the youth departments. The name will be saved."

But what do you think in general about Premier League coaches?


Who do you still hold?

"Barak Bachar and Yossi Aboksis."

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Do you understand why Goldhaar brings in foreign coaches?


Do you understand why Mitch Goldhaar brings in foreign coaches?


So the joy of celebrating brought in Erwin Coman?

Betar tried Roni Levy, Guy Luzon, Nir Klinger, Drapitz and Barda. Everyone is considered a senior in football and has not succeeded here. Maybe Koman will succeed. I am not saying to automatically go for foreigners, but I think the Israeli coaches should invest more in themselves and the association should invest in coaches in the youth departments. "

And if I let you be a coach for a moment. Which player do you take first for the team you build?

" I take three. Eli Ohana, Yossi Aboksis and Sergei Tartiak. Ohana and Aboksis because of the winemaking and leadership and Tartiac because of the professionalism. "

So let's move on to your eleventh of all your years as an actor and manager.

" Left-back David Amsalem. Tartiak and Alon Harazi brakes. Right-back Christian Albers. In the link Abacus, Fishont,Boateng and Kadima Shalui Ohana and Harazi. "

Who are the players who were missed?

"Nir Reichman was marked as a great talent and in my opinion a misspelling."

Betar tried Roni Levy, Guy Luzon, Nir Klinger, Drapitz and Barda.

Everyone is considered a senior in football and has not succeeded here.

Maybe Koman will succeed "(Photo: Berni Ardov)

You talked about the United States as the place in the world you love the most.

What in the country?

"If not Jerusalem, only Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv makes me ten years younger every time I come."

Have you read a book recently?

"Does not read books. Series I see everything, but books do not read."

Who are your secret people?

"Besides my wife, I have two close friends I talk to. My friends are also celebrating 50 right now. We are friends from high school. From the age of 14 together."

What is the happiest moment in your career?

"The first championship. I will not forget that our Betar players fled to the locker room because the fans burst onto the field.

I did not run away.

I stayed and if I could stay on the grass until now, I would stay. "

"Misses putting on shoes and getting on the grass"

What calms you down?

"I am a calm person by nature. I try almost not to get upset. Getting out of the way is difficult."

What saddens you?

"Mostly things related to the family. If something happens to my child or he is wronged. The generation of children is very challenging."

Give an example.

"My son who does not play first goalkeeper it saddens me. But he copes alone."

When was the last time a tear flowed?

"A few days ago, but I will not expand."

Who do you miss?

"Not for whom, but why. I miss wearing shoes and getting on the grass. I dream about it sometimes at night. Real. I get up in the morning and remember my dream and in a dream I'm a football goalkeeper for Teddy. I really dream about it."

What makes you angry?

"If someone does not turn their head at work."

A brilliant man with mental problems.

Aguiar (Photo: Kobi Eliyahu)

Goma Aguiar was the most delusional person you have ever met?

"Goma Aguiar is a sad story. I do not put it in the 'hallucinatory' definition."

Definitely a sad story.

"Goma came, injured and disappeared and it's a sad story about a young guy who crashed mostly because of a mental problem. A super sharp person. One of the smartest people I have ever met. A person who came from a good cause. It was fun to be near Goma. It was not boring for a moment and the ending was tragic."

His body was never found. Maybe he's not dead?

"There is no way in our age anyone can disappear like that. I am convinced he is dead."

The boat from which he fell aware?

"Sure. I was at his house in Florida a year before he fell off the boat. I know this boat closely. He took us on an unforgettable tour. We were on the boat Danny Neumann, Haim Eldar and I. Goma came with his son. And he took the boat out and Goma was a type. An adventurer on the verge of irresponsibility. He sailed the boat and gave gas and he kept sailing on his own trail. He would make a trail and come back to bounce the boat. And Haim Eldar too. Danny got hit. He got off the boat and the next day he had bleeding all over his leg like he did not experience all his days as a footballer. Even on land he was irresponsible. Took me one day for a ride with his Ferrari. Of 100 km / h in three seconds. I shouted at him to stop because we were on a small Dutch street and he laughed. His son sits on his lap and he gallops and laughs. Goma lived life, but it ended too quickly for him. "

"Adler and Levin? Can't figure out what was there"

So Goma is a sad and not hallucinatory story. Will Dan Adler and Adam Levin fall into the delusional category?

"Yes, absolutely. You can say yes. Really two delusional people. Let's we fall into the trap. What did they get out of it? Isn't it that they took something here or earned something. Take me back, I can not understand what was there even though there were a thousand warning lights. That should have been lit. "

Give me the main one.

"We came back from London, where we signed the deal. His Israeli lawyer who represented Arkady, together with Arkady's assistant Israel Goldschmidt and I. The three of us came back from London on an El Al flight. I took him from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem and he is wearing jeans and a poor backpack. He asked me to drop him off at a house in Givat Zeev with family members. A millionaire goes to sleep in a friends house? It has to come in first class and have a driver wait for him and take him to King David to sleep. "

Let's we fall into the trap. What did they achieve with it? Adler and Levin (Photo: Meged Guzni)

We went through Yom Kippur. Is there anyone you should apologize to?

"I'm really trying to think of someone significant to whom I owe an apology and it doesn't cross my mind."

Should anyone apologize to you?

"There are definitely some."


"No names."

Do they know they need to apologize to you?

"Not sure. This is from my time as chairman of Betar Jerusalem. There are people I helped a lot and they did not know how to appreciate it. "

What are you proud of?

" My children. The family I started. "Is

there any good advice you have received over the years or one that you have given to others?

" If you do things and say them as they should be, you have done most of the work and will know how to take responsibility for your actions. These are things I say a lot. "Once you do it honestly, then do not be afraid of the result."

If I were to let you choose someone to join you and your wife with me for a birthday dinner, who would you choose?

"Etty's dad. I did not get to know him. He passed away when she was a girl and I was happy to get to know him. And she would probably have been happy to get to know him. And if possible I would also have been happy to meet my dad's parents who I never saw and they never got to see me."

I wish the corona would be a distant memory.

Kornfein (Photo: PR)

What do not know about Itzik Kornfein and will be surprised to know?

"I used to say that I have three brothers who have repented. We are four brothers. Two are ultra-Orthodox in Betar Illit and another in Moshav Nehusha. I'm the only secular person in the family and my parents are also secular. "

You said that as you say. What else do you not know?

" Dead to get rid of my back pain. Even though I finished playing football, I still suffer from the back pain that accompanied my career. With all that I know the whole world, I could not find the man who would make me end up with this suffering. I live all the time with this suffering and this pain. By the way, some of my injuries as an actor happened to me in my sleep. in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, I did not get rid of the back problems. "And what about the


"You know it's amazing, but just a year ago when I celebrated my 49th birthday, I had a corona. My wife, me and two of the kids were sick and it was before the vaccinations. It was not easy. We went through the corona in a difficult way. Hopefully we will get out of this and in another year "Born 51, the corona will be a distant memory for the whole world."

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