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Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder: Epic boxing battle ends with a cracking right hook


The trilogy is complete. Tyson Fury defeats Deontay Wilder by a tough knockout in the third fight of the series and remains world champion of the WBC.

The trilogy is complete.

Tyson Fury defeats Deontay Wilder by a tough knockout in the third fight of the series and remains world champion of the WBC.

  • Part three of the boxing trilogy: Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder

  • In a historic battle with five knockdowns, the Brit Fury sworn in his world title again.

  • In the 11th round, the "Gypsy King" decides the fight with a cracking right.

  • The live ticker of the box highlights for reading.

7.10 a.m

.: This ends our live ticker from the heavyweight championship fight between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder.

The reactions on social media also show that a small piece of boxing history was written today.

Both boxers gave the audience a fight in the final chapter of their trilogy that has a good chance of being the best of the year.

Eleven rounds, five knockdowns and a cracking knockout.

Tyson Fury is the old and new world heavyweight champion of the WBC and remains undefeated in the 32nd fight of his career.

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder: Next opponent for Fury - Whyte, Wallin or Usyk?

7:05 a.m.:

For Deontay Wilder, who has now lost two fights in a row, the ranking should initially go down a little. The "Bronze Bomber" has certainly earned another big fight through his courageous performance against Fury. First of all, however, regeneration should come first for the American. After three knockdowns over eleven laps, Wilder's body was badly affected.

7.00 a.m.:

Finally, there is still time for a brief outlook. Tyson Fury could face the WBC mandatory challenger in his next fight, which will be determined in the fight between Dillian Whyte and Otto Wallin on October 30th. Fury had already boxed Sweden's Wallin in 2019 and defeated on points. In the long term, however, the “Gypsy King” will probably also focus on the rematch between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk, which will probably take place in 2022. If world champion Usyk can also win the second fight against AJ, a fight to unify the title between Usyk and Fury would be the declared goal of the promoters. However, should Joshua make his comeback again, boxing fans should look forward to another great trilogy.

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder: "Gypsy King" in his element - knockout and serenade in the ring

6.50 a.m.:

Tyson Fury is and remains a showman.

Despite eleven rounds of tough boxing, the "Gypsy King" still has the air to serenade the fans in the arena.

The old and new WBC world champion sings “Walking in Vegas” full of fervor to the tune of “Walking in Memphis” before he also leaves the ring.

6.47 a.m.:

While Deontay Wilder leaves the ring towards the catacombs, Fury is officially declared the winner and gets his belt back.

“It was a great fight.

Wilder is a top fighter.

I'm the best in the world, he's second best, ”says the“ Gypsy King ”in the ring about a historic fight.

The spectators in the T-Mobile Arena saw a total of five downpours on this Sunday morning.

Fury hit the boards twice in round four, Wilder once more.

And yet the battle between the two giants continued into the eleventh round.

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder: crashing knockout ends the fight - Fury remains world champion

6.44 a.m.:




Deontay Wilder, who hit the ring hard after Fury's cracking right and stayed lying, is back on his feet.

The “bronze bomber” is clearly drawn in its corner before it can get up again on its own and leave the ring on its own two feet.


Knockout: Tyson Fury celebrates his victory while the referee breaks off the fight next to Deontay Wilder, who is lying on the ground.

© Robyn Beck / AFP

11th round:

Fury wants the decision here and pushes Wilder on the ropes right at the beginning. The “bronze bomber” was able to save himself in the middle of the ring, but is now on very shaky legs. Fury goes forward one last time and pushes the American back on the ropes. There the "Gypsy King" prepares his opponent and unpacks a right hand that hits its target perfectly. Wilder goes down a third time and this time does not come back up. While the American does not move at first, Fury can already be celebrated as the winner. The referee waves it away and the fight is over. Tyson Fury defends his world title and wins the third fight against Deontay Wilder.

Tyon Fury in the ring against Deontay Wilder: Next rainfall - but Wilder continues

10th round

: In terms of points, Fury should now be clearly ahead.

So Wilder needs the knockout.

This will be difficult, however, as Wilder is almost continuously in reverse gear.

Fury pushes Wilder on the ropes and catches the American on his way back to the middle of the ring with a hard right, whereupon he is sent to the boards for the second time.

Wilder gets up completely out of his mind, not only survives the round to the end, but also lands a few hard hits on his opponent.

How the American can still stand on his feet is incomprehensible.

9th round: The

fact that this fight sees a ninth round is a small sensation in itself. Wilder has only been fighting on autopilot for two laps. Fury continues to try to prepare his opponent, but the "bronze bomber" remains dangerous due to his rights. Again two hard hits hit the American, but he stays on his feet and saves himself in the clinch. The bell rings and the fight will also see a tenth round.

Round 8:

The ring doctor takes a closer look at Deontay Wilder, but sends him back into the ring.

The picture from the last round continues there.

Fury continues to control the fight while Wilder somehow stays on his feet and looks for the lucky punch.

But the American receives way too many hits here.

It actually just seems like a matter of time before Wilder is sent back on the boards.

However, the “bronze bomber” rescues itself over the round bell.

Tyon Fury in the ring against Deontay Wilder: "Bronze Bomber" is knocked out while standing

7th round:

Fury seems to regain control in this fight and also dives nicely under one of Wilder's rights. The “bronze bomber” looks exhausted and is repeatedly pushed onto the ropes by the British. A combination of rights and uppercut hits the American and yet Wilder somehow stays on his feet. With 15 seconds remaining, Wilder rescues himself on the ropes and just survives the seventh round, but seems almost knocked out while standing

6th round:

Now Fury tries to take the middle of the ring again and to prepare the "bronze bomber". However, the Briton is miles away from the ease and superiority of the second fight. The fact that the "Gypsy King" is still standing after two knockdowns in the 4th round is admirable in itself. Wilder has a swelling under the eye, which does not prevent the American from continuing to look for the big hits. Only in terms of fitness does it seem that Wilder is slowly getting thin. How this open exchange of blows has so far been assessed by the referees is difficult to predict at this point in time.

5th round:

Both fighters were on the ground and are now facing each other again in round five.

The outcome seems completely open at this moment.

Fury is now put on the defensive here, while Wilder hits one right after the other.

The next big hit in this fight could be the deciding factor.

Tyon Fury in the ring against Deontay Wilder: mad fight - already three knockdowns

4th round:

Wilder is at least reasonably upright again and is looking for an escape to the front. However, the American is intercepted by Fury, who is looking for the clinch and begins to maneuver. But it goes wrong. Wilder catches the title holder with a right and sends him to the boards as well. Fury is panting heavily, but comes back up in time. With 25 seconds on the clock, the Briton goes into defense mode and is again intercepted by Wilder and sent to the boards. Two knockdowns in one round. Fury gets back on his feet before the round ends. What a fight!

3rd round:

The referee tries to control the boxers' clinching behavior throughout the fight and to prevent clamps early.

That forces both boxers to rather go into an open exchange of blows.

And that ends bitterly for Deontay Wilder.

After a strong combination, Fury sends the bronze bomber onto the boards for the first time.

The American gets up again quite quickly, but has clearly rang the bell.

With 24 seconds on the clock, Wilder, who almost stands knocked out, saves himself into the lap break.

That could have been the beginning of the end.

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder in the live ticker: open exchange of blows at the beginning

2nd round:

Fury takes the middle of the ring at the beginning of the round and drives Wilder in front of him.

A first right strikes early on with the "Bronze Bomber", who countered only a little later with another body hit.

There is little to be seen of waiting here.

Both boxers fight with open visors early on.

Fury finds the fight better than in the first round, but also has to take a lot.

Open second round.

1st round:

Wilder starts bravely and moves forward.

Fury looks at the whole thing first, while the bronze bomber lands the first body hits.

In the second half, the Gypsy King also scores the first goals, but this round could have been secured by the American.


a.m.: The ring bell sounds and the fight begins.

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder in the live ticker: Wilder does without armor for the enema

Update from October 10th, 5.52 a.m.:

The time has come.

Jimmy Lennon Jr. again introduces the two opponents in the ring.

Then up to twelve rounds of the finest heavyweight boxing begin.

Update from October 10th, 5.46 a.m.:

The undefeated title holder follows.

The showman Fury does not disappoint his fans even today.

A group of men disguised as Spartan soldiers leads the entourage of the "Gypsy King" who runs to the ring in the armor of a Roman military leader to ACDC's "You Shock Me All Night Long".

Fury is clearly enjoying the bath in the crowd and still seems focused.

Update from October 10th, 5.46 a.m.:

Wilder enters the arena and this time has actually done without the armor.

The “bronze bomber” only wears a face mask with his robe.

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder in the live ticker: The linear world title is also at stake

Update from October 10th, 5.44 am:

While the "Bronze Bomber" keeps the fans waiting, Fury keeps warm in the cabin with light exercises.

Tonight, the Briton will defend not only the heavyweight title of the WBC but also the linear heavyweight world title.

Fury received this unofficial title in 2015 when he defeated the previous title holder Wladimir Klitschko on points.

Unlike official titles, the linear world title cannot be revoked and can only be lost through a defeat in the ring.

Update from October 10, 5:31 a.m.:

As usual, the challenger will be the first to enter the arena: Deontay Wilder. The outfit of the bronze bomber, who likes to come to the ring in futuristic armor including a helmet, was eagerly awaited in advance. After his last fight against Fury, Wilder used this armor as an excuse. The weight of the outfit had already weakened him too much before the fight. Is that why the man from Alabama will choose a simpler ring outfit today?

Update from October 10th, 5:28 am: Ring

announcer Jimmy Lennon Jr. is ready for the main fight of the evening and first announces the national anthems.

Danny Walten sings "God save the Queen" for the British title holder Tyson Fury.

Brandon Bringham performs the US anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner".

The latter is of course much more popular with the Nevada audience.

Afterwards, both fighters are called to the ring.

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder in the live ticker: Gypsy King is the clear favorite

Update from October 10, 5:23 a.m.:

Before the fight, the cards are clearly distributed. After the first clash between Fury and Wilder had ended in a draw, the "Gypsy King" was able to dominate the second fight. This is one of the reasons why Fury is a clear favorite with bookmakers. Technically speaking, the Brit is clearly the better boxer, at least on paper. But Wilder has proven many times in his career that he only needs a targeted right to send pretty much every heavyweight boxer on the boards. 41 victories by knockout are in the statistics of the "bronze bomber".

Update from October 10th, 5:10 a.m .:

It's done.

Just two weeks after the fight between Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usyk, the next heavyweight hit is on.

In the final chapter of a trilogy, Tyson Fury meets Deontay Wilder.

The WBC world title is at stake on Sunday morning.

Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder in the live ticker: Fury still unbeaten?

Paradise, Nevada - Tyson Fury has remained unbeaten in his 31 professional fights, and he plans to continue his winning streak on Sunday night.

The Brit will fight his challenger Deontay Wilder for the third time at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise near Las Vegas.

The American goes into battle as an outsider.

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder in the live ticker: Briton provokes his opponent in the most violent way

In the run-up to the showdown on Saturday evening (US time), both athletes were already bitter, especially on the part of Fury, who insulted his opponent.

Wilder could not admit that his career was over, said the Briton.

He has already "spanked his ass" twice, according to the 33-year-old provocateur.

Wilder will “go back to work at the fast food chain you worked for at the beginning of your career,” said Fury.

Wilder always tried to remain casual during the snub, but the "bronze bomber" has more to lose than his opponent in the decisive battle for the WBC World Championship.

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder in the live ticker: Statistics speak for "Gypsy King" - last time Wilder went under

In the first duel between the two three years ago, the then world champion Wilder was clearly inferior to the "Gypsy King" Fury.

With two knockdowns, however, he saved a draw.

In February last year, Fury was a size too big for the 35-year-old and defeated him in the seventh round with a technical knockout

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Wilder did not cope with his first defeat in 44 fights at that time and accused Fury, for example, of adding weights to his gloves.

He denied the allegations before the third meeting in the ring: “You deny yourself and are knocked out.

Do yourself a favor and step back, ”Fury continued.

Despite all the aversion, Fury called his opponent, who has already won 41 knockout wins, but "the most dangerous heavyweight".

Despite technical deficiencies, Wilder is able to decide fights with one blow.

"I play with an atom bomb, I play around with it and cut wires," adorned Fury.

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