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Formula 1: Bottas wins the rain race - Hamilton misses the podium despite catching up


In Istanbul, Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton was given a penalty, while his competitor Max Verstappen made up points. But another got the victory. The live ticker for reading.

In Istanbul, Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton was given a penalty, while his competitor Max Verstappen made up points.

But another got the victory.

The live ticker for reading.

  • The sixteenth Grand Prix of this Formula 1 * season took place on Sunday afternoon in Istanbul.

  • Lewis Hamilton had to start from eleventh after a penalty transfer and did not make it to the podium.

  • We followed the Turkish Grand Prix in the live ticker.

>> UPDATE <<

Turkish Grand Prix: Final placements after 58 rounds

1 Bottas

2 Verstappen

3 perez

4 Leclerc

5 Hamilton

6 Gasly

7 Norris

8 Sainz

9 stroll

10 Ocon

11 Giovinazzi

12 Raikkones

13 Ricciardo

14 Tsunoda

15 Russell

16 Alonso

17 latifi

18 Vettel

19 Schumacher

20 masepin

Update, 4.30 p.m.:

One of the disappointments of the day was Sebastian Vettel, who gambled away with his tire change.

“I didn't get the tires to work,” said the 34-year-old, “that's why it was the wrong decision,” he summed up.

"With the move on dry tires, that didn't work," the Aston Martin driver told Sky.

His compatriot Schumacher landed one position behind him. "I have the contact (with Alonso, editor's note) and the lathe operator who brings me to the back. You just can't follow behind here, the tire gets warmer and it slips, ”said the Haas driver. Fernando Alonso then apologized to the Sky microphone. “We still managed to do a couple of good laps. When we were done, the tire was done except for the cascade. We had extremely good free practice sessions and great qualifying, unfortunately it wasn't enough today. But it was enough to gain experience ”, the 22-year-old summed up his race.

Update, 4:12 p.m .:

"I think they could have lasted until the end," said Lewis Hamilton to Sky about his late pit stop, which cost him the podium.

“Tires are everything, there is always concern.

(...) In retrospect, I should have gone out much earlier, ”said the Briton, who ultimately“ frustrated ”leaves the circuit.

His team boss Toto Wolff described the race of the Formula 1 world champion as "damage limitation".

Formula 1: Turkish Grand Prix now in the live ticker - Bottas wins in Istanbul, Verstappen second

Update, 3:45 p.m.:

Valtteri Bottas silenced his critics.

The Finn started first and was crowned winner of the Grand Prix in Istanbul in a dominant way.

Max Verstappen gets a lot of points with his second place and overtakes Lewis Hamilton, who only made it to fifth.

There was a surprise double podium for Red Bull, as Sergio Perez prevailed against Charles Leclerc's strong Ferrari.

The two German drivers made two different races, Sebastian Vettel lost a lot of ground * after a self-initiated tire change and ended up on a disappointing 18th place, Schumacher at least managed to overtake his team-mate Masepin and finished the race one place behind his compatriot.

Driver of the day was Carlos Sainz, who started the rain race from behind after a penalty transfer and finished eighth.

It is the first title in this category for the Spaniard in the service of Ferrari.



Not much changes in the last lap either.

Bottas is Turkey's new Grand Prix winner, and in the end, Verstappen crosses the finish line more than ten seconds behind the Mercedes driver.

This means that the Dutchman is once again the leader in the drivers' championship.

Another surprise is Sergio Perez's third place, who takes P3!

Formula 1: Turkish Grand Prix now in the live ticker - double podium for Red Bull


At the end of the field of drivers, Mick Schumacher was able to fight his way to P19 despite his third-party debt and thus banished his team-mate Masepin to last place.


Five laps left in Istanbul!

in fact, Perez has overtaken Leclerc, Red Bull has two podium places.

The Bottas victory should now be dry.

Hamilton could not go beyond P5 after his stop.


Hamilton has to go into the pits!

This means that Verstappen is without a major competitor for the time being, Leclerc is 27 seconds behind the Dutchman.

Perez is now after the Ferrari driver - is there still a surprising double podium for Red Bull?


After the Leclerc stop, Hamilton is now in P3 - but still just under six seconds behind Verstappen.

Hamilton should probably no longer go into the pits so as not to lose touch here.

Bottas is still in the lead, the Finn shows a consistently strong performance today.


Leclerc now goes into the box, but still comes out quite well.

There are ten laps left in Istanbul!


Sainz also wants to move into eighth place, but has to pass Ocon.

The Ferrari driver also overtakes the French in his strong race to catch up!

Meanwhile, Bottas overtook Leclerc again and took the lead again.

Formula 1: Turkish Grand Prix now in the live ticker - Vettel falls after wrong tire decision


Vettel slipped to

18th place

after his attempt with the medium tires and has remained in third from last place since then.

The Hessian had ordered the change himself, now he has to live with the consequences of his decision.


Hamilton is getting closer and closer to the podium, meanwhile Bottas is still leading ahead of Verstappen, who is simply not in top form today.

The two title contenders are currently more than four seconds apart.


Leclerc is currently leading the field as he is the only one in the top three who has not yet stopped.

The Monegasse is still well ahead.


Eieiei, Sebastian Vettel is the first of all drivers to get the yellow tires and tries to take risks.

But the Heppenheimer is rigorously overtaken by his competitors.

That backfired!


The fight for fourth place is fierce!

In the 12th corner, the Brit attacked the Mexican, but despite a good effort, he couldn't get past him.

What an exciting duel.

Formula 1: Turkish Grand Prix now in the live ticker - Hamilton and Sainz catching up


The veteran Alonso goes into the pits and gets intermediate tires, meanwhile Bottas' lead is getting bigger and bigger.

Bottas is now more than four seconds ahead of Verstappen, Perez is still being pursued by Hamilton.


Masepin initially does not let Hamilton through and then almost cuts the British - that smells like a heavy punishment for the Russian!

His team-mate Schumacher is still behind him, both drivers have already been lapped.

At the same time, Ocon wants to overtake Vettel, but the German won't let him pass.


The gap between Verstappen and Leclerc is also getting bigger, the Dutchman stands a little more than two seconds in front of the Ferrari driver.

It's still a pretty static race in terms of positions, only Hamilton and Sainz stand out with their attacks from behind so far.

Sainz is now about to overtake Stroll.




at turn nine, but was able to continue again.

This means that the Japanese falls back to 13th place, Vettel is back in tenth place and can speculate on counters.

The race wasn't even halfway through.

Formula 1: Turkish Grand Prix now in the live ticker - Carlos Sainz rolls up the field from behind


Vettel cannot free himself from the middle of the field, Mick Schumacher hangs in last place after the spin at the beginning - today the Schumi son will probably only be about finishing the race or at least his teammate Masepin overtake.


Carlos Sainz also made up some positions.

The Spaniard, who had to start from the very back, was able to fight his way up to ninth place.

Meanwhile, Bottas is setting his fastest lap, with a lead of 2.6 seconds over Verstappen.


And again Hamilton leaves another driver behind!

The world champion passes Gasly, who does not offer much resistance.

Now he's already in P5, so he's already made up six places.

Bottas still confidently leads the field.


Sainz and Vettel rattle a bit in a curve, the Spaniard clearly touches the German.

But both drivers can continue unharmed.


Hamilton does it well and overtakes one driver after the other.

Last he passed Norris, now he is already in 6th place - but more than 17 seconds behind his team-mate Bottas.

The runner-up Verstappen is also 2.5 seconds behind the leading Finn.

Formula 1: Turkish Grand Prix now in the live ticker - Hamilton continues his race to catch up


As expected, Alonso is also punished, like Gasly, he gets a 5-second penalty at the next stop.


Gasly is punished by Alonso after being touched in front of the spin, there will probably also be one for Alonso himself.


Sainz, who had to start from behind in his Ferrari, starts his race to catch up.

The Spaniard is now already on P13, Hamilton has not yet got past Tsunoda at the same time.

Hamilton's competitor Verstappen is struggling with his transmission today, as he announced over the radio.

But he is still in second place - but already 2 seconds behind Bottas.


After Alonso


at the start of the race, the same thing happens to Latifi.

Mick Schumacher also falls back to the bottom of the field after a spin like the Canadian driver.

There are no changes in the front, Hamilton is currently trying to overtake the Japanese Tsunoda.

Formula 1: Turkish Grand Prix now in the live ticker - Hamilton catches up with Vettel immediately


Lewis Hamilton started from eleventh, Vettel started from ten.

However, the seven-time world champion already overtook the German at the beginning - the beginning of a race to catch up for the British?


And off we go!

Bottas got off to a good start, Verstappen doesn't come off very well, Leclerc is all the better.

However, there are no changes up front.

Alonso lost control a bit, but was able to fight his way back into the field.

The Spaniard was probably touched.


Update, 1:59 p.m.:

The pilots are ready, in a few moments the treacherous start is off.

It's only 170 meters from pole position to the first braking zone.

Update, 1:56 p.m .:

"One and two would be good," says Toto Wolff

when asked

about his desired result for his Mercedes drivers.

Max Verstappen in particular doubts whether the double victory will work.

The Dutchman wants to make up his minimal deficit of two World Cup points.

Will there be a new leader in the drivers' championship after the race?

Formula 1: All twenty drivers start - difficult conditions in Istanbul

Update, 1:38 p.m.:

All twenty drivers made it


the grid despite the difficult conditions.

In view of the wet track, some teams have already announced that they will start with intermediate tires.

Today it will also be about the right strategy.

Update from October 10th, 1:24 p.m.:

The tension is increasing, the start of the race in Istanbul is getting closer and closer.

The conditions on today could be fatal for some drivers, it will be a “wet race”, during the qualification on Saturday it was still dry.

In the rain of Istanbul, a difficult race awaits the drivers, who will pay close attention to their tire choice.

Formula 1: Next lap in the neck-and-neck race between Hamilton and Verstappen

Update from October 10, 12:58 p.m.:

Just over an hour until the start of the Turkish Grand Prix!

Another exciting duel in the title fight between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton is imminent in Istanbul.

In the drivers' championship *, the Briton was able to overtake his Dutch competitor again, Verstappen is only two points behind.

However, there are still a few races to go this year.

Update from October 10, 12:31 p.m.:

After Lewis Hamilton and Carlos Sainz, McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo has also been transferred to the Turkish Grand Prix after an engine change.

The Australian, who surprisingly came first in Monza, has to start from last place on the grid.

Formula 1: Hamilton at a huge disadvantage - will Verstappen win this time?

First report from October 10th:

Istanbul - In the last race in Sochi, Russia, Max Verstappen fought his way back despite a difficult starting position, but had to admit defeat to his opponent Lewis Hamilton. This time it could be the other way around, because the seven-time Formula 1 world champion * was postponed to eleventh place after an illegal engine change, even though he had taken pole position in qualifying. Before Verstappen, who starts from second place, Hamilton's team-mate Valtteri Bottas begins.

Mick Schumacher * will drive a Formula 1 race for the first time on the track in the Intercity Istanbul Park.

The Haas driver surprised in the qualifying and starts from 14th place, his best starting place so far in the premier class *.

The 22-year-old was “very, very happy”, and the “trend is upwards”, added the German.

Thanks to a new seat, which the Schumi son described as a "lucky charm", he really got involved this time.

Formula 1: Vettel on the grid in front of Hamilton - but the Aston Martin driver stacks deep

The second German in the race is Sebastian Vettel *.

Due to Lewis Hamilton's penalty transfer, the driver started with the most overtaking maneuvers of the season so far, even ahead of the Briton.

But the 34-year-old is still a bit on the spot, his poor qualifying results remain an undesirable constant.

"I'm not entirely happy because there was a chance to do more," said the four-time world champion.

In terms of speed, Vettel could probably compete for points, but he did not exude much optimism in view of the development of the car aimed at 2022.

"We know that there is nothing more to come and we are having a hard time," said the Aston Martin * driver.

Nevertheless, he and his team will “try to make the best of it”.

(ajr) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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